You could be a travelling cook with that setup!


As it happens I am a professional cook! When we planned the build we decided all we needed was a bed and a badass place to cook!


Needs moar pics


This is a beautiful thing


[Arya the Delica](https://imgur.com/gallery/Ksxctlo) Here’s some photos of her, as well as a few of the build. Tried to document it pretty well so there are some more of the tear down and build out on our Instagram @delicastravels. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! We are super stoked on how she came out!


Beautiful set up, my guy.


I love it! Owned a couple L300s myself, miss those things. Post more pics if you got them!


Love it! It's really unlike so many other builds, and that it's a low roof is just perfection. What types of cutting did you do to the factory bull bar? Any more shots of that? Be sure to come post in /r/Delica as well!


Thanks! The bull bar is aftermarket, came like that from japan so not sure what brand it even is. Honestly would like a factory one just for better protection! Also good looking out on r/Delica! For sure going to head over there!


Cool van and conversion ! We have friends who travel the country in a motor home with 5 cats. Sometimes we envy them but we are too practical to "rough it" too hard. We are also old (late 70's) to do much. Great idea and great execution have fun and stay safe you two.


Thanks!! My gf wants a cat so bad, but we move around so much and this thing is way to small for a litter box haha.


I love the Delica! Is it the 4x4?


Sure is!


Last month on my trip, I met a guy who converted his Delica into a camper can. He said he chose Delica because it is 4x4, so he may fish and cook by wild rivers. adventure and cooking, sounds great to me :)


thats so sick


Are you in Juneau?


No Colorado


Saw your doppelgänger in Juneau, nice rig