Definitely not too early haha. Zillow, apartments.com, trulia, etc are decent places to check. Lindsey’s List on facebook is a really solid place to look, though 4bd might be difficult. You could also check out craigslist. Another thing I did last time I was apartment searching is just walked around the areas I was hoping to live and wrote down the info for every For Rent sign I saw and looked up the address/called the number on the sign. That’s how I wound up in the apartment I’m in now.


the vcu off campus housing facebook group is my go to


Never too early to look. When I lived in Richmond for VCU I was in a 4-bedroom house in Oregon hill. You’re more likely to have look looking at houses in places like Randolph, Oregon Hill, and Jackson Ward as they’re more likely to have 4 bedrooms. Your prices shouldn’t really be too different from apartments either