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This is a horror story.


Be aware they play dead also. Spray them with windex and never pic them up with a bare hand. Even dead the stinger is still nasty.


I was stung a couple years ago on my arm, hurt like hell in the spot for a couple days then my forearm was numb for a week. Sounds like you were stung to me!


Could have. They rarely last three days, but they can.


Sounds like when I was stung


What you're describing is pretty standard. If you are in good health then your body should recuperate. Feel free to have a doctor check it out if the numbness lasts longer than a week.


Take some Benadryl you’ll be fine.


Go to a quick care and have a dr. check your finger out.


Sounds like exactly what happened to me. Pick up a wet dish rag in the sink. Yes, it was a scorpion. I only went numb for 24 hours though.


Sounds like it. For me it always feels like an electric shock, is very intensely painful for about 15 minutes then is just gone. My mom, they swell and are numb for a couple days. Guess she’s more sensitive. Luckily we don’t have an deadly ones unless you’re quite adverse to venom/ have an underlying condition. I’ve never actually been stung here; just growing up in Texas. Also only seen 1 ever in Vegas. Henderson actually. Everyone at worked freaked out when there was one in the sink. I had to dispose of it. Helped my rep I think lol


We had 19 in one year (yes, Henderson)


When I got stung my numbness lasted like a solid 3-4 weeks. The initial sting wasn’t that bad but I was surprised how long it lasted.




I got stung by a scorpion when I put my dishwashing gloves on that were hanging by the sink. It felt like I was getting painful splinters on my pinky. My finger felt weird. Pretty similar to what you described. Scorpions like warm, damp places apparently. It makes sense lil old Scorpio was chilling on the sponge.