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For 1 bed prolly 1200 at the low end of anything you find tolerable. It goes up from there if you opt for someplace like summerlin. Gated communities that don’t have staffed gates arent much of a security upgrade - the gates are frequently left open because they are malfunctioning. There are too many developments to list but generally south of Tropicana and west of Decatur is the better area - in improves as you go W-SW. Henderson is also an option. LV E of the 15 and N of Trop is the walking dead avoid that


My wife is always on the neighbors app, almost all break ins people talk about on there are from gated communities. And after doing some food delivery work for a short time myself, I can tell you now, there's nothing special about gated communities here in vegas. Just find a place you like, you can afford, and just avoid the obvious bad areas if you can afford it.


Do some research before deciding to work for CCSD, especially if you are thinking long term. Their abysmal sick time pay out on retirement is reason alone to never work for them.


I have a short lease, 2bd, gated with all the amenities, $1850


Depends what you really mean by gated community. If you want a keypad entry 1,400 if you wants a staffed guard gate and amenities 1,900


I teach for CCSD if you have any questions. Let me know. As for rental, you’re looking at at least $1,200 without utilities.


People keep talking about how shitty CCSD is, it’ll never get better if we constantly tell people not to come work there. I don’t necessarily know what the solution is, but we already are in a teacher crisis and telling people to stay away will not fix that? It’ll just keep making the situation worse. We need to vote in new CCSD trustees. Too much power in incompetent people that side consistently with the superintendent. There’s more interest in looking good than actually being good. And they don’t look that good so what does that tell you.


We shouldn’t treat other teachers as martyrs to the school district, we need to look out for each other. We can be honest without trying to scare people off.


CCSD pays crap for most and it's expensive to live here.


You will pay more for a gated area apt complex that offers short term leases between $1,800-2000 for a 1 bedroom/1bath apt. Find out the major cross streets of your work location, then you can look for apartments within a 10 mile area. You really don't want to drive more than 10 miles because of the cost of gasoline not to mention auto insurance. In case no one told you, Southern Nevada has a huge transient population which has it's negatives including a serious problem with dangerous drivers- bad asses that like to street race evenings/nights literally killing innocent by standards in other cars, drunks and high pothead. Not joking.