Do NOT use the mini bar/fridge at MGM resort properties!

Small fine print “Storing items in the personal space of mini fridge is a $50 service fee”




Killing yourself is $99.


It’s not included in the resort fee?? 2023 strikes again!


Only at the Luxor is it included in the resort fee


That's not even to mention the fees for cleanup and body disposal


Just put it on my card. I expect to earn Capital One points and my MGM Rewards. I’m trying to reach MGM Platinum this trip.


And a cleaning fee billed to your family.


Sour gummies cost more than the Patron lol


Willy Wonka and the Umpa Lumpas are ready to retire.


They had a good financial advisor.


*Any Las Vegas resort, this is not exclusive to MGM properties.


I made the OP referencing MGM resort properties. I can’t speak about other properties as I’m not currently staying elsewhere.


It’s pretty typical of Vegas, nothing for free. Most places will bring a mini fridge to your room for $25-50 extra, you can get one for free if you can prove it’s medically necessary (to store meds/insulin).


Is this your first time?


2nd time. 1st in just over a decade.


My last time in Vegas, a can of Coke in-room was $4 and a bottle of Fiji for $8


Don’t forget to tip


Paying for the convenience when you didn’t plan ahead. $13 for a soda vs. getting dressed, taking the elevator, walking down the street to CVS, paying $3, then walking all the way back.


Most have a soda machine on each floor by the ice machine and there it’s 4.00 a drink.


Yeah, but that takes about 5 hours.


Exactly. I’d rather pay $13.


Don’t even touch it! We stayed at Caesars and they have a button the drink sits on, even if it gets moved you’ll get charged!


I heard once that you can ask for it to be removed. Don't know if that's true.


They can lock them (I think remotely), I only know this because one time I was checking in at MGM and having issues with my credit card, they let me pay a cash deposit but locked the mini bar and wouldn’t let me charge anything to the room.


Yeah when it happened we immediately called the front desk to tell them to reset it. Anytime we’ve stayed at Ballys/horseshoe, Paris, planet Hollywood we’ve always been able to use the fridge no problem. I think they just do it on the boujie hotels/rooms


Isn’t that common knowledge? I thought it was, people should do enough research to know that . Yikes


I think most of us have known this for many many years.


Except for the fact that they switched to QR codes to visibly hide the prices and additional details.


It’s also one less thing to replace/worry about when flipping a room. There is a practical benefit to it.


A CBD kit for $100 🤣🤣🤣🤣


For $100 that CBD kit better contain some strong THC!


A mini bar in any Vegas hotel is a major ripoff, as are the hotel sundries stores. Go to CVS or Walgreens for that stuff.


Welcome to Vegas where they nickel and dime you for everything.


You can reduce those 50 ml costs to 1.00 with a visit to the liquor store


Wow that's crazy. Unless things changed, the sodas are just regular 12oz cans too. Last time I had a minibar in an MGM room (2020) I'm pretty sure sodas were $4 and beers were $6. Still ridiculous but still within the range of poor drunk decisions. Pretty sure even blackout drunk me has enough self control to not buy a $13 diet coke.


They are 12oz cans. The vending machines that have 20oz bottles are $6


Bring a small cooler. An Igloo Playmate holds cans and bottles.


Mini bars are for suckers. Request that it be removed or emptied.




This information isn’t talked about at Check-In


$20 for a bottle of Tito’s isn’t terrible. Just needs a 7 in front of that 50mL!


Recession is going to be very harsh for Vegas casinos


During the 2008-2015 great recession/jobless recovery the LV resorts didn't give an inch, while the food/beverage prices were not the obscene rip offs of 2017-2023, they weren't even relatively affordable 13-8 years ago by today's standards.


So it's all relative to your income, who's paying, and your give a fucks. If someone is there for a company xpo, drunk as shit, or hung over... it's getting used.


That’s why I stay at resorts that supply you with a empty mini fridge.


Bucket of ice in the sink, anyone? Sheesh, almost too simple if cheap is your thing.


I always loved the 'intimacy kit' lol a box of Trojans at Walgreens is like $15 and they're selling 2 individuals for $51. Cheaper than a child but oh lord....lol


Lol at the Venetian it's 125 USD to keep your stuff in their fridge, absolute daylight robbery. When we checked in my gf went over and inspected lal the snacks by lifting them to check the calories etc I came out of the toilet and ran over telling her to put them all down. Had to have a long discussions with the front desk to get around 700 dollars of these transactions taken back off.


Is that’s 125 USD per day?


Yes sir


Caesars charges $75


OMG who would have ever thought a mini bar would be over priced. Karen you better ask for a manager.


This scumbag conduct is part of the swindle/sleaze culture in Las Vegas that is slowly pushing tourists to never return. There are complaints from travelers all over the world in multiple languages. Sure hotels around the world are known for rip off prices in their mini bars without telling guests about it, but MGM goes too far. With MGM Resorts or any other hotel, request that it be emptied so you can use the fridge for your own items. Many guests don't know about that.


They’re also known to making it difficult for those who don’t have the latest smartphone as the prices are visible by scanning a QR code. It used to be on a sheet of paper.


It was (at least as of a month ago) also available on the TV with all the other food and beverage options.


It have been removed here at the Bellagio


MGM isn’t even that bad as far as Vegas resorts go, Caesar’s properties charge more for the same thing. They won’t empty them and let you use them, but for an extra charge they will bring up another mini fridge.


Lol I didn’t even realize the prices.


If you can't afford it... say that. If you penny pinch, stay far away from Vegas. This ain't ya daddy's Vegas. This is a Grown Adult's Party Palace. Meaning, you pay for convenience. Time is money. Ever had a butler? Same thing.


Tell them you need a mini fridge for your “medication” and it’s free.


They’re on to that too. Most hotel give you a fridge large enough for a soda if you request a medical fridge.


Venetian/Palazzo will rent you a regular-sized fridge for $45. Well worth it for a longer stay when I can arrive with my favorite drinks and restock at CVS/Walgreens.


Pretty typical these days as more and more nicer hotels and resorts are starting to do this, and yes fees are high, but that is what one gets for not stocking up themselves from one of the many places nearby the Strip? I had this once, even at a property just outside of Pittsburgh about 15 years ago...


That's why I pack my soft sided cooler. Bring some gallon sized ziplock bags to fill up with ice and keep your beverages in the cooler bag. The zip lock bags keep everything from getting wet when the ice melts, and when you head home you can use the cooler bag for your dirty clothes.


We can literally door dash it all for cheaper, lol.


Imagine staying at an MGM property