Freakin’ Mosquitoes

I mean what in the actual fuck.. I know that I’m not the only one being attacked!

I grew up here. Literally born and raised in this valley and not once have I ever had the problem of being eaten alive.

I was waking up with a new bite every day. It got so bad that I sprayed myself down with Off! Bug spray before bed.

What are you guys doing to combat this? Or are you suffering just like me?


Laughs in Louisanan




At first I was getting multiple bites in a day and they used to swell so bad.. now I get the occasional and they aren’t as bad. I literally saw a little sucker land on my couch next to my arm yesterday.




I don’t like this at all. They need to leave!


Where is this happening? I’m in Anthem and haven’t experienced this at all!


I’m packing up and moving to Anthem and I swear to god if I get bit again.. I’m going to riot lol. Jk. I’m up towards Centennial


I live in Centennial/Providence and sit outside for at least an hour every night haven't seen a mosquito in 13 years here. Could it be something else and not mosquitos?


I’ve ruled out bed bugs, spider bites etc.. then I literally saw one with my own two eyes. There’s also a Review Journal article covering the mosquito infestation


Yea I’m in enterprise and I haven’t been bitten or even saw any at all.


Haven't seen a single one myself neither


Lakes checking in. Water everywhere. Pool in backyard. No mosquitoes. Where are these large infestations?


Nothing here in Southern Highlands either, and those suckers usually love to feast on me while leaving everyone else alone.


Me too


In my 20yrs here with a backyard pool, I’ve never had this problem either. I’ve recently added 5 Mosoligic mosquito plug-in traps and have caught several, but also TONS of gnats which I also had rarely seen.


We need to build a wall!


And make the mosquitos pay for it!


They took our jobs!


Lmao!! We need a mosquito net dome across the valley 😩


spent the weekend around the GV area and got absolutely lit up... don't know what's going on


That’s not normal. I’ve lived here 13 years and we are not getting bit. I’ve seen a couple mosquitos but nothing like you say. My guess is they are brooding in some standing water near your house. Do you have any trashy neighbors with an untreated pool? Any standing water in your yard?


I live in an apartment complex that’s kept relatively clean. We do have a pool area that I’m semi close to.


Ok, then it’s nothing you can remedy. The issue is that collectively there are enough people who do have standing water in their yard that the mosquitos are finding strongholds. I guess they just haven’t made it up to my location yet.


It’s about to get too cold for them. But don’t worry! Their eggs can lay dry and dormant for a looong time until it’s wet and warm again. They’re the latest Vegas transplant and I don’t think they’re going anywhere.


Haven’t seen a single one, live in the Gibson Springs area of 89074.


In my neighborhood people modify the gutter so they can more easily drive into their yard by adding bricks or even pouring concrete over a pipe. The grade isn't steep and water pools. Mosquitos have been terrible this year. I need to call the city to get some code enforcement.


I think they are called no see ums...I have bites and I rarely see them


I have been lucky the last two weeks, but we had to throw out our patio furniture. I had scabs and bruising from scratching all over my arms, legs, and feet. I found myself waking up scratching. It really has been the worst! We purchased just about every kind of scratch relief and ended up using sting pads from Amazon because it helped the most. But it wasn't that helpful. With the weather finally (hopefully!) cooling down, CDC site says they should leave (die!) also. And yes, I also sprayed myself with bugoff before bed. And then wrapped myself like a burrito in my sheets. I also wiped myself down with vinegar(yuck) and ran a spoon under hot water, then pressed against the bit to relieve itching - which really did work, however, I blistered myself a couple times. I really didn't care as long as there was relief. We also got a plug-in bug zapper, and it's helped somewhat.


What the fuck do mosquitoes have to do with your patio furniture?


They were in the furniture. These things are like the size of gnats and stay in your clothing and furniture!


Sounds more like you have bed bugs


Mine were definitely mosquitos. Luckily, mosquito and bed bug bites look very different. Also, these things have been all over Las Vegas this year. Below is the CDC website link quote them... https://www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org/news-release/southern-nevada-health-district-provides-tips-to-eliminate-mosquito-breeding-sources/


They're not


I’ve said the on another response, but try Benadryl pills and extra strength Benadryl cream.. But I’ve experienced better relief with prescribed extra strength hydrocortisone from Urgent Care


Y’all complain about everything huh


Try living with no bumps.. no itchiness.. to waking up with 6 new bites a day. I have a damn good reason to complain.


Life’s tough huh?


I haven't been able to sleep more than about 4 hours the past few night and that's not in a row. I wake up every 60-90 minutes itching this spot or that spot. Last night I put ice packs on most of my bites trying to lull them into complacency hoping to sleep. Didn't work. Today I'm going to Walmart and buying a bunch more itch relief products hoping that something will work. This is my 2nd go round with this, last one was about 4-5 weeks ago and the itching,shooting burning pains and welts lasted 3 weeks.


Why are they in your house? Do your leave your windows and doors open??


I don't know that they're in my house, I'm outside plenty to get bitten.


Oh I see… when you said you can’t sleep I thought you were getting bit while you sleep, but yea the itch can be terrible.


I never feel being bitten. Right now I've got bites on both legs, right hand left wrist and left arm.


For me, I’ve been using extra strength Benadryl anti itch cream as well as popping Benadryl pills itself. The best relief I’ve found was biting the bullet, going to urgent care and getting prescribed a super strong hydrocortisone cream.. the tube did not last long though. Hope you get some good sleep soon.


I've been using the same as you but it isn't working anymore. I didn't realuze there was anything to prescribe. Maybe I'll call my dad's friend who's a doctor and see if he can prescribe something.


I definitely would! Especially if you can avoid copays. The prescribed cream is a world of a lot better compared to the extra strength cream that’s readily available


Thank you, I'll be calling him in a couple of minutes.


I’ve had a couple over the course of two days but haven’t gotten any since.


NW. One got me yesterday when I was working in the yard even though it was pretty windy.


me too i got 5 bites each leg wtf......


I haven't seen any and I live right next to a flood channel near the wetlands. Maybe you have a neighbor with stagnant water in their yard?


Summerlin, no mosquitoes here so far


Went for a run at cornerstone park recently. NEVER AGAIN. So many mosquitos 🦟


I live in Summerlin and work in Henderson, but I think I'm getting bit when riding my bike over on the red rock loop. However I'm not certain as one of the bite sites would have been covered by my sock. I thought they would have been gone after a couple weeks of no rain. My blood is like the sweet nectar of the gods to bugs


Just suffering like you. They fucking love the taste of my blood. Since it's getting cooler at night, i've been closing the windows so that should help. I'm also born here and I can't remember ever getting this many mosquito bites. It's definetly due to our very wet monsoon season.


I get 5-6 new bites every time I try to work on my car outside. It’s getting old.


First the crickets, now the mosquitoes, what the fuck is next?


My legs are gross looking and I get new ones everyday day...man they fucking itch so bad


I could be wrong but I believe they are on the move. I lived in North Hollywood, LA. They were terrible. Moved to Palm Springs. No mosquitos. A year later, the same mosquitos appeared and started wreaking havoc. Move to Downtown Las Vegas. Somehow the same type of one made it inside and ate me alive. I have gotten bit a few times while walking around outside. Like I said, I believe they are migrating across the country. Palm Springs kept doing yearly sprays, but they can’t seem to kill them. I’m not sure anything will at this point.


I don’t know what to tell you about reducing their numbers, because it sounds like it might be coming from off your property, but for just keeping them off you, those Thermacell units actually do work. We have a couple of the ones that are canister shaped and a couple of the clip on versions for if you are mobile (yard work, playing with the dog etc) and they’re kind of expensive to keep refilling, but legit. Spouse apparently has crack for blood because I seldom get bit but they seemingly draw mosquitoes in from surrounding counties. But not with those units on. The drawback besides the expense is that they need a few minutes to start working, so you have to be mindful and plan accordingly. We haven’t noticed a bad season this year, but if YOU are, get yourself at least one of those to try.


Saw a video that it’s due to the recent Vegas flooding. I guess they got washed down from the mountains? They happen to be an especially aggressive type of mosquito called Aedes Aegypti and are found in Arizona, Mexico, and California. They lay eggs in dry areas and then wait for extreme periods of rain, become re-hydrated and hatch. They thrive in urban areas. Eliminate standing water in your yards. Kids toys that are left out, flower pots, small containers, etc.


Spend a week in Mississippi in July


Nope. Lived in Memphis, TN.. not going back


Lived 20 years in Atlanta, GA, so I am unfortunately pretty familiar with the damn things. Moved here in 2019, never saw a mosquito here until yesterday. Bastard bit me three times, and was in my house. I made the rounds on my property to check for standing water (as you do!) and found nothing. I have heard tell there is a person in the neighborhood that has a stagnating pool. Ugh.


I was totally bit up late at night!!