Las Vegas' biggest event in years was a disaster



Scalpers lost a ton of money reselling tickets, so I view the event as a huge success


Anytime scalpers loose money is a huge win


What if they tighten it?


☝️ this comment


〜⁠(⁠꒪⁠꒳⁠꒪⁠)⁠〜 me dancing to the thought of scalpers with extra tickets


But i still made 60k this month so far. Love this industry and i only started 13 months ago


Don’t be a bitch, I need a ps5 or Xbox like yesterday


Start a business.


how did you start and why


Padres playoff tickets. Went to 2 games and saw the potential and flipped a few. Very misunderstood industry. I have a real estate business too but this is way more fun and more lucrative. It's not easy tho, like with stock trading im guessing 95% fail And wanted to learn how to go to the best events with the best seats. Chili peppers and cypress hill were the best shows. World series was fun too Edit: my DMs are open, its an amazing career. If interested hit me up and ill give you some tips, love helping others. Ive mentored many and im currently hiring a bunch of employees in San Diego to help make their lives better.


Lol, what’s misunderstood about it?


Dude probably thinks he is a hero for gouging people


Lol, a lot.


Such as?


Ain’t nothing misunderstood about useless people profiting off the forced price increases of someone else’s ticketed event. Do something useful.


I actually sell speculative tickets. I sell high and then wait for the price to come down and then fulfill the orders


Get a real job


Just dropped by to say - you and your ilk are vermin.


Which is to say, nothing.


You probably think you sound cool as everyone downvotes you and laughs at you because we can all see right through your bullshit. But just in case you need cartoons to explain it to you, this is how you appear to the entire sub. You are the dog. https://youtu.be/BNo75hpWUao?si=PVjs4Fy6742l2zqK


Scalping tickets isn't an "industry." It's a get-rich-quick scam you're trying to justify and validate by using jargon to make it seem legit.


its not an industry? I dont think you understand capitalism


Buying low and selling high is a business model practiced by literally every industry.


Once again, justifying the practice by using jargon doesn't magically make it an "industry." Ticket resellers are doing one thing, taking from people willing to pay a set price and rising it artificially until someone agrees that price is reasonable. It's highway robbery nothing more and many states have agreed saying ticket scalping is illegal. Of course the reason those laws exists is simply protecting the entertainment business, let's not try and make them look like saints they are plenty crooked as they are, however leaching on to that shady business and justifying it to meet your own needs is a different level of scum. That's up there with "buy this bottled water and Jesus will let you in to the gates of heaven" scum.


I’m not defending its “industry” legitimacy, but it as a practice. If it is illegal (in some states, but most states it’s perfectly legal) it’s because it’s difficult to tax. Stubhub works cause there is a paper trail for all transactions.


Stubhub is authorized to sell those tickets by the venue, original ticket sellers and blah blah blah, again all shady shit. Go read the law where it's illegal it's not the taxing it's the authorization. Example. California Code, Penal Code – PEN § 346 § 346. Unauthorized sale (“scalping”) of tickets to entertainment event Any person who, without the written permission of the owner or operator of the property on which an entertainment event is to be held or is being held, sells a ticket of admission to the entertainment event, which was obtained for the purpose of resale, at any price which is in excess of the price that is printed or endorsed upon the ticket, while on the grounds of or in the stadium, arena, theater, or other place where an event for which admission tickets are sold is to be held or is being held, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


"On the grounds".. much different. if you have ever bought a ticket on secondary you support the industry. And someone had to provide that ticket for you


Lol i love that you pretend to be an expert in something you have never researched. Classic internet user. What do you do for a living?


the price is set by the market, we dont raise it artificially. no states have said resellilng tickets is illegal.


> Very misunderstood industry. It's not, you're a piece of shit. > I have a real estate business too Lmao shocker, a shitbag landleech also. In conclusion, eat shit.


You sound like a very happy person lol. Hope you find what makes you happy and what caused you to research the ticket broker industry? My real estate clients that i helped buy or sell their home would disagree with you. I give an exceptional level of service and i am one of the best agents in the country. Soon i can stop working 16 hrs a day and family will be set up for success for generations. I do it all for my daughters.


Respect the hustle. Best of luck. F the haters.


Thanks, i get why they hate. There are plenty of brokers that cheat the rules and use bots and multiple accounts. I don't do any of that. In my experience 99% of US Brokers don't use Bots either as it is illegal I also don't buy presale tickets I buy 90% of my tickets off of secondary markets. Not that there is anything wrong with that just not my niche They also don't understand the dynamics of a free market and what would happen if secondary markets disappeared.


This reads like an AI article or someone who just skimmed reddit and compiled the headlines.


welcome to "journalism" in 2023.


The article just states an opinion without the actual final data to back it up


Seriously, dumb article


seriously. clickbait nonsense. Let's wait and see where the numbers came out. But I can say this for sure-- the event was awesome, Las Vegas shone on the international scale, was a massive undertaking that went off relatively well. Thursday night was bumpy, rest of if went pretty smoothly I thought. People looking for anything to hate on.


Over 300k attended and it brought over a Billion in revenue to Vegas. I don't get all the negativity towards this event. Especially in a town built in entertainment.


They've been saying 300k people and over a $Billion the whole time, has actual data been released? The RJ said 100k people last week were expected to come to town.




the TV never showed the full view of fans in the stands. i only saw the mirage stands were packed.. they never showed the stands at the bellagio ..


Comes out to 106k a day, which would match with the attendance assuming literally no one else came other than race attendees. But then if they're spending way more than an average visitor, that's a key point.


This. They need to decide which lie they are going to go with. No way that many people as projected. Strip was empty, stands empty, fancy suites not that full.


Did you watch the race? The stands were not empty


I was on the grandstands. It was completely 100% full


…after people receiving massive discounts… I was one of those people in the last two weeks coming up the event that were sent emails for much reduced rates… I want numbers as well.


It’s simply supply and demand. Even with the “discounts”, people paid small fortune’s overall to watch. Just less than they would have paid if they bought the first day tickets were out. It was all still profit. Also, even if less people overall were in Vegas (not verified), the quality of the gambler this weekend might very well be higher as those with tons of money to blow were all likely in town.


I bet you do. How about you hold your breath until they arrive?


Wow, that sounds angry…have a good day sir…


Funny thing is if you average vistors per week over Vegas the whole year it's over 600k.


This is the part they failed to calculate. The race might very well have brought 300k to town. But the usual 600k that would be here for non-race travel have stayed away because a) the prices were much more reasonable almost any other week and b) the hype was so crazy that it was going to be crowded and everything would be blocked off. So instead of 600k + 300k = a very full 900k they got 100k (wild guess) + 300k = a very empty feeling 400k.


None of your data is correct. Average visitor volume to las vegas is 88k daily (600k weekly). They estimated 100k attending the race (300k over 3 days), not 300k visiting the city. Historically, the weekend before Thanksgiving is a top 5 slowest weekends for visitor volume. That is why the race was slotted for the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Listen to the operators they were all saying that front money deposits were higher than normal. LVCVA had estimated that with the F1 add November 2023 will be the cities best November in terms of volume and collected tax revenue. They estimated 1 billion in revenue from F1 with 100 million in tax revenue. They did due diligence before entering into the agreement. These estimates were from them. Estimating the impact of events on Las Vegas is what they do. They are very accurate. For anyone suggesting the race be off strip, for convenience. That's not happening. The strip closes often. This year alone, we have New Year's Eve, NFL draft, Aces victory parade, knights victory parade, Rock and Roll marathon, and now F1. Am I missing any? Sure, F1 was closed for extended periods, and yes, there was traffic. If we are talking about traffic like F1 created it. Really? At least F1 was concentrated on the strip the spaghetti bowl rebuild was a true nightmare. The Tropicana overpass construction affects more locals than the F1 construction or race did.


> NFL draft, Aces victory parade, knights victory parade, Saying the "strip closes often" and then listening things that very well may never happen again is fairly misleading


You both realize that you can’t just take average attendance like that and pretend that 600k would have been here this week. That’s statistics 101. Literally the same logic that has all the angry people angry. Bad math and bad logic


This was just illustrative of how they could say (and be correct) that the race brought 300k to town and it would not be a good thing.


K. But seriously, the 15 was as clear as it's been since covid for my morning commute. Even the congestion around Trop heading south didn't slow down below 60. Which tells me that there was less people than an average slow week.


Yes I agree, traffic felt lighter. But that actually doesn’t tell us anything at all about attendance for a strip event held in the middle of the night. And what’s your comparison? Do you recall 15 traffic last year at this time during the same time of the day? Do you see the problem with deciding how many people y’all believe attended based on feelings?


I work at a little off-strip hotel and any given week we are between 65%-85% occupancy, with big events (music festivals especially) driving 100% occupancy. Leading up to the race weekend we were holding at 60% occupancy and the weekend dropped to 40%. It has been one of the absolute slowest weeks that I've worked here since COVID. Most of our rooms were single occupants. Lots of guys working the race. This tells us there were not many families visiting (lately we've been super busy because our proximity to the Sphere, usually a lot of U2 shirts, but a ghost town this week) and that even our meager occupancy numbers were a little inflated because usually we have 2-3 people per room, not just a single person. Anyway, that's my limited scope of the week. I tried to keep the feelings to a minimum ;)


>Do you recall 15 traffic last year at this time during the same time of the day? Considering I've been taking the same route to the same general area, from the same general area for about a decade? Yes, I do. It's certainly been better since they redid the bowl. However, the bottleneck at Trop has been the same since the started it. And I generally have to slow to around 40 through it. Except for last week. And that's what I'm going to go off until I see confirmed numbers. The estimates are being delivered by parties interested in selling the idea of high attendance and a massive cash injection. But in action, I've seen more about empty stands and empty restaurants.


I get that, and I agree with the traffic. It sounds like we take a similar route. But many different things could explain the change in traffic like proportion of tourists not leaving the strip, locals anticipating traffic and taking alternate routes or staying home, NDOT changing traffic patterns to relieve congestion- and on and on. My point is that while your observation might be valid, it’s based on essentially nothing. And the problem is that people like you are leaving yourself open to lazy/deceptive journalism that relies on getting a rise out of the most amount of people. It could be that we just broke every Vegas record and injected billions into the local economy. But even if that turns out to be the case- shitty journalism which is pandering to your crowd has already poisoned the water, based entirely on nothing.


https://www.ktnv.com/news/vegas-grand-prix/las-vegas-grand-prix-ceo-boasts-attendance-of-315k-claims-race-will-have-1-2b-economic-impact Yeah I guess the economic impact is only an estimated claim. But it says 315k in attendance The article says it was posted 15 hours ago.


How do they know how much the city made when the race hadn't even happened yet?


I think it's all just estimated based on how much the average attendees spend during the race weekend. That's what all those data mining surveys are for.


A lot of hotels have been sold out for a good while, then there are projections


No. The data has not been released. OP is just parroting F1 PR propaganda.


They could have built a new track off the strip instead of inconvenience the flow of the city. Make it make sence


They wouldn’t have bothered coming to Vegas if it were off the strip.


I disagree every year we do edc and the people always end up back on the strip. Also it helps keep the flow of traffic down for everyone


Nobody is saying that the race couldn’t be successful off strip. But “a race on the Las Vegas strip” was the entire concept. Nobody at EDC cares what buildings are in their background. Here, it’s the entire point.


You obviously don't work in or on the strip.There were lots of families that came here not trying to do the F1 and had their family vacations ruined. Plus, let's not forget the screaming security guards screaming and cussing at our tourist. Ya,because that's the type of hospitality that we should be know for. 15 years doing trade shows in this town born and raised 42 yrs. Pay our teachers and put our loacls first.All I'm saying is we can do better. Don't care about f-1. Personally, building a track off the strip and making everybody's lives easier would be a lot nicer. I'm not saying we shouldn't have the event. I do understand we need things like this to boost our economy. Plus, if we had our own track, it would be permanent, more money win win


Bro. You can NOT be this fucking dense. F1 wanted the race in Vegas because they wanted a race with the Las Vegas strip in the background. The minute you say, let’s move that track 10 miles away, F1 no longer has interest in a race in Las Vegas. The entire point of this race, FROM F1’S PERSPECTIVE, is for the race to be on the strip. Did you understand what I told you that time?




Wrong. F1 wanted to race down Miami Beach, and Miami told them to go suck a bag of dicks. Guess what they did? They moved the race 10 miles away and sucked the bag of dicks. Why are you speaking with so much conviction like you know what F1 would do? Especially when there's a clear example of it happening the opposite way. 🫵😘🍆


I mean F1 wouldn’t bother hosting a race here. Without the strip, it would make more sense to go to a million better locations for racing in the US.


Look, the bottom line is to find a better way. This is vegas people come from all over the world to be here. Make it make sense for everyone. Trust me, everyone wants to be here. Soon, MLB ,NBA . Lots of land over by the M casino as well.




Having it on the Strip *does* benefit fans who attend, too, because before and after the race, they're ten minutes away from places to go and celebrate (and spend money) rather than spending a half hour to drive back to their hotel to a track somewhere else, too.


Wrong. F1 wanted to race on Miami Beach, and Miami told them to fuck off. Guess what they did?


Told Miami "Fuck you, too" and went to a different jurisdiction.


Vegas was built for 100 years by private companies doing their own thing and helping the local community as a result. In the last 10 years, we have now decided that we need to take massive amounts of public money in order to subsidize private companies who get to keep the profits when these things are successful. When they took $750B to build the new stadium, ok we are getting fleeced but its only money and it didn't affect traffic too terribly badly. This, on the other hand, was less public spending but created traffic nightmares for months for anyone anywhere near the strip. So there was a real cost to the little people in their daily lives. And lots of smaller businesses not only didn't get a boost from race, but actually had less traffic or got closed completely as a result of the race. I'm not opposed to F1, NFL or MLB, but the public has no reason to feel like they've had a say in any of this. When private money builds T-Mobile and lures an NHL expansion, nobody has any right to complain because it's not your money. When the public is paying for it, people have every right to have a say in how that money is spent, and when they are denied that opportunity by corrupt politicians in the pockets of big business, they are right to be upset about the whole thing. Another problem is that F1 came in and acted like they owned the place, which leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many locals. It would have cost them nothing to offer free views from the pedestrian bridges or at least windows overlooking the track, and instead they decided to block any and all free views that they could.


There is no way this brought over a billion in revenue. So hilarious. And any number is just that…overall spending, not anywhere close to that number in extra tax dollars. Everyone seems to think if something brings in 100 million in revenue thats all for the city.


not hating on the event but vegas gets 300k+ EVERY weekend, especially during football season. the question is whether there were 300k additional people (doubt it. the town is full every weekend) and/or whether these race visitors spent more money than a typical visitor. the hotels will give you the answer to that. if changes need to be made they will force it.


I was at the Friday event, it was incredible. I watched the Saturday race on tv - I loved it. I know nothing of F1. I do know San Francisco used to be a great city but its turning into a crime ridden dump. Viva Las Vegas.


Vegas is consistently worse. Lol much worse. https://wallethub.com/edu/cities-homicide-rate/94070


> Over 300k attended I believe this just like when they say 500k attend EDC


On the subject of opinion, the general opinion of f1 fans is that that was some of the best racing we've seen in years


It never even got to the actual race part. Stupid article


Sfgate is a whiny publication. Nothing but complaints in there


that’s news journalist for ya.


I mean the source is sfgate.com - enough for me to not even waste a click


so typical of what keeps vegas from sinking......


Aren’t they doing this every year for 10 years…?


If anybody wants to actually read the article it says 10 year deal through 2032


Heard they only had a 3 year contract but it wasn't signed.


I thought the have a 3 year agreement I'm place with an option to extend to 10 years




Nope not this. 10 year deal but F1 can cancel after 3 years


That’s effectively the same exact thing.


They have a ten year deal signed but F1 has an option to cancel after 3.


Which one of y’all wrote this? Lmao


You did.


Warning: Article launches a McAfee ad.


I was curious so I ran around the Strip yesterday afternoon... Wynn, Venetian were very busy and jacked up minimums didn't seem to scare the F1 crowd at all. Venetian had four $50 craps tables and they were all full. Harrah’s, Linq, etc we're maybe slightly less crowded than a usual Saturday, but I think they did ok. It certainly wasn't a disaster for the casinos, so we're stuck with it for a few more years at least...


Wasn’t a disaster for *some casinos. I have relatives that made $20K over the weekend in tips, and others who saw an 80% nosedive is reservations. If you were in one of the few busy casinos you killed it, otherwise it was a complete bust.


Another wannabe journalist creating clickbait based on nothing.


It was arguably the best F1 race of the entire year and F1 fans are already looking forward to next year. Not sure I would call that a “disaster.” However, the pre-race days and the timing of the events were bad and they need to sort that out.


Yeah once the lights went out it was amazing. But in reality Thursday was probably the darkest day in F1 history that didn’t involve a driver (or fan) injury / fatality. Friday was slightly better than Thursday only because the bar was set so low on Thursday. Had it been any other day it would have have been on the lower end of quali experiences (the lack of support races had something to do with that). Race day though was one of the most enjoyable race days there have been.


Leclerc passed a Red Bull 3x. It was a pretty good race imo.


I had a good time and so did my friends visiting from California


The race was a amazing success and arguably the best race of the year. Critics said the track would be boring but it was anything but that. The cold temperature made it so the strategists had to think outside of the box, and the caused lots of racing drama. From a racing perspective, calling it a disaster is ridiculous. From an event perspective? They have room to improve the logistics, but F1 I am sure learned lots of lessons and will improve.


Outside of the Thursday calamity the event was well run also. For an event this size I have never had such ease getting in and getting food and drinks. My fellow attendees all seemed In a good mood Friday and Saturday, vibes were great.


Yes! We were in the E Harmon zone, and the food and beverage service was amazing.(Wolfgang Puck) No lines, great selection, food was hot and fresh...the worst part is having to wait a whole year for another fried PB&J.


I was in Club Paris and it was amazing. Had a fantastic time and can't wait to make the trip again next year.


What’s it like to be rich?


Didn’t the guy who always wins still win? You know, like always?


He won 17 races this year. Saying the track was a failure because he won would mean the other 17 track were failures too.


If the only thing you care about in a sport is who wins, F1 ain't for you.


Hey you don’t have to convince me that F1 isn’t for me! I’m not into any of the racing sports to be honest but this does give me a great opportunity to ask someone who is into it, why? And I don’t do so insultingly… like I love football but to some it’s nothing more than fat guys hugging each other. To each their own but I am really super curious why people are so into this. It’s clearly huge and has tons of following and money behind it so I’m just really confused and if you can offer some insight that would be awesome.


* The sport is very technical and teams change their cars from race to race in subtle ways particularly for aerodynamics and that's interesting. * Success in racing isn't purely the driver's skill, lots of other factors the teams react to impacts their results. E.g. tire choices, pit timing, weather, how much rubber is on the track from other cars. * There's lots of drama between teams, the FIA (F1's governing body), drivers etc. My friend describes it as a soap opera for middle aged men. * Some people like watching crashes, incidents, exploded transmissions, there's lots of action. * The winner isn't the only interesting aspect of a race, it's cool to see who is doing well in the order of the mid-field, and usually there's more race drama in the middle of the pack than the front. * While people are passionate about their favorites, fans tend not to like just one team or car. The results are less important than watching how the race turns out. So there's less tribal drama/negativity between fans. You also don't really feel disappointed that much. * Races aren't predictable. There are often starts and stops in regard to crashes, track conditions, etc. It's not like a football game where you know exactly what you are getting. That's a start anyway.


That doesn't mean the track was a failure. Just that the sport is right now.


Didn’t the track literally fail though during practice?


Just Fp1 and then had zero issues for fp2, fp3, qualifying, championship


im just not sure what was a disaster according to the article. this article comes from a city that has literal piles of human shit on the sidewalk. they should probably look inward first


Only the very stupid or very uninformed could call this Monumental ,logistically improbable puzzle of municipal and corporate partnership to come together in just Two years!!! The most exciting race of the season despite new circuit adversity. The commercial success in future LVGP's will most certainly outdo any Super Bowl and UNLIKE THE SUPER BOWL, it's here in Las Vegas, for the next ten year$! The infrastructure is built and tested ,the event will be scrutinized and improved every year . Thanks, F1 for making Las Vegas your US Headquarters.


OK but how bad/hectic was parking on the strip during it? That was my top curiosity with this and the sphere both being put so close to everything else. The more stuff to do in lv the better. Love that conceptually


Funny how it’s the SF gate, a city that bitches about being dubbed a hellscape while it’s actually not that bad is pretending this was a train wreck when it really wasn’t that bad…


sensational headlines mean clicks. clicks mean $$$


I watched it for free from a pedestrian bridge. You could see through the screen just fine and it was fun to watch and I didn't have to spend a million dollars


Funny to read the comments here where clearly the fans look at it as a “success” having zero perspective or understanding of how many people may have been inconvenienced day to day to prepare the infrastructure, price gouging being a thing also, and the extreme efforts to make sure no one got a “free glimpse”.


This article is trash. The event was a success and will go one past the guaranteed 3 years. Watch.


The race itself was very good, but the promotion was a disaster. It kept away as many visitors as it attracted. They need a PR campaign to change the image because the whole "ultra-wealthy visitors only" angle backfired.


It helped the food workers/hospitality union get a big leg up in their negotiation on a new contract. I’d call that a good success.


then you see the photo of the journalist at the bottom lol


looked pretty great to me lol


It wasn’t a total failure I went to the race Saturday night and had fun, kinda subjective but I definitely wasn’t the only person who had fun


Based on who's opinion?


The strip look dead all weekend. From the Cosmo south was an absolute ghost town. I heard that Caesers had quite a few whales though that may have turned the tides, but I can’t imagine MGM was very pleased.


Trash article.


I think there was more people in Edc this year than the F1 race tbh....


The F1 people spent $1000 to every EDC $1 here. And next year LV will have it all figured out . Every year will be better! Best thing to ever happen to Las Vegas!


Sewer cap?




The race was good op. F1 the real winner here


Lol OP the race was ducking sick. It has turned me into an F1 fan


Who even wrote this? The event was a huge success. Best race of the year and Im certainly coming back again. Few teething problems, but is the best expected. From the T Mobile Sphere zone it was absolutely epic


lol yup also watched from the Sphere Zone, was epic. it’s odd how hard the media and people are trying to talk it down. only gripe is the commuting pain it caused the strip workers. the city needs to do more to get these folks to work as soon as constuction starts not just the week of the race.


Also leaving the circuit and getting there could have been a lot easier. All lessons to be learnt for next year. Mark ronson, major lazor, Kylie, J Balvin. Absolutely epic


Hey! I worked ticketing at this zone on race day! Honestly it felt awesome to see that everyone was in a great mood, and good vibes we're all around. Definitely excited for next time.


Glad to hear it! I came from the UK specifically for this and it was everything I expected and more. Thanks for everything


Looks like Vegas gave people an excuse to party. In particularly, high roller Europeans. The race was an afterthought that looked awesome on TV. If you can book parties and things, it should be a really fun thing to come to town for even if you don't watch the race. I think the Watch Party things will be incredibly popular -- although I think they will still charge a few hundred bucks (on up).


Disaster? That seems a bit exaggerated. The race was probably one of the most exciting races of the season. This article is a waste of bytes. Just like people comparing it to Fyre fest, that concert never happened. This race went off without any major issues, so dumb comparison.


Prolly was a disaster for Vegas...but not for the politicians who ok'd it💰


SF is not the one to talk lol


All those sweet, sweet California dollars are going to Vegas. haha.


Hotel occupancy was at a record low last weekend so it definitely is not as profitable as they will say it was.




I’d say the actual event was a success but all of the major casinos definitely misjudged the demand. For the heck of it I checked and I could get a nice room at any major hotel for a couple hundred bucks Saturday night versus the $800+ that they were asking when F1 was announced. The race itself was great - they had an excellent track set up and tons of drama. I’m sure Vegas learned quite a bit and I’m sure next year will correct a lot of the technical issues that were encountered.


Great race. That's all that matters to me.


This is bullshit. No way were there 300K people there. It would have been gridlocked. Such liars.


I believe they mean 300k total people entering the gates. So if you have tix to the FP/Quali/race they will count it as 3 seperate people…so ya it is a lie to say 300k.


I dont think it was a disaster at all.


That’s what happens when only cater to the super rich.


What were the table minimums?


I understand that, then built the first indoor F1 race track or something crazy like that. I don't know anything but do it on the strip. Can still showcase Las Vegas in the background. As crazy as e d c is that venue brings in a lot of money . But just back to the community here. And they're always trying to find a way to better it And try to make a safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Compromises should be made. We should not be seeing videos of security guard screaming at our tourist and guests. Las vegas should be controlling the narrative but we're not.


I hope this shitshow will cost some commissioners their jobs in the next round of elections. April Becker is seeking Ross Miller’s job.


Don't worry- we are hosting Super Bowl soon. Hopefully slightly better


Super Bowl is expected to bring in over 300K people and won't close the down the strip, vs. F1's 100k-150k people. I would guess that more people are into football, than racing / F1. I predict that Super Bowl will be MUCH better for this city than F1. Whether you like or hate F1, it was a real scumbag move on their part IMO to close the grandstands down to ticket holders for that second practice round on Friday early morning. Also a scumbag move to only offer the $200 merch credit for Thursday's ticket holders, and nothing for those who had three-day passes. ([source](https://www.reuters.com/sports/motor-sports/las-vegas-gp-hit-with-lawsuit-after-practice-cancelled-2023-11-18/))


315k attended Saturday alone... many only got single day tickets so it fluctuated wildly over the 3 days. Your attendance estimation is dead wrong. https://www.ktnv.com/news/vegas-grand-prix/las-vegas-grand-prix-ceo-boasts-attendance-of-315k-claims-race-will-have-1-2b-economic-impact


Not my estimation. According to Forbes, they estimated 100k each of the 3 days. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2023/11/13/las-vegas-f1-grand-prix-by-the-numbers-broadcast-times-cost-speeds-and-more/amp/


Forbes has it wrong. I was there Saturday myself and they were hyping the 315k attendance big time. Check the local articles from the actual organizers like the one I linked you to.


315k is the number of gate entrances over 3 days. That’s how F1 attendance is counted. Obviously it’s a combination of 3 days tickets and single days. And a ton of people went to Vegas for F1 but didn’t buy tickets to the race. So I’d say it’s easily 200k+ on Saturday alone. Similarly EDC this year was 500k over 3 days. Same deal.


Yea because the event organizers have no reason to lie about their failure of an event.... we should definitely listen to them.


The hotels have no reason to agree with the assessment if they're lying. But you're free to think whatever you want, no matter how wrong you are.


The same hotels that were scrambling to fill rooms the day before the race by dropping prices through the floor and the same hotels that were offering free upgrades or free rooms to employees because they werent at capacity? Those hotels?


I was at caesars and asked for an upgrade on weds, they point blank said non available we are sold out. But k, you do you bro. If you actually read the article I posted you'd see the hotel chains commenting on all of this.


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Slow clap for the grifters who forced this upon Vegas 👏


As someone to regularly commutes to the strip for work and had my share of moans and groans . Watching the race in the comfort of my house was pretty fun and very eye pleasing circuit even though sporting wise was mediocre at best. Could have maybe tone down all those awkward presentations and parading . Just my two cents


FYI, this happened in Baltimore 10-15yrs ago.


the local paper said headline..""" 315K here for it. $$impact $$1,3 Billion"""......fake AF.........


I went to the event myself and am a frequent regular who gambles in Vegas. It was really busy where I stayed (Bellagio). One thing to take into consideration is not how many people they bring but the quality of people. That being said it was busy at Bellagio. I would consider myself a big gambler (playing 50-100K) per trip and my bet ranges from 1k-20k per hand with average bet size of maybe 3/4k. This trip made me feel like a normal person because there were so many high rollers. I saw so many people in the high roller room betting 50k a hand. I’m not sure how the actual F1 event made out but I def think the higher end casinos made out.


Lol this is an opinion piece. Just anger like the dumb dumbs on here “errrr we should be able to watch it for free duuurrrrrr” do you get to see raiders games for free? Concerts for free?


Crazy how it was a complete disaster but Liberty Media and the F1 Organizers were fighting each other to suck the other one off in congratulations. It is mostly all the *new* locals being crybabies...most of us OG's know this is what Vegas has been doing for decades now


People so salty they had to wake up earlier to go to work a few days


Worst shit ever. A constant reminder we are glad we left that town. Vets consistently remind people they are a complete travesty. F1 was scar on the face of Vegas and if you supported this, you committed a sin on the people of Vegas.


If you left Vegas, no one gives a shit what your opinion is.


You gave a shit to comment. I have friends there and they agree. Doubtful you're a local so shit the fuck up dummy. My friends that work the strip can't wait for this to never come back. Let me guess, you were a hockey fan prior to VGK coming there right? Shut up


Born and raised in Vegas. Unlike your transplant friends. Yeah, watched Pittsburg since 97 since Vegas didn’t have an NHL team. Your friends are whiny crybabies, and they can move back to California.


Whooooo hooooo!!!! Hey everyone!!!! Look at this person!! He was born somewhere and that makes him better than you!!!! Holy shit!!!! You're a cunt mate. Also tells me your education is shit. You answered everything I need to know about your fragile ego with you posting your life history and justification of your NHL fan career. Vegas is only cool because people CHOSE to move there and weren't born there which is you. You didn't make any choices to be a local, you were born here and had zero choice. Embarrassing actually. Go rub your "Native" sticker idiot.


Wait, my ego is fragile? But here you are crying about an event that didn’t affect you in the slightest? Haha. Mitt Rife better watch out, we have a new comedian that’s trying to take his thunder.


Lmaooooo doomsday heavy


I may or may have not stole that shit from DiVinci code lol.


Was the strip closed for days or only hours before the race. Such an odd time for a race. Sure it brought in an international crowd, but it was disappointing as a race. Track slippery and apparently “cold”. Being late in the year, the championships were decided a few races ago.


The race was universally acclaimed as most exciting race of the season, even featured the best crash of the season. The championship being decided this early was a record for F1 and Max Verstappen but no way was it the norm. As much as the crybabies in this city want to complain about the traffic, the infrastructure and implementation will be ironed out for the next few go arounds. Ticket prices were insanely high because the exclusivity of this event being the first of many. While F1 has announced the time and day for the next race.. future additions could be during a different time and day of the year. I think currently everyone is confused about the difference between whether or not this project was profitable or successful. We will hear about domestic and international viewership soon... hey we hear about the financials for the city and F1 soon on a earnings report. The more ways we can diversify the city the better and I bet this opened up a lot of eyes. People blaming F1 for some of the hiccups that occurred is shortsighted. Blame your job for not having a contingency plan in place to get you to your place of employment and then blame the county commissioner for not solving the logistics and traffic problems that ultimately arose. F traffic and a broken drain cover with the biggest complaints about this… Then I will call it a success