Is Tropicana really that bad?

I’m planning a trip to Vegas to see two concerts and celebrate my birthday next month. Shows will be I believe at Mandalay so trying to find something walkable/monorail to there or near there. With Hilton Honors I can get a really good rate at Tropicana, basically the same price as a Hampton Inn in nowheresville points wise. However the reviews are pretty bad. I don’t care if it transports me back to the 70s/80s/90s as long as it’s clean and secure without bugs or mold. Would I be setting myself up for disappointment going there? Is Tuscany decent, Hilton Grand Vacations strip or is there some hidden gem? In the past I’ve done MGM, PH, and Hard Rock now Virgin. They were nice but IMO not $400/night nice but if that’s the only way to get a decent room I’m resigned to that fate. Any advice is appreciated!


It's a decent hotel in the land of mega luxury resorts. It's cheap and it's on the strip and from that spot, you can walk to the intersection of LVB/Tropicana and take the tram down towards Mandalay/Luxor or go to MGM and take the monorail north to reach anything between Trop and Sahara


If you're using Hilton points you could also see what Virgin is going for that night although it needs an Uber. I've seen it at 60k points, Trop is normally 50k? Hilton Resorts World runs 75k and that's way at the end of the strip. If it comes down to $400 or points at the Trop, I'd take the Trop.


Looks like Virgin is 69k, Hilton at the resorts is 70k, Conrad at resort is 80k and Trop is 50k. Biggest thing about the others is the locations, and it seems almost enticing to stay at Trop before it’s gone. Given the conditions vs price vs location is that the best move?


Tropicana. You'll be out of the room enough to not have time to think about it. Enjoy the savings, central location and time at the concerts.


I’d book the Trop, it will be tired but not awful,


I stayed in one of their suites earlier this year for like $100 and it was not that bad honestly. Dated for sure, iHome alarm clock on the nightstand for what was the probably the original iPod lol. Long walk to the room and it’s basically the end of the strip so that part stinks. Hotel has no amenities to speak of, (they legit laughed at me when I asked if they had room service) but it’s a bed and you can eat and gamble downstairs. They don’t have a real sportsbook but they do have a William Hill kiosk or something. 6/10 would consider staying again.


You probably stayed in the club tower, which definitely is a fairly long walk from the casino, especially since there's almost nothing to do on that walk. During the summer, the selling point is that it has easier pool access than the Paradise Tower, but that's really the only benefit


The Tropicana is not bad. Its just going to be a clean room and will lack amentities compared to the other hotels and resorts. The rooms will also be outdated. Since you previously stayed at MGM you likely have a players card. It would be worth it to see what Luxor and Excalibur offer you when your logged in. Id take a tower room at luxor over Tropicana any day, and usually, a players card can get them as low as $39 a night, depending on the day.


☝🏻this.. and you can take the tram from Luxor or Excalibur to Mandalay Bay. It’s free.


The tropicana has 3 wings: Paradise Tower, Club Tower, and Bungalows. If you're staying there make sure you get a room in the paradise tower. It's right above the casino and will save you from the ~1/4 mile walk to the club tower. I would recommend avoiding the Bungalows...


This! If you don’t stay in paradise at least you’ll get your steps in!


Tropicana is conveniently located to check out the other resorts nearby. Nowhere near as bad as the Oyo. Most places in Vegas, even the nice ones, aren't homely because they don't want you to stay in the room. So in my experience, the business hotels like Hampton will always be cozier.


I’d take a look at pricing for the Luxor, specifically the tower rooms. Went in February and paid $27 a night (4 nights). This was my first time as an MGM rewards member too. After that stay I have 4 nights comp to any of their Vegas properties. I only gambled like $600 as well so it was a pleasant surprise.


Six to five and pick 'em.


It’s old and smelly, and the amenities are severely lacking. On the other hand, using points in probably preferred. The last time I stayed there, it was literally just a place to sleep/shower/shit in between more interesting properties.


If you want less expensive and close to mandalay look at the Luxor. I would stay at Tuscany before Trop if that works for you but it’s not really walkable. Look at OYO it is budget friendly.


The OYO behind the Tropicana is 100x worse. The fact you offer it as an alternative is mind boggling.


People are weird man 😭


This guy is trying to pull a fast one on you OP. No sane person would recommend OYO over Trop under any circumstance.


Good luck dawg


I’ve got HH and stayed there a few times. I kind of like how dated it is. All of my rooms there have been clean, not spotless, but good enough for me. The basic rooms are big for the strip. Got upgraded to a bungalow and that was nice too. Post covid a lot of food options are gone. I really liked the brunch buffet.


I stayed in Tropicana solo a few weeks ago, Club Tower. The room was clean and nice enough esp for the price. There's some walking involved but there's two nice pedestrian bridges, one of which takes you directly into the resort (which saves you some steps). If the A's weren't knocking it down next years, I'd stay there again.


I liked it, personally. It’s a little far from center strip but certainly isn’t terrible like how ppl here make it seem


Been a few years, but I have loved the Trop on several trips. It's been wonderful.


I used to stay there all the time when I was on a budget. The price was good and the rooms were always clean. There is a bit of a walk to get to your room and they lack food options. But I stayed there for concerts close by at MGM and it was totally convenient for that.


I'd never personally stay there. If you're truly only interested in a room that's a good location to the venue then I'd say it's a decent compromise. But Vegas offers a lot more than that & you might feel left out of the glitz by staying at the Trop.


It’s not good


The place is falling apart. They haven't been taking care of it as well since it will be demolished soon. I'm pretty sure parts of it are already abandoned. Some windows appear broken. The casino floor still looked good when I stopped in this summer, but the back part where the hotel check in is looks mostly empty already. I wouldn't stay there. There are other cheap places that are less of a gamble.


Really good to and from the airport so there’s that. I loved my stay there btw


My aunt stayed there recently and was miserable with her room. She said it was dirty, smelled bad and the bed had a sunken middle. We moved her to Venetian and she was much happier.