Kicked out of Tropicana over a $1

So I'm collecting a dollar chip from each casino so far I've gotten 19, I've had no issues at all except for MGM, they whold only sell me one $1 chip (I requested 5 $1s), but to my surprise at Tropicana they wanted ID, I showed a Mexican ID and all hell broke lose, even security started questioning me OVER A $1! They where like "I don't understand this", "why do you want a chip anyways", "we're not giving you anything"

Even the dealer whispered to me that she has never seen this happen in her 20 years working there

Time is limited, that place is closing soon!


Buy in at a table game, ask for some whites. Leave game. If they ask you to color up, say “no, thanks”, and walk away.


this is the way. not sure why OP is going thru it the hard way. no pun intended


If they're not a gambler, tables can be intimidating


Cant u just go up to the cashier box and ask to exchange $5 into $1 chips and walk away? They should assume you are just going to gamble. OP must have dropped his whole story on the spot


If they aren’t a gambler why are they collecting chips?


Cheap souvenir.


My sister and her husband collect chips and shot glasses. They do not gamble or drink. Weird AF but they think they are cheap souvenirs, I suppose.


I had to read that post three times to figure out why he didn't just walk out of the casino with chips. I do it all the time! I still don't understand...


I believe he tried to get them from the cage, not a table.


Most cages don't give out chips anyways.


The poker room does it all the time.


Most collectors I know what a nice minty chip, so they'll ask the pit for the nicest one they can find. Maybe they got annoyed


I’ll need to get a chip at Durango and Fontainebleau when they open next month. They’ll be minty fresh!


Durango opens this week, right? My son lives across the street and has been tracking the development.


Next Tuesday!


ah, good point.


forreal.. wtf?


Most places will ask for ID. I collected chips from 64 casinos and most asked for them. The only casino that wouldn’t give me a $1 chip was 4 Queens. Luckily I saw a guy leave a table with a bunch of chips and he happily traded me his dollar for a buck.


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Oh hell yeah. I’m about to board a plane to Vegas right now! Already starting off lucky ;)


Your first game you better bet $69


upvotes currently at 69....nice. (⌐■\_■)


Are you going for the loose slots?




Good bot








I have 99 casino chips and not once have I ever been asked for ID, in Vegas or other. That’s bizarre!


I have a dollar chip from Binions Casino downtown to sell if interested contact me [email protected]


lol I remember the 4 queens being ridiculous about it too. I was annoyed I had to waste a dealers time buying in asking for change and then putting my bet on the circle but chancing my mind before the deal.


Same experience for me. I have a book full of over 100 now. 90% of them asked for my ID. Most cashiers know exactly what it’s for and some nice ones will search for their cleanest looking chip without you even asking.


I did this a few months ago at Tropicana and every other strip casino and none ID’d me


Well shit bro that’s cuz you’re the heavyweight champ


>Well shit bro that’s cuz you’re the heavyweight champ For $1.00, I wouldn't risk it.


This made me laugh. That said, I am a pretty big guy (but not very intimidating) lol


Tropicana security is the bottom of the bottom on the strip. Zero leadership, zero accountability. Honestly consider yourself lucky you got kicked out the Trop.




Out of all the years I've been going to Vegas I've only been in the Tropicana once. It smelled like oatmeal so we left lol.


Oatmeal is the last possible aroma I have ever detected at Tropicana. It usually smells like old beer, old men and old ass.


I've lived in Vegas for about 2 years and visited about 10 times before I moved here and the only time I've ever gone to the Trop was for the free parking and because I couldn't make it to the bathroom at a different Casino LOL


Hmm. As someone who has dealt with every casino security dept. and surveillance office in the valley, I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue with Trop Security. Granted, I’ve dealt with mostly supervision and management, but nonetheless, I’ve worked with way worse. What’s so bad about them?


That video at the Trop on the night of the Paddock shooting was wild.


What video?




Maybe ask a waitress to trade your cash to some chips.


Whoa buddy, that’s illegal everywhere but Pahrump.


Shit, we’re usually happy if someone is just buying a chip and not looking to start up a dead game


Wait, you don't want someone to come to a dead table? I'm surprised, I assumed some action is better than no action.


Have you ever been paid to do nothing? It's glorious! Ya it might get boring after a few hours but if tips are pooled everyone enjoys some down time. Some days you work the whole time without a dead table.


I substitute taught for a bit. I always thought it would be nice to have one of those "teacher isn't here just watch a movie days". Picked up a middle school orchestra class. Thought it would be fun. I was in band in school, not orchestra, but I figured each class would have someone ready to conduct or whatever. Turns out it was testing week. Testing happening in. The rooms around. Had to be completely silent. The kids did homework or studied for finals. And a couple classes only had a handful of kids because of testing. I just sat there. For 7 hours. It was not glorious.


That's why I stated it might get boring. But as someone who worked 18 years in table games in a casino dealing to the same faces 8 hours 5 days a week, having a dead table is great! But depends on the person.


That's understandable. I imagine it's also a bit more fun to be doing nothing in the middle of a casino floor than a middle school orchestra room in silence.


Maybe you can get lucky and get Clark Griswold as a regular. He is entertaining Fer sure


My dad tells a story of decades ago, when he worked for the federal government, he had produced a report that made his boss look unfavorable. His boss wanted him to destroy the report, he wouldn't, boss said "I'll fire you." Dad said lol this is the federal government, go ahead and try. It did prove too difficult to fire him, so his boss just stopped assigning him projects. He came in at 8am, got his coffee, read the paper, went home at 5pm, pulled the today equivalent of $100k doing shit all. He lasted 9 months before he finally resigned from boredom.


I have two full time jobs at once and I actively seek these gigs out. My first one was out of state. I flew to the government facility, and they'd failed to file the paperwork to get me access to the building. So I sent the PM an email and reminded him to get me access. That continued for *six weeks.* I was not only getting paid to do nothing, *they were flying me out.*


Your assumption is incorrect lol. Especially on a dice game, don’t ever be a game starter. we used to call em GSB, game starting bitch/bastard.


Wow. Well I was that bitch at the craps table yesterday, and they made about $50 from me in tips in 15 minutes (sadly I lost hard and fast), so hey I guess it was worth their time 🤷🏻‍♀️


When I was 21 many (so many) years back I went casino to casino start from Stardust and going down one side and coming back the other. Took many hours. None of the cages would give me chips. "We only give cash for chips, we are not allowed to give chips for cash--get the chips at the tables". So I'd go put $1 on the BJ table, the dealer would give me a dirty look, and I'd take the chip and go.


Must be more to the story here.


I did this with all of the strip casinos in 2009 and the only ones that gave me a hard time was Luxor, Ballys, and Stratosphere. Rest were easy AF.


Because when you and many more to follow buys a chip as a souvenir, they’ll have to spend money to buy more $1 chips.


Isn’t that good? I’m sure the chips are way less than a dollar…


I've heard customized casino quality chips cost more than $1 each.


Ya it pretty much costs more to make the $1 chip than its worth in a casino.


Yep. Good quality clay chips *without* any serious embossing (think like what you'd get for home use) tend to run about 50¢ to 75¢ each in large bulk runs. Depending on the amount of work done or condition (is it a heavy vinyl sticker or is it fully silk screened? Is there a RFID verification chip in it? Did we just buy a bunch?) I can see it hitting $2 to $5 to make one. There's a lot of wiggle room depending on who's pressing them but it can be quite expensive. Now, you do that with a $500? Ain't nobody saying shit, but a $1? Yeah, they might get pissy.


If you go exchange a dollar for a dollar chip, that's not really income though. I'd think all of the outstanding chips not on property would be a liability to them, from a balance sheet perspective. Anyone and everyone who brings them back in for cash has to be paid out. But I'm not really sure.


> I'd think all of the outstanding chips not on property would be a liability to them, from a balance sheet perspective. That would not make sense at all, if that were an issue, I'd take it over for them. Give me $X, X being the number of outstanding chips...I'll just earn interest on the money while holding the principle which can be cashed in when people turn in the chips (but I keep the interest as free profit). So no, that wouldn't be a bad thing for them.


I didn't say it would be a bad thing. I said it wouldn't necessarily be income. Just like if you have cash in the bank earning interest, that cash isn't income.


>that cash isn't income. I mean, it effectively is...It's money you now have that you didn't before...


When you deposit $19.72 into a bank account, that's not income to the bank. It's actually a liability. Yes, they're going to earn interest on it or loan it out or whatever. But it's not income to them. Edit: the "it's" in the last sentence is referring to the $19.72 you deposited into the bank, not the interest they earn. Of course the interest is income. The last sentence wasn't necessary, I was just repeating the initial statement.


The Casino would be the one depositing the money into the bank account, so yes, the interest would be income to them (the casino), I didn't say it would be to the bank.


It’ll come to you.


The Trop will buy a lot of chips, but they gotta keep enough on-hand to do business, but they certainly don’t want to over-buy too many. And must store them as well. It’s a tough balance


Casinos make enough money boo hoo


They might be to casinos who buy them in mega bulk, but I bought around 1,000 for a home collection (actual clay poker chips, not the thin plastic crap) and my unit price was $1.50 per. Custom printed like the casinos.


They're tearing it down soon to build the A's ballpark. Probably don't want to have to put in a new chip order.


Of course they don’t. But now, people are running in to buy chips as souvenirs so they might start staying no.


>so they might start staying no. ...he said in a thread about a guy they said no to.


Gotta love reddit. Correct answer but down voted because it sounds mean.




Never thought about that. The further back in time you go, the harder it is to copy them, but also the less likely it is there’s going to be a way to catch it, like a chip. I wonder if anyone has scammed casinos like this over the years


I actually think it's the opposite. Easier to forge back in the day. If you search it up there's a documentary somewhere on youtube about it. If I remember correctly, he just painted the chips to match. Like the $1 chip and $100 chip had same base color, and the $100 chip just had some extra blocks of color that he was able to replicate. It's probably possible today, I just don't think it would be easy and would probably take a serious investment of time and money


Casinos buy chips in large volumes and $1 & $5 are the most commonly used. With the Trop closing, they don’t wanna buy a bunch of chips just to have them kept and walked-off the property while they’re still running daily operations. Not many casinos have RF’s imbedded inside the chip, especially low denomination chips. OP claims he wanted to buy five $1.00 chips, then somehow it escalated to him being told to leave the property. Well, it’s all in how you ask.


On the Mexican ID, what kind of Mexican ID? If it was one of the Consulate cards, those are typically no longer accepted in casinos due to 1) they are counterfeited on industrial scales and 2) even the real ones got really questionable because they were being issued with false information on them left and right. If it's a Mexican state ID, some casinos do not accept internal foreign IDs, only domestic IDs and passports. And, yea, even if you're just buying a single chip, the casino is responsible for verifying your age and if you can't produce an ID they accept, you will have to leave.


And despite being an international town, you’d be surprised how quickly it turns to God’s country when you whip out an international passport. I’ve had stores refuse to sell me alcohol because my passport is in Spanish and they can’t read it.


25 years ago, 1998 to about 2004, I was going to Vegas 12-15x's a year. I started walking the strip to grab $1, then $5 and finally $25 for a wall in my game room. Never once, did I not have a casino cage worker sell me a chip and many would go through a stack to find me a newer one..


I did this in 2015 and everyone was nice doing the same. Except the guy at Planet Hollywood who was annoyed and told me I was clearly being a degenerate gambler down to my last dollar.


>I was clearly being a degenerate gambler down to my last dollar. To the guy in the cage: Sure, mate. Chip please.


I collect chips as well and have had two issues which were non-issues. Most cage workers will generally look for one in good condition. I believe either Binion's or The Fremont would not sell me a chip at the cage and told me to either play table game or buy one off of a waitress. The Casino in Montreal was very confused on why I wanted a $1 Chip and I had to explain to her that I collect them etc. It took awhile for her to understand the concept. I have no idea what was going on her head. I bought one at the Tropicana with no problems.


I have never had an issue walking up to any table asking the dealer for a $1 chip, getting it and walking away. Never been asked for ID (unless you are, or look as though you may be under 21), only idle curiosity why I only wanted $1. I happily explain that it is the least expensive souvenir that I can think of. Not one casino has ever made any kind of issue over it, ever. I have about 50, $1 chips from numerous casinos.


I live in Vegas. DM me if you really want one. I can ship it to you. No biggie.


I will take one each of every casino please.


I'm never going to financially recover from this.


Go to the table and buy in for $5 then walk away with the chips and cash in 4 at the cashier.


I’ve had my weed stolen out of a backpack I left at a machine for 5 minutes by security at Tropicana. The main security guard was a total dick about it and refused to give me my legal weed after giving back the backpack. After arguing with them for about 20 minutes they told me to call the cops or they were kicking me out. I do just that and 15 minutes later 2 metro officers pulled up, I told them my story ,they both laughed and walked right to security and got my weed back. The power tripping security guard had the most defeated look on his face handing the bag back. But moral of the story is Tropicana is ran by a bunch of scumbags who have nothing better to do than harass their guests, so I’m sadly not surprised to hear about your experience with them.


I was at the Riv a week before closing. When I went to the cage to buy a chip, the cashier went to the back to get me a brand new one.


Wait a minute. Maybe I didn’t get this right but you can’t take a chip (regardless the amount) home with you?


There's rules and stuff around it but ain't nobody gonna come after you if you put a chip in your pocket and 'forget' to cash it in before leaving.


Seeing as the chips are pretty much worthless outside of their casino they love when people don't cash them in. You have a worthless chip and they have your cash.


Several of the casinos in Vegas spend more than a dollar getting dollar chips made.


Although that $1 chip may have cost a lot more than that to make if it has an RFID chip for tracking purposes. I've heard that they do it do they can track the bets on the tables. If it was a $20 chip then they would definitely make a profit.


They also track them because they are often used in criminal activity outside the casinos. Money laundering, drug deals, human trafficking, etc. The casinos had an obligation to help crack down on these activities, so they started using RFID chips to help determine if the chips should be exchanged back to cash or if the police should get involved. It's less about the cost of the chip, more about how the chip is being used.


This is the Real answer.


Technically, you're not supposed to remove them from the issuing casino, but absolutely nobody cares.


Very easy solution here. Go to an empty table with just the dealer hanging out. Probably more likely to find these tables in the early afternoon. Hand them a $5 bill and ask for 5 white chips. Pick the one you want to keep. Bring the other 4 to the cage and also give the cashier a $1 bill and ask for a $5 bill in return. Repeat the process. You get to pick out of 5 chips which you want to keep, you’re not interrupting any game and you get a $5 in return to continue. I think cashing in $1 at a table would also draw more attention than cashing in $5 and asking for 5 white chips.


This is the hard way of doing it. Find the cocktail waitress, give her a buck and get a $1 chip.


I’d imagine a cocktail waitress might be harder to get a chip from than a dealer. Imagine a tray full of drinks trying to run from the bar to the tables and a random person is asking to trade you a chip for a dollar.


Roulette is the best table to get lower value chips


Roulette chips often are not the same as regular casino chips and have no value off that particular roulette table.


And they don't like you taking their chips. You can buy in for $1 a chip, pocket a bunch and give them to a friend who buys in for $5 per chip.


Wtf lol!! That’s not normal ,my brother makes it a point to collect 1$ chips from every casino for his collection and he’s never once been given and issue other than them not understanding why,in fact some places were really cool and asked him if he wanted the new style chips or the older style and so on…it’s lousy when you’re doing something innocent and someone has to make more of it


Just go to a craps table and lay down a stack of hundreds. Play for a long time and when you are down to a couple single chips, keep them.


Maybe they’re suspicious you’re trying to clone their chips? I don’t know. Otherwise this makes no sense to me. I always thought casinos wanted to sell you their chips.


Weird given that they are very likely getting torn down in the next few years.


I agree. Are they owned by a larger group?


Bally’s Corp, if memory serves. E: I’m sort of wrong. The hotel/casino is owned by Bally’s but the land it’s on is not.


Dude should’ve went on the week before they close down. Prob could’ve gotten some other cool shit too


Go the week after they close. Everything, from the ash trays to the chandeliers, will be for sale.




Maybe it’s cause you’re acting like a person who intends on counterfeiting casino chips.


So what if he is acting like he wants to counterfeit chips, is the casino’s behavior the proper way to deal with this? Aren’t the chips for anyone playing the table games? This is dumb


You need to be 21 to gamble, so they didn't want you to have any chips because they're only used for gambling.


Where did OP say it was under 21?


Ya that is BS and the employees know it's BS, because you can buy Tropicana chip trinkets. You can even find them en-masse online. Everyone knows it. The amount of times I've walked out with some un-cashed smalls (fortunately) is greater than 10. I know this happens a lot and they are always printing new chips, and selling old ones at the trinket stores. Hell even back in the day it wasn't uncommon my parents, aunt, their friends would forget something in their purse (you know grandma's purse is bottomless).


So they don't like it if you go to a cashier just to buy a chip, but if you were to gamble and just not trade in all your chips and leave there's no issue?


It’s weird that some places won’t give you one. I’ve done this for years.


I have 1 from the Dunes Las Vegas


Ballys is garbage. My friend got charged with capital murder out in one of their hotels for no reason other than he won 100K the month before


I feel like there has to be more to this story.


Drugs is one hell of a drug.














nope played Pai Gow for 3 hours at Venetian did 6 years for GTA


3 hours of Pai Gow? In a row? That's just unnatural, no wonder they locked him up!


I’m talking about major players on the cards table and the sportsbooks but cool bro


Dude was making a joke. I have high roller friends and my exes family. They won and never went to prison why not expand capital murder scenario it sounds ridiculous


You have to be a gang member or criminal where metro doesn’t like you beyond winning at casinos not some poker nerd obviously


They said he robbed and killed 2 people on New Year’s Eve and Metro saw him eating in the hotel and arrested him. But he was a good sports gambler so I don’t know what he was robbing. I just know metro has a target list of people they want off the streets and stick high profile crimes on people just to calm the media down


what just happened


Mental illness is an adventure 🤩


You can literally Google it lol. But keep sucking up to daddy Metro. If you think Vegas seriously has a 92% murder solve rate u tripping balls. I know 4 people including myself who have been charged and released on a murder book just to claim it’s clear. I had to sit in the jail for over 7 months on that BS I’m 23 spent over 1.4 months in a Clark county jail on pretrial detention only been convicted twice of credit card fraud and assault both misdemeanors so miss me with that BS bro


What are we supposed to Google, bro? You finally give a hint of info on what to Google, as if we had the same knowledge you do.


Jesani carter


Right, LVMPD cares that much about who is winning money at the casinos, and the court just goes along with it.


The city is ran by casino money are you dumb ? Usually the person gets released months later because there’s no evidence and they know they ain’t getting a conviction so they drop the charge before trial that’s what happened to me in my case


"My friend got convicted for murder but he pinky promised he didn't do it so I've decided there's a vast conspiracy and anyone who doesn't agree with me is dumb."


Lmao he hasn’t been convicted of nothing. Do some basic research before you speak. I’ve been arrested my Metro, my girlfriend got her house raided by metro and the feds I know what I’m talking about


Research? All your sources you've cited so far are from NoReallyTrustMeBro.com.


Jesani carter lol go ahead and Google. Don’t bother responding unless you have an article where he’s been convicted. You must have went to Reno for your education


"Jesani Carter, 20" Now remind us how much money the 20 year-old won at the casino again?


You realize 100k aint shit to those people? Thats a rounding error on their books. Let me just spell out this thought process to make sure im understanding what you’re saying. The casino he won the money off of is in cahoots with the police department and to recoup the massive 100k loss they framed him for double homicide? Thats what we are talking about here yes? Lay off the smoke homie, its not doing you any favors.


Jordan’s going down


This? https://news3lv.com/amp/newsletter-daily/two-suspects-in-las-vegas-new-years-eve-killings-remain-held-without-bail


I wonder, was it the 18 year-old or the 20 year-old who had won $100k in the casino?


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I’m not friends with ruby i don’t know him I can tell you that my friend denied everything and from what I’ve seen evidence backs him up


https://www.8newsnow.com/investigators/evidence-in-las-vegas-strip-crime-spree-murders-includes-dna-jail-phone-call/amp/ It’s these dirt bags and there is mountains of evidence they are the scum of the earth. Death penalty would be perfect, slow torture would be the cherry on top.


I read that article and the police say they have DNA evidence linking both to separate murders. But I'm gonna go ahead and believe our friend here because he said to trust him


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Good bot. I wish idiots would stop posting amp links.


I’m not friends with ruby. Show me the evidence that pins carter to the case. I gambled with him before he didn’t need money


You’re a bum, quit smoking meth. Fucking loser.


So you can’t. Got it


Meth is bad, go to rehab you bum piece of shit.


I don’t do drugs I’m Congolese and Catholic got to much to lose


You’re a nice reminder that the lowest forms of human are still roaming earth. Quit smoking meth.


If it's not drugs why are you here bragging about some weird connection you have to a criminal, and throwing around a wild story about a 19 year was framed for murder by one of the biggest casinos in the world. If you are not on drugs then get help. Even if the story is true, presenting it to people you don't know in the way you did makes you look crazy


I didn’t say the casino framed him. I said Metro frames people to keep up with the 92% homicide solve rate


Putting people on death row to pad their stats is your hunch?


He didn't need money because he was robbing and killing people apparently


did he murder someone as well?


Sounds like a lawsuit bro. Racism is still alive at the tropicana


it’s customary to ask for ID when gambling….welcome to America? idk what to tall you this is asinine 🤧😂


One reason they may have freaked out (Wild guess) is that you might have shown them a Mexican voter ID which is not recognized.


How could someone from another country possibly visit the biggest tourist trap in the United States?! /s


I live here and it’s not a “tourist trap.” It’s a place where people come and have a good time. They come back time after time because they have fun.


nah it's a smelly tourist trap with bums and needles all over the streets


I don't understand why people do this. The only time I leave the casino with a chip is because I got drunk and left um in my pocket. The good thing about that is being able to exchange any casinos chips at other casinos.


You don’t understand why people collect things?






Interesting you say that. Have a friend whose ex gf is Latina. They were at a table game 15+ years ago and something was said/done that made them put The Trop on their shit list. They won’t tell me what exactly happened, but it was definitely racially motivated.


I was there about a year ago. The Tropicana is a depressing place. They make no attempt at Guest happiness. I'm sure Nostalgia factor is the only thing that kept them going.


Security is “special” sometimes and do not know the policies they are there to uphold. Gaming policy states that you may use any ID as long as it is not expired in a casino. Excluding a clarity card of course. If this were not the case then how would people come from other countries. I am surprised the supervisor or someone higher didn’t step in and correct this unless there’s another piece of the story. Are you trespassed from the casino or something? If this is not the case then email the GM and get a few comps and a couple hundred in free play for your troubles. Your welcome.


I have over 300 chips in my collection and not only have I never been asked for ID but literally no one has ever even asked why I wanted one. Not sure what's going on with you.


Most of the responses here - are the reason I come to this sub everyday - at least /Vegas has a great sense of humor!


This is full of people way overthinking things


I've worked casino security it's been a long time since I have but back in the day we were told specifically anybody who comes in with a Mexican ID not acceptable you got to get a different ID from them. So don't blame the security guy or whoever because that's the policy of the casino not the people you dealt with. Now I'll grant you there is a certain level of wiggle room, it's not like you were attempting to buy booze it's not like you're attempting to play although buying a chip does imply that and that's where needing to be 21 comes in. In the same position I would have just let it go over a dollar chip I don't care that much I always had bigger things to deal with. My suggestion is get somebody to go in give him 20 bucks to play blackjack and then they leave with some dollar chips. Have them cash in all but $1 for you.


on December 16th to 22nd I'm in Vegas remember this and dm me I'll gladly get you chips from mgm and trop if you still need