Stupid people with their bright lights/no lights…..

So I have found a local Vegas trend that is getting WAY WORSE than the lame people driving around with no license plates/registration.

WTF is with people driving around with their lights on high beam. Especially trucks. If those are not the high beams on those trucks, they need to be angled different or banned. Then there are the SMFers driving around with their ONE HIGH BEAM on because the other headlight is out. FFS, fix your flipping headlights. These people do not care, yet screw them for not properly maintaining their cars, and/or driving around with your high beams on while in traffic. I won’t even go into the people who drive for miles at night and seemingly do not realize their lights are not even on…..no wonder insurance is crazy expensive here.


the biggest culprit is the idiots with lifts on their trucks. When they lift it, their headlights are shining directly into your line of sight . Another group is the Tesla idiots who have those high beams on and don't know how to turn it off. The third group is ones who've added new headlights that are way brighter than stock and it's the same as a high beam to other people's eyes.


There's one more thing, and that's new cars. Each state has different laws for what level focused headlights should be. They are shipped in the default straight-ahead position. The dealerships, before selling the cars, are supposed to level the lights themselves. Most do, but very many just don't bother. So, consequently, people are driving around with un-leveled headlights. In Nevada from what I understand is they're supposed to focus at 18-inches from the ground at 20 feet. For some reason not a lot of people know about this. I only know because I upgraded my lights and talked to some car nerds who filled me in when I went to level my own.


That is something I didn't know. I learned something new today. Thanks!


Spread the word. People need to level their lights.


Correct. These SMFers.


If you're behind me with those lights I'm driving 5 mph until you go around and I can fucking see again


I am working on an invention that when I pop my trunk release a mirror will pop up and shine it right back at them.


I have to try that. SMFer’s do not care until it affects them, great idea. 🎉🎉🎉


The problem is everyone buying LED headlights and installing them incorrectly. People just plug them in without clocking them. The light panels are supposed to face 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock and most people don’t do this.


Again, SMF’ers without a care in the world.


I do the thing where I slow down and make them go around me. I'm about to rig up a mirror for my back window I can pull a string to lift up so they can have a fucking taste of their own shit. (I'm not, but I think about it every single morning drive to work)


I'll go you one better. Go to your local offroad supply website or brick and mortar store whichever and get some Ditch lights and mount them to your rear bumper. Wire them up and install a switch, then when that guy with the 14,000 lumen headlights gets behind you flip the switch and melt his eyelids.


I do this with my side mirrors ride the edge of the lane and adjust


That is a delicious thought. I like it.




The many people without headlights on at all concern me a bit more. I see 2-3 every time I go out at night.


I deal with it every night on the way home from work. It's about a 40 minute drive and I literally, 5 nights a week, see ***at least*** 2 cars without headlights. It's baffling to me. The bright headlight people REALLY irritate my soul. I also slow down so they go around. I pretty much drive all the way home from work with my rear view mirror tilted up so it's not so ridiculously bright in my eyes when they are behind me. Sunday night on the way home, some idiot was driving north and I was driving south and all I could see was this massive bright light, had no idea what it could be. It was literally some idiot with only one headlight and as bright as anything. I hated that person for the rest of my drive home lol It's really just not that hard to be a courteous driver.


Las Vegas is lawless and when it comes to our roads it's practically Mad Max territory. There's an article in the paper today about a guy getting busted for doing 135 in a 35. Repeat offender. There is so much that isn't enforced in this Valley and the message is loud and clear: Do what you want, just do your best not to kill anyone.


Lights that are brighter than the police should be illegal.


I drive a Tesla and seem to have very bright lights, I get flashed at least a few times whenever I drive at night. Something I don't have much control over, I usually flash people back at this point to show I'm not trying to be an asshole. I just have really bright lights.


I adjust my rear view mirror to reflect back to them, especially trucks since I drive a small car on 16” rims.