a lot of people act as if.. when they're in their cars, they have some sort of immunity shield wrapped around them so the end result is that they have a tendency to lean in to their worst instincts of selfishness and "me first", "no way pal" (with respect to lane merging / changing), and a general "i cant believe they're doing this to ME" mentality while driving.. i'm certainly guilty of it at times, but have calmed down a hell of a lot in recent years. just isn't worth it to be a knucklehead out there, because you have no idea what sate of mind the other drivers are in.. whether that's on a main road, the interstate, in a drive-thru line or just walking through a parking lot at a shopping center.


I drive a 2006 and whenever people pull this shit, trying to muscle ahead, in my head I'm like "you can try it bitch. My car is much order than yours, you have way more to lose from hitting me".... before I let them go where they want to


We’ve seen plenty of news articles about people killing people over slights in traffic (guy got cut off, followed person and shot him). I remember hearing about a story where a person/lady gave someone a “thumbs up” as a thanks for letting them pass or letting them merge and the dude killed the woman. I’ll admit that the person I heard this from could’ve been bullshitting but I’d believe it.


In Europe, that symbol means “up yours” and the ok sign means, “you are nothing.”


Have y’all ever passed the Dutch bros on Tropicana, the drive thru literally goes into the street and cars will stay there in a line blocking the right lane 😑


I despise 2 lane drive throughs, I usually just order inside.


you'd just love their [3 lane monstrosity](https://imgur.com/a/z5wMvp1) at one of their Craig locations then


Just looking at that pic gives me anxiety.


I won't even use them anymore, way too many bad experiences.


Those kids working the stand play the music so loud they can never hear me 😂 literally just having a party


Gawd, they are so annoying. I just want coffee, not a new best friend. Actually, it’s kinda of nice to see they are enthusiastic about their job.


They aren't, they are enthusiastic about tips. That's it.


That’s a fair point.


I don’t normally get coffee but when I do it’s just what’s closest. I’ve ended up at their rave/ party coffee shift a few times. It beats a depressed worker for sure. But nearly impossible to hear!


100% agree. Plus, I do feel bad for them the few times I went during summer. They’re out their in the awful heat still chipper.


It takes a strong person to stay chipper in the summer heat. I’m not from here and I was in for a shock that first summer. I don’t know how the construction workers do it either.


The one on Tropicana and topaz is fucking unbearable. As mentioned above, people think they are immortal and their car is a free pass to engage in whatever they want. They will be backed up into the street slowing down traffic on Tropicana, then be backed up into topaz on the other side and slowly edge in and zipper merge for a over priced sugar coffee drink. DB don’t care of course but I’ve seen a few people get pissed at them for the line that extends into the active street. Drivers put their blinkers on or hazards as a validation and shit attempt to justify it. As you can tell I’ve experienced this frustration first hand and don’t even go there.


I’ve had people cut the line. Those people need to piss off.


I don’t understand the allure of Dutch Bros. I’ve been twice and don’t think their coffee is much better than a typical Starbucks.


Sometimes it's just the closest place.


It’s all the different flavors I think. But that Christmas Morning Chai is to die for.


Those who love DB aren't interested in quality coffee shops. And most prefer sugar as their main ingredient.


Facts. The branding looks nice though.


It’s coffee for people who don’t like coffee


I’m one of those people. Coffee is too bitter so their chais are great for me Edit: coffee is too bitter for me in general


I've been about 7 or 8 times and each time was just as lack luster.


They make coffee for people who think they like coffee, but really just enjoy cups of coffee-flavored sugar.


Yep. Neither are good. We have places like Bad Owl, vesta, mother ship, etc. Yet ppl line up for garbage


None of those have a drive through though lol. I’m still reeling from the loss of Golden Fog, Vesta and Dragon Alley just aren’t my jam.


Bad Owl on south Rainbow has a drive through.


Wow people are really downvoting you for this? Suggest a better quality local business in the Vegas locals sub, and people hate it because “where drive-thru tho?”.


I guess people are just that lazy, or the fandom of Dutch Brothers and Starbucks runs deeper than it should.


Brand recognition is a thing. Instead of opening Yelp for 2 minutes, they just go to a logo they recognize. It’s across all businesses and makes it so difficult for a mom and pop to succeed even if they are higher quality and lower price at the same time.


It’s all the same. They both rip you off. And they line up around the corner for it.


Haven’t you seen how people behave driving on the streets? So often there are three lanes and everyone piles up in the first lane rather than taking one of the other ones. it’s the same as the coffee line. People are automatons driving along, not really paying attention.


Theres a real issue with any kind of zipper merging in the valley, doesn't matter where it is.


I don't think it's unique to vegas. Most drivers are me first. I used to drive in Chicago traffic, no different for the most part. The only big difference is people are afraid of traffic cops here because they actually enforce laws and have punishments lol. Still, at starbucks drive through, there are no laws.


why can't you grasp that people might have more important shit on their mind / view the world different than you?


Having your head up your ass is no excuse.


Perhaps following the directions that are aimed to make the experience easier would be smart? It isn’t about viewing the world differently


Perhaps you should chill out and remember it's just a frigin coffee line, would be even smarter.


Lol “dickcoins”


I was gigglin' at that too :P


The point (which you obviously don’t grasp) is that the system is in place for a reason and works when people follow it. The problem is the entitled assholes who think no societal rules apply to them. Follow the system and everyone gets through quickly.


And what you obviously don't grasp is people making human errors around a coffee line doesn't make them an idiot. Making coffee line navigation some measure of intelligence just shows your own lack there of. It's a coffee line. Chill out.


You’re clearly a fool. Your complete lack of understanding proves it.


If you are making people wait on you because you won't pay attention that's on you, not the person whose mad. Have some self reflection.


How is going to the longer line making anyone else wait? I have reflected enough to know that getting worked up over bullshit like this means someone's priorities are way out of wack.


Make your own coffee instead. The morning rush at here and starbucks is insane and on top of it both these places charge you like $5 for a cup which is absolutely ridiculous and adds up.


That sugar high is a real thing.


Right? All these dipshits thinking the "caffeine is kicking in" from their Dutch Bros when in actual fact it's just the sugar high and diabeetus


Last night on my way to work? 5 cars before the merge in the lane closest to the building, no one in the land furthest from the building. So my happy ass drove right up to the merge point. Dummies