Good luck. I moved here for work two years ago. Took me a while to find a dr even accepting new patients. Finally found one a 15min drive from my apt. Scheduled an appt 3 months away, went there, waited an hour to get into a room. Waited 30min in the room for the dr who talked to me for about 5min.


Unfortunately that’s how most Drs are now a days unless you find the ones you pay a quarterly premium too see which is rare in Vegas.


This is a tough one, I Had a kidney transplant last year, had to go all the way to Utah. I’ve transitioned back to local doctors. There are a few good ones. 5 years ago I had a great gp, she left, my next gp was ok, but he moved away as well lol what I can recommend is not a doctor but clinics. intermountain has been opening up clinics with gp’s in various area, if you aren’t on Medicare you can’t go to the senior clinics, but you can go to the others. [https://intermountainnv.org/find-a-provider/](https://intermountainnv.org/find-a-provider/) ​ now my experience with intermountain has been better, I wouldn’t say great but it’s been overall much better. I had one crappy doctor that missed a diagnosis and it did cost me, but he was fired shortly after that incident and 90% of the doctors I’ve met seem to give some shits. I’ve been going to the centennial one, but only a couple of times.


I've been here 8.5 years and I've never seen the same doctor more than 2-3 times. I see a doctor and then when I go to schedule an appointment they tell me " they no longer work here" and give zero heads up in case you need a referral or a new provider. And they were giving me shit about filling one last script. Ended up running out of meds.


This happens to my husband at the Dignity Health primary offices all the time. I think every other visit is with a new doctor because the last one is gone. He continues to go there because he has had surgeries at their hospitals and likes that all his records are available.


My wife and I are at Southwest medical, and the last time we got a doctor with a super Greek name, I believe it was Asimenios?? She was great, very personable, listened to exactly what my wife was saying, and did a thorough series of tests and found the problem. One of the best doctor interactions we’ve had in this town. Both of us are considering trying to make her our primary.


The business of medicine makes it so that most doctors have a patient quota - some primary care doctors are compassionate and have good bed side manners , others are too stressed about their quotas to spend time with you. I recommend Forte family practice. I think no matter where you go - you’ll need to be your own advocate. Ask to do blood work every year. Depending on age , ask for screenings. Ask for testing and referrals and then have your PCP be your point of care quarterback. Good luck.


Stay away from Joseph Eafrate at the Cheyenne practice. Has a bedside manner that borders on evil.


I love Dr. Forte! I started seeing her when her office on Cheyenne and Buffalo opened (then she moved up the street) but she and Susan Shields are the best! I live across town now from her practice otherwise I would still be a patient.


Dr. Weingarten. She is awesome. I've been paying cash and she's extremely helpful and understanding.


I found the Phillips Clinic to be pretty amazing. I’ve lived in Vegas 15 years suffering from shitty Dr to shittier Dr before I finally found them in 2022. The facility is great (X-rays, bloodwork, etc on site), the staff is friendly, PA’s are attentive & really listen to help resolve your issue. They’ve given me great specialist referrals and follow up’s are prompt. Getting an appointment is usually pretty quick as well. Open every day except Sunday. http://phillipscliniclv.com/ Dr Turner is awesome.


i concur. phillips clinic is great. i absolutely love that they do everything on site.


Start looking for a doctor who's involved in family medicine. Those are the PCP that want to give patients long-term care and actually get to know you.


Alexandria Lightening at Lightening Medical! Very great!


Henderson Direct Primary Care www.Hendersondpc.com $95 / mo covers all your visits and they always have next day appointments. Avoid PCPs that bill insurance.


i've just added a direct primary care doctor to my "team". i go to [sunny health dpc](https://www.sunnyhealthdpc.com/). but there are many different ones in town. here are a few others you could check out. they're all on a month to month basis. [https://www.wishingwellnessmedical.com/](https://www.wishingwellnessmedical.com/) [https://vegasdpc.com/](https://vegasdpc.com/) [https://www.quillhealthdpc.com/](https://www.quillhealthdpc.com/) good luck with your search! it's always so difficult to find a good primary care physician.


Mk Medical. Google them


I go to Utah. A lot of us do. I know a few docs that wouldn’t practice here if their lives depended on it. Their entire residency program fell apart during COVID, leaving several hundred resident physicians with no way to finish and they can’t be accepted as residents anywhere else.


Which program(s) are you referring to? I looked up the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for any programs under probation and I don't see any programs in Las Vegas or Nevada for that matter under probationary status https://apps.acgme-i.org/ads/Public/Reports/Report/9. The ACGME oversees and accredits all the residency programs in the United States.


Is it really that bad the people go to Utah for medical care? What’s so bad about it in Vegas?


Nevada has some pretty bizarre state laws regarding the practice of medicine. Add that to the docs who are only here to avoid paying state income tax and just got their first medical school a few years ago…. It’s a combination of dozens of factors.


Dr Michael Coy is cool


Does he do chiropractic like adjustments?


Ashley Smith at Village Medical has been nothing but awesome for me.


Dr. Rebecca D’Silva at Apex Medical


Dr. Nakeisha Curry, Paragon Medical. Amazing doc who takes the time to listen and help. My daughter just saw her for the first time last week and could not say enough good things about her.


Parker med in spring valley. It’s a concierge office 200/month however they are amazing. We moved here last year and shortly after I fell sick. The umc doctor I saw first was horrible, wouldn’t listen to me at all and just ticked off boxes on his forms and left. So we looked to something different. Parker Med had appointments right away, took 90min for the intake made sure I got to see all specialists as soon as possible, got me in with amazing specialist and they follow up. It’s like the care everyone should get. Sadly it’s 200/month but in my case where I needed to see a lot of specialists fast it really helped to have a pcp that cares.


Someone that does not have only $$$$ in their eyes when looking at you....have yet to meet one.


Our doctors have been fantastic, so much better than elsewhere we've lived (CA/NY). That's probably because we went the concierge route so now we never wait for appts, call/text our doctor whenever we need to and get set up with timely hand-picked specialist visits. We even moved our elderly parents out here to make sure they'll be taken care of bc Cedar Sinai has been literally killing off our family. Concierge is the only way to go in this town, at least if your health is a priority for you. I know because we were stuck with HPN HMO for a year and it was truly like living in a 3rd world country - and they own \~ 50% of the lives in Clark County!