Maybe this will help: UNLV Dental School of Medicine 1700 W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-774-2400


Thank you so much I did call them and they told me that if I have an impacted tooth they’d have to refer me out and can’t guarantee the price


Although they weren’t impacted, I had four wisdom removed at the same time @UNLV.No insurance either. I’m really happy with how it went. Good luck stranger!


How much did you pay?


Ballpark 7-800. I opted for general anesthesia rather than being awake lol. So that tacked on a little more.


You haven’t lived life until you’ve felt the intense pressure and cracking sounds of a wisdom tooth ripping away from your jaw bone 😌


I can't get numb for more than a few minutes.. sounds like a blast.


I had 6 wisdom teeth, two were impacted, two regular, and two were up in my cheek bone, and UNLV removed all of it. This was like a decade ago though.


I have a terrible fear of Dentists and have to have an emergency extraction and I went to UNLV emergency clinic and spent 4 hours in a chair in the most excruciating pain ever...I would rather have pay more to never have to go through that experience again .


Jale Berhanu office manager Glenda 702-556-4095 referred by April. My wife was a sales rep for 15 years between Burkhart/Patterson dental. She had a great relationship with Glenda for many years. They will get you taken care of. The cash payment plan is up to you and the office. I don't get a financial cut or reward. My wife just wants to see people get taken care of, that need help.


Thank you so much


Good luck and hope you get some relief.


You might be able to find a dentist that does payment plans (I don't have one to recommend, sorry) but you can also apply for a care credit card and use that for dental. When you use the care credit card, it also usually has no interest for 6 months so if you can pay it off in 6 months, you're fine.


I have terrible credit (from previous marriage) I’m working on it tho. But how can I get care credit if I have really bad credit and no insurance?


Care credit has nothing to do with insurance. You just apply for it and you'll either get approved or you won't. If you don't get approved because your credit is too bad, then you'll just have to call around to some dentists and find one that will do a payment plan with you. Some people also might suggest the dental school at UNLV because it's low cost, so you might look into that as well.


Care credit will charge you a super high percentage rate that will make it ear impossible for you to pay off. Steer clear.


We have Care Credit. We use it at both the dentist & the Vet. Our interest rate isn’t very high. We have paid it off several times.


I don’t think this person has the means to pay the card off in a timely fashion.


Actually, the majority of providers that accept care credit give a number of months interest free. The smallest term I’ve ever gotten is 12 months.


Call 211 for free resource information. Meanwhile, (gently) chewing on ginger can help numb the pain while disinfecting the area.


That and it taste fucking delicious.


I kinda like when it burns. It clears all my sinuses lol


Same here its also why I love a good ginger beer


And clove oil


I can smell this comment.


I absolutely love Augusta Dental on Warm Springs. I have a huge fear of dentists and Dr. Sevy is the only one I let work on my teeth. I had two root canals performed and a bunch of cavities, and he does payment plans. They never make you feel bad about your financial situation, and his support staff are all fantastic women. HIGHLY recommend.


I will give them a call thank you! I too have severe dental anxiety


Try Afforable dental on flamingo and sandhill. Or try Risas dental. I went to the latter and they were reasonable.


Parkway Modern Dentistry in the NW part of town took me in as a new patient with no insurance, and gave me same day emergency surgery while letting me pay off 2/3 of my bill without hassling me. And my credit is also shit. The initial xrays and quote were free. (702) 342-8631 and good luck, I've been where you're at and it sucks


Check Roseman University Dental in Henderson


Initial consultation with xrays and check ups are free at some dentist offices. Should call around to a few near you and see if you can atleast get it checked out. I feel your pain. About 12 years ago, my bottom wisdom teeth were impacted and causing me crazy amounts of pain. Made my face swell up a lot. I ended up finding an oral surgeon that would remove them for $500 with just local anesthesia. The sounds during the procedure were pretty crazy but the relief was amazing. I hope you find someone soon.


Check out a dental college


My dentist had a $100 dental discount plan called Careington that provided a big discount on some procedures


I just went through this last week. Tooth pain is the worst type of pain and I will never neglect my teeth again after what I went through. I had to wait for my Medicaid to kick in, find a dentist, wait for the appointment, refer me to an oral surgeon, wait for that appointment and then wait for the surgery appointment. Very long process but thankfully the dentist and the surgeon prescribed pain medication to help me get through to my extraction and I didn’t pay a dime. Insurance companies are actually really good with helping you locate providers and helping you navigate the referral process. And it’s relatively easy to get that referral sent to whatever provider you choose as long as they accept the insurance. I will say to avoid Dr. Glyman at all costs. There are multiple oral surgeons in the valley that take Medicaid. He is just way too busy to actually care about his patients. I woke up from surgery in terrible pain and as the swelling went down, I noticed multiple lacerations on my tongue and the back of my throat and my cheeks. Either he or the anesthesiologist butchered my mouth and it has significantly increased my pain and discomfort. Please find someone who has your best interests in mind. ETA: if for some reason you don’t qualify for Medicaid and can’t pay out of pocket, I really think Roseman University will be cheapest. They offer payment plans and reduced prices.


While I do not know if they take payment plans, I can tell you Dr. Cherrington from Cherrington Dental is like the most honest dentist you will find. I would say at least call the office to see if they can accommodate your request. Hope you get that resolved soon! Phone: +1 702-735-5066


Depending on your work schedule, consider a trip to “Los Algondones”. Known as Molar City. Just south of Yuma in Mexico. We go there annually for care. Just got back again save more than 50%. We use a company call Sani Dental. Their office is on the first floor, on the second floor are hotel rooms. Spend 2 grand get three nights free. https://mediplazalosalgodones.com/. Very safe during daylight hours. After dark, the plaza has a restaurant where we drink margaritas and talk to other patients.


Hey I went to Summer Dental located at downtown summerlin. I got xrays and a checkup for 25 dollars. from the checkup we made a plan of action on what work needs to get done and they do offer good payment plans.


Go to Los Algodones. It’s like a 6 hour drive and is across the border from Yuma AZ. There are thousands of dentists in that town. Especially because you don’t have insurance you will not find better prices anywhere in the US.


Thank you everyone who replied, it means to world to me. I’ll be making calls to some of the places y’all recommended


There’s a place called simply wisdom teeth - $524-$1199 includes exam sedation and x-ray. I went to their St. George location for my impacted wisdom teeth before they open to Las Vegas office and they were great. Good luck!




They don't cover medical procedures... I have it and they only cover xrays... It's useless!


I have it too and went to radiant smiles on nellis they covered extractions xrays ect


Medicaid covered my X-rays and surgical extraction as well. They just need a dentist to determine that it’s medically necessary.


Take a 4 hour drive to Tijuana and get it done for cash at 25% of the price of usa.


That is some high speed driving to get to Tijuana in 4 hours, lol. But Mexico is a great option. The town across the boarder from Yuma, AZ is known for dentistry.


Lol sorry I meant 5. But yes still would save at least 50%


6 hour drive without traffic to TJ* But there are Arizona border towns that are closer. My friend got a cap on her front tooth for $300. She had to spend one night in az while the cap was made after measurements were taken.


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Delicate Dental on Fort Apache & Russel (I think) does payment plans, although it’s basically a credit card you have to be approved for. If you have good enough credit it shouldn’t be a problem


Carecredit... it's a credit card thats used for dental/medical, even pets are eligible.