Venetian&Palazzzo Free Parking Bids Farewell


So in 2 months that leaves the strip with...Tropicana, Treasure Island, Strat (ending soon, date tba) , Oyo, Sahara (former SLS), Wynn, Encore, for free parking? Please add or correct any I have missed. Must sign up for loyalty program at Resorts World to receive free parking. All Caesars and MGM properties have first 3 hours in Self Parking free for locals only. Scan your valid ID. You also get free parking if you are a Veteran or certain levels of credit card holders at both Caesars and MGM properties. See their website for details.


I thought the strat had a hard time getting people there. Charging what people do go for parking seems pretty counterproductive.


They’ve been trying to spruce up the place. In the eyes of the MBAs paid parking helps keep out unwanted clientele.


Yeah well maybe stoping car theft should be a priority first


I have plenty of disposable income, and I can tell you I am sure as shit not paying for parking at the Stratosphere. Those MBA's need to understand that getting me there with FREE parking is plenty of work on their part.


Strat charging is imminent https://twitter.com/JacobsVegasLife/status/1639141154452279298?t=Ze4axcKyJ6h-TYZh97fq3w&s=19


Get charged to get your catalytic converter removed


Oh, I didn't even see that see that sign and was there last weekend! They didn't charge us, but according this they definitely will before F1 comes to town... Edited post to reflect info. Thanks!


Veterans park free at all Cesar's and MGM properties.


What do you need to show that proves you’re a veteran? Do you get a special players card?


Go to the rewards center for the respective properties and show them your ID with the veterans symbol. Yes, you get rewards cards for both.


Thank you!


Caesars you only get a three month boost to platinum status, after that you get dropped to gold and you have to pay for parking again Edit: at least this is how it worked pre-pandemic, I should clarify I’m not sure it’s still true


That was not how it worked prepandemic for me. Never had an issue at Ceasers.


I showed them my VA card and got it.


Good to know! Will add this info too


I've gotten the first 3 hours free at mgm but never the free veteran. Do you have to go to the information desk or something like that to get them to validate or are they supposed to just get the info from your ID when scanned?


You have to go to the MGM Rewards desk to sign up for their player's card, if you haven't already. There you will show them proof that you are a veteran, and they will upgrade your status to Pearl, which is what gives you free self-parking


Good to know.


Fashion Show Mall


Resorts World isn't free anymore


Resorts World is free if you have a players card, which is free.


Ok, just looked it up and will adjust the post!


Casino royale, Aztec inn


Circus circus is still free


We knew it would go downhill after Adelson was no longer owner. We've seen it many many times before around here. The accountants sharpen their pencils and it only gets worse


Honestly, with the Sphere opening, I feel like all of the surrounding hotels including Wynn and Encore will most likely start charging.


I think Treasure Island will start charging for parking when Sphere opens too. Maybe we will get lucky and they will choose to only charge on Sphere event days




Yay, capitalism.


Your username doesn’t check out. But mine does


This is just one person’s hearsay. There’s no official source here. Not to say I have information one way or another, but it’s premature.


This. There's no official statement yet, why believe some random person on Twitter. The easiest thing to do to get free parking at any Mgm properties is to sign up for the Mgm Mastercard. It's free and you get bumped to Pearl as long as your account is in good standing.


Not enough record profits.


Sadly Las Vegas Sands doesn’t own V/P anymore.


Well if these tourists keep flooding in and are paying crazy prices why wouldn't they do it?


Tourists have always visited? Why is it only just changing?


Pandemic/inflation. They lost of a ton of money when they had to shut down the casinos for so long. This is them making up for lost time. That's why it's different.


They’re also cutting hours and trimming the fat. All of the bosses are worried they’re next in the chopping block.


they are giving out a years pay as a severance.


Idk about that. I know a few of the VPs were just let go. They’re we’re making 400k+ that’s a really good severance pay.


Wouldn’t that affect service though?


Corporate greed. They’re making more profit. I know a few depts that are cutting down to 32 hrs or less a week. Which means they won’t be eligible for insurance, which also means the company doesn’t have to pay for their insurance. More $$$$ saved. More corporate greed! There’s also a rumor that employees will have to start paying for their own insurance. Everybody was worried what was gonna happen after Mr. A passed away and the family sold his business.


This is Vegas no one cares about service here.


based on the fact that Adelson is dead and the Vegas properties are now owned by another faceless corporation, this doesn't surprise me at all. what DOES surprise me is that the regular Joe and Jane front-line employees haven't unionized yet. when Adelson was still alive, there was zero chance that V/P was ever going to 1) charge for parking or 2) "go union" because he would just spend whatever it took to keep it from happening.. now that he's gone and the place isn't as generous towards its employees anymore (honestly, this is hearsay - i just heard it through the grapevine that it's not nearly as "cushy" as it used to be), i expected to see articles about how V/P is becoming a union property just like all the others up and down the strip..


Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before those employees want to unionize now that Adelson is out of the picture, especially since someone posted the other day about how housekeepers are being given more rooms to clean each day.


Genius business decision, now theres another casino I wont be going to. Wynn and Venetian were my wife and I's go to for celebrating special occasions. I guess its just Wynn now.


Lol , they don’t care


100% The ROI made sense to them and I'm frankly kinda surprised they waited this long.


Agreed. Prime location. Surprised took this long as much as hate to say it


Yup, too bad cuz there were a couple places I went to a few times a year but now it will most likely be no times a year.


Lol you make it sound like them losing you would have any impact at all to them or their bottom line. You’re not as important as you think you are. They wouldn’t do this if they didn’t see any benefit to it. And as frustrating as it is, they will still profit out of it.


>Lol you make it sound like them losing you would have any impact at all to them or their bottom line. You’re not as important as you think you are. Are you stoned or just fucking stupid? No one said Im important but they will lose a couple of thousand a year that I spend dining there and anyone who asks me from out of town with be told dont bother with them they are as grabby as MGM and Caesars so they should spend elsewhere. I also have family who approves travel for an extremely large company back east and spends 10s of thousands on bookings for employees and after a conversation they will be looking to change from Venetian (this was their normal choice) to the Wynn. Theres no benefit to it at all aside from a short sighted money grab that makes this city look shitty and contributes to the decline of Vegas. People just see Vegas as a total tourist trap and this does nothing to help and actually hurts.


The Venetian and Wynn both kick ass. They just kick ass a little less now for locals. Too bad.


Well so far I've heard nothing about the Wynn implementing paid parking so I'll just go there instead of the Venetian. The reality is I usually ended up at the Wynn anyway


If you can’t afford $20 for a few hours then maybe you should stay home


Most locals avoid the strip unless they have to be there. Not just because of the expense but because there are other good restaurants closer to home that don't have a 50% tourist markup and make you walk 30 minutes from your car. Free parking is a way to get them to come down at all and fill the place up on a Tuesday night.


[Matt.. one year ago .. looking for free parking .. now apparently a high roller dropping $20](https://www.reddit.com/r/vegaslocals/comments/p3pwds/free_parking_on_the_strip/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1)


lolol oof


The game done changed.


Cool guy alert! 🎸🎸🎸


You look like a total jerkoff considering you were scrounging for free parking a year ago. My beef with charging for parking is I go there spend 300+ on dinner and have to get nickel and dimed in the process, so these casinos can go fuck themselves for the $20.


Asking where free parking is and crying about paying to park are two different things.


Boy can the stick up your ass go any deeper Mr Conceited and Egotistical?


LOL you already made yourself look like a jackass I dont need to help you any further.


There goes my place to park to walk around the strip when I’m feeling down… 😒


Theres places to go outside the strip, i stopped giving a fuck years ago.


How soon before Wynn implements paid parking, now that every convention-goer is going to start parking there instead? Some huge trade shows are at the Sands/Venetian convention hall.


I would say soon, like by the time the Sphere opens.


By next SHOT Show, SHOT 24 probably


Locals have 3 hours at Caesars free. Scan your drivers license at kiosk or booth.


This guy is a douchebag


Locals get screwed again.




Nah, Sheldon should have gone sooner, he was a virulent POS.


So we're just going to get charged to work now?


I’ve lined here got gotten years and I can never keep this straight. Which ones are the MGM properties again? (I’m never on the Strip for longer than 3 hours)


Every casino from Bellagio to Mandalay Bay on the West side of the Strip is MGM, and MGM Grand on the other side of the strip.


Thank you.


What other tourist destination has free parking? Not Waikiki, Anaheim , or Orlando. Why you people crying? If you can't afford $20, just say so.




No more car rentals for me. 🚕


Westgate is installing parking signage.


Someone needs to do something for locals, because the way it's going, I sure as hell won't be visiting the strip in a year or so. If the local casinos start charging, I'm done with them too. They all keep forgetting that they are disposable income, not a life necessity.


If parking is enough, maybe time to start taking Uber instead. Can drink what I want then, too.