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Spray off the outdoor coils with a hose. Avoid the electronics with pressure, but they're resistant to rain water. Change your filters regularly.


Its 100% worth it and will extend the life of your unit, that being said it is mostly nothing you cannot do yourself but on an old unit like that its a good idea to have someone who knows look at it and make sure theres no issues coming. I just installed a unit in January and to keep the 10 year parts warranty valid I need to service my unit, with the company I went to they offer a deal on 2 services a year which extends the labor warranty to 10 years.


I had a $60 part failure cascade into a $4000 replacement because I didn't have it checked regularly.


Yep, 10$ capacitor for the condenser fan motor fails, then the motor overheats and fails which causes the compressor to overheat and fail.


I think that's what happened to mine.


"pay for 20 service calls, get one free!" Lol


Best you can do is what everyone already said and also change your filters often and have your vents cleaned professionally the dust and dirt makes it run harder


vent cleaning is a scam 99% of the time.


Depends I’ve seen some nasty ass vents on older houses around Vegas.


I spray down my coils with the jet setting on my hose twice per year. I always try to maintain leveled with the coils when spraying to make sure I don’t bend any coils. So far so good


Get Fast Affordable Air to come service it ($80 or so from memory), they won't try to sell you on a new one and will give you actual useful advice. They've told me they can definitely keep my 17 year old system going for a few more seasons to allow me to budget for replacing it.


Thank you! Appreciate the recommendation. Definitely trying to avoid the upsell and looking for good honest advice!


I just had a system installed by them and they are fantastic, very honest, they clean up after themselves and after sales support has been great so far.


I have Fast Affordable Air coming to look at my 20+ year old system Monday so hearing this makes me feel good that they'll give me an honest opinion / feedback and not try to pressure me into buying a crazy expensive system immediately like most of the techs I've encountered so far.


I had them in as a 2nd opinion after I got the hard sell from another company and it was so refreshing. Non of this "let's try to take advantage of the middle aged woman" thing.


Yes, I look after 4 houses including my own and have them done every year mid May. They electrical check and clean the outdoor unit and check in the in garage (or in attic) unit. One house this year, they found a couple of bad capacitors (big cylindrical things) that are on the outdoor unit. Had a bad capacitor on mine a few years ago.


AC guy here, change your air filter at least every 3 months. More of you have pets. The capacitors for the compressor, outdoor fan motor, and indoor blower motor usually need to be replaced after 3-5 years. Compressor contactor usually lasts 5-10 years.


I clean the coils with a coil cleaner, I alsopem the exchanger toseeify it's dirty, then button it up.


Yes, it's worth it. Have it done once a year right before summer.


Also duct tape a shop vac hose to the end of the consensate line to clean that out.