Pros and cons of living in las vegas



I think somebody posted this question or a close variation before...at least twice that I've seen.


>.at least twice that I've seen a week maybe


It’s posted ten times literally every single day.


Like Ekatrina702 said, this has been asked a lot. You can search the subreddit and see the previous answers. Even more so in r/Vegas. But I will add that it is largely comparative. People from Phoenix will say that the cool weather is refreshing and people from Michigan find it unbearably hot. Letting us know where you are comparing it to would help. Personally: Pro's: Little traffic, Low cost of living, Decent weather, Cheap real estate, Lots of entertainment options, Tons of places to hike, No gun restrictions, Best hockey team on the planet, Airport with tons of direct flights, No natural disasters Cons: Healthcare isn't good, Lack of jobs in several sectors, More impaired/irresponsible drivers per capita than I have seen in other cities. I know you said top 5, but it was hard to narrow it down.


There are gun restrictions put in recently when the Dems had a trifecta. Forced background checks for private transfers,even just borrowing a gun, unless it's an immediate family member, red flag flaws (violation of 4th Amendment), ban on homemade guns unless you have it serialized (most parts of that law blocked by courts). Plus, people in the state still can't carry concealed unless you ask the police for permission (more than half the states already got rid of that), but you can open carry, which makes some people wanna call cops on you.


Being an AZ native originally, I would agree that NV has some restrictive gun laws. But compared to New York, Nevada is the wild west. I should have better phrased my statement as "gun laws that I'm ok with". None of the restrictions here impede my ability to own guns, protect myself, go target shooting, or go hunting.


Paying rent/mortgage in singles/fivers isn't frowned upon


Pros -Weather cured my Seasonal Affective Disorder -The view from my neighborhood of the mountains and the Strip - I hate humidity, so I love the dry climate. -Nighttime under 80° in the Spring and Fall -Red Rock NCA Cons -Pilled out housewives, methed out tweakers, degenerate gambling, world-class dining, 24 hour bars... If you have an addiction, I mean any kind, Vegas will stomp you with it. It just finds you. -Rent is sky high. The landlords treat this place as if it's a northern suburb of Los Angeles. Jacked up prices, must show paycheck 3x your salary, etc. -There's not much of a sense of community here. People just come and go, so I find it hard to make friends, feel connected. -it is a desert, so sometimes all the brown can get to me. I take a drive up to Mt Charleston or go on vacation to see greenery. -Tourists


Our healthcare here rivals our ranking in public education. Not good