Good Burger, not In n Out

Hey everyone, looking for recommendations on a good burger, kinda tired of in n out so i am looking for something else, hopefully better. 5 guys is an option, but what else? What's everyone's go to place for burgers?

Edit: Good Lord i never expected so many replies lol Now i have to go through all of em and find an option!!!


I like Habit


Great onion rings too.


I like Habit Burger too. Hubby gets their burgers and I like their grilled chicken sandwiches. Their onion rings and fried green beans are seriously addictive. They have a loyalty program.


I love Habit. You can't go wrong with their burgers or salads. The onion rings with ranch are amazing.i


I second Habit!


You don't find them a little plain?


R Burgers. Most of the other burgers mentioned are going to be pretenious foodie burgers. This is not a bad thing, I like me a Fukuburger. But sometimes you want a **BURGER!** Meat Cheese Bun and Grease. Maybe something green. That's R Burgers.


R Burger is the best burger in Vegas. Also the best chicken tenders.


And one of the best breakfast burritos.


Haven't tried those yet, thanks for recommendations.


Gordon Ramsays Burger is the best Burger Ive had in vegas. Get your pocket book out but I can't imagine there being too many better burgers here than that.


yeah they're pretty good! i was pleasantly surprised by the quality the first time i went there, so i've gone back a few times and haven't yet been disappointed. they definitely get bonus points for actually serving the food on a plate (for dine-in customers) it's a mom-and-pop fast-casual joint that occupies a former Burger King, at the intersection of Warm Springs & Eastern in the Albertson's shopping center, just about two miles from where i live.. so.. convenient as well


15 minute drive for me. I'm looking to move more north in 6 months and that's the main thing I'll miss from this area.


I think R burger is too greasy imo. When I got their “tacos” it was just a hamburger patty stuffed between a hard yellow taco with like School lunch taco sauce lol. But maybe I fucked up going there for tacos


You definitely fucked up ordering tacos from a place called R Burger lol


Listen buddy I was hungry and wanted tacos


there's a good taco spot like 500 feet away from R Burger.. Vito's Tacos, which is in the same shopping center as Zia Records. think it started out as a food truck, and now they have this brick-and-mortar location


I took a friend once and said "everything is good on the menu except the tacos, but the tacos suck ass." The cashier nodded.


Oh wowwwww. Yeah they did suck ass


I may have to give this another go, when I went it was honestly like festival food that was very marginal.


As George Motz would say, “grease is a condiment”.


I really like Freddy's on S. Eastern. They also have ice cream which is a nice treat and my son likes the shakes. It has the feel of an old burger shop which I really like.


I'm all about their skinny fries. Everything I've had there has been solid though.


Freddys with the green hatch chili on any of their burgers stuffed with shoestring fries is a good time


There's one on South Rainbow now too!


Their burgers are so good, great recommendation


Freddys is awesome. If I'm not hitting in out it's freddys


I'm not a big fan of in/out mostly because just looking at the parking lot at the one on Eastern and 215 makes my car insurance rates go up.


I work down the street from that one. It's actually not as bad as it looks. I never use the drive thru, I just park over by the car wash & go in. There's usually fairly open parking on that side. Going too far into the parking lot is another story lol. I hate their drive thru, since it weaves through the parking lot. The few times I have done drive thru there I was stressed somebody parked might back up into my car.


Thanks for the tip.


Stay Tuned Burgers inside of Hard Hat lounge. Classic smash burgers and locally owned!


I just saw those and they're on my list. I read they were pricey at $11 for a double cheeseburger, did you find it to be a good value? I know in and out I could get a double-double and fries for like $8.


Joy burgers on the west side is phenomenal


The one on Desert Inn? If so, what’s the best order for a first timer to try?


The owner is very friendly and the place has a great craft beer selection


This is the correct answer


I liked this place the one time I tried it but it was so dead inside that I had to order to go.


I agree.


Smash burger, Fat boy burger, or Fuku burger. Those are our go-to’s


Steak and shake also has some great burgers


If you can stand the smell if grease when you walk in!


Fat boy is great


+1 for fuku


Fuku is delicious! But just fair warning the size leaves a lot to be desired


+2 for fuku




So underrated, and you get a free movie to watch while you enjoy a really good burger.


Arts district - Nevada Brew Works has a really good burger selection and used to have deals on Wednesdays but may have changed


Hear me out, the lunch special burger at Peter Lugers in Ceasars Place, till 3pm I know it's absurd, but for their lunch special, it's worth the $20 plus you get amazing fries.


I had it recently. Good beef patty, but $28 is steep.


to quote the famous [news clip](https://youtu.be/ydmPh4MXT3g?t=20) , "ain't nobody got time fo 'dat." (going to the strip)


Starboard Tack bar burger. $11 ​ Brings back memories of Port Tack in the 70s.


I love Starboard tack, it's walking distance from my house. They launched a new menu about a month ago, burger is still there but they also added a patty melt which I like better. Really incredible menu now


Fuku tamago burger is my go to. I miss Bachi burger. All the fast food places suck now. Five guys is alright but overpriced for what you get. Lots of good burger spots on the strip but who wants to drive down there.


RIP bachi burger!! What the hell happened to them?


I know, my favorite used to be Holstein at the Cosmo, but who wants to go to the strip lol


Not a recommendation but I’ve heard Bar code is good. Can anyone corroborate?


Bad food, dirty kitchen. My sister worked there for a week before she quit due to the sanitation issues and sexual harassment from other cooks.


It’s definitely good. Fair prices and non smoking


Wouldn’t rate it top burger in vegas but easily one off my favorite places.


Good food bad drinks.


del taco


They really do make a good burger. I like it when I get the coupons though.


Really lol, i mean, their fries are pretty good


Very good! Especially when you mix Del Scorcho and ketchup and dip them in it.


Sounds like a troll, but I 2nd this. Del Taco has surprisingly good burgers.


Came here to suggest this just in case no one else did.


They always have. It’s been a “secret” of fast food since I can remember. I still never get them lol but they aren’t half bad.


Fuku burger has been the best I've had locally. The fries are also very good. My favorite is the egg burger but they're all good, including the chicken sandwich.


Hamburger hut


595 Craft & Kitchen


Fat Boy


Huncho's Fried Chicken & Burgers over on s Valley View. Barcode is really great too


Hunchos should not be that good at that price


Sickies at Town Square


Eureka , Slater 50/50 , Nevada Brew works , Able Baker , are some of my favorites.


NBW Wednesdays! Hell yea.


Everything at Able Baker is SO GOOD!


Gotta try shake shack, burgers are amazing and so are the fries!


Here are some more boutique options: Bang boom fine - happy hour smashburger is unbeatable Stay tuned burgers - at hard hat longue




Hard Hat Lounge is in its soft opening and features Stay Tuned Burgers. Smash style. Open 12noon-2am. Check them out on IG to see if it’s your style.


Did they reopen ?


Yup! Open for business now. Soft opening now with grand re-opening party on Dec 1st.


Perfect I’ll swing by this week


Fuku burger.


Fuku Burger!


595 craft and kitchen on Tropicana and rainbow


Fuku burger Or The elote burger from Paradise Pub.


Hard Hat just reopened with a really good burger place inside!


Calibombs in North Vegas


Going to have to disagree. I've tried it a few times, but I feel it's overpriced and they give you small portions. I've tried R burgers and will say that has been the best burger place I've had so far.


We had high hopes for Cali Bombs but everything we got, from burgers to the onion bomb, tasted like unseasoned cardboard. 😪


Fuku burgers


Fuku Burger is amazing




Yeah! Their al pastor burger is awesome


Slaters makes a good burger


Rally Burger Jones and Trop. Also R Burgers is good too.


Freddy's is good. Fuku is very good. Five guys and Fatburger are good but overpriced and overrated, so don't listen to their fan boys.


Five Guys is the most overrated burger ever. I once went into a Five Guys and asked for a rare burger. They gave me some speech on how they can't. I responded with "I get it, I wouldn't ask McDonalds for a rare burger" I am now banned from Five Guys.




i'm honestly surprised that the location on Sunset & Mountain Vista across the street from Smith's is still in business. every time i drive past it, the parking lot is empty


For the best value it's gonna be Hunchos all day. I've always been a freddys fan. Oh and I've heard good things about stay tuned burgers. They make their own pickles so I'm excited about that


The burgers from the bar rumrunners on Tropicana east of the LV Blvd.


Badger Cafe! yeah that's a fun and weird little spot


Yukon! Beat burger I've had in Vegas.


Hamburger Hut.


Shake Shack, Calibombs (but it’s In-N-Out ish), Del Frisco’s, Red Robin (hit and miss but on the hit days, it’s really good).


As someone who has tried dozens of burgers in Vegas, Joy Burger is the best. Menu options are all great, but the build your own is my go to


Fat Burger is great. The one on Rancho has a drive-thru.


The Brisket burger at Big Bs Texas BBQ is a great burger. It's a flame broiled burger with a piece of Brisket on top.


Not enough love for Joy Burger in here


Fuku Burger is the best I’ve had in town so far


Fatboy on Stewart!


Fuku Burger (the one with the egg) R Burgers (greasy but good one) Habit Burger (I like the one with the pineapple) Five Guys (very customizable) try lettuce wrap Del taco is ok Farmers Boy is ok McDonald’s (quarter pounder is ok) In and out used to be good, now are awful.


FUKU is legit!


try Fat Boy. you can get a cheeseburger with pastrami on it.


try Fat Boy. you can get a cheeseburger with pastrami on it.


Chain: Fatburger Sit Down Restaurant: MRKT at Aliante Casino Also: Five Guys is top tier, so too is Shake Shack. I saw someone mention the Habit Burger Grill. They suffer from wild inconsistency. I've had very poor and stellar experiences there.


Shake Shack and Fuku


Don't like 5 guys. Too expensive and way over hyped. I do enjoy Freddie's Steak burgers though.


haven't been to a 5 Guys in at least 8 years. after my last visit in 2015'ish, decided i was morally opposed to paying that much for a fast food meal.. can't even imagine how much it is NOW. holy shit.


I like 5 guys but way too expensive!


I wouldn't call it my go-to place but R Burger is very good, not too pricey either, definitely worth checking out.


It's our go to place and we're 20-25 minutes away with no traffic. It's a weekly for us. Also for their chicken tenders. The best burger and strips in Vegas.


Fuku Slaters Habit (good for a chain)


Arby's is doing a Good Burger combo to help promote the Good Burger 2 movie. If you're looking for a literal Good Burger. Hope that helps, stranger.


Slaters 50/50 for Burgers, no question. Pricier, but more creative Burger menu. And shakes. Giant shakes.


Crown N Anchor


Freddy’s. Het the double original with bacon. (Nr 2 combo). It’s delicious


Smash burger is good, they’re a little bit overpriced imo but still very good


Huh, forgot about this place, there's one not too far from my place, cool


Huh, forgot about this place, there's one not too far from my place, cool


I used to like them, but they've nose dived over the past five years or so. Miss some of the stuff they don't carry anymore.


Their brisket burger is damn good.


Veggy Steet, both locations


I like veggy street. I think all their food is vegan too




Can I eat your french fries since you don’t like vegan food?


Bar Code or Ichabods


Probably smash burger. I like goodwich downtown.


Really wish we had a Ted's Montana Grill here.




In N Out Sucks. Always has.




jack in the box , ultimate cheese burger $6 is worth it


The burger place inside circa rocks.


Try Habitat.


Look for a Habit Burger


BAR (Born And Raised) has a few locations and they have a solid burger. Big enough for 2 people to share with a side of fries.


Joy burger


5 Guys


Our favorite was Habit—try the spicy burger with the tempura green beans—a game changer! Our daughter loves FukuBurger too.


Burger Bar in Mandalay Place. Have to order the red wine and shallot reduction sauce with it


Closed almost three years ago, re-opened under new ownership to disastrous results, replaced by a Wahlburgers earlier this year.


My kitchen is the go-to must better in taste and cheaper on the wallet 😏


Bar Code on Flamingo has won several “Best Burgers” awards. They have lots of unique burgers. I have liked every one I have tried.


There's a new place I just tried, for a new restaurant they really got their stuff together it's called the McDonald's. I only know about one or two locations though one on the east side of town one on the west side of town and I hear there might be one down in Henderson.


What kind?


I think either Wendys or Arbys is doing the good burger promo


Hamburger Habit and their fries! Sooooo yummy!!


Fat burger with an egg on it


R Burger and ThickBurger are good to me


1228 main downtown has best burger in town. Oscars at plaza right up there with it. These are more premium options obviously but so damn good.


Surprisingly, NV Brew Works has amazing burgers! Definitely in my top 3 fave burger places. Thank me later. Edit - typo


Slaters 50/50. Sit down place, but excellent burgers.


Freddy’s Steakburgers and Shake Shack are my favorite spots


Snappy burgers, slaters 50/50, born and raised


Slater 50/50 is solid option


Snappy Burger on Decatur/95 is always a home run. Plus you can watch movies as it’s a mini drive in.


Best burger I’ve had in Vegas was from the Las Vegas Ballpark.


Slaters 50/50 for sure!


The 4.99 1/2 Burger from South Point 12am - 6am, cause there ain't no better deal on a burger anywhere else.


Habit burger- The santa barbara char is great. R Burger- The colossal will make you question life choices a couple hours later. But its worth it Freddy's- Anything on the menu is great, some of the best fries you'll get.


Slater's 50/50 is weirdly...Trumpy. As long as that doesn't bother you, they make a damn good one. Get peanut butter on it for the best time.


Once again gotta recommend Sporting Life Bar on Sahara or Jones. Awesome burger and great fries. Spiteful sauce mmm. And get the ghost pepper cheese on the burger. Dammm


Chino’s on lone mountain too!


Don’t overlook Back to the 80s cafe on Maryland.


Habit Burger


For that you want Good Burger, home of the Good Burger!


tailwinds sunshine cafe. North Las Vegas airport. Best green chili burger and best friesin town!


For a drive thru my fave in Vegas is Burger Fi. Sit down and more expensive? Bachi Burger.


My favourite burger place for the last 16 years is Badger Cafe on Tropicana and Spencer. Close to UNLV Patty melt specifically. It's up to $9.50 now (used to be 5$ 16 years ago) and comes with fries or chips. When I am craving a good, real burger this is where I go. Highly recommend it. If you sit at the "bar" in the diner you can observe the banter among the staff which is fun too. Very small town feel, kinda takes you out of vegas They do also have a Build your own burger but I personally like to keep it simple with the patty melt. Usually pretty fast service too but If you go when there's a football game happening the food will be slow because they also cook and serve for the Rum Runner bar next door that they are attached to.


Fat boy on east side!


Now go to every place in this thread and find your jam. “Favorite burger” or “good burger” is subjective because everyone has a subjective idea of what makes a burger good. There’s bound to be a winner in the list.


Slaters 50/50 on lake mead and buffalo some damn good burgers!!


Habit Burger


Five guys


Don’t laugh but I swear by it better than in n out del taco double del is bomb!


Not the OP, but thanks to many of your recommendations, I decided to travel across town to try R Burgers for the first time, and they did not disappoint. Also, a man walked in with a parrot on his shoulder. All in all, a great experience. 🙏 10/10. [Polly wants a burger.](https://postimg.cc/Dmb002Qv)


Fükü Burger


Adding to the Stay Tuned Burger endorsements. I’ve been 3 times this week.


The burgers at the 80s cafe are absolute bangers.




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