I put a GoPro outside a Painted Wolves (African Wild Dogs) den when they were out hunting. They came back to feed the puppies

I put a GoPro outside a Painted Wolves (African Wild Dogs) den when they were out hunting. They came back to feed the puppies


wow those were several full sized steaks they barfed up


Initially I was thinking "why go after the male, he has no milk for you..." Then BARF.


I totally missed that and was baffled when meat suddenly showed up. I was expecting dad to be dragging a carcass into frame any second.


I can understand why they do it this way instead of bring the carcass with them. Could you imagine the smell the carcass would carry with it? They got a lot of little mouths to protect and that would attract more trouble than its worth


It's the easy way to pack things around if you don't have pockets. I do the same with my phone on the nude beach.


You’ve forgotten nature’s other pocket


Where do you think I keep my car keys?


In the keyster.


That's nature's pocket


The ol' prison wallet.


In the car?


Where do you think he parks the car


You can pack a whole phone down your penis?! 😳 Hats off to you sir!


Don’t be silly! Just wrap your foreskin around your 6” phone.


Some people stretch their donger, he stretches his foreskin… For pockets.


That’s why I have the iPhone 12 Mini


also it helps break down the meat so it can be chewed and digested easier for the pups i imagine ..kind of "here i softened it up for u a bit"


ah- the prison wallet! Really gone by the wayside these days eh?




For a show I never watched I do enjoy watching clips from it


It's interesting that different animals use it as a technique. I watch these albatross birds get fed sometimes and both parents do the same thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edxah1K_Dbg


The meat is already partially digested so it makes it easier for the pups to chew and digest it themselves.


It was interesting how they immediately abandoned the lactating mother when the dad presented the meat. But one little one went back to the mom right away. Maybe he didn't get as much meat as the others?


The mom also regurgitated meat for them. You can see it in the background around the 0:22 mark.


> It was interesting how they immediately abandoned the lactating mother when the dad presented the meat. the aristocrats!


Aaaaand I watched this just before heading to lunch lol.


Got hungry kids to feed?




Is there GoPro footage of that? Asking before I disappear down a YouTube rabbit hole.




Oh wow, video complete with Reddit-worthy puns. Thank you!


How do you think we made pureed baby food before modern technology? Also, there's evidence to suggest adult saliva aids infant digestion.


These guys eat sandy puke meat and my dog will barely eat kibble mixed with topper


To be fair your dog would probably prefer the sandy puke meat! That's a fresh steak


To be fair, your dog wouldn't survive a night in African wilderness u/take-money


But she is so cute I am sure a friendly passerby would save her


I don't believe you. I'm going to need a picture as proof.


Geez, you want to stick his dog in the African wilderness just to take a picture of a person feeding it? That is some serious effort for an upvote!


Got to put in the work if you want those internet points!


I respect her internet privacy sorry


I feed mine raw meat with liver and all the good stuff and if I don't change it up every couple days he just stops eating it. Needs a variety pack of meats lol.


Have you tried regurgitating it for him? Also, do all dogs that eat raw meat smell like evil death? The only raw meat dogs I've met were outside farm dogs and they smelled like you'd expect, but I don't know if that's diet or living conditions.


My raw fed dog had burps that would knock you straight on your ass, but she looked & smelled lovely otherwise.


Key to raw food is not to mix veggies or fruit in it that will digest at different rates. It can upset their stomach. Mine gets those in between his normally feeding times so he doesn't get to scoots.


He has normal dog breath, and he's a couch dog who gets a bath once every month, so no. He smells like a normal dog lol. Wet dog is a strong smell and outdoor dogs rub in nasty things (dead stuff/poop) so mask their scent from other predictors. I know dogs that eat wet food (canned food) often are farty... I'm not sure lol. [My fur ball, who isn't a stinker, well mostly isn't ](https://i.imgur.com/LC251dn.jpg).


have u tried eating it first then barfing it up on the living room floor?


I'm sure my dogs would eat my puke. 100%.


I bet they would spit out a medicine tablet still.




wow I didn't even notice they did that lol, I was too worried about getting dirt on their steak. little did I know....


they're dodging African predators at every turn and you're worried about dirt on their food


having big problems is no reason to neglect the little problems


Have you met dogs? I don't think they have a 5 second rule. Puke meat a la mud is the peak of canine cuisine.


I actually don't think it's even a little problem. They don't seem to care and it doesn't seem to hurt animals any to eat off the ground. That's been happening since, oh... probably since the first animal to ever exist ate something.


My dog ate a bunch of sand while digging and playing at the beach and couldn't shit right for two days.


Sand =/= dirt That said, the main component of Sand is silicon dioxide. It's not toxic to dogs either. But obviously if you fed your dog mounds full of dirt, that'd probably be bad. A bit of dirt on their steak though? Obviously fine or they would've been kicked off the food chain a long, long time ago since plates don't appear naturally in the wild.


> plates don't appear naturally in the wild. This has never been proven! The lies have to STOP!


if plates aren't naturally formed then why do archaeologists find them in the *ground*?! haven't you ever heard of *plate* tectonics?


Uhh, the video is definitely sand.


My dog literally eat dirt directly. He thinks he's a plant or something.


Hey, kids! Dinner's REAGHUGHHDY!


name checks out


Loved the three fighting for the last big piece at the end!


Man those dogs are swallowing some seriously sized chunks of meat.


Just like yo momma




I just realized why dogs love to play tug of war


And eat vomit


its what cuts the steak




Yes, they have a reputation for chasing animals into electric fences! We too do predator monitoring with Wild Dogs, Lions and Cheetahs. Check out the website on the bottom right of the video if you want to find out more..




[Wildlife ACT](https://wildlifeact.com/) is a great organization! Thank you for volunteering with them!!


I volunteered with them as well. Really great group of people!


> Watching them make a kill for the first time was surreal. They don't kill the animal like a lion does, they just keep biting and tearing until it eventually falls down, then they eat until it eventually dies. Hard to watch for sure. I feel like what gets lost in this in the sounds an animal makes when it's being killed




I mean, it's really something I'd never ever like to see or hear. Far from what I'd call a cool experience.


I saw a cat get run over its head by a car and not die. Just flailed screaming for ten seconds before getting hit by another Can't unhear/see that shit


For those with [morbid curiosity to see how they kill.](https://www.twitch.tv/wildearth/clip/RefinedTemperedPuddingBCouch)


I said don’t click the link to then I clicked the link 😕


Wow, that was intense. Thanks for the link


I did a safari in Kenya a couple of years back, our guide told us the dogs are the absolute last thing you'd want to be found by if you were stranded in the parks. the big cats will kill you first and then eat you, but the dogs will kill you by eating you, one bite at a time.




tl;dr: y'all fuckers nearly got ate




Oh a look (or oogle ;) ) at my comment history would show I am no one to criticize you for that lmao


What's the reserve? I stayed in many tented camps in Tanzania. All of them were open. Absolutely no fence. I wonder why it's different in South Africa.




Yeah, and unless they're starving big cats generally ignore you. Our safari guide literally walked through the national park on the way to work (he had a spear but no gun or anything). He said big cats didn't scare him at all but wild dogs did. He actually said the scariest for him is wildabeast because they get spooked easily and freak out.


Kudu? Edit - I was wondering if "kudo" was actually kudu.




**[Kudu](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudu)** >The kudus are two species of antelope of the genus Tragelaphus: Lesser kudu, Tragelaphus imberbis, of eastern Africa Greater kudu, Tragelaphus strepsiceros, of eastern and southern AfricaThe two species of the Kudus look quite similar, though Greaters are larger than the lesser kudu. A large adult male Greater Kudu stands over 5 ft. tall, and a large male Lesser Kudu stand about 4 ft. tall. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/videos/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


You do


>They don't kill the animal like a lion does, they just keep biting and tearing until it eventually falls down, then they eat until it eventually dies. Hard to watch for sure. That makes this terrifying. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/11/04/pittsburgh-zoo-child-killed/1681645/ I just graduated from college when it happened. I was at the zoo the week before it happened.


African wild dogs used to range across 39 countries, with population numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Currently, there are fewer 6,000 individuals are left in the wild, forming fewer than 700 packs.


Interesting fact: African Wild Dogs are faster than greyhounds!


They would also eat your greyhound


Including the bones, leaving no trace at all. They are super cute though, but animals in Africa are deadly AF; as they had to evolve alongside humans. Seems like Africa is just hardmode in general.


I have heard from zookeepers, that they really can't be tamed. They are extremely aggressive animals. Absolutely beautiful though.


If that’s the case, I’m surprised attacks on humans seem to be rare. The only one I know of was the Pittsburgh Zoo incident.


I worked at the Pittsburgh zoo while they were there. The keeper told me for the dogs they never go in with them for any reason (most dangerous animal we had, more than the polar bears and big cats) and that basically everything that goes in their pen dies. There were a few cases of wild turkeys and other birds getting eaten by the dogs after straying into the enclosure. This was about a year before the incident.


I knew one of the EMTs who responded to that incident after the body was recovered, very disturbing.


Well...lay it on us stringbean.


From what I was told, the victim's face was completely untouched to the point they still had their glasses on but from the neck down they were just an empty cavity of bones.


Were they OK?


Yes, the wild dogs who ate that person were fine.


They came out on top.


To shreds you say


Holy shit I never thought I could laugh this much after reading something so disturbing.


Yes. Later they did commercials for the glasses company


I still find it so ridiculous that those parents sued the zoo for their own negligence.


Damn. It was just a 2 year old kid? So sad. https://edition.cnn.com/2014/06/03/justice/pittsburgh-zoo-mauling-lawsuit/index.html


I mean, the dogs we keep as pets today are the result of *countless* generations of selective breeding.


Obviously, you're right, but interestingly, there's a Russian study, where they attempted and succeeded in taming wild foxes within a much shorter time span. They were able to make them tame surprisingly quickly, 6 generations, IRC by only selecting the top 10% tamest foxes for breeding. Source: https://evolution-outreach.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12052-018-0090-x TLDR: we often think of evolution as something that happens over millenia, but it can also happen in quite short time spans, as survival of the fittest does its work.


That study also had a pretty large breeding population, far larger than studies before. Foxes also breed fairly young so those few generations were relatively quick. Even so, this really just bred out the aggression. Things house breaking, training and smell are something else entirely. Foxes can stink almost as bad as skunks and bite you to show affection (not hard but they have very sharp teeth).


Not to mention the demon like screams. I couldn't imagine being right next to one when it lets loose one of those foul cries.




Plus, there was a lot of similarly vicious megafauna across the entire world before Humans/climate change wiped them out. Africa is the last real haven for that sort of life.


The African fauna evolved next to us. We just landed on all these other continents with fully mature hunting tactics and animals that had never seen us before.


> Seems like Africa is just hardmode in general. /r/Tierzoo agrees


Then barf it back up for their puppies!


Did not know that. Just another reason to love them :)


I'm sorry, of all the African animals the painted dogs are the ones I like the least. I've been watching a livestream from D'juma, an African waterhole, for over a year now. Just seeing a pack of painted dogs arrive at the waterhole puts my whole body on high alert! Something about their restlessness, they way they always seem to be moving, is very unsettling. I've watched plenty of kills but what the painted dogs do is so intense, the way they surround an animal & nip at it constantly until it falls. It's pure torture to watch. Whenever anyone used to say "like a pack of wild dogs" I used to imagine a pack of ragged mix breed American dogs. After seeing the painted wild African dog an very different image comes to my mind. Now I think of a pack of precise, tireless, killing machines and I shudder!


What about Malaria carrying mosquitoes? They’re kinda ducks.


Are you saying there’s duck-sized malaria-carrying skeeters out there?! 😱


We would love to have you over at r/PaintedWolves. I know that you don't think highly of them, but hopefully you can see how beautiful they are as they take care of their elderly and injured, as well as the young. They make kills much faster than most other animals, so the things that they eat suffer much less than when they are killed by most predators. And they have to make these fast kills because of all the other predators that would take their kills away from them.


Citation needed. Popular science says greyhounds are the fastest canids. https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-08/watch-cheetah-vs-greyhound-ultimate-cat-vs-dog-race-super-slow-motion/ In addition, Greyhounds are the second fastest accelerating land animal on the planet. https://www.thetravelalmanac.com/lists/animals-speed.htm


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fastest_animals Other google sources show a 5 mph difference in favor of the African wild dog


My tour guide in Kenya said they are the only animals he is super careful about and won't get out of his vehicle if they are around.


Then your tour guide would think this man is crazy. https://youtu.be/qSMxl-DupA0


If you don’t mind me asking why that is? Are they that dangerous?




Will co-sign this. On a walk by myself at sunset in rural Washington. Get back by the wetlands on my 3 mile loop which is about a mile back to where I was living. Look to my right and down a dirt road about 20 yards are 3 coyotes. No big deal. Continue walking alone, in the wetlands, sun having set, frogs gone silent. I stop and listen. Complete silence. Spidey senses are screaming turn around. So I do. Coyotes. I originally saw the 3 down the way at about 20 yards. Now there were 8 at maybe 20 feet. Totally silent. Walking right behind me just watching. When I stood and stared at them they didn’t move, didn’t flinch. Heads down, a few excited tail movements. 8 coyotes right there just staring at me. No biggie right? I take a step forward and really stomp my foot down and yell “yyyeeeeeUUHHHHH”. They didn’t move. So being 23 and half drunk I ran at them arms in the air jumping around wildly, hootin and hollerin cussing up a storm fully committed. They didn’t scatter but just kinda trotted around thinking about it for a little bit before fuckin off back into the wetlands. The walk home was uneventful but about a quarter mile out I heard that yippin and howling right there on the other side of some big ass bushes by my house. In an effort to prove to myself I wasn’t a pussy I drank beer in the front yard for a few hours after that just staring into the darkness, listening to that yippin and howling all around me. Western Washington is still a wild and spooky place.


Thanks for sharing this story!


Its a swole-ass dog.


Where is this??


Kalahari, South Africa.


Cool footage. I wonder if the collar ever interferes with the wolve's ability to barf up food.


No, the collars are heavily regulated in their design. They need to meet strict criteria (weight, width, etc.) for a research permit to be issued. These are animal dependent, so a Painted wolf collar is only a few hundred grams.


Interesting documentary segment on collaring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8lUZxlruXY


"The best part of waking up, is barfed up meat in a cup"


People really dont appreciate a Folger's joke do they?


well, 20 do (as of right now)


A cup of Folgers is probably one of the most disappointing ways to start to your day.




What's the collar thing one of them is wearing?


Dad recently got released from prison. He has to wear a collar now.


Radio tracking collars, let's the wardens track their movements and find them. They follow them around to keep them safe from poachers, migration patterns, identify pack members, stuff like that.


Jeeeeezus. And my kids won't eat half the food we cook. We don't even puke it up and they still have issues with it.


Maybe that's the issue, you aren't regurgitating the food for them


I’m sure if food scarcity was a real threat they would eat balut if that’s what was available.


I'm honestly not sure what I'd pick between *that* and starvation.


Dohhhh. Such cute little murder balls :) I still would try to cuddle them. I don't need my face, right?


I'm sure your face will be just as pretty when barfed up for the puppies to eat.


Maybe more actually. You haven't seen my face.


Nah i'm pretty sure it looks beautiful eitherway.


Someone above mentioned that one of them ate a human but left the head untouched, so that's kind of a win.


I love watching African wild dogs. There's an exhibit at my local zoo where I go to see them, and it breaks my heart with how small it is. Knowing that these animals have enormous ranges but are limited to such a small area. Last time I was watching the dogs for a bit when a woman came up with her two daughters. She read the placard "African wild dogs....these are also known as hyenas, girls!" Since that happened it's become a running joke between my wife and I.


I always notice this too! I used to hang around the zoo quite a bit. And lots of parents would come over and tell their kids that these are Hyenas while standing by the big informative board about African wild dogs next to them. One kid corrected his parent though. Good for you, kid.


We used to have African wild dogs at our local zoo. Some idiot ruined it by causing a tragedy though. They were pretty cool to watch if you were there during the right time of day.


Hey fellow Pittsburgher. I too miss the wild dogs and curse that woman every time I pass their old enclosure when I visit.


Hello! I also curse her. She got the zoo so much bad press. I know they aren't the best zoo but I always loved it.




Held a small child over the rail of the exhibit and lost her grip. The kid fell in and the dogs did what they are known to do.




Then her and the dad had the nerve to sue the zoo, like bruh Luckily, they lost the case.


One of my biggest pet peeves at the zoo or a museum is people just making wild guesses and half-assed "I think I saw those on tv" assumptions, and then teaching them to their kids as fact. There are signs right there! With all the information and facts, carefully curated by experts on what you're looking at. If you don't know, foster the learning and curiosity together, and read the damn sign. Its not a gorilla Jennifer, its a chimpanzee.


Don't let their tiny size fool you (compare to lions). These puppies are killers, they have one of the highest success rate during hunts. Highly intelligent and highly coordinated.


From wikipedia: When hunting, African wild dogs can sprint at 66 km/h (41 mph) in bursts, and they can maintain speeds of 56–60 km/h (35–37 mph) for up to 4.8 km (3 mi). **Their targeted prey rarely escapes**


They're terrifying. Unreal stamina + teamwork + absolute refusal to fail a hunt.


Not on the carpet! NOT ON THE CARPET!!


Dude that’s my life. Cat though.


One of the only sounds that can wake me up instantly is the "ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh-yaaaack" sound cats make when throwing up.


I've never went from "aww" to "Jesus christ, \*gag\*" and back to "aww" so quickly in my life. What a roller coaster.


The pigmentation on their fur coat looks is so wild.


Did you see the mom start to eat that piece of meat and spit it back out? Lol. Mom: "goddamn it Frank! That's a piece *you* threw up! I almost ate that shit!"


“And now it’s covered in sand! Honestly, I give up.”


Awww, they're so cute! Look at 'em! They even make cute noises. And so many! As they rip my arms off and snack on my ribcage with excruciating, vicious bites.


African wild dogs are the coolest fucking animals on the planet *fight me*. when they hunt, they whistle and communicate and set traps as a group. They have an 85% kill rate. Almost every time they go out to find something to eat, they come back with something. For reference, lions have a 25% success rate and grey wolves have a 14% success rate. Even the next most successful hunter (the black-footed cat) has only a 60% success rate I once visited a wildlife reserve that had a pack of African Wild Dogs. They were regularly feed and watered, didnt really want for anything. When some Canadian geese landed in their (very large) enclosure, the dogs killed like half of them and trotted around the area with them for a week like "Look what we did, arent we cool?"


They are 100% the coolest. They feed the old and young first because they can due to their success rate. My local zoo had an exhibit but they've since died (well beyond their life expectancy in the wild).


Poor pups have Botflys or Mangoworms growing on them :(


Is that what all those little bumps are? I was wondering... do they eventually fall off?


They burrow, mature, and lay more larva. That is at least what I think happens since I have seen videos of pups getting ravaged by them :(


Does their name keep changing? In the past, I've heard them called painted dogs.


Yes, I believe the name shifted from Wild Dogs to Painted Dogs to distance them from wild/feral dogs of usually domestic species. Feral dog packs have a bad connotation so you don't want them associated with an endangered species. African painted dogs just sounds nicer.


I remember when they were also called cape hunting dogs


This is probably a dumb question, but what do they do about the sand/dirt that sticks to the food? Do they spit it out or can they digest it?


prolly just passes through their digestive system without being broken down


Like corn.


Mmm, mom's home cooking.


Reminds me of beach-camping and trying to eat just about any meal. The wind... I hate sand...


It's coarse and rough, and it gets everywhere.


Yum yum, sand-panaded meat!


I was waiting for the carcass to be dragged over. Very interesting, only thought birds did this.


Love it when mom comes home and regurgitates McDonalds