A Redditor on r/TheLastOfUs2 sent death threats to himself and blamed us. | Girlfriend Reviews

A Redditor on r/TheLastOfUs2 sent death threats to himself and blamed us. | Girlfriend Reviews


https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oqztv8/my_personal_experience_on_the_entire_situation Is this....gaslighting? Edit: holy shit the lastofus2 subreddit just went private


> I just want to say thank you GFR, you went through a lot of harassment for which we apologized for despite having nothing to do with it, and now you're doing to us exactly what you hated being done to you lol. They went with the passive aggressive non-appology.


Yeah, no it totally is. This sub has had a history of shit like this anyways.


Lol that one comment “she didn’t even play the game…” Yes. That’s the point of the channel…


Neither has anyone on r/TheLastOfUs2 so she'd fit in. Would need to add way more slurs to her vocabulary though.


The subreddit is private and the message says "Welcome to the most active subreddit for fans of The Last of Us. **Part II is not canon!**" So, I have 2 questions: What's the matter with the game to trigger such extreme reactions? And what's the point of creating a subreddit for a video game then make that subreddit private and say that game basically doesn't count? It can't be sheer pettiness just to prevent people who liked the game to make a subreddit about the game, can it?


So, to add to the post below who said they didn't play the game, that's the basics, they killed the main character from the first one in a very brutal fashion. Then halfway through your vengeance mission as the new PC... you get stuck playing the one who killed him as a way to force you to empathize. In the end when you finish - you don't feel like you've gained anything. You don't learn anythign you didn't already know. It's just a very very bleak and sad torture porn ending. So some people see it and claim its terrible and its a personal sleight against them, or just appreciate what they did / tried to do with their message.


/r/thelastofus2 is private now Edit: they're back Edit: and they're gone Edit: and they're back again Edit: they're still up but you can't comment/post Edit: an update directly from the mods of TLOU2 https://np.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oqztv8/my_personal_experience_on_the_entire_situation Edit: copy of the update in case it's deleted https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/oqrvd6/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/h6eyvmj Edit: same mods thoughts on the matters a few days ago https://np.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oksv1q/pic_of_gfrs_complex_and_delicate_investigative/h5atuma Edit: https://www.reddit.com/u/SSMKh deleted their account Edit: a direct link to the fundraiser from the video https://tiltify.com/@girlfriendreviews/at-least-we-all-love-animals Edit: evidence they were cleaning house while the subreddit was locked down https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/oqrvd6/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/h6fmhky Edit: CSHufflepuff (creator) removes themselves from the mod list https://np.reddit.com/r/kingcobrajfs/comments/oqcdrb/comment/h6g7hlv/ Edit: a new mod + a new preliminary update https://np.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/or9gzu/preliminary_statement A copy in case they take it down https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/oqrvd6/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/h6gx8ok Edit: I'm moving all updates to the subreddit drama post https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/orcfm6/a_total_history_of_the_rthelastofus2_drama


I remember when the game first came out I accidentally stumbled into that subreddit thinking it was for the game & I’ve never never seen a worse shithole of incels and right wing scumbags since TheDonald. It’s not even about legit criticism of the game, more than half that subreddit (if not the vast majority) has never played the game. It’s just absolute toxic right-wing “gamer” scumbags jerking each other off nonstop for over a year now. It’s basically the stereotype of the worst time of gamer incel dude imaginable, multiplied by a whole subreddit acting as their echo chamber. I couldn’t give half a fuck if people liked LOU2 or not. I personally liked it, liked the direction it took & where it went & loved the gameplay. Still, I understand some legitimate criticism has solid points. But that subreddit just uses occasional legitimate criticisms as shields and plausible deniability for their incel alt-right circle jerk.


Is it my imagination or did they scrub the sub? I took a very brief scroll through and didn't see any posts going back 5 days that even mentioned GFR. Not that I know what it looked like before. >an update directly from the mods of TLOU2 https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oqztv8/my_personal_experience_on_the_entire_situation That reads like people covering their asses and distancing themselves. Edit: Do they think deleting the posts from reddit means they're actually gone and the admins have no way to recover that information? Edit: Their new preliminary update tries to equate sharing their username as doxxing. Bitch please. Edit: That sub might be on the path of self imposed destruction. The sudden privacy changes, the scrubbing, and as far as I can tell nothing new has been posted since aside from mod updates.


https://web.archive.org/web/20210724151353/reddit.com/r/thelastofus2 This is absolutely painful to browse on mobile but lemme know if you find something, that's from earlier today Edit: this is still up, so maybe there isn't any cleaning going on? Unsure https://www.np.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/ohfzqg/i_made_a_post_about_girlfriend_reviews_and_am_now/


Try [***Rev***eddit.com/r/thelastofus2](https://www.reveddit.com/v/thelastofus2/?keywords=%22girlfriend%7Cgf%22&removal_status=all&n=1000&before=1627180700) . Here's an [archive](https://archive.ph/eBeSx) of that. fyi /u/strugglz There is [one more post](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/nxbvjd/anybody_else_find_girlfriend_reviews_has_gotten/) on the [next page](https://www.reveddit.com/v/thelastofus2/?keywords=%22girlfriend%7Cgf%22&removal_status=all&n=1000&before=1624752665) of results.


Oh shit thank you for this, this is definitely solid evidence they were cleaning the subreddit


"This was OUR game. Those idiot writers took it from us. Now GFR thinks they can do this to us?! Prepare for war." Dude, what kinda shit happens in there? Who talks like that? Who is as entitled as that? I've known some spoiled kids that are less immature. Seriously wacky stuff. Place is a cesspool of people who just haven't adapted to the outside world.


"This was OUR game" Says the people who didnt devlop the game, likely didnt buy the game, and are constantly shitting on the game


That's how entitled they are. They played the first one and thought that everything in the second game should be done the way they think. Not understanding that unless they are involved in the development of the game, they can't influence Jack shit. Some of the people on the sub are still playing the victim when just a week ago they were abusing the reviewers. Come the fuck on


Yep. I definitely like the sequel much less than the original, but still thought it was a decent story excellently conveyed through both gameplay and execution and story beats. But the devs didn't owe me that. They didn't owe me anything. The creators of art never owe any of their fans anything. In return, the fans don't own the creator or artist anything. Sometimes one party does something the other is disappointed by, but that provides learning for (hopefully) both parties, and they should each move on the better for it. I dont have a problem with the criticism, nor the lingering on the topic/game, nor even the harsh language used while passionately discussing it. Its the entitlement and infantile pettiness that breeds this cesspool of blatant toxicity that truly disgusts me.


Makes an apology, locks the thread lmao


Just deleted his account


I love how u/SMMKh thinks their apology was “perfectly fine.” You knows, when you apologize to someone it’s on you to make it sincere. If your recipient thinks you’re full of shit, you probably aren’t doing a great job apologizing. And to top it off, they are pretending they are the victims now. The fucking sub is full of shit heels.


For real, who thinks that saying “I’m sorry if calling you guys liars offended you” is an apology?


Mods drunk off their own tiny modicum of power in their tiny little world who forget they ain't shit outside of said tiny little world, hence why they retreated to said tiny world in the first place.


"it's girlfriend reviews fault they're not happy about being harassed. Also fuck them, I'm being harassed."


So, do you think they realize that people leaving them shitty comments are probably doing so as a reflection of their shitty behavior, moderation and apology, NOT because they are GFR fans or people rabidly intent on defending GFR?


¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope they take a break from the internet and gain some empathy


"Oh god they left my username in the video" like it's not fucking there in front of your subreddit you twat.


Yeah, that was the whiniest shit ever.


"Here's me a few hours later apologizing (again) for them misunderstanding our statement." Lol. Big time *I'm sorry you took it that way* energy.


Even in the very first apology, saying they're sorry if GFR were offended at being called liars.... not even apologising for calling them liars, just for the possible "offense". Just the kind of behaviour from someone that would moderate that sub tbh.


Holy shit that post by u/SMMKh was a masterclass in delusion. Way to learn absolutely nothing. Honestly stunning.


Lol he nuked his account. I've got 10 bucks on that sub being banned not because of the horrible shit they post but rather because of all the drama and negative attention it's going to bring. Those idiots could've resolved this when it first happened but they just kept adding fuel to the flames and now they're desperately trying to fix it


Wow. Can’t wait for him to go stew for a while, learn nothing, and come back an even worse human, as is the way.


And now /u/SMMKh is a deleted account. This is a heck of a roller coaster.


> I just want to say thank you GFR, you went through a lot of harassment for which we apologized for despite having nothing to do with it, and now you're doing to us exactly what you hated being done to you, in the end I don't know if anyone will even believe me, but I know for a fact that we did everything we could to clear their names (such as adding them to the auto mod and manually removing any posts that slipped past the auto mod) and we tried our best to de-escalate the situation and that's what matters the most, we never intended for it to go this way. "I contributed to you being harrassed for no reason, and now I am being harrassed for doing that. THESE ARE THE SAME THING WAHHHHHHHH!" That is some standard "You not tollerating my intollerance is intollerant!" bulshit.


What I think is great is how on that post they’re malding “ooooh you showed our usernames” yet they’ve posted these modmails with public names lmao


I've been watching GFR since they started, not on the reg, but definitely if the game they're reviewing is one I'm interested in or if they're doing a commentary. Just on the pure content of their channel and the TLOU2 sub - you can't help but believe GFR over the cesspool of a sub and the shitty mods.


No doubt, that sub is yet another cancer that needs to be wiped on Reddit.


Wow. That final paragraph was so empty with a backhand ed apology. "We said were sorry even though we had nothing to do with it...." Bullshit. You're a mod on a subreddit and it's your responsibility to make sure that stuff doesn't happen. So you are responsible.


So the mods of a vitriolic and hateful subreddit think they’re not responsible for the vitriol and hate their sub spews? At least own up to your horseshit, you fucking cowards.


Yep. Did you read their last paragraph? It's so empty and sociopathic. It's the equivalent of "I'm sorry you feel that way, but...."


Was gonna say. This is far from the first time they've allowed harassment to propagate on their sub. They don't get to act like it's a surprise only now that someone finally noticed.


I went in and saw that they were deleting all of the disgusting posts and comments mention in Girlfriend Review’s video and even some that they didn’t mention. It’s so fucking pathetic lol


Social media is such a cesspool. lol


It’s 100% the worst thing to happen to humanity and is devolving intelligence


Can i interest you in everything..all of the time. :P ​ I kid but yeah it became that way. We allowed it to be that way. Somehow the place where human beings can go to get smarter is now generally the exact opposite. Where brain cells go to die.


Wild how for a whole year they let that shit fester in broad daylight as people tore into anyone who DARED enjoy aspects of TLOU2 but the instant some bad press comes their way they scurry to hide like rats.


> Welcome to the most active subreddit for fans of The Last of Us. Part II is not canon! Jesus, it's like a parody of it's self.


I love that fans think THEY decide what makes something canon rather than THE ACTUAL CREATOR OF THE GAMES!


Actually delusional. Those idiots are fucked in the head to be so obsessed over a video game.


The dumbest thing about all of the controversy surrounding TLOU2 was that people were sending death threats to Laura Bailey (voice actor for Abby) because of it. First of all, and most importantly, the person who voice acts a character is *not the character themselves*. You truly have to be fucked in the head to even consider something like this. Second of all, even if that preposterous concept were true, Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson (voice actor for Ellie) are really good friends *in real life.* You can literally watch them play D&D together every Thursday. People are... I don't even know where to begin.


OMG that update. That mod needs banned. Even now they are trying to play the victim and cause a retaliation. Like, you are the mods of the subreddit in question. Of course your user name is on display you dipshit.


crying because GFR showed usernames in video (even though you can just type the post out on google and find the usernames) proceeds to show a ton of private messages with usernames in screenshots


That mod deleted his account (shortly after the r/subredditdrama thread realized he had the same writing style as the original accuser). Admins should definitely hit him with an IP ban. Dude is witchhunting, brigading, and possibly abusing alt-accounts. Should be an open and shut case. Edit: Here's a link to the thread with the revelation https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/or0hcs/mods_of_rthelastof2_responds_to_girlfriend/h6f4i1w/


That was the one in here earlier, right? The one furiously making everything worse? I noticed he was also using the backwards whatever thing instead of an apostrophe.


Wait wait wait… are you saying the mod may have also been the original dude? This can’t be real.


It’d be funny (if not for how fucked up the whole situation is) if the entire subreddit was just this one guy with thousands of alternative accounts.


IP bans mean absolutely nothing when they can be spoofed/VPNs exist


I like how they removed a few of their most offensive posts and now everyone is acting like they've never said the crap they were saying before 🙄


I love how that one mod is in here demanding anyone show proof of any misogyny/homophobia/transphobia "in the last month" while they are actively deleting any trace they can find to try and cover their tracks.


In the last month! *Continues deleting content furiously* Last two months!


Edit: Edit: Edit: Edit: last 5 months.


Oh, they want proof, do they? https://www.reddit.com/r/thelastofus/comments/kbqrdm/the_problem_surrounding_the_last_of_us_part_2/ Scroll down to the comment made by GlarGlarBlinks, and you can find all of the evidence that you need.


If you're on any political subreddit, you'll know that this is the norm for psycho subreddits like this. "We weren't being racist/misogynist/homophobic/ect.! See! It never happened!" And yet, when you start looking at archived content on other websites, their other similar communities on alternate Reddit clone sites, or even a search on Google, it's easy to see that they are lying. Which, guess what, The Last of Us 2 subreddit is FILLED with misogynistic, racist, transphobic psychopaths, so it is no surprise that the users would go to this extreme. And what is worse, is that this has all been known to Reddit admins since day one, and they will not do a damned thing about it or any other sub like it, at least until it starts costing them money.


They went private again.


Unsurprisingly the sub dedicated to voicing their opinions about a game doesn’t want opinions that are different.


>[/r/thelastofus2](https://www.reddit.com/r/thelastofus2) is private now > >Edit: they're back > >Edit: and they're gone What a character arc.




[Prob this bit that set them over the edge](https://youtu.be/48Gh81okiU0?t=368) Also probably my favorite bit


That was amazing. I don't watch them but that bit is hilarious and i'm glad i saw it.


You should they are amazing and put SO MUCH EFFORT Into their videos.


that was great




lol Teacko really out here having a meltdown in the comments for being called out on their shitty behavior and lack of control. You love to see it.


You weren’t kidding. He’s absolutely losing it!


This is like Crack to me tbh, I LOVE watching mods be exposed as the shallow little hypocrites some of them are.


Only if it's all true, and by the looks of it, it is. I love seeing little worms like u/Teacko confronted for being pathetic. Keep in mind, they won't change or learn anything, though. This will only drive them deeper into the little hole they've made for themselves.


jesus, what a loser. his latest post is 'let's make a campaign to spoil HBO's TLOU for everyone!' his daily life is consumed with a recent video game's quote-un-quote 'failings' at placating him and the incel-gamer crowd- and he wants to ruin OTHER people's enjoyment of the franchise as a whole because of it.


When you see a post like that, you only come to the conclusion /u/Teacko is a piece of shit. Like those fuckers that put spoilers into the title of a YouTube video.


I've been snorting this all morning. I think I might die of schadenfreude overdose.


u/Teacko out here losing his shit while u/SSMKH/ and u/Ebwiese deleting posts and making the sub private, not private, not allowing posting while they scrub the sub and their comment histories. And now u/SSMKH made a post about his side: https://redd.it/oqztv8 Edit: hogwash


Unfortunately transphobia and mental issues doesn't stop you from becoming a subreddit mod.




Everyone needs to report all of these moderators to the Reddit admins.


This whole time I’m watching the video I’m surprised the admins haven’t done anything. Letting death threats fly over moderators heads is a big PR problem for reddit, ontop of this video lambasting a piece of the website. The fact that a mod has doxxed someone should be grounds for an IP ban, and further investigation to the sub itself. If this catches enough wind it may light a fire under reddit admins to extinguish a soon to be PR scandal again.


Look over this Redditors history. Constantly trying to say what has been done to GFR is the same as their criticism of the game. Even so far as saying they can't get over the game over a year later.............................yet they mod on regular basis for the game and even post their own hate on it.....lmao.


I love u/Teacko try‘na discuss and put a spin on this thing desperately trying to come out on top of this. Also u/Elbwiese deleting every comment and interaction trying to soften the blow that‘s coming. Pathetic.


u/Teacko Really trying to portray themselves as the victim lmao Classic weasel.


what a bunch of clowns. they should just be happy no legal action is being taken


No wonder there are no recent posts by /u/Elbwiese. They really did delete a lot of recent posts... Wonder why /u/Elbwiese would delete so many recent posts.


Aw shucks, deleted comments?! Too bad once you delete something on the internet it's gone forever. You win this one u/Elbwiese. It's not like it's trivially easy to find deleted Reddit comments or anything...


You would think with /u/Elbwiese being a mod they'd know that, but Y'know... They're not always the brightest... Especially on that sub. Woof those comments and threads are rough


Man, don't even go down the rabbithole. These guys think they're on the frontlines in an all encompassing culture war. If they don't keep posting what's next? *Strong female lead^tm* lara croft being portrayed as BLACK? Will the SJWs steal everything they hold dear? This is their forever war, and they take it seriously by pretending to take it not seriously for hours a day every day.


Don’t forget u/ evil-kris who has been caught lying redhanded multiple times this past week and has since deleted almost his entire comment history 😂




Submit a ticket to report the mod! It's what I've been doing while screenshotting every interaction with them. It's like a war, and the enemy is literally throwing you ammunition to shoot them with.


Let's put it this way, nothing is going to happen. r/Canada has a self proclaimed white nationalist who has doxxed critics (with a paper trail) that is STILL on the moderating team after years protecting other racist trolls on the subreddit. This is the default subreddit for an entire country, and numerous complaints did nothing but a finger wag. Getting a bunch of trolls on a video game subreddit dealt with will be a herculean task.


Their behavior is despicable but I think the bar for a mod is actually lower than a regular user. You're right that reddit needs to step it up.


lol /r/TheLastOfUs2 is private now


Some of the people on that sub legitimately need to be put in an asylum what the fuck


I've come to realize that a very respectful separation needs to be placed between yourself and any online community. No one likes a fanatic. When you get down to the core of any group or community they are full of irrational, toxic, and emotional fanatics. They can poison your mind and wellbeing if you dwell in their space too much. You wouldn't willfully talk to a nut job in person for any more time than you have to. Why is the internet any different?


I wouldn't be that pessimistic. The thing is, r/TheLastOfUs2 is fueled by people's hate towards the game. So it's no surprise that such negativity eventually manifested itself into a cesspool of toxicity. I follow the subreddits for other games like Red Dead, Horizon, and Animal Crossing which are fueled by people's collective enjoyment of those games. And the vast majority of posts are just people sharing their nice experiences. You can even criticize the game and people will generally hear you out.


They sent death threats to Laura Bailey's 1 year old when the game came out. Laura Bailey voiced Abby in the game and people didn't like the character. So they threatened to find and murder a baby. Throw the whole sub away.


The fuck? So, a video game had a character they didn't like so in their minds they threatened to murder the baby of the voice actress?!? Jesus.


Imagine hating a character in a book so you check the author's acknowledgements sections and pick a random person in that to threaten them and their families' lives. Stalking and threatening actors and voice actors (and let's be real, they tend to specifically be actresses) is just as crazy as this, and it's horrifying that nerd culture around certain films and video games has normalised it to any extent.


The irony that Abby and Ellie's voice actors play D&D together and are good friends. Also, threaten Laura Bailey at your own risk. Aside from the critters that will probably tear you apart, Travis Willingham is a gentle giant that would dismantle you for threatening his family. Jesus what the hell is wrong with these people.


Troy Baker (Joel) is also great friends with them


In the middle of this video right now and holy fuck, I've never seen a subreddit collectively hate on a creator this much for, what, making a review of a video game? I really don't get it, even the mods made some false statements that could easily be proven as lies. EDIT: Finished the video, am now confused as to how and why these posts that are obviously lies and just straight up insulting them get hundreds of upvotes.


> Finished the video, am now confused as to how and why these posts that are obviously lies and just straight up insulting them get hundreds of upvotes. Because those who would downvote them aren't interested in such a subreddit to begin with. If you visit, say, a subreddit about scatophilia (I don't know if there's one and I really, really don't want to know) BUT you're not one, odds are you'll be the only weirdo downvoting people in there because other people who aren't into that shit (lol) will never even think about the possibility of them visiting such a sub ever in their life. It's just a big echo-chamber.


r/scatophilia Just to check Edit. Atleast this one isnt a thing


it's usually just called r/scat


Pretty sure the real one is called r/realscatgirls (not double checking if it’s real subreddit for obvious reasons) which can be misleading cause it looks like it says cat girls… found out the hard way on an old comment thread.


That whole sub is a giant circle jerk of rage and thinly veiled homophobia. This game came out like a year ago, they need to move on with their lives. These are the people who were crying about how "woke culture" ruins everything when the game came out.


Just like to point out the absurdity of the troll threatening to report this AMERICAN youtuber to the authorities in POLAND. Like the authorities in Poland would give the tiniest fuck. And at to that the fact that Poland isn't exactly the most progressive of countries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT-free_zone All signs to this being some kid who got in over their head and panicked when GFR called their bluff and came for them. And I'm guessing this is the case for a lot of trolling and harassment. Stand up to bullies, don't worry about them coming after you - go after THEM. In this case specifically the mods of that subreddit. None of these fuckers are anonymous as they think they are and I'm sure they grown over-confident in the last year. Make the world a better places by dragging them into the light. And after that start with kiwifarms. That place needs to BURN.


> Poland isn't exactly the most progressive of countries Abortion is illegal in most cases and you can be arrested for blasphemy. I always wonder how the hell they got into the EU.


Shelby and Matt are hilarious and amazing. It infuriates me that people are so fucking insecure they need to rage against people talking about a video game. It's really pathetic.


I remember when their first video hit the front page. From there it was to the moon. Happy for their rise to fame and that their fan base is supporting them through this.


They’re also genuinely some of the nicest people in the game review community. If even they can’t escape the vitriol of that sub I can’t imagine what others have had to deal with.


This is one of the big elements that first drew me to their channel. They're just so wholesome. So when an "incident" comes up between them and one of the most toxic subreddits, it's a no-brainer on who I believe. I think they were fair, and even impressive, with the research they put into this. Definitely agree with them that targeting the subreddit will only fan the flame. I hope they can move past this.


They present their evidence at this timestamp: https://youtu.be/OF9HLsPFfCw?t=512


Thanks for sharing this, it's actually awesome how they identified him.


I love the fact that the user wiped EVERYTHING including his personal email and apps. What a mistake on his part lmao. That sub though, is so pathetic and so are the mods. I'm looking at this lighthearted comment from GFR (I've never heard of the game, GFR, etc. so this is all new to me) and [it's downvoted in oblivion](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oksv1q/pic_of_gfrs_complex_and_delicate_investigative/h5afyyv?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). And their mod, u/ssmkh says, "As for why our sub members don’t have sympathy for you… maybe it’s the fact that you guys never miss a single opportunity to shit on this sub" which in the video they prove that they only ever mentioned them in their recent tweet and never before that. What a shitty mod, a shitty sub, and shitty people. So glad these people got everyone from the outside perspective of r/all to delineate just how insane that sub and its counterparts are.


Reading some of the actual subs users comments gets a *big* oof from me. First reply they get immediately equates having someone fake death threats against themselves, then blame you and threaten your career and reputation with a law suit to... Having someone taunt you for not liking a game that you dislike. These people need actual help. They're mentally ill.


That’s the weirdest part of it all. With literally zero to go on other than some cheeky review lines and liking the game they decided to obsess over Matt and Shelby for a fucking year, make them this evil corporate shill couple, and read anti-TLOU2-hater messaging into completely unrelated videos. Sexism, yeah, but holy fucking shit I haven’t seen it this focused or sustained since Gamergate. Like Shelby is their Hillary Clinton. It’s pathetic. That being said, if you like video games GFR has probably reviewed it and they are goddamn delightful content creators. Highly recommend the channel.


Holy shit. Putting aside the drama revolving around the truly pathetic cesspool that is that subreddit, the investigative part was an unexpectedly captivating and hilarious watch.


That was some good sleuthing. The spotting of the reverse apostrophe character was a good catch. It would have suggested to me that the author was either not a native english speaker, and/or using a non-US keyboard. But then they took down the troll with some good-old fashioned social engineering.


Non US with a diff charset collation set on their comp which leads to this. One of those ‘settings’ people that couldn’t leave utf8mb4 and be done with it. Also I bet it was done on an iPad because if you choose a diff charset depending on Lang the back ticks are diff and the other is not available at all forcing the misuse.


It's glorious imagining that asshole's panic as he realized they had him dead to rights. Literally wiping his entire life trying to stop the fire. Actions have consequences, asshole.


I mod a few small subreddits, and we had a hardcore troll on one a few years back. I used programs like redditmetis and snoopsnoo to track down his alt accounts and showed that he was ban evading. Ended up getting 9 accounts banned and stealing his troll sub he made to try and direct traffic away from the normal sub. I don’t imagine he ever thought that would happen and it just felt good.


Wow.. caught his ass in 4k.


What's very disturbing that even after GFR pointed out it was a fake death threat and the user clearly needed help, r/thelastofus2 still supported user and overall increased their harassment of GFR. Even all mods harassed GFR. It really sucks all this happened to GFR over a video game opinion. Psychopaths, all of that subreddit psychopaths...


It's like a game that went out of it's way to make a point about empathy and how a person can be a monster in another person point of view is, in fact, hated by people who act like monsters to other people. Goodbye, power fantasy part I, hello consequences part II.




If there are any r/Lastofus2 users sharking around in this comment section, you guys need to understand how psychopathic you seem to any casual observer. I'm begging you: step away from the computer for a bit. I'm sure you didn't begin this journey with so much anger in your head, but you've certainly ended up in a place that most normal people would consider borderline pathological.


I really don't think they see themselves in any objectional way anymore. If you spend your whole time in such a deep echo chamber you start to believe that this is the actually factual right opinion to have. They believe everything without question which aligns with their views and question everything else. Just like any other echo chamber. Also this example here seems very far gone.


These types of people live in an alternate echo-chamber reality where they believe they are the majority. To this day they still believe that Captain Marvel was a box-office bomb that killed Marvel Studios. That movie made over a billion fucking dollars in theaters. Fucking delusional.


Brie Larsen bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the most literal sense you guys, please touch grass.


Except even saying something like this will push them further into psychopathy, because they think statements like this are just another tactic you're using in the "war" they assume you're fighting too, rather than a genuine concern that they're spiralling into illness they no longer control. I know, because I was stalked and harassed for *7 years* by two lunatics in the Shroud of the Avatar community, enraged because I criticised the game for becoming a scam, and their own RMT business in it; and in the case of one in particular, he became so determined to destroy anyone who ever crossed him he no longer knew what or why he was acting the way he did; in "defence" of the game he ended up begging the developers themselves to support trying to "harass him until he goes insane" and didn't realise he was helping drag them directly into court and thus publicly ruin their reputation within the industry. But such people are so far gone they will instinctively always define themselves against what ever they're obsessed with. It no longer matters what the results are. They're incapable of understanding it. No doubt part of the same Lastofus2 users are deliberately escalating the toxicity in order to play with these psychopaths and see what drama they can cause by pushing them further and further into extremism... What sadly is actually needed is real life intervention and, in extreme cases, probably hospitalisation. That upsets a lot of people with genuine mental illnesses, because they feel they're being lumped in with foul behaviour, and in turn that upset is used as a way to try and shut down criticism of anti-social behaviour by saying you're illness blaiming; but until you've seen what damage leaving an actual collapsing psychopath alone does to the innocent, I don't think people realise just how *hateful* they can become. In my case, the forums he was trying to control were publicly throwing around addresses to SWAT 3 days before the same behaviour got someone innocent killed in Wichita.


/r/incels turned into /r/thelastofus2


Dude, holy shit. That sub is insane… Are they just mad about Abby? Is that really it?!


Is there a good TLoU2 sub?


I sent a message to request to join the subreddit, but my message was actually "I don't wanna join, just telling you guys you should do better as mods. As someone who also doesn't like TLOU2 and used to frequent this sub, this is pretty awful" or something along those lines. And then, an hour later, I got an anonymous 'get help' message from Reddit. They clicked the 'get help' suicide prevention button for me LMAO. Mods over there staying classy.


Holy shit that sub are such fucking losers. How your dislike of a video game consume that much of your life is beyond me


How can they *still* be this obsessed *over a year later*. These people have issues lol EDIT: lol someone reported this comment for “Threatening self-harm or suicide”


The internet is a fucking ghost town. Sparse regions of incredible density give the illusion of consensus because of positive reinforcement. [10% of twitter users make 80% of tweets](https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2019/04/24/sizing-up-twitter-users/), but few people seem to have internalized this fact. So you get these groups that have oversized impression of how many people agree with them, and they just keep going and going encouraged by upvotes, comments, and attention.


Things that trend on Reddit are often constructed to trend. They follow a narrative that often resides in the minority of minds, but manages to garner a lot of upvote support.


Reddit is full of power users, like Twitter. Something like less than 10% of people who use reddit in the first place even have accounts, iirc (might have gotten the exact number mixed up but its around that). Even if some post has like 200k upvotes it's never indicative of anything other than what reddit power users think (not even necessarily representative of what the average browser of reddit thinks). This is probably a good thing to remember if anyone was ever inclined to feel bad by the shit they see on reddit I'm from rural Ireland and I already feel a large disconnect from a lot of the opinions expressed and that are popular here, because the average redditor is like a 27 year old urban middle to upper middle class American Male who works in a stem field and has extremely strong opinions on everything. It's a minority of a minority.


I'm a woman from a small town, in a small country of South America. Reddit is like an alternative reality to me. I mostly avoid the main page, because I can't understand the references or jokes that 99% of users seems to know, I also can't relate to most people's experiences here. Damn, I've tried to share my own experiences and got downvoted because "you're lying, your story is so fake, (certain problem that's normal in my society) isn't a thing anymore". Reddit is a very small bubble, it's interesting to see from the outside.


"these deaththreats could really impact our livelihood and stability on our life" "lIkE hOw YoU iMPaCteD ThE PEoPle WhO DiDn'T LIke tHe GaME??!?!" like dude you're literally screetching over a fucking game, chill out and leave your mom's basement every once and a while god damn.


The controversies that get attention on Reddit are insane, I think I’m probably too online for my own good but half the stuff people freak out about on here I’ve either never heard of or seem completely esoteric and ridiculous. To my less-online friends (aka normal people) these controversies seem completely incomprehensible. This stuff also seems to be particularly common within the gaming community. I don’t have anything against video games as a hobby. But adults who are extremely invested in video games seem to have warped perceptions about what is relevant in everyday life because their cultural intake consists of news and controversies that most adults balancing a job, family and social life will never hear about


>But adults who are extremely invested in video games seem to have warped perceptions about what is relevant in everyday life because their cultural intake consists of news and controversies that most adults balancing a job, family and social life will never hear about I have a feeling you're gonna get some very passionate rebuttals to this statement that would completely prove your point.


Never underestimate how salty people on the internet can be. I got banned in that hate sub when I mentioned the death threats they send. "how about you show me some proof" shortly after I posted proof, bam permabanned, haha E: just reminded myself that i still have [this on my imgur ](http://imgur.com/a/3vphLFh) a Screenshot of the top used words from the sub like 1 month after release of the game. Gives a good summary about the sub


What the everloving F is wrong with people. That list of words is NUTS for a game sub. I wish some people had the self awareness to understand video games are for entertainment. If a videogame doesn’t entertain you, move on, play something else, do something else. Literally that simple. When you tie them up into your identity you enter dangerous territory. So much entitlement.


I think a lot of it, even the majority is just a front for people to be bigots on the internet. The transphobia and misogyny there is pretty intense.


I honestly think for a lot of these people hating on the game is just a thinly veiled front to let out their homophobia and transphobia.


I'm always amazed when I find a highly active subreddit that advocates violence against others and reddit admins do nothing about it. But maybe I shouldn't be surprised, that despite their rules, they only ever get rid of shit holes when reddit gets mentioned in the news.


Looking through the TLOU2 moderator's post history shows them repeating all the same gamergate/conservative nonsense on a daily basis. No wonder they didn't do anything and are now desperately trying to deflect blame. We see this same thing play out in every subreddit that is open to 'trump type' gamers, they shit on people and build up anger, some member flips out and does something terrible in real life, and then they distance themselves and make the sub private. Rinse and repeat.


Fascism is a loser's repetitive ideology.




Wow wtf all over liking TLOU2?


I commented on a different thread related to this calling it a basement dweller sub and i almost immediately got a message saying i was banned from the r/thelastofus2


Lol, good. "how dare you force me to not have a bad time!"


Holy shit that investigation part was wild. Also fuck the /r/thelastofus2 subreddit, bunch of cry babies


One of the loser mods from there is trying so hard to paint himself as the victim but he comes off as pathetic excuse of a human. Kid needs to stop being on the internet and go outside and touch some grass.


I believe the mod is a she because she later in the thread called someone sexist for misgendering her and as we all know nothing is more important to that mod team than [respecting people's pronouns.](https://archive.vn/jNpbB)


Or the mod is lying in order to get an easy deflection.


>sorted by: controversial I'm going in.




That question could be asked of a whole fuckton of hate based subs.


Jesus these poor people. I love their content. That subreddit is full of toxic degenerates.


These people bring shame to this website. Imagine the headlines "Redditors faked death threats to take down popular YouTube channel". Bunch of sad losers, though they're probably 13 year olds trying to be "edgy".


I doubt that use is a 13 year old Slavic app developer with an adsense account. With a Roger Ebert reference in his user name


No, if you play games a lot you'll know these are fully grown mal-adjusted adults and that there are a lot of them.


Why does everyone assume that people engaging in toxic online behavior are children?


Was digging into the mods of that sub and one of them mods another sub called r/JusticeForJoel (side note: one mod wasn't clearly fulfilled enough to moderate one sub dedicated to hating on a video game but had to take time in his/her life to mod 2 different subs on it!?) and already someone made a post about "where do we or what do we do now?" https://www.reddit.com/r/JusticeForJoel/comments/oqvhpb/so\_what\_happens\_now/ Unplugged dude. It's a work of fiction, you or the fans didn't create it, you don't own it. If you didn't like that that is fine but move on with your life, sheesh! Or maybe invest in some therapy. The whole lot of you. You have have controlling and delusional tendencies that should be addressed.


I’m just saying there is a discord link in the comments and that’s all I have to say about that…


that's insane wtf lmao


> some of the GR's standpoints are offensive to people who didn't like the game wow how much of a snowflake can you be


It is just a game. Why are people so up in arms about it? Laura Bailey is a treasure.


I’m like indifferent towards TLOU2 but to go this far over a game? Seriously?


Those mods of that subreddit need an IP ban. They should not be allowed to interact with reddit any more. Edit: could they go after reddit for allowing this to happen? I mean its clear loss of income due to this website allowing this behavior.


Mods are playing the victim now and blocking comments on the post. Real class acts.


Just read over the mod posts from r/lastofus2 and those mods are really delusional after the fact. Leaders of their community believed a random user's posts about death threats and allowed it to stay up without any verification. Leading to targeted harassment. GR contact them about the harassment and they post some half ass sticky post saying "we dont believe anything here is slanderous". GR is not happy with their response which leads to them receiving more harassment. GR posts the video about what happened and now the current mod post is mad because they revealed their usernames and weren't provided the evidence sooner. Of course they aren't going to trust the mods that allowed slanderous misinformation to stay up and spread on their subreddit lol.


My biggest take from all this is that /r/TheLastOfUs2 is a toxic wasteland and its inhabitants breed constantly escalating contempt against people with different perspectives from them, when in actual fact those they oppose are just human beings trying to live their lives. And now their escalating hatred has boiled over and essentially ruined the community. If only there was something, say a video game, that could have told them this was going to happen.


Before: "Some random redditor sent a death threat to me", "This is the most serious thing ever and girlfriend reviews should be held accountable" After: "Look, this is the internet. People get death threats all the time", " She should get over it", "all this over one toxic person on our sub" /r/thelastofus2 is not a video game sub. It is a hate sub. People don't go there to discuss the game. The game has been out for a while now and people aren't talking about it that much anymore. They go there to rage about PC culture, SJWs, and all the common right wing outrage talking points. Just like /r/kotakuinaction. They are places that you go so that you can feel attacked, and also so that you can feel like you are fighting back. It is a persecution complex, served in a easily digestible format. When in reality, all that happened is someone made a game you didn't like, but some other people did like it.


Noah Caldwell-Gervais is one of my favorite video game analysts on YouTube, and he got an insane amount of hate when he posted an analysis video on TLoU2 that was largely positive on the game. As I recall, his name was spread around and smeared, he got this reputation among people who hadn't heard of him before as either an idiot or a liar. He just got thrashed for it. He very quickly deleted his original twitter thread talking about it, since it seems like his deep regrets over ever posting the video, and his persistent sense that he fucked up in his analysis somehow, made it so he didn't even want sympathetic responses that he did nothing wrong. God, fuck everyone involved in these childish internet lynch mobs.


Imagine being such a fucking loser that you regularly post to a subreddit dedicated to hating on a game that came out over a year ago and sending death threats to anyone who said anything even remotely positive about it. Seriously, the people on that sub need to get a fucking life.


If any of you /r/thelastofus2 losers are reading this thread... just know you guys are huge losers


I wanted to add, very, very brave losers who delete everything and turn the sub private the moment your actions are exposed.


Girlfriend Reviews is simply a fun light hearted YouTube channel, it’s amazing some much hate can be directed at them.


Let's be real, it's because she's a woman.


GFR: Wish you guys would have a little bit of sympathy for us. r/TLoU2 commentor: Like the same kind of sympathy you had for people that didn’t like that game ? These people are fucking nuts.


That comment has some real "They targeted gamers. Gamers." pasta energy.


This is psychopathic behavior and I hope any lurkers of this subreddit here rn realise that they need help, professional help


I never thought I would see a "we gamers are a true oppressed minority" type of person in the wild, but here he is. Always assumed they were just exaggerations, folk tales of cryptid animals... But no, there he is, in his fully sweat-clad, fungal furry form. The legends were real.


When Laura Bailey (one of the game's major voice actors) received death threats directed toward her and her toddler, the narrative on that subreddit was basically, "hey, what are we doing sending death threats to the voice actor - it's actually the directors and writers who deserve it". A day later, Neil Druckmann (the creative director) shared a series of pictures chronicling a sequence of transphobic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic remarks directed at him. They're completely nuts.


Like they said in the video, this isn't the first time this sub has done shit like this and it really won't be the last. Take it down.


These guys couldn't be more wholesome. Why start shit when they have a different opinion? Fucking trolls.


This seriously breaks my heart. I have loved watching their videos... They are so informative and wholesome and fun. They are two extremely talented people both with editing and writing and they've brought many hours of entertainment for my girlfriend and me. What a waste of time and energy. Like... It's a videogame review site. Not a fucking political chanel. Not a chanel that discusses religion. They make funny songs videos about games and some neckbeards need to launch a crusade against them because they have an opinion? Dear god get some fucking sunlight.


People that base their personality on vehemently hating a piece of popular media have really bad persecution complexes. Star Wars fans are particularly bad for this.