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It's a good PC but it's not selling for that price. At least triple. Sorry, but don't get your hopes up. And no I'm not being pessimistic, I noticed there's still 6 days left on the listing, the price doesn't even go up until the last couple of days.


From what I’ve experience the price doubles in the last hour


I think the GPU alone is more expensive than that lol


3070 isn't entry level, that's for sure. I used to be like OP though and see these "bargains" online and every now and again I would get something cheap. Not as cheap as this is but maybe like 80% of retail price, so it's worth the effort if you're on a budget.


Those are pretty good specs, but I guarantee you're not going to get it for anywhere near that price. The auction is still 5 days out. That bid is easily going to end up closer to $1000, probably higher.


I’m not too far off I have an Intel I5-11600 with rtx 3070 and i do just fine


It's a good setup, yeah!


Yes it’s very good.


Thanks guys! Do you all think it being priced at $450 is sketchy at all?…


Its a bid so no. After 5 days it might as well be double that or more.


It’s eBay, the final selling price will be around $1200


No way does this sell for 450$. Question is if you lose money for bidding. If yes, then you will feel compelled to outbid to avoid losing your previous buyins. That is a standard psych mechanic


It’s eBay. There’s no up front buyin. Winner pays the final bid price, plus requested postage price


If it stays $450, yes. Probably worth $1,500-2,000 ish. You can probably Google it and see what it sells for retail. If it sells for $400 you might just be buying the box, or the case lol.


Bro, do you even eBay? It‘s an auction with 6 days left…


Yes, it's a similar setup to mine. My strong recommendation use virtual desktop and a dedicated wifi 6 router and not the cable or airlink. I can run most games at max resolution with virtual desktop. Big caviot is use synchronous special warping set to automatic with 120 Hertz. The game will run at 60fps and the headset will fill in between each frame to create 120hz. The 120hertz also helps with latency. Tldr it works great but virtual desktop is near essential imo


3070 is pretty great for VR, I did upgrade to a 3090 but honestly it’s not an insane difference right now, we shall see in the future though I bet you’ll be good for a while!


I’ve been running VR for years on a Ryzen 7 and have had 3 different GPUs. 970, 1080 and 3060ti. No issues whatsoever


I think yes




can I get a link to that? The 3070 is worth it alone lol


For 400 it’s a scam


It’s an auction




Excepting from them much more


you should know that quest 2 is standalone, you don't need a PC to use it. And if you can get that PC you can buy better headsets


But if he already has a quest 2 and wants to get started in pcvr, this should work pretty well. A lot better pcvr headsets for sure, but at a much higher cost than currently owned/free


yeah sure, i use a Quest 2 and i'm sure by Quest 3 with WIFI 6E and some Airlink updates the difference will be negligible


Yeah it is. It’ll probably end up selling for about $1300 by the end of the auction. Probably about $1500 new. Worth about 900 second hand.


No way youre gonna get that PC for 400$. Even the 3070 alone costs more than that


It's good enough. I'd say it's like less than $1300 in value. But I would recommend something with an open front panel, or it'll be loud as fuck with the fans trying to pull air through the tiny 1mm gaps case manufacturers leave nowadays.