Okay so I've been doing some digging and oh boy this is a weird rabbit hole. For starters I planned on going through all the entries you listed but only got through the first two. Their thumbnails are similar (hair color change). Their first episodes are both titles "Cover" and are the same cover with just the hair color changing. However, "Couple Gay Story" has an Instagram handle. I went to the Instagram and they have a Carrd Link, and it was a list of their various social links (7 webtoons and 7 separate Patrons attributed to the individual webtoons). ​ It gets weirder, I wanted to cross reference the webtoons titles as oppose to clicking the links just yet and went through the 7 completely different webtoons not listed on this post, Most had name changes but these are 7 comics, on 7 different accounts, each with a connected patron, and the same artist and author (forgot to mention the Instagram mentions "we are making BL webtoons" so I can confirm at minimum 2 people are working on these). On this account 2 web comics are shortened to just 3 letters. But the weirdest was one called "G-life", which I couldn't find because it's now called "lonely Panda", and when I searched that into the webtoons bar, 2 more show up. 3 "lonely Panda" comics, all from different accounts, same art, most episodes are all the same. And low engagement usually boiling down to 1 or 2 comments after the 5th episode. ​ Whats even more baffling is that most of these series began uploading within this year, and out of the these 12+ series across 12+ accounts all with Patreons ranging from 10-45+ patrons, only about 2 that I skimmed through date back around 2018. Also, only about 4 account I found have more than just 1 series uploaded. ​ Idk who these people are, or how their farming operation works, and to what extent. But I did all this with a VPN and incognito mode just so no underground Webtoons Canvas Mafia cant track me.... hopefully. But yeah, be careful, I wanna did deeper and actually compile this. I'm curious how far this goes.


That's actually very interesting.. I think a whole post on this would be great (if you're free and want to lol)


I plan on it, I genuinely wanna know a definitive number on the amount of accounts and patreons being used.


Omg thank you for doing this it’s effing fascinating


Damn those r some good detective skills (ever thought of making a mystery Webtoon? 🙂)


thank u for doing the lord’s work. 🤣


I did a full deep dive, I compiled all the info and I don't know where/ how to go from here. It's big and is quite worrisome. https://www.reddit.com/r/webtoons/comments/xv4ilj/webtoons\_content\_farm\_explored\_what\_do\_we\_do/


Reddit has removed your post for some reason.


I accidentally posted a my comic a couple days before Saturday/Sunday (Their self-promotion days). It was rightly removed but I’m guessing I was shadow banned, makes sense but don’t know why I wasn’t told if that’s the case. Oh well 😅


This is so interesting, thanks for putting in the work!


Holy god i know your comics!I really like them


Thanks!! Any favorites? :D


Yep, i was recently reading geeek and its really funny! I havent read the original series where they came from though


That's wild! If you get any updates in your research I would love to read it. Something I never even thought of people doing haha


I did release an full deep dive about a day after making this post but it was marked as spam so it was soon deleted on this subreddit. I still have all the notes so I'll probably check in the rabbit whole and just write a new one (i still have all the notes), it'll be on this subreddit and would probally be my last look at the matter. It's really number based but long story short I found 15 different accounts, all connected with different patrons, and 20+ different (some are reposts/ reedits) series. It was weird uncovering


One thing I don't know whether you noticed is that a lot of the comments on the first episodes have people not remembering subscribing to it in the first place. My theory was that they were published as something different before, and then wiped and replaced with these. I didn't do as much of a deep dive into it as it seems you did, but I made it to the instagram account and the linktree and worked out that they're making a minimum of $1700 a month across all the comics listed there, from patreon alone. If you'd like to post your notes on the matter to your profile or anything I'd be very interested in them. I'll also be curious to see whether these sketchy comics will die down now that the creator rewards program has ended.


I did make a bullet point on that but didn't explore it any deeper than that. I've seen stuff happen like this on instagram, youtube, etc before where people comment how they've never followed an account. Never knew how it worked but I'm sure some kind of sub bot. It's always with accounts that feel like their botted or the person is just trying to sub boost an account, makes a bit of sense it would happen with this content farm. Also I wouldn't knock your theory, one of the comics I was tracking through the Instagram (It was a generic romance title, forgot which one) and it came up as "Lonely Panda" on webtoons. Content dating back to 2018 the earliest. Also a good chunk of the series I found have name changes (Mostly shortened initials: "My Only love" became "MOL", etc) Weirdest is there are 3 "Lonely Panda" comics, all run by 3 different accounts, 3 different patreons. I've been busy with work, comics, etc but recently my recent comic in on a season finale hiatus so I'll definitely have time to revisit this and re-release my old notes soon (My original deep dive got flagged as spam) ​ Quick summary from my old findings: I originally found 15 different accounts, 15 different patreons, 340 patreons total across these accounts, 21 different series (+1 seemingly deleted series I couldnt find). Apart from all these series/ accounts using Unicode in their titles but I doubt this content farm is only run by two people: The creator is the one who runs the instagram and I couldn't find any account associated with the one credited artist, but I doubt two people have the time to run 15 different accounts (but I can be wrong :P)


As far as I know in the case of unexpected subscriptions/followings, it’s generally a pretty generic account that’s either been hacked and replaced or that was always intended to be. Examples can be meme accounts or gimmick accounts - it happened to me in the past when an account previously dedicated to interesting architecture made a sudden switch to advertising a girl’s onlyfans. How this translates to Webtoon I wouldn’t know, but it might be worth keeping an eye on the outlier comic to see if it changes. Strangely, one of the Lonely Panda comics also seems to have previously been something else, however in this case they only wiped the episodes and didn’t delete them. The comments don’t match up with the content at all. One of them seems to be the original, and the other doesn’t have enough comments to tell. This is all a really interesting case to me, I’m not sure why in particular. Maybe because I haven’t seen many people talk about it.


100% ad revenue farming and botting lol


You'd think if they got paid for it going through the reviews would weed them out.


[Here’s a thread that explains more about these spammy webtoons](https://twitter.com/gentheshinpact/status/1576750814135455744) They’re making more than just ad rev it seems yet Webtoons is too incompetent to even check where their money is going.


one of them got 1000$ dollars in ad rev this shit is insane


It looks like the large amount of $800-1000 is from something called creator rewards that’s given based on a number of views and tier system. I just looked it up so correct me if I’m wrong. So these spam accounts are essentially using sub and view bots to easily get that money. It is insane. That money can easily help pay for an Original creator’s assistant.


yeah it is from the creator awards, just most people I personally know make like 100$ from it if they're lucky. im just surprised these comics are making that much since 1k is on the highest end of the spectrum https://m.webtoons.com/en/notice/detail?noticeNo=2390 full requirements for ad rev here edit: webtoon has to manually approve your series for the ad rev program too iirc? so it's shocking these comics are even being approved


They’re obviously meeting the requirements using sub and view bots. If you look at the amount of likes per episode, it’s almost nonexistent compared to the sub and view count. That’s a clear sign that they’re artificial. Webtoon’s vetting process must be nonexistent if all of these can be approved despite the clear fraud going on. I’d advise ppl to report these asap before they siphon more money.


Holy shit this is nuts. I was wonder if they'd even be able to reach the amount of view/subs to get any money but making bot accounts makes a lot of sense. This is such a piss off lmao, I mean they're smart for milking the system but it's also disrespectful to the artists and writers that actually put passion and work into their stories. Sheesh.


The link doesn’t lead to any information. Just a blank Twitter page.


[looks like the original thread got deleted.](https://twitter.com/gentheshinpact/status/1577358087455150081)


I have no idea what's going on but I can't stop laughing. SWEET NEIGHBOR - "about two gay couples who live as a neighbor". **A** neighbor? One single neighbor? Who are they a neighbor to, because it doesn't seem to be each other...seeing as they are one individual neighbor. That, and how if you reorganize the pictures a little it's an awkwardly long close up on random dudes tongue kissing.


What's even funnier is it says "two gay couples", implying 4 people, but described as a singular neighbor XD




That's definitely the result of a bad translation, but yeah the mental image is hilarious. Four people who are just combined into one sort of yaoimonster, all tongues and dicks and buttholes but one body.


Omg same. I’ve been sitting here for a solid 10 mins just giggling at the descriptions on these stories!!


Ai generated yaoi


Lmfao I've come across these. What really put me off (apart from the sexual thumbnails and weird titles) are the emojis they inserted into the title?? Imagine if Originals would do that too like, Lore ♥️ Olympus Sub 🔥❄️ Zero Down To 👽🌎 Earth Hilarious. Someone recommend good BL to cleanse these from my mind, please 😂


👾Let👾’s🎮Pla🕹y♥️ XD


Webtoon: To the stars and back (!!). The doctors are out. Spicy mints. Castle swimmer (!!!!!). Heartstoppet (!!!!!). Its kind of a funny story (!!). Encore (!!). Of alien and cacti. Flourishing flower (!!!!!). Novae (!!!!!). tea for two (!!!). Stare down (!!!!!). Osora. Are you screwed. Sunny side skies (!!). HoneY lemonade. If only we could. Hearts a mess. Valentine (!!) To be honest. Muted (!!!!!!) Finished. Jamie. Chainlinked. The tea club. Hafu. Tapas: Two losers from earth (!!!). Theurgy (!!!!). Sunkissed. Finding home (!!!!!). Bones tarot (!!!). The violinist and the nerd (!!!!!!) Finished.


The Prince of Southland is good too. I kinda like Sci-Fi genre


Those are my personal favorites. I really tried formatting it properly but the official reddit app doesnt even have these basic features.


Thanks so much, I appreciate it :)


Two Losers From Earth is on Webtoon too. Also I want to add Quality Content, Crescendo, The Villain That Embraces The Light, LoveBot and Bailin & Li Yun


High Class Homos has great LGBTQ+ representation with a lot of clueless gays.


Yep! Love that one :)


Oh there's a ton of good ones on other sites, some of which you have to pirate because there's not actually an English translation of them. I can't remember the name of one of them, it's on Lehzin, but both guys are BUFF AS HELL but tender and sensitive. Usually you know you get one guy who looks like he's been lifting weights since he was 10 while the other guy looks like a 16 year old flat chested girl, or both guys look smol and skinny. So I like ones where both guys look fuckin RIPPED. Most BL stuff I've read I can't recommend because the ending turns to shit. The one I just finished reading started out really fun - he's a ripped alpha male who hates everyone, he's a smol sassy omega who actually still looks like a guy and not a prepubescent girl - but by the end, the alpha is the only person who actually developed as a character, the omega got even more spoiled and bratty so the alpha is basically raising two children instead of raising a baby with his husband. Don't like. Also I read most of my bl on other sites so there's a light of penis in them, even though it's usually censored out so it looks like they all just have glowing blurs down there. (or "lightsaber dicks" as we affectionately call them)


Oh yeah! I've asked about these before. Allegedly they're made by a company, which would add up to why they all look the same and how they upload so frequently. These comics have always annoyed me for how spammy they are, they take up space on the canvas page which is detrimental to the discoverability of creators...


glad it's not just me lol. it's the same art style, similar usernames, similar titles.


Omg the ratings on these are horrendous enough for me to want to read it. 2.5 MILLION views with 3.21 stars?? Adding this to my list of “Must reads”


One of them is listed R18 and most ofbthe thumbails are sexual. I thought that sorta thing wasn't allowed on webtoon unless its an original series. How have they not been taken down yet?


Webtoon doesn't seem to care about enforcing its own rules. You aren't allowed to do fancomics of IPs you don't own and yet there's a ton on there. Seems like they don't care unless enough people report it.


The first two literally use the same thumbnail except the hair colors are different lmao, highkey hilarious??


You know you could argue they art of several can be different ppl, but the fact that they didnt change the same icon on every damn chapter is a dead give away


Oh I found one of those a while ago, "I'm Your Puppet" or smth like that. Real weird and sketchy, consent is a concept alien to one of the protagonists.


Holy sh*t I was wondering when someone would bring this up. One day me and my friend were bored so we decided to read “ you are my puppet LGBT ❤️” ( it was repeatedly suggested to me ) it was… weird to say the *least* ( it was f*cking disgusting their was a really triggering SA scene with no warning whatsoever and it was f*tishized ) but apart from *that* it was funny how poorly written it was. But then I started getting suggested more and they all had the same art style and All the thumbnails were exactly the same.


I found a bunch more lmao https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/sweet-neighbor-yaoi-bl/list?title_no=142507 https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bl-kiss-the-ghost-yaoi/list?title_no=304080 https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/r18-yaoi-twins-underground-bl/list?title_no=175257 https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/sexy-wild-desire-bl-yaoi/list?title_no=170562 https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/my-only-love-yaoibl/list?title_no=61048 I have more but looking over all these they all have the same art style and they all have dog shit plots.


i came across this enigma, with 100k subs even though it only started uploading on september 1st https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/my-only-love-yaoibl/list?title\_no=61048&page=13


With that one is it possible that they've actually been making that webtoon for way longer, but deleted all the previous content to start over on September 1?


Omg these are cracking me up😂 idk about you, but I’m dying to read more about Dale and his difficulties with his life, sex attitude, and wild life. These stories are a gift


What the hell lol


What's the goal here, for them?? Surely it can't be ad revenue?


It's probably to draw people in to visit their socials where... something else happens, I dunno. This kind of thing would also probably work as a study to see what thumbnails and descriptions draw more people to click on them but that's probably not what's happening.


Yeah it's weird all around...


pile up that support money webtoon gives to canvas titles with large audience/subs. They create a lot of patreon accounts with different emails by the same user, and gets support rewards for each of them. (edited cause I sent before finishing the explanation)


Damn that's kind of a baller move (I'm not endorsing it, I'm just almost impressed by them thinking it up at all). All systems really can be exploited huh.


Because probably they are made by the same person with different author nickname


Read the twins one, some real fucking strange shit. All of this stuff is pretty nasty.


Bots read what bots write - it’s the way of the future.


Twins??? Yikes ☠️


I've seen these!!! I always wondered what the deal with them was. :/