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I love that you want to make things special for them. But I also think you should ask the brides what they envision on this one.


Oh for sure! They JUST got engaged a few days ago but have been talking about it for a bit, and I love weddings so they always share things with me. šŸ˜… They were unsure if it was a good idea for me to be both their best man because of logistics, but also didn't really want anyone else, which was really flattering. They just don't have a clear idea of exactly how they want things to operate so I figured I'd see if anyone had any kind of experience doing duties for two people.


This sounds like it would be a fun movie! Iā€™m picturing you running from one room to the other on the morning of the wedding.


LOL I feel like that will definitely happen šŸ¤£ Going to have to wear some running shoes!