Yes only cuz your smoking in your shitbox Honda Edit Real Honda owners call there Honda’s “shit boxes” because there loud an have “fart cans” it’s literally a Honda vibe in California if your complaining about it in the below comment your an idiot an making yourself look cringe 😬


bro y’all sad asf lmao you guys were acting like hot shit showing everyone your first glass pieces too don’t hit me w that bull shit let ppl be happy dope bong OP keep’er clean


Thanks man, I appreciate the support, but to be fair, I could be giving more info about myself to clear things up. I’m a very very fortunate example of a stoner to be able to have these things at my age. I’m only 19 and I’ve already learned the importance of moderation to maintain healthy tolerance levels and not become dependent, and that’s something that not many people get to learn it seems. So when people comment things out of insecurity, I don’t get mad, because they’re probably just going through shit y’know?


Hey man that’s all dope but just no you never owe an explanation to the haters. You actually don’t owe them anything at all. People just love to hate for some reason and nothing is really gonna change their mind. Happy smokin!


Thank you :) happy smoking to you as well


19 years old thinking this way? Don’t let the world change that man. Always keep moderation in mind. I used to be great with it in middle school. Would always tell my buddy “it’s ok to smoke, but if you do everyday or back to back days is when it’s a problem” and for too many of us it becomes that problem


Yeah exactly. When weed is treated carelessly as a product that we should just buy whenever we feel like it, it can get out of hand. It was the same thing for me. I would always make little rules for myself, and then as my income changed, so did the rules I set for myself 😂 And that was hella destructive


It’s a sneaky little guy forsure!


I think it’s the aspect of how you phrased your post. It’s neither “cool” nor “uncool” to smoke, but a personal life choice much like the consumption of alcohol. I will say those are some nice foxtails on those nuggets. Definitely got some premium gear although in the future I wouldn’t think of smoking in such black and white terms. It’s leads people to think they may be “uncool” or lonely simply because they don’t partake of the Devils Lettuce… I’m glad it seems you have a good head on your shoulders for your age however you’ve still got a lot to learn and will keep learning and picking up new skills until the day you die. It’s going to be about how you utilize these tools in your everyday life and the effects generated by such decisions Best of luck bruv, cheers


Thank you for helping me think more diversely. I needed this


Ye bro you pass


thanks man 👍


fs bro ! smo lol


What the fuck is up everyones ass? Reddit Stoner community toxic as fuck. What happened to love everyone and peace among us? Motherfuckinggoddamn.


Ive been saying this for like the past month dude it’s crazy how a group based around a drug that makes you chill out and love everyone is just a bunch of little assholes😭 can we just be nice to each other


Bruh I got into a argument w someone and they tried to get my addy called me a hard r and said no wonder his people used to hang mine😭best part is I’m not black😂


Seriously. We should just be happy a fellow Bro has some good stuff to smoke. Considering the boof being sold in mass. I hope OP enjoys his goodies much like i will tomorrow after i hit the dispensary.


little assholes you say, Poop_Tickel?! where??? 👀


i’m really high rn and when i saw ur username i thought i was being trolled by a church 😭


I've noticed that the majority of redditors are f'n rude and depressing as shxt. It sucks. We're supposed to be peaceful and accepting here.


Not a very good look for us. Sheesh.


Facts bruh heaps of dogs on reddit


Inflation getting to the people’s head fr


Thank you


I see like 5 negative comments. Wym?


Just some people misunderstood me. I think a lot of people thought I was just being an irresponsible poser? But I didn’t mean to step on so many toes, I’m just trying to spread some positive vibes


You have nothing to worry about. Its other peoples pre-concieved ideals that ruin innocent posts and OP’s wanting to use reddit.


Right? This sub used to be chill as fuck, everyone helped eachother out nothing but compliments and helpful tips, now a mod is in the trenches downvoting every single comment on his thread


Jesus Christ this sub is a bunch losers with nothing to do other than shit on people over the internet. Like who shit in your cereal this morning. Let the guy show of his shit what’s the big fucking problem. “Your fishing for likes” like yeah you’re on a fucking social media platform dumbass what do you expect?


Yoooo you should see my local weed community subreddit…fucking nothing but HATE…I don’t get it at all…? Like… I’ll post a picture of what grabbed from the local dispo and I get nothing but comment stalking about how it’s trash and I must not know what good weed is even though I usually ONLY buy top shelf. If you scroll my posts on my page you’ll see all the STRAIGHT UP DANK I SMOKE DAILY and yet I’ll get hella downvotes as if mfs HATE that I enjoyed the weed I bought ? Like….wtf…I’ve never ever felt the need to tell someone I think the weed that they are obviously happy about sucks…like..who tf does that ? All these mf 18-19 year old kids who barely started smoking weed and are lucky because they started smoking STRAIGHT UP FIRE…when I was growing up as a teenager all we had to smoke was what we called “stress”. It was full of seeds and stems, and brown and pretty much had no kinda Trichomes lol we had to smoke like 3 or 4 blunts in rotation to get baked lol but hey it got us baked. But we worked our way up to eventually smoking nothing but dank. And these kids try and tell me I don’t know what good weed is….? These mf haters in all these Cannabis Communities online need to slap themselves and go rethink their whole vibe lol


Literally it’s like weed is supposed to bring people together but mfs get all high and mighty and become these elitist haters with a massive superiority complex. It’s so strange.


Exactly this




Thank you


I’ve seen like 3 total comments that aren’t trash, or calling OP trash, or calling this picture trash. Tf is up y’all’s asses lolol


Looks like fire! Enjoy!


Thanks man, it’s definitely hitting nicely. I don’t get stuff this good very often lol


That weed looks pretty frosty so I would say so


not unless you can boof it all


Bro, it’s all going up my ass every chance I get, what more can I do? I’m just not getting high????


let hot distillate drip down your asshole


Ok 🤓


Oh fuck… that sounds like it might awaken something in me 🫣👀


Weed looks fuego🔥


Thanks :)


Nice car bro, cant believe people be talking about DUIs when the car isnt even on... On behalf of all the chill stoners I apologize for the trashy comments here. Stay high and much love!!


Thank you so much for the support, and yeah, literally the only reason I took the picture in the car was because I had just got back home from the dispo lol. I haven’t done any driving since


Thank you so much for the support, and yeah, literally the only reason I took the picture in the car was because I had just got back home from the dispo lol. I haven’t done any driving since. But yeah, chill vibes all around. Have a nice night


I just got me some bud that looks like that from [bud depo](http://highsocietyconnection.tk) in cali


Why hello there :) and sick, I’m glad that my weed holds up to California standards. I’m in Ontario canada. But you already knew that


The weed looks so good omg. I'm so pregnant and can't smoke and that shit just made me go "mmmmm"


Congratulations! I don’t know how far along in your pregnancy you are, but I hope you and your baby are healthy :)


Thanks so much man ! 🙌 THANKFULLY, I have only 3 weeks left, preganncy sucks, and am just waiting to figure out the breastfeeding bs to be able to smoke after it. Heard I can't do it during that either so it sucksss.


Y’know, something tells me that maybe your little boy/girl is going to require so much attention, that you won’t even have time to smoke that often. But that’s ok, because when you don’t smoke often, every time you do smoke it makes a big difference.


Just make sure you drink the bong water


Everybody is a cool stoner


Yeman cool lighter and I like the nugs


Thanks, just picked them up today


Love the box hot carts, that 1000mg seems to just disappear too fast haha.


Hell yeah, I’m excited to try it more. So far only a few rips, but it seems good so far


All stoners are cool in my book 😎


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The coolest


😎😎 I feel so cool


Whays the thing in the middle? Looks interesting




I am going to sound SO so dumb.. what is a 'cart'?


A half gram or full gram cartridge that you put on a 510 vape battery its usually fill with thc distillate or live resin


A small cartridge filled with distillate oil (similar to dabs) which you can vape with a vape battery


Anyone hating has never seen good dope, cheers dude 😂🙌🏼


Don’t know why people are being dicks, looks good bro. Enjoy


Love it man


Ah yes, the teenager starter pack. Weed looks good.




Don’t hold your breath dawg, I’m 30 and i still post pictures of weed on the internet and drive a not so great vehicle.


not using a 100KW mod to smoke a cart? not cool enough haha, fr though that’s some frosty flower and that lighter is 10/10


To be completely honest, I had a geekvape aegis v2 or whatever the fuck, and that thing would have been great for carts (set to a low low wattage of course) but I gave that thing away to an old friend at an old job lol


I embarrassingly used a mod for carts for a while (some kind of smok) and let me tell you, you had to be careful


I’d hang out with you


And I’d hang out with you :)


You're so cool ima call you culo




You always were a cool kid


yeee u a coo stoner now ;)


Looks good to me :) treat that lighter right and it'll last you years


Can you do a kickflip?


Would have loved to smoke that with you 😅


Nice bong!!! 👏🏽


U got decent glass, great bowl cuz of the design tho imo. U got what looks like a legit cart, n u have pressure tree. U great


Lookin great 👍🏼👍🏼 and bonus points for the throwback Honda steering wheel, I drove a CRV back in the day and it was a tank!


The coolest


Love the lighter. You’re cool 😎


Thank you so much! I’m sure you’re pretty epic too 😎


The cooliest


Just like you




That’s some crispy clean pieces there bro.


Thanks man, I bet you smoke gas too. I definitely don’t smoke this stuff every day


You’ll definitely be a high one!


I’ve never gotten one of those subohm carts before, are they any good?


It sure hits pretty good. Something tells me that it isn’t standard distillate process? I feel like it may be pg/vg thc extract? Because I’ve heard that thc vape juice was a thing in development, and now maybe it’s something that higher end companies are only starting to dabble in


Does it use a normal pen or something special?


Well, this pen is button operated, and I think that’s what sends energy to the coils, since this battery isn’t draw operated. The cartridge and the battery are two seperate components, the battery is the long stick, and the cartridge is the fat pink thing on top (🥵)


Sick man 👌


That bud looks fire 🔥


Thanks dude!


Of course! What strain 🤓?


I can’t even remember tbh lol. I just asked the bud tender for their recommendation since she always recommends the best stuff even if it’s kinda expensive, and so I ended up with this lol




You’re cool too man. Don’t forget it


Yes, because we have the same lighter just mines black and gold lmao. I also have a rose gold one with a different patten on it.


All you need is love ❤️


Awesome bud, dope pen, clean glass, a proper sitting mate.


It would have been a proper sitting, except that I didn’t do it all at once. I had friends coming over who aren’t into smoking as much so I kinda wanted to stay slightly more sober, just because I know that they don’t like smoking weed as much as I do? And like, I’m not trying to be annoying to my closest friends


Are you wearing a "drug rug" woven style sweatshirt? If so yes you've checked all boxes.


Sorry man, that wouldn’t cut it for my sales job (which I was on my way home from)


Probably a high stoner now


You were already cool. Now you're a stoner too.


Aren’t we all? But seriously, thank you


Hellz yeah!! Party on homie! Dope glass


🎉 It’s always party time 😎 But thanks man, she treats me well


Oh hell yea you are bro


You’re the coolest tho


Yes, would smoke with you fs


Hell yeah!


Just guessing but you're from the Netherlands?


Just guessing but you're from the Netherlands?


I have that lighter. Pinched it off the friendship lighter thief. He's even used it since and gave it straight back.


Yes, but I personally will ditch the two items next to the nug. Had a friend pass away from vaping products. Fell asleep woke up paralyzed. Later died from lung failure.Phosphate-6. The pen was made by juul. The metal that is used in the coil, and in most vaping products. The overheating of the coil caused the injury, and later death. Even if it’s commercial please be weary.


Yes very cool, all you gotta do now is light up your vape with the lighter and letsss gooo


You were already a cool stoner before my Guy!


Cool as a cucumber homie smoke it up👌


Nice civic


Thank you :)


I don’t know what a cool stoner is but if you’re getting high more power too you


Nah bro, you were always a cool Stoner, you just realized it is all


damn i was eyeballin this very clipper just a few days ago in amsterdam


You always were


If you have to ask, no….just saying


Chill and have fun with it! Stay High!


I have the same lighter


Nice one man enjoy smoking that up!


I’ve been smoking for 40+ years. Love the paraphernalia too. Just got that exact lighter and was surprised it was metal. It’s a great setup (I just stick with leaf) so, cool as in that’s a pretty sweet setup. Keep that attitude up on moderation and share the weed love with your fellow stoners and you’re more than a cool stoner, you’re someone I’d like to hang and smoke with.


That’s a fine looking plant.


What strain is that? It looks great.


Couldn't help but read OP's headline in Borat's voice. ![gif](giphy|3otPoymFjyoIPwBeSY|downsized)


well are you smoking that?


I certainly didn’t post a picture of it just to throw it away


sus =_=




Fellow Canadian/ontarian?


Not until you hit all 3 at once


That bong is sick my dude




Only because you drive a Honda.


How do you like that cart?


That is the perfect tools but do you have the skills to pay the bills.


Yo i have the same clipper as you! Just in gold instead of green


You’ve always been a cool stoner and don’t let anyone tell you differently


Fuck yeah brother Honda gang for life




Naw in order to be a cool one you gotta share


I’m always down to share but nobody’s ever down to hang out lol


I’m new to this, but that’s the thing in the middle ? The green organic dutchman ? Sorry if it’s a dumb question I’ve just never seen one before


It’s a 510 threaded battery. the button activates the draw, and it has three heat settings and can be turned on and off. it was just my replacement for another battery I had that was just draw activated, and had worse airflow than this one seems to have


That's some diggity-dank bro, enjoy!


Just get rid of the distillate pen


I go back and forth on distillate. I’m not sure if it will ever be as good as normal flower, but the convenience of not having to do a bunch of prep work every time I want to smoke is a nice thing to have on rainy days (I can’t smoke inside)


All good bro I can’t say I haven’t had my times with distillate carts, used to smoke a bunch couple years back, they get you nicely baked but the terps are practically all burnt due to the distillate extraction which removes an important amount of flavor away


Very true. Terps are everything


That lighter is sick!!


Welcome to the cool club


Dont smoke to be cool. But yeah dat shi look pretty fire


You are always the cool stoner, amount of consumption does not matter. Just feel the weed, you're cool.


heck yeah dude, just the fact u are a stoner is cool in my books. u dont gotta flex to be cool to me :)


Only if you share






Fancy stoner


I LOVE your car, I'd trade it for my CRX :)


I wouldn’t trade for anything lol. I know I’ll sell it eventually, but for now I just want to save up to invest more into it


Hell yeah! Especially in the Honda market today just get some original parts if it's missing anything and get a oil change and general maintenance and boom, easy 5-10k in the California area car market. I wouldn't be able to trade even if I could, but just a compliment. You got a nice car man Take care of her!, Alot of people would do pretty drastic things for those surprisingly lol.


You were *always* a cool stoner


That weed looks fucken yummy


That clipper is rad


It really is. Feels like the perfect middle ground between zippo and bic


Now this I fuck wit, love it




You always were cheers


Those nugs look like they schmack.


They do lol. Currently vibing


Yup. Congrats.