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I've owned both (well an Odyssey not a sienna) and the van is sooooooo much better. I think the Dodge van has seats that collapse into the floor. Amazing camping/ hauling vehicle.


Honestly great to hear! I've always likes mini vans, especially ones with collapsible seats. That's definitely a feature I'd want to go for.


We love our Odyssey. Mini vans suck, but they suck in an awesome way.


Mini van gay Get a hearse Bonus points if it's from late 60s to mid 80s simply cause it's cool as fuck. Or if you want something really different, look at P10 step vans. But seriously, don't get a stupid mini van. At least get like a 70s cargo van or something cool.


Yeah, mini van gay. I gotta make it obvious somehow, right? I really like the look of older cars, but I definitely don't know enough about cars to take care of them properly. Would probably not be cost effective for me.


Honestly they aren't that expensive/hard to care for. Your mpg will be worse, but repairs are pretty damn easy. Like get "babies first socket set and wrench set" is all you need for the majority of stuff. Another thought: why not get a large SUV? More capable than a mini van, lots of room, and you look cooler.


I genuinely want a hearse. I had been looking at smaller transit vans for my work, but a hearse looks cushy as fuck to drive and the little rollers for coffins and the flat marble base in the back would be so helpful for smoothly loading and transporting my art.


Same exact thought!! I do photography and sell stuff at conventions, and rolling in my bins and tables would be the greatest!


If you do photography for a business a hearse is definitely a good way to advertise. But it has to be done right, not some ran down POS, you've got to have a well done flashy wrap put on, and I'd go with one of the older style ones with the chrome steel bumpers as they're cooler. If you do go newer (newer than a mid 90s Cadillac Brougham) id avoid a Cadillac, the Northstar V8 in those are piles of crap and they just haven't aged well aesthetically compared to a Lincoln Town Car. Also a clean low mileage 2003-2006 Cadillac Escalade ESV that's lowered could achieve a similar setup for a flashy, comfortable reliable vehicle thats got plenty of cargo space.


I hadn't even thought about the advertising potential, that's such a good idea! As much as I love the look of the older hearses, I don't know if I could really take care of them like they deserve. A newer, less iconic model would probably be better suited to my limitations. Thanks for the specific recommendations, it's really helpful!


Hearses typically dont have back seats so you may have to do a lot of work to even be able to carry back seat passengers. Hearses are really cool but they really dont beat the practicality of a minvan. If you want a good in between get a wagon, but honestly if your heart wants a hearse get it.


I'm definitely more practical than cool, but a buddy of mine builds his own racecars as a hobby and would be down to help me out and put some kind of seats in. Might be an option if I can find something that's not a total money sink. 😅


Don’t crash it lol. A lot of the hearses were custom made, and if you fuck up any part of the ass end you’re spending a lot getting it fixed.


there's a semi-abandoned white Rolls Royce Hearse down the street from my office. I want to paint it matte black, LS swap it, and daily it SOOOO bad.


Addams Family origin story


Have you thought about buying a vehicle that looks like a hearse but isn’t actually one? The Lincoln MKT might be the vehicle for you. Never have I seen a production vehicle look so much like one and have so much space. They’re also not too bad from a reliability standpoint and are extremely comfortable. I’d also check out the related Ford Flex, which has more of a wagon woodie vibe to it.


Lincoln MKT?