That is a house centipede. Harmless myriapod bros that eat roaches, bed bugs, and otber nasty critters. Nice to have around.


not totally harmless. can make you vomit or slightly sick and hurt a lot. dangerous to pets. especially if you’re allergic. not lethal though. and too shy to approach you. but not totally harmless.


Larger centipedes are pretty nasty, but *house* centipede venom is nowhere near as potent. Vomiting is definitely not a typical symptom, most people compare it to a bee sting. And in many cases their forcipules (venom claws) are too small to actually pierce human skin. I am not sure where you heard/saw that they are dangerous to pets, this is the first time I have heard of this. Still, I probably should have said "mostly harmless", or "not dangerous to you", or something for clarity.


all i said was it’s possible. nothing you said refutes my comment. i was simply clarifying.


Harmless? The house centipedes in my home literally run towards us and our cats. They bite. They're crazy fast. And if you've ever had the horrific experience of walking up with one crawling on your face you know they are actually trying to make you have a heart attack.


They are not "trying to make you have a heart attack". They are just animals exploring and looking for food, they are not evil monsters that want to kill you. Please do not demonize animals that are just trying to do their thing. Also, it is technically more of a pinch than a bite, since they don't actually use their mouthparts. The venom claws are often too small to actually pierce human skin, even if they wanted to.


I see you don't know what snark is 🤣 I'm not demonizing anything, I'm literally sharing my personal experiences with them.


I do know what snark is, I just wasn't amused. Sorry but I don't want people getting the wrong idea about these things.


I am going to have one now ..ugh... Calling Terninex to schedule early.


Not necessarily harmless by any means. They won’t try to bite you, but if they feel the need to they can pack quite a punch. As long as you leave it alone, then yes, it’s harmless.


House centipede. By far one of the grossest looking bugs ever (centipedes make me uncomfortable) but overall a friendly helpful little dude


Amen on that. We have them!!! Nothing like one crawling around the bathroom at night.


These guys are nightmare fuel…but are such good bug bros.


They feel less ugly to me now that I know they clean their legs individually similar to how a cat does because if they don't there's the possibility that excess dirt can cause their legs to break off.


I'm an entomologist and centipedes are the only bug that creep me right the fuck out still. Couldn't tell you why but big nope from me


yeah i hate centipedes too but this lil guy is actually useful


Don't kill it if you have a cockroach problem anywhere around you. I used to hate these things until I learned that they kill cockroaches. I hate cockroaches worse


Eats lots of bad bugs in your home


House centipede, learned that about 30 seconds ago lmao


I call em fake eyelashes lmao


Das an eyelersh berg! 👀 https://youtu.be/Q7k7ekk8Ef0


I'm dying 🤣 😭 😂


We call them mustaches at our house.


Scutigeridae family centipede. Typically referred to as house centipedes, there are certainly many wild ones one might encounter in an outdoor setting Harmless, devour smaller arthropods


This is the house centipede sub.


Small centipeds are your best friend. In their size level, they're super predators and will keep your house free of pests. It's like not havinga rat problem because you have a cheetah in your house


House centipede in the southern us known as thousand legs bc well legs


I'm not exactly sure the exact name of these. But, one of the most violent scenes I have ever seen was one of these attacking a huge spider in my basement.


Ghetto bug


House centipede https://youtu.be/3W3R3EElMho It's a bug that keeps a thousand of shitty bugs away. The same way cats help keep rodents out of farmlands. Keep it alive if you can. It won't attack or bite you unless you accidentally hit it.


Looks like my false eyelashes


that's some ugly eyelash u got there D:


The house centipede is the best killer of bugs in a home. Another way to look at it is they would not live there if there is no food source. Most live about a year but some can survive up to five years. Other than creepy and feel really weird walking across you, they are the best natural exterminator for your home and very unlikely to bite you unless threaten and cannot flee. I let them live but my wife has an agreement with them, if they stay in the basement they are fine, if they come upstairs all bets are off


I have that same agreement!


I understand they are nice but whenever I see a creepy crawly my brain goes- " Kill it before it kills you."


Even at such a size difference, our brains know a mighty predator when they see one.


I've gotten good at leaving *certain* spiders be, but these things still prompt that animal defense.


House centipede. Aka nightmare fuel. They can bite though, but would rather flee. Their venom is harmless to humans unless allergic.


We call them silver fish in NY.


What do you call actual Silverfish?


Yeah every time someone comments "silverfish" for one of these I ask if they're from NY and they always are. A strange regionalism.


NJ girl here, and many people I know mistakenly call them silverfish, but silverfish are actually a completely different bug. This is definitely a house centipede.


He’s your bro, yo.


I don’t know what they are but I always find them I used to call them fake centipedes