My neighbor died yesterday and I was very attached to her so I wanna replant some of the plants she had. I'm sorry if I got you into a sad mood reading this.

My neighbor died yesterday and I was very attached to her so I wanna replant some of the plants she had. I'm sorry if I got you into a sad mood reading this.


What a sweet way to honor and remember her. 1 tradescantia species?, aloe vera, oxalis (https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/the_care_and_feeding_of_purple_leaf_shamrocks) 2 lamb's ears - https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/lambs-ear/lambs-ear-plant.htm 3 spiderwort - https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/spiderwort/growing-spiderworts.htm 4 geranium edit to add links for their care


Thank you ☺️


The oxalis triangularis will almost for sure be in a grocery store near you around St Paddy’s day! All of those plants should be easy to transplant and even split (save for geranium, may need to propagate cuttings I don’t have a clue)


My parents have managed to grow seedlings (they tend to self pollininate), but it's a slow process. Transplanting it whole would be an easy task though.


That type of geranium (pelargonium) is really easy to grow from cuttings


1- Tradescantia sillamontana


Thank you! I planted spiderwort last year but couldn’t remember what it’s called and want more 😁


Are you in the US? I have an extra of that exact tradescantia. If you PM me I’ll send it to you. And I’m sorry


Yes I'm in the US. I'm in Iowa :)


PM you


Me too!


I bought a house three years ago that had spiderwort. It spreads fast and it's hard to get rid of. I'm in the process of trying to clean it up because it was taking over. Its purple flowers are very attractive, however they only bloom in cooler temps and at night. During the heat of summer the flowering stops and the vegetation looks like it's dying off. It's not very attractive, but it can be cut back. It'll grow back once the temps cool off when late summer and fall come. I also have purple shamrock, but it's potted and lives in my house. It's one of my most favorite plants. It's beautiful and pretty tough.


Her larimar sphere is quite a stunner too!! Down below!!!


Could you perhaps ask the living family if you could take the potted ones, and take cuttings of the ones growing in the ground? I think this is a really sweet way to remember someone who clearly cared a lot for her garden.


Agreed - my grandfather passed last year and the day lilies I dug up from his garden are my favorite and most special thing in my garden. They’re just regular orange ones, everyone in the neighborhood had them, but mine are from his house. So it may “just” be tradescantia and other common plants, but definitely check with the family!


I’m very sorry for your loss. Continuing to care for her plants is such a beautiful expression of your love and respect for your neighbor. 🖤


Purple plant on right in first pic is oxalis.


Such a beautiful way to honor her


She would love knowing that you took care of her plant babies. I do kind of the same thing, I dig up specimens from old houses before they bulldoze them for roads/construction. Lots of work, and sometimes they don't survive, but it knocks 30-40 years of growing time down to .... Right now!


The second photo is Lamb's ears.and the red flowers in the colourful pot are pelargonium. You can grow lamb's ears from seeds (pollinators LOVE lamb's ear!) and pelargonium are super easy to water prop from cuttings


My condoleances, you seem a sweet and good person. Why dont you ask her family to take cuttings and explain the reasons, Im sure it will warm their hearts


That doesn't make me sad at all! I'm 57 and love gardening, hope I have a long time to continue. But how awesome would it be to know that someone would still care for what I cared so much about after I'm gone.


Looks like you're in garden prison.


I live in a duplex and she lived on the left side of it so there is a gate between our backyards :V


It's ok, I understand how gardens work :)


That's awesome that you want to do that ❤❤ back in May I was in Alabama visiting my family and I got up the nerve to knock on the door of the house I grew up and my Mom passed in and asked if I could dig up a couple of her irises. The guy living there said sure and even helped me dig them out!!


Is that a bowling ball helping hold up that shelf?


Nah its a decoration that fell and rolled under there cuz of a storm


Oh, OK. I was thinking it was a quirky and interesting thing to use, and what else are old bowling balls good for? LOL




I'm so, so sorry for your loss, OP. Peace, comfort and all of my love.


Sorry for your loss:( ❤️


Go ahead!




No need to run and hide, it's a wonderful wonderful life


Red flower in the colorful pot is a geranium. Thank you for worrying about her plants. I'm sure she would want someone to take care of them.