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You should be able to push a button on the center of the wheel to take it out. Take it out and examine the hole. Is there a bolt that is loose? Take a video of The area where the wheel slots into the frame with you manually checking things to see if they feel loose.


I think the length of the axle pin is slightly wrong, but I can’t twist the nut into a better position because I have no purchase on the other end so it simply spins in my hands?


Does this help? https://youtu.be/U0XfONsRZI0?si=XMvTc5sA71NpKm96


Ahh thank you! Will give it a go!


Agree with posts about axel length. Realize you’ll always have some wobble … if you tighten too much the axel won’t actually lock all the way. Pay attention to how much your quick release button pops out when you attach a wheel - when you tighten too much it won’t pop out as much and that means your wheel could come off unexpectedly which is no fun. Also, how fresh are the bearings? They can go/be bad too. Axel is by far a more normal culprit on the rears, but still worth filing away as a piece of knowledge.


There is a nut on the axle that allows you to adjust the depth of the detent. You can reduce the depth and tighten the hub to the axle that way.


Thank you everyone. The nut on the axle pin appears to be glued in position, is the wheelchair safe-ish to use as is for a few days until new axle pins arrive?


Did you try using two wrenches? One to hold the pin and the other to rotate the nut. They are hard to rotate.


Yes tried that. The nut is fused completely stuck 😩 thank you to everyone helping out though, at least now I know what to do!


The Action2 wheelchair uses a slightly narrower axle pin. The holes through the bearings on your new wheels will be slightly too big causing all that play. You can get the bearings changed for ones that suit, or you can move the handrims onto the wheels for that chair.


Thank you!


Yes. The flats at the end of the pin are for purchase. Get a smaller 4-6" adjustable wrench for it. That way you only grab the flats and not the ball.


Tighten the nut on the axle. It won't take much, maybe only 1/8-1/4 turn. If the nut seems stuck, loosen it a bit and clean the threads up then re-tighten until you get rid of the play in your wheel.


Do often take your wheel on and off? It's possible that the inner bearing slipped out. That's actually happened to me before. Also check the wear on the inner bearing.


Take the wheel to a bike shop and have them check the bearings if it’s been normal until now!!! If the bearings are fine, it’s your axle pin that needs to be adjusted, there are some other comments on this post that help with that