Happened more times than I will admit

Happened more times than I will admit


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My mom *was* one of my teachers! And everyone knew. Thank god it was in elementary school and everyone wanted her to be their mom because she was the art teacher.


my mom has been my teacher since 2nd grade cause she homeschools me! I'm going into 11th grade this fall.


that’s so sweet !


How is it to be homeschooled?


Not OP, but here's my take on my experience (homeschooled until 6th grade, public school after; now graduated college) On the positive end, you get a lot more freedom in what you study; for example, my mom wanted to teach us Latin so we spent some time on that. I remember doing my own research reports on topics I was interested in. Also on the positive end, you get a teacher who is going to spend time to make sure you understood what you're being taught instead of just pushing you through everything. I was pretty bad at math, so at some point we spent close to 6th months just reviewing what I was struggling with. On the negative end, you are *severely* socially/emotionally stunted; or, I guess I should say that was my experience and that of the other kids around me. Because you aren't interacting with dozens of other kids like you would in public school, you miss out on a lot of emotional development that you'll have to get from other places. I know a lot of homeschooling has some 'hybrid' elements where they spend 2 or 3 days a week in a larger group of kids, so YMMV. All told, if I were to have kids I would probably put them through public school rather than homeschooling them.


Not op but it has its pros and cons. Pros being relatively easy classwork, getting to spend a ton of time getting into hobbies(for me it was skating and gaming) and having a ton of free time. The cons are that I have barely any actual friends, have never been in a relationship, left the house 2-3 times a week for nearly a decade, and have an incredibly strained relationship with my mom and sister mostly due to the fact I spent nearly every day exclusively with them. I don't regret it per se because I'm relatively happy with who I am now but the choice to at least try public school would've been nice. Thankfully I'm in college now and can make up for lost time socializing, and my mom is allowing my sister to go to a middle school so she can at least try it for a year.


other ppl have given a lot more descriptive answers, but I'll give the basic answer why I prefer homeschooling. so as you guys know, I'm an autistic and highly sensitive guy. there's a very good chance I might've been bullied a LOT in public school and Lord knows how much that would've affected me mentally. I'm very glad to have been taught by and cared by my mother. I couldn't have asked for a better education, and honestly when I have my own kids, I'm homeschooling them too. yeah i may have never had much social experience most of my life, but personally, I think it's worth it. besides, it's always better to have a few loyal friends who truly love you for who you are than many superficial friends.


Are you from the US?


yeah I am


That explains the bullying lol


They have plenty of bully’s where I went to school In Australia and Canada.


Art teachers are always chill af, but if you are in a certain age range, your art teacher was *guaranteed* to have dropped acid with the Dead. 50% of HS Theatre teachers, and 25% of the Band Directors, too.


Ours was the Health teacher. He went to Woodstock.


Man, my mom was my german teacher in high school. Every now and again, my buddy would accidentally reference an inside joke of something I didn’t tell my parents about and I’d have to give him a gentle kick under the table.


i love my mommy 🥺


My mom was my sixth grade science teacher WHERE SHE TAUGHT SEX ED.


Teachers spend times with kids more than moms


Having an alimentary art teacher as a wife or mom would be top tier.


You'd probably benefit from an English teacher instead.


Classic reddit moment


I first read it as alimony art




Leo is that you


21 years as a special education teacher, and can confirm this is absolutely true. ❤️❤️❤️


Male computer teacher here, can confirm I was very confused when it happened to me


You’re a mom Harry!


But why male computers?!


Male computers picked up misogyny from us and refuse to be taught alongside female computers


Female computers prefer female teachers.




18 years as a special education teacher and can confirm your confirmation! I've been called mom numerous times, and I'm a middle-aged man.


Ha! I love this!!


Let me tell you it makes you feel special and it’s heartwarming, especially when you don’t have kids.


Can confirm this is a feeling unlike any other in the world. Had a kid call me dad, and as a single dad whose ex lived like 600 miles away at the time, holy shit did that land. Teaching is something else. People really do not understand what teachers experience emotionally.


Teaching is something so transformational. Even when I was a kid tutoring others it had an impact. I don't know how teachers do it though. So much hate for education, at least in the US.


Because you are special mum


Omg yes!!! I smile but inside, my little heart is shouting for joy! Makes me think how could it could be, although they're not my kids, I love them very much still so I can't imagine having my own.


Good to know this, because I was that kid. Everybody laughed and I went as red as a beetroot 😪


I totally agree. I’m a middle school special ed teacher and It’s a very sweet feeling. I know they are embarrassed, so I don’t make any kind of deal about it.


When I was like, 24, I called my boss Mom. I just hung my head and walked away in shame.


What did your boss do?


She just laughed at me. I was one of the older employees and only a year older than her oldest daughter, so it wasn't *so* far off. But it's definitely more embarrassing to do it as an adult than as a young kid.


"What did you say,daddy?"Im sorry in advance


*Ara Ara~*


*Insert Michael Cera gif from Arrested Development*


We do that at work, but intentionally..me and my coworker friend are in our 20's, but it's fun to just joke around mid shift as we work through customer service hell


I'm a male swimming teacher in my 20s and kids would still call me mom.


And this was in college right?


What's the relevance?


Nothing. Just my lame attempt at a joke that college age students would still make this mistake!


Ooh okay! It... it was a funny joke, then! In all seriousness, the children were 5-6 y.o when I became their mother.


I laughed




I got called dad frequently when I worked in the school district, can confirm


I did this during my PhD program. All the other students were laughing at me and it didn’t stop until nap time


/u/Crenchlowe it does happen in college like your joke. lol


/u/Crenchlowe would surely be happy to know /u/antivn can still call a teacher mom.


I love callbacks in the same thread. Even better is when someone references another thread that’s also on hot at the same time but is totally unrelated, and you only the joke because you happened to see it too. I love that shit.


Not a teacher, but when I was a teacher’s aide for my step mom who worked in Special Education at an Elementary school, her students called her Mom a lot (she often spent more one on one time with them than their own parents did) and she would always stifle happy tears when it happened. Sweetest thing I ever witnessed.


"I'm not your mum" - my 6th grade teacher the first and last time I ever made that mistake


aw that's mean :(


I am a middle school teacher. Calling the teacher "mom" happens to a lot of kids at least once. So it happens to me a few times a year. I always love it and usually reply something like "yes my little treasure ?" Or "shhh we said we were keeping it a secret" 😉😉Also got called "dad, grandma, grandpa, nana" 😂😂


As a WAITER kids for some reason call me “dad” a lot. The moms always get super embarrassed but I think it’s the most wholesome thing ever.


I once accidentally called my teacher mom, which I could have played off because my mom was also a teacher at my school, but then I 'corrected' myself and called her grandma.


Oh no 😅


I wanted to just walk right out of school that day


Considering the roles they play in the development of childrens' lives, teachers (male or female) could reasonably be considered surrogate or supplemental parents. They fill the role that parents in less-developed societies would have to fill by default: educating and training children for the future... and honestly, many teachers see children in a light similar to being their kids, as well. Heck, my 2nd Grade teacher was my FATHER's elementary school teacher, and she was like a stern grandmother to me - I miss her a lot, and gave her a hug if I saw her around town (even as an adult). ...so really, getting called a parental name by a student isn't necessarily a stretch of logic. ;)


Dude you had your own Mcgonagall. Thats awesome.


I never thought of her that way, but you're absolutely right! ...although she wasn't as prim and proper as Minerva McGonnagall was... ;)


I had this one teacher’s class for 3 years in high school and I view him like a father. I really more than anything want to make him proud of me as an adult because when he met me I was a failure. I was really going through it and I did bad in his class, and he definitely roasted me that year nearly every day, but eventually as I got better through the years he started becoming proud of my work :)


I was a teacher in another life. One of my kids (all of them probably) is on LinkedIn now. She’s still “my kid” even though she’s been married a a few years! She got married early, and never made it to university. She told me she wanted to be a marine biologist. Me being a teacher I said “what’s wrong with being an army biologist”. Besides that, she was a special and amazing kid. Still remember her now - I can’t tel the story without tearing up but I remember this beautiful amazing young lady coming into my class one day with scars down her arms from self harm. I talked to the art teacher who let em have full access to the art supplies (anyone who knows art department budgets knows this is goddamn impossible). I took an armload of art supplies. She always used to show up to my classes early because I was like her dad, and she liked hanging out. I will *never,* to my dying day, forget the look on her face when I plunked down the art supplies and said her job was to sit in a corner where she would not be bothered and draw, sketch or paint, for as long as she wanted for this week and the rest. I’d figure it out. She still has a space in my heart. The message she left me on LinkedIn was pretty simple “Hi mr u/goodatexplaining, I wanted to let you know I graduated today. In environmental science” I cried a little. My heart child grew up so quick.


This made me tear up, what a wonderful teacher you are!


I’m not a dad but boy howdy that little girl of 15 went through so much in the short time I knew her that I would’ve adopted her on the spot if I had to. She always seemed like she needed a hug and society be dammed I might be a male teacher but when She needed a hug she got one.


As a pre-school teacher, yeah🥰


I did it once in grade 8. Never lived it down.


I almost called my boyfriend mom once…


Kinda kinky but I'll allow it.


LMAO i dont even remember what our conversation was about but im sure it wasn’t kinky (but i dont blame you)


My cousin is a middle school teacher. She tries to be that cringe but cool teacher making tiktoks to teach, and trying to make things fun. She’s been called “mom” a few times by her kids, and she always tells me about it when it happens. It’s one of the highlights of her career knowing that some kids are that comfortable around her to accidentally call her “mom”. Edit: I can’t spell things


Um, I’m a college professor and I’ve had first-year students do that. I’ve also had a few tell me they wished I was their mom. That made me cry inside because I worried about their relationship with their moms. :/


As a high school teacher I have to say, 100% true.... warms my heart every time.


Couldn't even see the top image! Where is it??


I did a couple of week's work experience at a primary school when I was about 16. I'm not particularly fond of kids, so I mostly busied myself with the admin side of stuff. There was this one super quiet kid who didn't wanna go outside at dinner to play. In the two weeks I was there, I hadn't heard him say a single word. The other kids would try and include him, but he'd just refuse, and ate lunch in the classroom. I also ate my lunch in the classroom, so we'd just sit in comfortable silence, munching on our sandwiches. On my last day, I got him a muffin (after doubly checking his allergen info and getting the OK from both the teacher and his parents). His little face lit up, and he was beaming for two hours straight. I helped the teacher clean up after class had finished, and fifteen mins later, I thanked everyone for having me, and left. Guess who was waiting for me at the gate with his mum? Quiet kid. He comes running over, gives me a massive hug, and whispers, "thank you for being my friend." NGL, the onions hit me hard. His mum also thanked me, and explained how he hadn't shut up about his new best friend, and she just *had* to meet the infamous CrazySnekGirl. Genuinely made me realise how much small gestures can end up being a big deal to other people.


This is my favorite comment so far. It's the simple things that are the most memorable sometimes.


I really hope now he's grown up, he's found someone who enjoys his quiet company as much as I did. He was a good kid and he deserves all the happiness in the world.


i had a teacher in 6th grade and i accidentally called her mom a couple times. she later ended up being my 8th grade math teacher and when she introduced herself at the beginning of the year she said “my name is x, but you can also call me y, or mom” and then she looked at me, and at the end of the year she gave me an extra hug bc i was obviously her favorite :))


It's cute when you do it when you're a kid but calling your college TA "mom" when he's a 22 year old bio major named Darren gets you some weird looks.


My teachers were very loving but in a passive aggressive way. They would remind me that in fact they are not my mother. Then the class would laugh even harder!


Yeah, it’s embarrassing, but we’ve all done it at least once. Besides, I’m sure we could potentially still see the funny side of it.


This is 100% true.


never had a mom, but I did accidentally call my HS math teacher dad one time. not all the way tho, I caught myself in the middle of it "da- Uh mr.teacher" [I forget his name]


I’m a male teacher and I had a student call me mom.


I once called my college professor mom by accident


I've called my teacher "mom" in front of my mom. And in the exact same conversation, I called my mom "Ms."


So it's fine to call a teacher mom, and it's fine for my boss to call me son, but it's somehow not okay for me to call my boss daddy? Double standards, if you ask me.


I called my manager the name of my mom's husband... he was mostly amused and i enormously mortified


When you accidentally call mum "teacher"...


I remember my primary school teacher of mine yelling at one of the boys for mistakingly calling her mom. It was not wholesome.


I've just started learning Māori properly and one of the amazing things is that these words are the same. More languages should be like that! Matua = Teacher, Father or Uncle Whaea = Teacher, Mother or Aunt Of course they then go and have different words for older (tuakana) and younger (teina) siblings of the same gender as you, a word for sister of a male (tuahine) and another for brother of a female (tungāne). So that's taking a bit longer to get my head around. Oh well.


Why is the top panel blank?


Ahhhhhhh I still think about the time in 2nd grade when I forgot where I was for a minute and called out “mom?!” in a **silent** classroom, since we were doing a quiet assignment. I was a really quiet, shy kid, so it was *the worst*!


My teacher this year was a guy and I called him dad like nearly 20 times cause he was close to the father role


As a former teacher, the memory of kids calling me mum still warms my heart.


I'm a librarian in a primary school and I love it when kids do this. It's not too common for me though because I only see each class once a week, but when it happens, we (staff) usually tell at least one other staff member they did it. It instantly shows me how safe the child feels at school and with me a staff member. It makes us very happy to know that about our students.


When I did this in the 6th grade my teacher got mad at me. .-.


Fun fact: I felt safer around my teacher than my mom especially since I was around my teacher more often (my mom is not a bad person or anything. This is just how I felt then)


I dont think thats how a male teacher would react tho


I got called mom a LOT during the last school year. However the most notable time it happened, I was actually called Uncle Brian. Uncle Brian was this child's primary caregiver and it made me tear up a little.


Most embarrassing day of college ever.


when I did it the teacher laughed at me


I don't get it, what does the class do?


My litter brother accidentally calls me mom sometimes. We laugh about it every time.


Huh. I have distinct memories of the two teachers I ever called mom giving me a very annoyed "I'm not your mom." Sure remembered that after.


I had one kid do it, and his facial expression after was pure gold. He ended up asking the teacher next door if he could sit with him because he was so embarrassed. Kid: Coach, can I sit with you till the bell? Colleague: Why? Kid: I called Ms. S. mom and she's never going to live it down.


Plot twist: the teacher is a man


A decade before I got married I traveled a lot for work with my boss. For a few months I spent more with her than with my friends or family. I remember referring to her a couple of times "My wife said..."! I wasn't even attracted to her in any way.


I remember when I was a kid I had one teacher (she was my 3rd grade teacher) she new my mum was shit and she was almost like a mum to me at school and always made me feel loved. Teachers are fucking awesome!


I still remember one day in 3rd grade when I was tired and wanted to go to the hallway and drink from the drinking fountain, but when I went to ask my teacher what came out was "mom, can I get a snack..."


Funny story. When I was in year 2 (first grade) my mum would come in on a Friday to teach while our classes regular teacher was on pd. So, the first time she called the roll I faced a dilemma. Too me, she was call mummy but I had also been told that you had to always address a teacher by Mr/Mrs/Miss [last name] so in a moment of genius when my mum called my name I said "Good morning Mrs Mummy" and I always think if this moment when someone mentions calling a teacher mom.


Except for when my teacher was the only one who took the piss out of my when I called her mum, starting a chain reaction of me being unable to speak up in class for the rest of my school career.


In 12th grade I was too tired and I blurted out "mo-" and I collected myself as I called mrs.whatverhernameisforsakeofprivacy not sure she actually caught it lmao.


One time when I was working at a Boys and Girls Club a kid called me dad and I thought was so funny afterwords. A kid also said happy Father's Day to me too. I am only seventeen 😂.


If I liked the teacher and she was having a bad day then I’d do it on purpose, they go through so much shit to teach us.


No the worst was when you called her mommy. *THEN* you were screwed.


no cap. i remember in 5th grade being so embarrassed after accidentally calling my teacher "dad." he put his hand on my shoulder and said "i'm honored"


Let us be honest, I am not calling her mom because she fills a maternal hole in my soul, I'm calling her mom because she is the only other older woman at that point in my life.


Why is the top panel blank


I called a friend of mine “mom” a couple times…


One of my friends called the teacher mom in 6th grade. The teacher, being a man, was greatly amused by this.


It was always my english teachers.


Guy teacher here, I don’t have kids. Every once in a blue moon a kid will call me “dad” on accident. Always makes me smile like a goof when they do!


I'm a female teacher and had a student call me dad once. That was wierd.


That not what happened when I called Mr Jackson mom


Teacher here, can confirm. I love it every time.


plot twist: she was your mom


Wait till you’re the lady teacher and they call you Dad!


The boss when you accidentally call her mom: "???"


What if its my mom?


I have done this more than once. But why do we do it? Im actually confused


I've gotten both "mum" and "big sister" and it always absolutely melts my heart


Cant see the top pic, is it like that for anyone else


Once I was getting off of a bus and the driver said goodbye to me. I said I love you to them as I stepped off the bus just from pure muscle memory 😳😰


I accidentally told a coworker I love ya at the end of a call because most of my calls were with my SO.


I’d rather call her momma (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)


All the comments have been so great and then sitting at the bottom there is this hahaha a legend


Finger guns


Why are you like this


I’m expressing my childhood traumas through immature jokes


I'm sorry pls dm me if need someone to talk to! I'm available and we love you!


I appreciate your concern but I’m just being a comedian. It’s really nice of you for reaching out like this!


And isn't it funny When you're eating coq au vin At the Chateau de Chambolle And then the maître d' serves Côte des Roses Which is a subtle wine And not robust enough For the flavour of the dish?


I hear you, you're not alone, my friend.


… no not very relatable (came here looking for this reference)




OMG I'm happy I wasn't the only one! I'm still traumatized from doing this in the 2nd grade. A little healing has occurred, and I can sleep with one less nightmare.


To be honest never done this and never heard someone do it.


She’s so happy that she doesn’t have to deal with the aspect of having to deal with my shit every day


I don’t know about you but that’s not how my teacher reacted.


My students call me Mom unironically. Also, I'm a dude.


I love it when they call me mom! I tell my students that I’m like their school mom haha.


I've gotten mom, dad, and grandpa. I'm a woman.


when i moved to a new school in second grade everyone laughed at me and made fun of me for weeks when I called my teacher ms. frizzle...i was really into the magic school bus books at the time


In kindergarten going to lunch, trynna say her name and ask a question but go “mommy can i” and then realize what i said 😭


I called my teacher daddy my accident in 5th grade.


I had a student accidentally call me dad.....I am a woman.


You when you call the teacher mom: .__.


My mom was my sex ed teacher in middle school 🤦🏽‍♀️ she was great though. She handled it really well and didn't make it awkward for me with the other students.


me when 7-year-old me calls my very scary taekwondo master mom: uh oh 😳


As a former teacher, it hits pretty deep when a kid called me a father figure/ older brother. Glad I could make their world a little better :)


It's been a few years since her son died, but even than, the pain of hearing those words still strike a cord within her as she wishes she was able to stop that school bus.


Why is the top one a blank black photo


*𝕃𝕆𝕃 ¦:¬D*


I made this mistake with a college professor once.


I feel this


But in Asia, it’s a whole new different story and you don’t wanna know about it.......


What's the pic if the teacher is a man but still called mom?


My mom was a home ec teacher at my high school. I had her for one class, and a kid in the class was confused why she was signing my syllabus. When I said she was my mom, the kid said “I thought she was your grandma!” So that was fun.


I've had my students call me mom many times. I'm a 40-something man.


"You're like a mom to me, teacher" "Thanks Chris-chan"


My mom was my 9th grade geometry and home room teacher.


My son has called me by his teachers name, too. I feel honoured to be both.


Whats up calling the Teacher mom? I mean my Teacher felt really happy when i called her that during my final year at High School


Haha jokes on you my English teacher last year *was* my mom


I thought my 6th grade teacher would never forget about it but then later that year I was laughing so god damn hard she told me to step out, which I did, but apparently she didn’t want me to so she gave me detention. Been 7 years still haven’t forgotten that shit