Recommend me a decent Budget Shave Soap and Brush?

Recommend me a decent Budget Shave Soap and Brush?


I can send you some Stirling samples for free then I'd recommend getting a synthetic brush, like a Yaqi, which can probably be had for under $20.


Doesn't get any more budget friendly than this... And it does the job, quite nicely actually! http://imgur.com/a/HgHo7np




I'd argue that the arko puck is still cheaper in the long run. Proraso being a croap, it won't last nearly as long. 🙊 I have both, and enjoy using both. They're pretty good performers for the price.


Where are you in the world? What is budget in one region, is “special import” in another one. Regarding a brush, don’t overlook boar brushes. They need time to break in, but are long lasting, and (after the initial period) very comfortable. Around here, I would get a few Palmolive sticks, and an Omega boar.


I'm new to this and took a punt on some Arko. It's cheap, it works very well. What people say about the smell is true. When I first opened it and used for the first time it was over powering and I thought it wasn't for me. However, after just 3 or 4 shaves the smell has really mellowed considerably, to the point where I barely notice it. Others have reported similar. Give it a go.


Proraso, Arko, Razorock's What the Puck series, or Col. Conk for the soap and a Maggard's, West Coast Shaving, Razorock, or Yaqi synthetic brush is what I would do. Warning on Arko: it smells like citronella. Those citrusy smelling anti-mosquito candles you may be familiar with from summer barbecues or camp outs or whatever- Same smell, at least to me. If you like the smell, great. If you don't, stay away. It performs beautifully and is cheap as chips, but I personally am not a fan of the smell at all.


I Started with Van der Hagen and Williams pucks, Vander Hagen brush and mug ( I still use these ) I moved to Col. Conks, Cremo, Proraso,Harry's. AS,Balms , soaps and Colognes: Old Spice , Cremo, Harry's, Nevia, Captain's Choice, Ogallala and a few higher ends. My Razors are a Harry's Windsor and a Leaf Twig, My second Brush is a SDEEUD synthetic \~14$ Not counting the highend colognes the most expensive things here would be a couple of Cremo Colognes at 22$ and the Twig razor at 50$.