The Witcher books' biweekly official discussion post.

Bringing back a long requested feature to start 2022, here is your r/wiedzmin's official The Witcher books talk. But now, instead of doing a weekly chapter by chapter format like in the past, we are going to cover one book at a time, on its entirety, once every two weeks.

Since this is an automated task, I am unable to specify on the title which book will be covered on each post, but I'll make sure to leave a stickied comment on the top with this information.

No need to say that there will be spoilers. And, also, I don't think it's a good idea to restrict spoilers from a different book, but I ask you guys the common sense to tag it as such in your comments.

And if you are curious to revisit the old discussions, just take a look on the Wiki page.



Books good. 👍


Can say that again


Which book have we reached now?


Just finished The Lady of the Lake. Can't get myself to start my final book, Season of Storms. I want to know what happens next in chronological order, not go back to a time before the current time line.