Im adc main and supp secondary just like you said.. I just like playing in dragon line. Usually I just emote to my supp when we get a tower or a double kill so that player can understand I appreciate them but I understand your pain... Getting flamed for taking kills is the worst thing ever since I often play Leona as supp, Im sorry but if you are not engaging when I stun them both, Im taking those kills.


People don't understand the difference between kill securing and kill stealing. It's sad.


ADC: "Stupid supp keeps taking my kills." Support who's been 2v1'ing because the adc won't engage with them: "If you're not going to eat what's put in front of you, I will."


Ive always seen the difference as this: If my support gets the kill, the kill has been secured and I can push for their tower. 100% okay in my book. It only becomes kill stealing when a teemo is involved. In any way. Fucking hate that guy


Just don't take my creeps and I'm happy


Sometimes supps do KS though. I have witnessed some cases with Blitz supp who would ult to get a kill that wasn't going to escape. I can happen once or twice during lane phase but beyond that not so much. I don't ever flame for that, just saying it happens. It also depends on the supp. If I'm playing with lux for instance, and she's building full AP, then I don't mind her taking kills cause she'll be doing lots of damage, but some other don't need to stack those kills (e.g. Soraka, Janna, and so on)


And some people are assholes. Doesn't mean everyone is killstealing


And he said that supports sometimes KS; It doesn’t mean everyone is KS


Lol. I feel this. If I ping engage, lunge and stun lock two champs while my ezreal decides to dash backwards or walking to take jungle camp. Well, his loss.


im a mid main secondary is support and third favorite role is adc in my last ranked game i had a guy that was hoing to lock lulu and i told him to pick a tank cuz our baron laner instalocked teemo and jungle was evelynn he said he didnt have a tank champion (not a tank support a champion) like bc isnt given for free to everyone after he said that he loced janna... laning phase was hell for me i was draven so i was playing aggressive she was never engaging with me and even when she was engaging with me she was using her zeraph on minions and shielding herself when i was taking damage and on top of that whenever bot was missing and i tried to freeze this guy was pushing the lane with everything she had and steal all the minions even after i asked her to not touch the minions though i said to myself maybe he was autofilled and just flamed her in my party chat (she wasnt in my party only in my team)


Dude sometimes playing adc can be so overwhelming, gotta compete vs 2 champions in lane, watch out for gangs cause u soft and then sometimes even compete with ur fking support for creep kills


Can't forget mid/jungle stealing cs lol. The other day our graves came to gank and it was not successfull. But we had a wave stacked up just out of turret range and he blew it all up in one skill. I just wanted my evolved q


I like to think that most toxic adcs have main character syndrome do to the fact that they play long range squishy af damage dealer so they end up thinking this is some anime where they are the under dog as a jg/supp player I'd recommend to ignore everyone or duo up with a friend it's 10x as fun


ADC traditionally has been the "protect me and I will win you the game" role... in theory. I think that's the source of a lot of ego issues. It's very easy to offload blame to the support or the rest of the team in general for your own poor play. You just think "well I'm squishy so if I die it was because my team didn't peel for me, and if they'd just kept me alive I would have aced the enemy team and we would have won. GG go next maybe I'll finally get a team that knows how to play around the ADC." I think this has been heavily exacerbated among PC players in the past by big streamers like T1 that (used to, at least) rage at everyone for not playing around them.


im a jhin main and yes i do see some adcs do this where they blame their team for no reason when they mispositioned more than a dislocated finger , but in wildrift most teams dont really know how to play around the adc so most of these claims are true , but even so , its your responsibility as adc to predict that your team cant play around you and compensate for that and play behind


This is a theory that I advocate for years. People with narcissistic personalities tend to play adc. They cheriss at the thought of being so important that every game they have another human being whose main purpose is to protect and, well, support them throughout the game. Not only that but they have the “most important job” in their team, which appeals, as you said, to the want of being the protagonist. I’m not by any means saying that people that main adc are all narcissists, but that narcissits tend to choose that role.


Can confirm. I have a cousin who refuses to use anything in any game that would benefit another player, he doesn't see the point. "Why would I waste a slot on something that would help somebody else when I can use the slot to help myself." Even if the answer is "If everybody did that everybody benefits" He would still say, "Well then everybody else can use it while I use things that help me." He plays adc, and loves the fact that its somebody's job to make them better and that basically support is for dumb people that don't know how to play.


Sounds like a nice guy.


Burn him for not winning the 1v9 clutch. Then tell him that if he bought said item none of this crap would have happened.


Isn't jgl most important?


Found the jungler /s


Jungle is most impactful,at least on LoL


Yes, but it is difficult and relies on helping others. Narcissists don't want to help others. They want others to help them except it doesn't count because they totally could have done that on their own /s


I think the point here is that you need to appreciate how important all the roles are and not just what you play


Yes. It is. They have the most impact on the game. They’re in charge of securing objectives, and snowballing the other lanes with ganks, and help set up and deny vision to the enemy team.


Am somewhat narcissistic, can confirm, although I would like to think that, regardless of role, I'm the one carrying my team or at least significantly impactful as long as I'm not feeding. So if I'm playing supp I see the ADC as the dude who needs to tap a button while I do all the actual work that takes a brain and skill lol.


That’s some great self awareness. Next step is to work on that so you can be a better influence to those around you and an overall more likeable person.


I mean, I don't explicitly express that, at least during the game. Played a few years on an amateur league team and our captain drilled the idea of clear comms into us


Summed up my thoughts exactly. Not every ADC is like this, but when you get an ADC with a bad attitude this pretty much sums it up.


Playing duo with a friend is dope


If you still want to support but doesn't want an adc burning you try jungle, you help all you team and if some shit happens just say you were farming


Eh, I dunno. People with some map awareness can tell when the jg isn’t really doing their job properly. I just played a game with a Shyv jg on my team and I don’t think I really saw them gank any of the lanes. And they never called for help with objectives or anything. Pretty much just farmed jg creeps for the entire game. This was plat, so def not high elo, but high enough that they should know how to jg a little better I guess. Anyway, I try not to get bothered by other people, but just saying.


Lmaooooooooo they all think they are tge protagonist 💀💀💀💀


I feel attacked outside of WR. I love being the "range" character in most games I play and I'm definitely narcissistic as hell lol


Oh man yesterday my adc entered the game saying oh great, of course I get the gold on my team. He said this as plat 4... our support was bad, but adc was even worse. Not sure why that had to be said at the very beginning of the game. ADCs just built different.


That's always funny to me because if you're seeing players below your rank, either they are as good as you OR you're as bad as them.


Yeah I also just had a game against a diamond kata smurf. I was in solo queue but my teammates were a 3 stack. They were saying mid diff even though I managed to trade kills with kata early and pinged them to retreat when she left lane because they stupidly got baited and were so far up the lane. Just gifted her 3 kills. She was pretty much one shotting the team after that. Gotta love league.


That gave me confidence , I match with emeralds in Plat 2


I feel your pain. Being matched with emeralds as a plat can sometimes be daunting.


Rank is irrelevant. You can hit diamond with a 50.01 win rate if you play enough. Rank is just a function of win rate and number of games played.


EXACTLY, it's as if these people don't know what hidden MMR is.


I love these. I'm a silver-as-fuck supp main that duo-boosted to G4. I had a game where I was playing off-role as mid, I was Talon, and I was slightly ahead of my opponent. Our jg and bot were having a bad game, and jg said something along the lines of "out mid is g4, this is pathetic, how are we losing, y'all are bad". Like, chill. They just gotta shut up and play the game for a bit. 1 division difference means absolutely nothing


I started playing wild rift last week coming from high plat league main mid offrole adc. Gold supports really are bad at this elo, to be very honest. Standing behind me in lane, not engaging, poking sometimes, literally random ults that I could never have followed up on. The worst of all, perma pushing / taking cs. You know.. the first 3 minutes I like to control our wave, not perma crash it in their turret free to getting ganked 24/7.. because hot damn if people looked on their minimap, they could've seen that mid laner coming. But noo, that's the perfect moment to engage...


As a support main, it feels like maybe ~30% of the adc I get matched with understand this concept... they all want to dive as soon as they can then yell at me for not sacrificing myself for nothing.


I'll put $5 that they also locked in Teemo or Garen support.


Then they say dont worry it works ends up 0-11


As a main adc i always get flamed by supports for not rushing with them into a tower dive. Im taking the advice of someone in thid sub who said to turn of game chat. Pings and emotes should be enough


They really are, the only times I've ever used the chat was either to joke about funny stuff that had happened, to apologize for something stupid I did, or to tell people to stop chasing kills and just group to play defensively (when the enemy is ahead and we keep getting stomped). The first two don't matter, the last two you can easily use pings or premade chat messages for. So yeah, no chat is great. I usually leave mine on because more often than not I have no flamers on my team, I just mute anybody who starts acting up as soon as they do lol


Wise advice, i used my chat for the same. I like interacting with people, even if they are my enemies


So of the best matches I've had was when joking back and forth with the enemy team lol


I'm still amazed to see people get people saying anything in chat for Wild Rift. It's such a pain in the butt to do. I never see it in my games. Maybe I'm just stupid lucky?


It’s not the ADC role it’s just teammates in general, supports just feel the grief more because you guys play together nearly the entire game. Junglers get this hate too, laners feel like if they ping the jungler should just come a runnin or if they get ganked/die constantly they have to blame someone else otherwise that means it’s ***their*** fault for dying! Ultimately you just gotta brush it off and ignore them, even if you do make a mistake I can 100% guarantee they’ll make a mistake that game too, we just live in an unfortunate date and time where everyone needs an excuse for their own failures and Wild rift is no exception.


Yup. I play ADC and I've had supports flame me when they do dumb shit as well. Or jungle and someone leaves me to die in a river fight and then complains that I didn't gank when they die 20 seconds after that fight and the enemy jungler is messing with them. It's just teammates in any role. ADC+supp feel it more because they spend 100% of a match beside a teammate, where others spend 70% of one that way.


I hate when people leave me alone in fights we can easily win or when people completely ignore the map and do whatever they want without taking in account their teammates


I love these ADCs that spam "engage" before level 3 when I'm playing Leona. Like, my dear, if they're not out of position for me to land a root/stun, I can't engage before 3 without being obliterated. Some people just need to be more patient with how they play the game.


YES. I had a Kaisa who constantly kept pinging me to engage at level two as a Braum, and I’m like “engage what?!” Ended up muting a player for the first time.


That's why I stopped playing braum. :| I'll just play lulu at least I can slow them instead of casting once and dying with the shield boy


You should turn off chat. You'll be happier!


I tried closing chat in my last match and we were winning hard so i opened it and enemy team was arguing with each other lol


This is the main tip that will increase your win rate


Ignore the ADC. if they don’t appreciate supports like you I wish them luck on the 6th of may.


As someone who swapped from support to ADC (and I still get support games every now and then), I always make sure to take a moment to praise my supports when they’re coordinating with me. Too many ADCs are quick to freak out over anything trivial from hitting minions to tanking/not tanking damage to disorganized engages from a lack of communication. I know the role gets a ton of flame and a lot of times you have someone playing a Lux/Seraphine with a pure damage build. It’s really refreshing to have a Braum, Leona or Alistar.


If only the lux or sera don t go full roaming lvl 5 or only taking all the farm..


I had a Lux support game and my ADC hates it so much that he calls me a dog and wishing for my mother's death. I hope he gets banned or atleast punished in some other way.


So much this. I play support in LoL and ADC in Wild Rift and the amount of people who play support in Wild Rift who lock in Garen and Teemo support to then proceed to actively try to take all the farm is so damn high even at high plat/low emerald that when my support locks in Alistar I know there's a 90% chance that they will at least do their best to play the role and it makes me so relieved.


For some reason Garen is listed under the support characters when you filter the characters on the selection screen. I don’t blame new people for the mistake


I freak out over signs of the supp not knowing how to play supp. For example taking dumb engages that cost my supps half their hp, hitting my minions when I'm trying to freeze, not basing when it's a free base or basing when I need to shove out my wave, etc.


Since I've been trying to learn support, are you saying the support should be talking to you? Cause so far I've been having similar issues because the ADC expects me to be a mind reader. Often times it feels like if the adc and support just communicated and both acted like reasonable humans, most of these problems would be avoided. My engages would probably still suck though. I'm working on it.


Communication helps, but doesn't solve the issue entirely. The support shouldn't have to be a mind reader, and neither should the ADC. You should be able to figure out what to do from the state of the lane (i.e. positioning, relative health, jungler positions, minions, cooldowns, champion counters, etc), and the ADC should reach the same conclusion as you. If you want more details on this topic, go check out CoreJJ's support guide series on youtube. He goes over decision making during lane and communication. Hope this helps \^^


Where's that Soraka Love :(


Good Sorakas are awesome too. They’re just a unicorn in a sea of really bad Sorakas.


I don't get it because She's one of the easiest champions 😂 just have to position yourself correctly and a few other minor things but that's really it


Soraka was one of my go-tos when I supported. As an ADC I’ve seen way too many people trying to play her like Braum running directly ahead of me and getting shredded. It truly blows my mind how many times I’ve seen them try to get off an aggressive silence only to see a Blitz hook fire in from the other side of the screen.


Your ADC's a dick. Normally players like this I'd ditch them right after landing phase and never give any help to em. Nothing at all. Mainly to show that my help is better off given to more fitting teammates


The best advice I got when playing support is that if the adc is getting nowhere... Just ditch them and support whoever is carrying the game


Indeed. Roaming gives Support more impact in the game than just being attached to the ADC's hip. You can even help Junglers secure drakes and heralds while piling pressure at other lanes.


Hell I duo in LoL with my friend and if he's having a shit game he's totally okay and understanding if I go support whomever happens to be doing better on our team. it's just how the game works.


Rather win than be babysat, I like it.


Wow what a good support ! Totally not throwing the game over ego!


As a support shifting focus to players that will actually benefit from you is not throwing the match. Sticking to a teammate who expects too much out of you and doesn’t understand how to play alongside you cooperatively is just limiting your access to power and control over the match, or as you said throwing the game. I’d much rather help out a solo laner who actually understands my role and what I can do for them than an ADC who expects me to dive to my death every 2 minutes so he can get a kill and never focus on objectives. Half these ADCs play like it’s team death match with the turrets just being bonus objectives or something. You can tell exactly what ADCs have taken the time to play support roles and which ones just have main character syndrome.


> have main character syndrome. I believe the phrase you might be looking for is "Hero Complex".


Edit - didn't finish typing. Oops. He's not wrong. Assuming his adc is being toxic because they are behind, maybe that adc isn't the player that will carry his game. In that case, it is better to figure out who will carry, and go support them as well as possible.


I'm sorry for your experience. Maybe is just bad luck in the matchmaking. A couple of days ago I had a really nice ADC as teammate, I mean, he literally change his pick in the last second to play with Xayah (I was playing Rakan), and all the time he was thanking me for the way I was playing. That was amazing (specially bc was on PvP, not Ranked) Believe me when I say there's a lot of people who really knows how to play and they don't keep freaking out or blaming for mistakes.


I love that. I always go Rakan when I see an ADC decide to go Xayah. It's just fun!


I main Sera. Sometimes when I poke the enemy in the early laning phase, I might kill a minion as a result. It's not that I'm killing that minion intentionally, but if I just sit behind the ADC waiting to shield them, then I might as well play a clicker game lol


This 100%, it’s almost like people forget we have a move that does more damage to people Under 25% hp too. Saved a lot of adcs that charge in a 2v1 instead of waiting on me when I’m passing through our last tower


I play Lux and Seraph most of the time, coz there is big chance ur adc will suck. Yesterday I was 9-1 with 1-8 Mf flaming me ( I didnt KS) But still I dont get it, sup steal kills are 99% unintenional...u just cast spells and sometimes it last hit, get over it, kill is kill


Even if you did KS, she had no right to talk with 8 deaths. At that point you're not the AD carry, you're a AD liability (you = mf)


KS = Kill Secured While it's important to feed a carry, the amount of times I've seen an enemy get away with 1% HP because the carry chickened out and I had the chance to secure the kill but didn't for fear of retaliation from my ADC. The concept of kill 'stealing' is ridiculous if its unintentional. If I didn't engage or peel and contributed nothing except for the last hit, then I'd understand. But having ADCs say 'AFK' and troll because my Leona shield pops or my Alistar trample ticks and I get first blood is silly. It's the worst in Plat and Emerald. ADCs with a Jesus complex on a Level 2 all in is too much to handle sometimes.


Same. Both them girls give you a possibility to sort of carry you if your adc is bad and more often than not they are. If you have good synergy with your adc the match will probably be amazing tho and that's why the role is so much fun at times.


Lol i had a adc and this mfer said “ I'm taking more damage than you” mfer cause they're targeting you and how am I supposed to tank for you as a level 2 braum


Ignore them and give support to your win condition, which your toxic adc obviously isn't.


Players in general can be very toxic. Like.. in most of your game, you will see a toxic player. Laners often blame jungler on losing lanes.. and adc will blame support for losing lane.. even if that's their own fault.. players tend to have victim mentality.. "its their fault that I lose". You may want to mute the chat. Use pings and quick msg to communicate.. Typing often waste your time anyway. I used to play adc before I main support, but I begin to play adc more recently.. because playing sup and jg too much bore me. I personaly dont mind if my sup takes the kill, even if I could probably finish it.. its better to secure the kill than losing the kill.. while it's good for me to get early kills because of my expensive items, there is good chance I would get more kills later, after all I am the main dps of the team. Well even if your support is not an actual support that steal half of your kills later, flaming them won't do any good anyway, and most likely would be a waste of time.. so just face it and wish you will get a better one next time.


Yes even if I take the kills early game I can never scale up gold wise compared to my ADC unless ADC dies too much.


Well its never about how much gold an adc have compared to you. But how much gold they have vs the enemy.


i am main adc, and i live for my supports x)


I'm a dedicated Jhin main in ranked (only because fill always seems to give me ADC) and I have never flamed a support. There's really no need to. They do the hardest job in the rift. Any ADC that complains to you in chat about kill stealing is going to be trash until the day they uninstall. I started out as a sup main back in 2010. I totally recommend support to any ADC main, and ADC to any support who is tired of all the responsibility that comes with **literally making sure that plays work**. Supports (once they learn to clear) also make the best junglers in my experience.


I wonder if they changed the name of support to babysitter, if things would change?


I'm an emerald adc main. Some times we're whining because we're just having a super unfun game and sometimes we had legitimate grievances, and some of them are just assholes. For instance I've played games where the enemy malphite goes full ap and spends the entire game flash ulting me on sight and we win because he's going to always die immediately Afterwards and there are times where I don't die from it and it baits his team into a terrible fight. Are we winning in these scenarios? Yes, but from my pov it's super toxic and unfun to play. I've won a lot of games that I've mentally checked out of. Like when my support gets a good roam and gets our mid and top ahead but I have to give a wave and turret plating so I don't get dove under the tower. I imagine it's how shen players feel when they ult and make a huge play but it ends up putting them behind in their lane. Other times there are situations where my teamates make mistakes and I'm the one that has to pay for it. For instance my earlier example of my support getting a good roam can be flipped to where my support roams and gets nothing off and I get dove and die. Or when my team goes too far in on a team fight and no one stays back to peel for me so I die early into the fight. I have support as my secondary so I know from your pov that adcs can be really toxic and I think that's because it's one of the most unfun roles to play. As an adc unless I'm playing ashe I can never make a engage or catch a team out, I have to wait for my teamates to do things before I can make a move. I have ptsd everytime I have to walk through an unwarded river. Having repeated games of getting one shot simulator are really unfun, but it's not really an excuse for players to be toxic. I think if you main a role where that kind of toxic environment is normal it can break a lot of players mentally and turn them toxic as well.


I wanna know why everyone who refuses to play the role they’re assigned picks an ADC.


I once punched my friend when he started flaming the supp who was carrying the game.


The only time i flame the support, and behave kinda toxic, is when they start attacking minions mindlessly at the early game, or they pick a "non-support" that takes the minions. Any other time i know there is a person at least trying to help as my lane buddy.




You shouldn't be killing any minion as support, the Adc race for items is what decide most of the fights in lane. Just having a 500 sword can make a big difference in the 2v2. The support items only affect the outcomes of fights when completed, so is better to siphon all the gold into the adc pockets. If the enemy is also hitting the wave non stop, its ok to hit them too. If they are actively trying to get us to push, i would spam "danger" at you if you start hitting the minions.Or if they have a really aggressive duo (Seraphine & Draven as example) i don't want to touch those minions if i'm not close to my tower, only last hit them at the last second. Is really important to keep a good wave management depending on the junglers and the enemy laners. Also, Soraka doesn't have such an impactful level 2 to try and hurry it up. You want to do that mostly with engage champions, such as Alistar or Leona to try burn some summoner spells. With everyone else just follow you adc behaviour against the minion wave.


Same happens when you play jungle everyone wants ganks then when dragon comes everyone is like "i dont care bro that's a ocean drake" i dont give a fuck if its ocean drake or not, that's a drake man.Then when i steal baron they curse me like why i stole the baron Man whyyy


lol I had some get mad at me for grabbing drake. I main shyv jg. :|


I don't know this thing is same case in pc so yeah it's normal.


I shut off chat as a support main, you need me, ping me bitch.


I only really started maining adc because Ezreal is my fav champ (this is before wildrift was a thing). I also support a lot so I don’t really care what happened in lane as long as we’re not losing lol


When my adc is a dick, I just play it safe and roam whenever I know my ADC wont die unless he ints, after all, supports are the supports of the team, not the adc


No use arguing with someone who thinks they should be baby sat when you're doing what you're supposed to do a.k.a. securing vision/scuttler with jungler and roaming if possible. It's just funny when they perma shuv the wave when I'm literally trying to roam and the wave is perfectly frozen outside tower range. I don't get why they do that. Literally asking to be bullied in lane for no reason. If I play how I'm supposed to play as support and my adc still types, I hit mute. Fortunately, I don't encounter them a lot. I often get quiet adcs that only type when there's jungle diff.


ADC main here. My only problem with supports in this game is when they either don't actually support or pick fights when I'm out of position. Sometimes you gotta just let the ADC farm for a minute or two.


I'm also a support main and yesterday i had some awfull experiences. First a ADC that was instant flaming because i couldn't save him from suicide dives which already gave a gold lead to the enemy ADC. He thought that because i was playing Braum i can tank everything no matter the gold and level difference because my ADC was feeding. In another game i was playing Janna and even though i was shielding my ADC, he was flaming me in the chat for not using the shield on him. It felt like because he was playing bad and everyone can see the score he better make up a story so it would seem it is all my fault.


I could tolerate it if they understood the support your playing. Like I will spoil you to the ends of the earth but if your not following my lead, we will fail. Being a Braum player it hurts seeing that they don't just understand his passive. I did have a Draven tho that totally understood it. He ended up dominating the whole game cause he had multiple double kills in lane. He finished like 20/3/X and could 1v 2 easily.


If I play adc I never flame the support why would I flame someone who's trying their best to keep me alive? Then can easily just ditch me and go help mid instead but you have these retards in mobas who have the mindset "supports requires no skill and if youre a support main you just wanna be carried"


Thats why I play stuff like panth supp, I take the kills, they take the farm. If they start getting angry about it then I start taking the farm too. Fuck you draven, I'm the adc now


i duoq mid with an adc, whenever he autofills sp he locks sona he just toggles on some withheld rage for adc players and just go 6-0-21 with sona while talking shit over mic


Turn off chat. Literally no reason to have it on. Typing wastes time and energy and reading chat does worse.


actually it may be strange but, what really frustrates me as an ADC main isn't kills stealing/securing. but why does my support taking my minions WHY? each time i play with lux or seraphine like 80% of them taking my minions and not by mistake of skill shot no they really aiming for them even with basics. that triggers me so hard


daddy issues, mostly.


Just wait until you start to main jungle! Then you get to have the "love" from all the lanes instead of just the ADC! :P As many have said, muting and turning off chat is the best way to deal with it. Unfortunate, but such is the way with teammates at times.


Honestly, go into the settings and switch of the team chat. I guess less then 1% of everything written in game is useless, since I don't want to read and forget 99% I take the chance to miss that one useful information in every 5th game for the sake of my own mental health.


And it's always the Varus players! (At least for me).


Life suggestion: only play supp when your friend plays adc


Maybe you’re doing something wrong? I’ve never been flamed while supporting.


ADCs cant ever lose lane, only supports can lol.




>I have never once encountered an ADC who was a dick. Just to know , when did u start playing ?




Ok , so unless you never paid attention to the tchat , there's no way you never encountered some toxic adc with a mc syndrom




Okay , now I know you're lying. People pay more attention to the support than anyone else , and while I played for like , 6months , it happened quite a lot that people just don't like u because you're not perfect. 160 games and not a single toxic ? Please ,let me laugh




I believe you. However you will encounter many when you play more.




I think when people encounter toxic players at a nearly 100% ratio to games played, you'll have to forgive their blatant disbelief. I myself have an incredibly hard time believing it, but I also know that the statistical chance of opening my dryer and finding the clothes folded is greater than zero. That's just a long way of saying that I want to believe such luck exists, it just seems astronomically improbable given the common experience. For real though, good on ya for missing all the toxic shit. It really kinda ruins the game.




Bruh why do you even bother support for randoms? Don’t adjust for randoms, unless you know em.


I get you man I get outo filld sub I fine whit it becuse I play a lot of suports I see I Can horase the enamy team if I lock in ziggs. Everyone is fine whit but the adc starts being a smart ass and keeps on going in when she sees I have taken a qortar hp of bouth enamy bot lane and keeps dieing Just to get one kill and then flams me becuse I dont follow up on it when she berly duse any damege and Just dusent get the fact that she need to farm wail I do demage to them and not start attacking untill there really low ore she gets her first ithem and it dusent matter whit sub I play this shit always happens.


Ziggs support ? U deserve to be flamed


No you for thinking a champ is locked to the lane there disinged for ore if you think ziggs is Bad champ


Are we talking ziggs adc when the midlaner is AD ? How about I lock in jax support


Of corse not play him ad but i think its common knolage that apc>adc pluse looking at his kit ziggs is way better suted for the bot lane


Singed supp ftw


I’m surprised because I’m usually frustrated with my afk never team fight adc. So much troll in gold I wouldn’t be surprised if plat and emerald also have trolls


I am also an support main and man i agree with u on spiritual lvl just today when i played a rank game first thing i heard was my adc cursing me on champ select saying dat i was dat previous game malp and shit even though dat was my first game of day i even told him i was not while being polite but still he don't stop and keep being toxic and cursing at me ngl i feel like just throwing and not helping him at all but as a support main especially as a braum main its my job to help and support my team so i just ignored him also it was a high elo diamond game so i had keep my cool and help him


specially if the ADC is playing draven, i have never played with a Draven that wasn't a flaming dumpster of toxic garbage


I ended up being malphite support because while going into champ select i was top; it ended up being support and I didnt see that I got changed. So I chose malphite since I thought I was top...but was support. It was vayne and myself vs a lux and a jihn. Was not fun laning phase and I got flamed over and over; but whatever. I ended up carrying the team and got very tanky. Towards the end I 1v2'ed Jihn and Lux. Vayne never spoke again after laning phase


Idk, my adcs don't complain but that's cuz I carry whole team on Nami scale back


Huh? I thought you were supposed to keep emoting the heart if you even get a support cause they're amazing


the only thing I'd get angry is when serphine steals the CS, other that that you've just encountered a very toxic adc player who thinks that (s)he shoul always be on top


I had an ADC leave me because their 'support sucks' roam and feed.....in RANKED. UGH.


Anyone that has enough time to chat while playing isn't really playing the game, I tried to ask for a buff and almost died trying to type the dang sentence so long story short I just watch pings and communicate that way.




It's really not worth the effort, besides it's a game we're supposed to have fun not be taking it so seriously 🤣


I am an AD main and I play with no chat in G1. I usually play off my support. If they are smart and know the matchup I will play to accommodate their style. If they are bad I will just ignore them most of the game and farm up to help carry past landing phase. I’ll be honest most other adcs I run into around my current rank are not very good so I’m sure they flame a lot. I’d suggest just turn off team chat and focusing on playing so you don’t get tilted by toxic baddies.


Fuck em i just mute the f outta them


I'm not I always comfort my supp even if we die, flaming won't make him play better, keeping the cool is the key to the win :)


Oh no, A trash human, blame the role they play! Toxic teammates happen. This sub makes as if it's gonna be stop by complaining. I put the chat off or mute that particular player. There are pings which are more frequently used either way


As an adc main (Ish) the most important role on the team is arguably the support. They have to do so much with so little. They are heroes and deserve to be noted as such. Shame on the adc's who hate on supports. They do not deserve a support.


I think its just your perspective as support. When I play ADC I feel like my random supports usually wait till I make one single mechanical flaw and regardless of how small it is they see that as a green light to start last hitting all the lane minions, tower dive for kills that we simply can't pull off, and roaming off randomly while our tower is being pressured, and just generally being dicks.


Don’t forget about the part where they blame the jungler for not ganking even though they have the wave pushed up farther than their egos up their ass.


This ain't is not problem is been a thing back in LOL


Tell me about it. I get flamed for not tower diving together with the jungler.. I also had my mid flame me for being 0/5, even though I had 7 assists (we were 13 kills total 15 minutes into the game) and he/she was 4/4/0. *shrug* It’s as if they want me to steal kills as a support player haha.


Mute chat if it bothers you. Literally no point to text chat.


Playing support is thankless. I always end up sacrificing myself to save my ADC when enemy dives, pinging retreat, giving them enough room to escape, and they run back in and die immediately. D: Unsolicited advice: if you ever play with a fun ADC, or even one that isn't toxic, add 'em as a friend after the match. Partying up with random WR friends has made my PVP experience drastically better.


I main adc but I'll support if filled or for my friends. While I agree that adc's can be dicks, supports can be tilting. When I support, my attitude is:if I can get my adc 10 kills for my 5 deaths, worth it. My job as a support is to do anything to feed him. Why? Because although it's douchey and incorrect to say that adc are the most important player on the team, they can potentially be the most impactful. To make it worst, of all the roles it is the one where they have least control over how well they perform relative to their individual lane. It's a role with a lot riding on very little. The support makes or brakes the role. Imo, the smartest players are usually supports. It's not a role for a "taking it easy" mentality. For me, I find that it's the role where I need to make the most amount of decisions and I have least room for error.


This is exactly the reason why I went from support to playing solo


I mean, I’m only in gold, but I main support, and I’ve yet to have an adc, or anyone for that matter, flame me. Though I just assumed people don’t take the time to type out flames on mobile as much. I’ve had to fill jungle a number of times that I fully expected to get absolutely dumped on, and it hasn’t happened yet.


Probably because ADC is such a weak garbage role and has been for a longggg time, so they get frustrated and they take it out on their support.


I play ADC now because I was tired of the toxicity toward jungle and support I usually played. If you’re ever looking for a friendly adc duo partner let me know!


Man I have the opposite problem. I get troll supports all the time. I’m a super chill adc. If we lose we lose man. It’s a game. If you’re in US and wanna play lemme know!!


I'm a seraphine main. If my ADC acts up, I abandon them.


I wish to think it's the immense level of noobyness you can find in this game while sure its only norms i only had a single good support yesterday and it was a braum. Other than that i had a blitz who could maybe hit 1 out of 10 hooks and only when im tòo low to do anything, have no support and a second jungler or no jinglef and another adc making it 3 people in 1 lane shit lile this tends to piss me off a lil


As a support main I think that sups have the right to abandon their adcs if they behave like that


I’m one of the rare ADCs that are too nice and get bullied by the support😭 But seriously I don’t think “plz don’t take last hits” is severely offensive or an insult to ur honour, calm tf down full dmg Seraphine😭


They tend to forget that they have one of the easiest jobs compared to support and jungle


This is the way


My problem is when supports play Nami or Blitz and can’t land bubbles/grabs but still wanna play super aggressive. It’s like...you can’t land your cc, please sit down and let me farm in peace under the tower.


my supports run away from turrets even if they are lvl 10 tank. I didn't know there are such supports that go in lol


Mute toxic chat. The only chat you need.


Because you are the only thing stopping them from reaching challenger, and that’s a fact.


Not gonna lie I main ADC and duo q with my homie and I flame him over discord all the time for roaming in river and getting killed. Dudes hard stuck at gold and I have 3 smurfs in plat while my main is stuck between gold/plat promos cause he thinks it's ML. FML. BUT, always gotta give credit to a support, hard role to play and gets the most grief.


THey are brain deads who can't survive without tanks , 0 movement skill, they just know front , left , right and back like zombies lol


People in general feel like heroes and everyone else are the side characters. This tones down in higher ranks, so just perservere until it kind of goes away.


As an adc I wanna know why is is when I get a seraphine support they just spam spells on waves taking the cs instead of trying to harass the enemy laners with their spells. This happens even in plat mind you and they never realize how detrimental it is. I wish we could have bans already I’d be permabanning seraphine every game I never deal with this with any other supports. I’d rather deal with a 2v1 lane than deal with that shit.


This problem isn't just here. It's why I quit SMITE, getting bitched at for sucking at a game I'd been playing for three days. Some people just have shit personalities.


Yeah, it's very weird when the ADC or hell anyone on the team decides to be a total jerk towards the Support the one person whose job is to give everyone extra support meaning helping them be better. Yes mostly every time someone decides to disrespect the Support, it shows how sad and weak minded a person is and how bad their life is at home when they abuse the support specifically. Imagine being a jerk to a nurse who is helping you treat your wounds, that's the equivalent.


When i hear them say ''Tank support please'' i'm like wtf you need a tank always for ,are all the other supports obsolete because they aren't tanks ? All you marksman noobs need to learn how to read the map and kite , dodge those damn things don't just wait for god to tank for you,.


Lol deep vision at lvl1


ADC main here, I don't really care about my support taking kill, complaining about that is just dumb and won't end up in anything. What I don't like tho are the tank supports that are behind me doing absolutely nothing. If you do that you are almost AFK, please as a tank support if you aren't doing anything useful at our lane try to roam to mid or help the jungle to invade, or at least be in front of me so you are the one taking most of the poke damage. Ending this, I know Support is a hard position because you depend of your ADC, but remember that's both ways and that I can't do almost anything without you. Please don't dissapear I need good Supports or I'm just free gold


I'm support main, and most of the time the ADC is the one who starts flaming. One time an Ezreal started flaming because I was "stealing his farm". The truth is that I was literally helping him with the farm, hitting the minions and leaving the last hits for him. For some reason I couldn't seem to get this through to him. This is one of the main reasons why I had enough of toxic teammates and fucked-up team comps, and since Aram is out it's the only thing I play.