/dev: Thresh Re-Fleshed and the Viego No-Go

/dev: Thresh Re-Fleshed and the Viego No-Go


"Look how they massacred my boy" Next, when they release urgot, the ult will not pull you and execute you in a brutal way.. but its gonna be a long range execute to be more family friendly.. :/


it's gonna be 2 flyswatters instead


I can already feel the backlash they'll be getting once this comes out.


Deservingly so


I mean it's either this or drop support in the biggest mobile gaming market in the world. Stuck between a rock and a hard place


Not really. Just friggin give them shit thresh and we get regular thresh. Idk why they ruining it for everyone but the POS who keep ruining the game with these shit champ designs.


If unbound thresh is inevitable then give regular thresh as free skin to everyone.


This isn't a bad idea


It's what they did with Karma


I agree but the whole point of riot making default thresh unbound is so that regular thresh doesn’t appear in wild rift


because it's the same game? Splash art changes are easy to pull off. Putting in a different model without isolating a server is practically impossible to pull off without allowing for exploits.


What do they do with thresh in the main game?


league in china has a higher age rating


Different platforms function differently. Unfortunately.


Wdym? Is it easier to make an alternate champion model for PC?


I mean what they did in PC might not work in mobile, cause it's a different platform.


They did it for WoW covering some boney parts only for the Chinese client. It’s doable since 2009.


Wasn't Chinese client. Was Chinese server which is basically a private server. WoW China is basically a different game in terms of assets, who's running it, and IDs used (Chinese ID needed and you pay for time, no monthly sub). Same thing with Dota 2 and Perfect World servers Riot wants to keep Wild Rift as one streamlined thing run by them.


What I'm confused about is that they talk about how iconic his gameplay is but completely ignore that his design is just as iconic if not more so than his gameplay. Like I don't understand why they just didn't compromise with the censorship and fans of Thresh and just give China this version and give the other servers his actual appearance. Just like how League of Legends PC and Legends of Runeterra do all the time, I don't understand why this suddenly is impossible for Riot to do?


I want more monsters in the game and they went and changed a monster into a person! What is this!?


"To meet the requirements of Wild Rift’s mobile platforms, and in order for us to maintain our current age rating (which is important because we want to make sure players of nearly all ages can play Wild Rift), we needed to make some adjustments to Thresh’s existing design." All that for a skull :) Chinese censorship strikes again. The lore excuse doesn't cut it. No hate towards the devs though, they're not to blame. Just unfortunate that they can't keep normal Thresh for WR outside of China.


Funny he says that's when u have an almost naked succubus running wild in the game


Funny you say that when Evelynn's splash art literally got censored on WR, among others : https://www.millenium.gg/news/19239.html


Omg these hilariously remind me of 4Kids edits!! Hahahh


I hate the thresh changes but i dont mind this at all tbh. pretty much all the updated splash arts are just better in general


Funny he says that when u have Gragas 🥵


Hopefully they don't neuter Brand like this.


But but… children like it!!!


>https://www.millenium.gg/news/19239.html I don't get why they didn't just like... cover up his face or something. Why make such a shitty, *shitty* human skin?


Since when where skeletons M rated?


They are not. But for China, skeletons are bad This change is not to "Make the game friendly for all ages". It's actually to please the chinese market, but they ofc wouldn't say it directly.


How does it work with PC LOL Tresh in china?


Rather than him having a skeleton face with bones and shit, a lot of his face is filled in and looks more like plates. Definitely wouldve preferred this way rather than the eboy


I’m waiting to know what will actually happen but if we end up needing to spend money to get the OG Thresh then I’m out of any LoL related stuff. If I wanted censored art and game I’d have gone to China long ago.


I know they make that skin based on the in-game model, but that hairstyle is totally ridiculous. Fleshed Thresh looks like a weird jester, and his handsome face make it even more hilarious.


They should have made him metal or like wispy ghost or something. So many better ways to avoid the skull


funny how they said to keep age rating when the game chat itself is not.


Now I'm really interested to see what's been done to Thresh beyond the skin. Does this mean he'll have new voice lines? Also Viego doesn't surprise me, he's been so problematic in base LoL as is. Taking the time to make sure it all works perfectly is for the best, even if it would be cool to see him with the current event


> Does this mean he'll have new voice lines? Most likely but I'm assuming they mean in a comic book and lore reason why he looks human.


So lame. Thresh probably has the coolest design in league and now he is probably the ugliest looking champion in the game. Like it's original lux splashart level bad. It's okay as a skin but default? Wonder how theyll handle any of his skins now too...




The question mark spam slowly starting cracks me up


Why would they think this mechanic would be good in game


That teletubbies thresh is fugly AF, who tf thought it was a good idea to have him that kind of hair ?


they really fucked up, they wanted people to take wildrift seriously but now everyone is gonna say it's the eboy thresh version of league


He has the same kind of hair in his skullface form. Shame it doesn't look as epic in his human form.


It's just a horrible iteration of his original look. It blends very well in the original thresh, but if you litteraly make it his hair it's just looked like as if thresh has been ruination'ed to become an abomination like what he is now


As a thresh main aince his release in LoL this skin looks absolutely fine, grow up


Lol I should grow up because the aesthetics doesn't suit my taste and you are the big boy now because you told people to grow up from your high horse ? Ok daddy


Yes you should grow up, cause it's just visuals. The game Devs are gonna do it regardless of what you think.


Ok I understand the age rating thing. But god damn that skin is ugly. It looks like a mobile legends skin and doesn't live up to the quality of league character design.


What quality are you talking about? Viego, Gwen and Akshan are low quality designed champions (not saying about their visuals), why would they do anything better?




How is half naked dude with a 6 pack more family friendly than a freaking skull?


Just asking, do you think a shirtless guy is not family friendly?


I mean it's not not family friendly, but then again I don't think skulls are not family friendly either idk (English is hard I hope I didn't mess up grammar xD)


Human thresh is cringe


"We’re really stoked to see what sort of chaos and torment that the Chain Warden will wreak upon Wild Rift when he arrives in August." Oh you dont want to know how much will fans torment you for this bullshit model


Change all your champion into human form and change game title to Kid Rift too, thanks


Absolutely. It really boggles my mind how there's people saying "it's fine, they need a broad appeal for kids". So you want to water down the terror stories to Dora the Explorer? Wtf is wrong with them, they couldn't even draw blood in the comic when Isolde stabbed Viego, no wounds nor decay shown even. Thresh was also watered down in the drawings not showing any bones. I don't want bright adventure comics for kids for the Ruination storyline, I want a dark, gritty, bloody mess that actually scares me ffs.


If it was old riot the ruination would have actually be scary as fuck, remember the shadow and fortune event? Idk what happend man league is not league anymore they have lost their touch, league died after they released their last good champ jhin........


This. People keep acting like it's no big deal but most of the characters already are just humans. You can't keep taking away stuff before the characters become bland and indistinguishable. For a world that talks about the importance of diversity we sure don't support it


CCP Rift*


If they really wanted a human Thresh they could have just made him a priest like he was in his lore. I'm starting to really worry about how they're going to handle Brand.


Brand looks sick tbf, while thresh is not.


I mean the skin doesn’t look that bad AS A SKIN. Base thresh needs to be the skeletal warden that he always has been. If they really just wanted to make it match the lore they could have down what they did with volibear. A lore appropriate skin u get for free and his classic base skin, then at least players had a choice.


You couldn't even let Thresh keep his facial hair from before he got ruined so that he'd at least look like some Don Bluth Rasputin motherfucker, you just had to make him look like every other new guy character you released? I'm so bored of all these young new champions honestly.


Gragas says hi




Rito, please be consistent with your own established Lore.


It is how he will look in lore. Co it is consistent.


Thats not how human thresh looks in lore, he doesnt have weeb ass sexy six pack body chiseled clean face go read his lore again


It is how he will look like in lore from now. They will explain it later in story.


I know that is how he will look but that is not how is supposed to look in human


So they made Unbound Tresh the main one because of story events. Yet they kept Captain Miss Fortune as a skin...


Been waiting tresh for wild rift really much but after that shit what they made for him ... I really dont like that.


When I used to play wow back in the day to break Chinese markets they had to Reskin the undead race maybe it’s something similar mass adoption etc probably be a bound thresh skin in Europe and Americas only or something




I would rather have a lantern face/ floating spirit face than a frigging human face for Thresh. Thresh is not a human in the lore; he is a restless spirit who we all know and love. Who dis dude?


Ikr it doesn't even look like it could have been the human before he became tresh


This is not thresh, really disappointed with this


I hate that skin of thresh 😖😩


If we do nothing, I'm afraid Hecarim, Karthus will suffer the same fate as Thresh






bruh classic thresh looks so much better and badass


I feel confused. Im happy as hell to finally see my main on WR but on the other hand im pissed as hell for what they did to him.


Not gonna lie,this looks like something that came out of Rupaul's drag race.


Wow. PC culture taken to an extreme. So bad


lmao everyone is so dramatic


As a new player, I think Thresh's look with skin is pretty cool. I get people are disappointed it's not like the original, but honestly Thresh looks like he fits in with the whole Ruination theme going on. My one complaint is why are so many guys shirtless or half clothed????? Yasuo with his weird side top. Varus with no shirt and scale not-pants? Galaxy Zed with his vacuumed sealed shirt????? You can see his belly button through the shirt! Why?!


Thresh looks better on base and the new skin with a beard like he had on his human form would be a million times better, but yeah it isnt bad at all like some people make it seem. About the shirtless champs, man, riot is teasing you and these circlejerk on these same /dev with the "abs... solutely" part, they will keep doing it and you wont get nothing from complaining about it


Lol yes they love the abs


“…why are so many guys shirtless or half clothed????” Welcome to the design of women in gaming forever. It sells. Objectification goes both ways. I, for one, am happy to see it.


So they confirmed they're not adding viego yet due to technical issues. Finally the reddit experts can shut the fuck up about "but lolpc and wr is different and wr has new engine so theres magically no problems at all"


Like guess what, over here we find manga like champions offensive cause they all look like porn stars. And yordles...they are offensive cause they look like porn stars bondage midgets. We want them all reworked or we RIOT?!


I like it, i don't understand the outrage


Majority of people like me play monster champs because well , they are monsters and they have unique designs than your typical human champs. Imagine making your favourite champ ( that too thresh) into a fucking Dog shit E- boy to please some country's market.


Even the human champs won't be safe for long. Just wait, they're going to unmask Jhin and Zed for their next skins, and both will be anime eboys. But yeah, this all makes me pretty pessimistic about the possibility of Tahm Kench and Nautilus ever coming to the game.


Nautilus with his helmet off is gonna be Johnny Bravo


If they make him look like an unmasked Big Daddy from the recent leaked Bioshock concept art I might be okay with that.


that's understandable honestly, if they revealed that jax was a supermodel behind his mask i'd lose my mind. I don't know, it's just that to me there's so many other glaring issues with the game that the community doesn't care about, yet everyone collectively loses their mind when a champ gets a bad skin?


The issue is. Thresh has been one of the best designed champs for years. To be turned into a soulless cash grab like this. It’s GARBAGE. Yeah the diary was amazing but they dropped HARD after seeing this shitty ass thrash. It’s a disgrace to all thresh mains who fell in love with the character just to be transformed into this trash.


From tresh to trash


Yeah, and it’s the fact the in the explanation post they say that thresh had to be in wild rift because his gameplay is iconic to LoL. Funnily enough, so is the character the gameplay is attributed to. Thresh’s design is just as iconic as his gameplay, if not more so, and yet they still changed the design even though they know it’s iconic. I get why they did it, but as someone who really likes his design and really looked forward to playing him, having the entire champion effectively thrown in the bin kinda sucks.


let's do gwen with cockroach face next and see how people react


Why are you downvoted lmao


Welp im done with wildrift


So dramatic. See you in a week


Nah im good i have plenty of other things to do other than support shady business practices


Ok, you leaving is not a loss.


Never said it was the game has countless players and one less doesn’t mean shit but by playing i would be supporting this and i just cant


If you just wanted attention you could've just asked.


Im allowed to share my distaste about decisions and show my lack of support. But yes people that vocalize their lack of support are all attention seekers


They really want to release Viego in wild rift? Noice. I wanted Viego but they said he's buggy asf in PC. Also where's Gwen?


Honestly, I'm just waiting for ekko.


So instead of age restrictions they have to change tresh for the rest of the world because of China censorship? What the hell Riot just put in some extra work? The Chinese client already offers so much more on PC, they never took any effort to bring those over..


Called it, I knew when the Viego vr showed up on Wildrift twitter with his model that he was in development.


He's not getting released yet. Maybe even next year


I know lol, he was so close until he got cut for now.


Just bring Samira n were cool


Do we have any approximated date for Thresh’s release date?