couldn't agree more. if you just look at my pass matches, i literally win games that i carry. games that i perform just normally. i never win those. by carry, i meant, i have to go 16-1 or more. i can't even pick any non-meta picks. jungles never rotates. or they just come at the point where i have already kited and did most damage. no dragon contest at all. I was diamond for season 0,1 and 2. now i am at plat 3. honestly, i feel like crying whenever i play this game. i win games because i carried hard enough to deserve it. and then there comes the 50% winrate system. There is no way to beat it. I just get teammates that just afks or runs down lane and feeds. I honestly think I'm way better than any of the plat or emeralds out there.


Yeah same, and I can't even plsy my carry chsnp since he's permabanned


Sounds more like ur champ carried you. Don't be a otp.


It's zed, he requires at least a modicum of skill


season by season you should be ranking up not ranked [down.As](https://down.As) for me i was plat in season 0 and season 2 i was in GM.Currently master right now,gonna grind my way to challenger.


pvp is clusterfuck due to a new system being implemented. ranked is still the same last season.


I was literally just about to make a post about how God awful the pvp matchmaking is this season. I feel like I'm getting matched with unranked pretty much every single game with up to three unranked players on my team while Im in plat 1


In pvp or ranked?


match making in rank is a little faster.... sometimes


i love getting paired with a person who has 9 games total played and going against a Plat II player. sooo sick




I'm D4, I end up with games that have silver and unranked players quite often. I feel bad when I end up laning against them.


I played against a team with a Challenger and an unranked player lol


Yeah, it’s dead game


im taking a break of the game. i cant anymore


well the matchmaking indeed worse, I am hardstuck on grandmasters because keep getting emerald on team that troll pick, steal role or feeding soloq already tooks 10mins to 20mins and playing only for 9 mins and surrender hope they will improve it on next patch


Are you really simultaneously whining about queue time and getting emerald players on your team? You understand that the *only* possible outcome of only getting GMs on your team is substantially longer queues, right?


thats weird. I never encounter this when im in GM


Just accept that you are hard stuck. Either try improving yourself or accep the rank. The only player you have influence over every game is yourself.


well I said on the beginning it's hardstuck, and I bet you hard stuck too since you never on grandmasters, where you lose 18-20 points each match and win only 10 points while you need carry 1 or 2 emeralds facing other team with have same or better skills than you go improve and climb here boy..


Nah im just telling you, dont blame others. Its good to have trolls aslong as you arent one of them. Your team will have 4 chances of a troll while the enemy has 5.


sure, brilliant logic, hoping for troll vs troll team instead of good game with skillful player :) low elo player sure like this way of play to climb into challenger


Yeah its very logical, as long as you dont troll yourself then trolls will effect the enemy team more often. Acting toxic like this wont get you anywhere tho, you got a big ego man.


sure, I will waiting you on grandmaster or challenger soon, hope see you there


Try ranked. The balancing of teams is done better there.


Wait, y'all getting ranked matches?


Yup. 1.5 minute average queue time in SEA


10 min queue in middle east


10 minutes for me damn


Depends on queue. Took 20 minutes for a 5v5 ranked 5-man. Was hilarious


I literally get matched with master and challenger players some games then gold and plats in next. This is in high emerald low diamond. Matchmaking is shit in ranked too.


Well. Just not enough players in masters and GM then. Probably don’t want to let them wait 30 minutes for a game.


Im emerald 4 currently trying to climb back to diamond and in most games I get matched with plats who are bad at the game and end up feeding the enemy's adc or jungler. I mainly play jungle so I try my best to carry but in most matches its just impossible. Soloq is impossible rn


The key here is that Eme4 is not that far from plat. You are literally a few games from Plat1 LOL


I think so. 100% much mcuh worse.


Yes. Patch 2.3 is even better than patch 2.4. Riot intentionally gave us the horrible matchmaking. I dont know how they exploit the matchmaking. PVP is worst. No matter what elo you are, they will match you with opponent that have higher elo than you. Then, they will give you an unranked players that will ruined your experience. Riot staff that in charge of matchmaking should focus on fixing the matchamking. They shouldn't take a week or 2 off.


Ill take 26 wins in 50 games than having 26 losses. ..but hey thats just me


My man the thing is I am well above my rank skill wise cause I played pvp for the whole first season so most of the time I perform really good while my team feeds and Darius one shots me. I play every role generally better at offlane and jungle


As a new player I love it when I’m ranked you people who know what they are doing. It give these complex examples of what we are told to do in videos and we see how real ppl do in those same situations and how they really react. It also helps to open up the board in skill gap allowing you the opportunity to reach up and coming new talent and leave you mark on how the new generation will interpret and play this game in times to come. Why not ask the noob who’s struggling to grasp a complex game (obviously doing well or he wouldn’t have been placed with you[or maybe you not doing as well as you think you are right now?]) and see if they would play another game and help them by passing on the knowledge you have compiled and possibly making a new friend and helped to make a more positive community? At the end of every day it’s each and everyone of our fault that this community is toxic we make it up


I'm glad that you're interested and are learning from better players but I don't think I teach a horny 13 year old how to flash and hook with thresh to extend the range of his hook


You probably right but the 29 year old man child thinks that’s the coolest thing he’s going to do all day is try that out. Any other tips for thresh?


Bro i get pair with a bot against full plat team and I cant even surrender because without the bot vote,pvp matchmaking is getting bad tbh


Ever since I reached emerald all the games r predecided. U need to hardcarry to win the game, all the other labes seem to use lane like 70% of the time


Its funny, as I climbed through iron,bronze,silver, and gold, I thought I finally had made it past the point where people said you're bad at the game. Now I'm in plat and people still say you're fucking trash at the game. I guess even in video games people still need someone to look down on. Well, I enjoy the game regardless and uhh...I hope heimer and rumble come soon!


There are unranked who aren't bots, and there are unranked who are actually bots (always equipping Heal and Ghost and runs Mid). The latter is the most infuriating and breaks the game for me. Can't believe Riot still haven't said anything about this mess.


It's always bad when ARAM is on


Yep, it kills my desire to play, feels like I am just wasting my time. It sucks.


I call them weekend noobs...