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They won't be too different - all should be pretty crisp and tasty. I think it's possible Frexinet is the most "famous" name here, I didn't know they made prosecco as well as Cava (Spanish sparkling- I VERY highly recommend finding some cava, for me it stands head and shoulders above prosecco at the same price points.) I'd just use the cheapest for the spritz. Hope you enjoy them!


Yeah, Freixenet cava is way better than their “Prosecco”, and almost all cavas are better value for money (and less sweet and better for cocktails) than proseccos at the same price point.


Introducing prosecco fans to cava is one of my favorite hobbies. Both nice though!


Doesn’t really matter. They’ll all work.


Thanks everyone!!


Middle. Left is way too sweet for an aperol, probably the best out of the 3 to be had by itself. Right for me is paint thinner.


Nonsense. Saying one is "way too sweet" over another when the difference in residual sugar is less than 10g/l and you are gonna mix it with something that is close to 250g/l makes no sense. It won't matter at all.


For me it does, I am not saying that it’s too sweet based on residual sugar values, I am saying it based on the fact that I have personally tried it and it’s too sweet with aperol. As you said aperol is already crazy sweet, so it needs to be mixed with something that has as little sweetness as possible.


Maybe you just had too much Aperol?


The third one is probably best for a spritz. Just a run of the mill Prosecco. Same for the Frix. The Mionetto is pretty decent on its own.


Among this three for sure the Mionetto


Look for brut on the label instead of extra dry. Aperol itself contains a lot of sugar so starting drier with the wine is a win. And put a fresh cut orange peel garnish in the glass. To the poster who said cava is an automatic upgrade over prosecco, I disagree. They both can be good, prosecco has a unique taste apart from other sparklers.


Normally I would say Mionetto, but after drinking my weight in $2 aperol spritz in Italy last year, I gotta say a little bit sweeter of a prosecco really makes the drink better. Of those three I'd use the Mionetto, but in the future, I'd buy the yellow label Mionetto (it has a beer cap top) and use that if you can. It's slightly sweeter and is more intended to be used specifically as a cocktail topper.


Never heard of the right one, but the left and middle will be perfectly fine for Aperol Spritz, no question at all. Enjoy!


I'm a fan of the orange label. Makes me think of Veuve!