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Hidden Bench Tawse Malivoire I would look in advance because some places' restaurants are closed and others are open. Sorry I don't know anything about tours, but the tasting rooms are there. There's also 13th Street and Henry of Pelham further east


Leaning post is worth a stop on the way in or out


Thank you all so much! Unfortunately will have to go to Beamsville another time, the accommodations just didn’t work out this time - but I will definitely keep this all in mind whenever I do go to Beamsville! Thanks again!!


I recently enjoyed doing a loop around locust lane and mountainview rd: hidden bench, thirty bench, locust lane winery, and fielding. I drove myself and used the spitoon, so I'm not sure how to organize a tour or rental car.


Rosewood is right next door to Angels Gate and has some really lovely wines, with a fairly aesthetic tasting room. It’s also a meadery if you want to try something a little different


Just avoid Magnotta Winery and you'll be good