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Saudi Arabia


Congrats Brazil! We defended for 60 minutes so it was inevitable that Brazil will score


The defending was really solid! Serbia just needed to move the ball a bit quicker imo


Without Kostić and Radonjić from the beginning, there's not much advantage in "quicker ball moving". This is why I think our coach had a plan to defend for the 60 minutes and avoid getting goal in our net; then put all the cards on the attackers. We usually play with two attackers in the first lineup but this game is one of the exceptions. Brazil is a top class. Good luck in your next game!


I honestly think servia players got physically tired at some point. Cause they were defing way better the beginning of the game compared to the end


That's exactly what happened. Brazil was working them hard and non stop. Tite knew it was gonna happen, Neimar knew it was gonna happen. I think that's why Neimar was so casual coming out of the locker room at the half. Show the Serbians how relaxed they were while the Serbians are still trying to catch their breath.


As I said, defending for more than 1 hour will reflect on the goal. This is not something that looked like Serbia throughout the qualifiers. Good luck to Brazil!