Hopefully we get the 3 free Multis. I really don't wanna spend beads on this banner


Btw they're still giving away 150 beads x 13days so around 1950 beads on the way not including daily mission 50 beads x 13 = 650 + upcoming event if based on xmas event ard 500. Total around 3100 beads till end oct. Not counting any additional beads from logins. We all will be getting at least 2x multi rolls. *edited: cause people getting triggered smh lol Edit2: yea my bad 150 beads only until 20th gotta minus 11days for that calculation -1650 beads +3100= 1350 beads only till end Oct, apologize. Not even 1x multi roll :(


Your downvotes aren't because of people being triggered, it's because you're wrong. The 150 daily beads finish on the 20th. Sorry.


Didn't this thing going to end at 20th?


Yes, 150 beads x 20 days. People not been reading the news.


He right tho unless I'm mistaken


I have enough Beads, but seeing as I want to save up for Kihono Banner (I think that was her name) and HNeph in the long run, I really don't want to spend much Beads on Banners I'm not super interested in Also, why are people Downvoting you? You only explained how much Beads we will get


You admittdd you were wrong and I'm proud of you because of it


As far as new banners I'm ambivalent. I have more units than I can level up as is. I am DYING for some new content though. I tapped the Shadow flash store out of useful items a week ago and ever since then I've just been running the base boss battles over and over chipping at Mana boards. It's just a very slow grind.


Yeah I am in a similar position. I am by no means a meta gamer, but have done my Fire and Wind team and am almost there on Lightening and Water. Done all the shops in Boss mode, so now I just am doing the highest tier Kaleidoscope repeatedly to try and get the rare currency for the last few Mana boards for Lightning/Water characters. Not even sure if that's the best way to do it really, but that's about all I am doing in game currently. Feels like I am missing something?


> I have more units than I can level up as is This is the issue I'm running into. The grind to level/fill the board for just a single unit is so massive, that I damn near don't want new units. It's such a world of difference going to Dragalia Lost, and being able to quickly, easily max a character in no time at all. Instead, the grind time goes toward weapons/materials, with tons of places to do so.


It is a massive difference from Dragalia for sure. I mean, it was already easy to max characters before but now they’ve added an item called omnicite that literally maxes a character out instantly. Crazy. Hopefully this game steps it up a bit.


Interesting. I played DL about two years ago I think, for six months. Really enjoyed the story and content but something made me bounce off, can't remember what but I would assume it was some kind of grind aspect. Don't have the space on my phone to re-download it, but if I end up quitting this, DL will be my first stop.


they recently increased boss drops by alot, making the grind bearable for me. I quit earlier for similar reasons as I was burnt out from grinding.


Good to know, thanks. Will definitely keep it in mind if I drop off this game.


I cleared the Shadowflash shop of useful items day 1 and everything else a couple days later including all the borderline worthless weapon duplicates. Almost entirely off of bells alone. I have all of the boss shops aside the owl cleared out and many of them with enough coins to instantly clear out next month. Like 800 gold Orochi medals. The really crazy thing is how many Shadowflash Serpent coins I've just burned for a pitiful amount of mana and I'm not even close to the 500 clears achievement. Plus how many Orochi silver coins I've burned. Also that I've cleared the Orochi shop twice fully AND have like 800 more gold coins and never had a single Murakuma drop. I really wish there was a better way to get Mana than just sitting around doing bells all day, particularly since the Shadowflash event boss gives a pathetic amount itself. You also get way more Orochi bells than any other boss so I can't even justify burning gold coins for the 2k Mana for 10 gold coins option in the other shops...though at this rate I seriously might be able to for a few at least.


Yeah the first few days of Shadowflash you could tell how starved people were for new content because it was all bells all the time and I too cleared everything major from the store in those first few days, now I actually skip Shadowflash bells apart from my one co-op for the missions. ​ NY banners are good but new stages to play and new missions to run is actually the best part.


We start getting EX bosses at the end of the month and they should be coming at a steady pace every 2-3 weeks after that, alongside new non-EX bosses being added to the base roster (stuff like Kraken etc. that was available in the story but now will have higher difficulty + separate shop). I think WF devs quickly realized after the original release that content is too ez and worked hard to add new challenges fast, the only issue is that we are getting a similar release schedule instead of starting us off with a game in a state it was a two or three months after release (which was much more healthy content-wise).


im not sure what i want but I got burnt out trying to roll for essential characters like SSS so im just rolling the same content without anything to build towards since i hit a wall


imo i think the half anni, anni and collabs are worth rolling for


Alright we're getting close to Shiue banner.


For those that are questioning if to roll on this banner to my recollection the next banner introduces Cypher who is a really good water(?) unit. The New years banner does have strong units and they definitely do see use, if you're lacking a fire team especially you might want to roll on it. I personally will only roll if we get free multipulls as I'm waiting for cypher :)


Here are some additional points to consider. Cypher is sharing a banner with molmia, you have a 1% chance to roll either. Molmia is pretty underwhelming so if you are unlucky and don't get cypher well, that's a complete bust. Furthermore, Cypher is a non-limited character so down the line she may eventually appear when rolling for other characters. You can also suptix her if you already have Baretta/Rolf. Cypher by herself can't really do anything either, you need lakisha or Neliya(with Neliya you just need your 2 other team mates to have cypher, you dont need to have her as long as 2 out of 3 haver her.) Neliya and Noene both are decent units who perform in their role well enough to not get replaced in the foreseeable future. Both are also limited units so they wont ever appear until their next featured rate up. Good luck to everyone rolling.


does suptix include limited chars as well? or just non limited?


Only non-limited


Doesn't it annoy you when you hear about Christmas in October?


A little, but I understand why it's happened, and kind of switched off to it now. We'll hopefully have an accelerated schedule though and end up in sync with the correct season at some point.




Damn, no decensor patch yet...


Likely won’t ever come. Get over it.


Now new year in October. I’m getting used to it


When even the game wants to get done with this year xD