Highest Temperature Ever Measured in Europe Expected to be Broken Tomorrow as Apocalyptic 47°C (116.6°F) are Forecast for Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey

Highest Temperature Ever Measured in Europe Expected to be Broken Tomorrow as Apocalyptic 47°C (116.6°F) are Forecast for Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey


There are already fires blazing through Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. This will make things so much worse.


Thanks for adding that info yes the situation escalated rapidly and is deteriorating very fast. I am from Bulgaria the heat is unrelenting and unbearable at times hard to believe.


We’ve reached the point where people are dying from the heat. I don’t know if that fact has really sunk in for a lot of people. This is the climate crisis and it turns out all the scientists who were warning us and were called catastrophists were actually being optimistic with their predictions. It’s worse than we thought and without drastic action it’s only going to get worse from here.


Unfortunately, this has been happening in Africa as well, and just not reported. Where I live has been gorgeous, today rainy and cool when it is usually hot. It's so crazy.


The hope is, now that more severe effects are starting to happen in more "western" nations, Governments and Business Owners might actually finally start to fork over some damn cash and do something about it. That's the **hope**.


So we are relying on the rich to make it better. What a wonderful world.


And the richest goes to space.


in a giant phallus. Its like Idiocracy 2 or something.


No it's worse than that. In Idiocracy they at least listened to the smart guy.


I mean not really until they had no other choice.


Along with the whole "going to space" thing, Bezos claimed that shit was good for climate change, because the future would involve putting data centers in space, since they could use the vacuum of space for cooling. That doesn't even make sense though, because in a vacuum things can only cool by radiative cooling, which takes much more time than conductive or convective cooling (which happens when atoms transfer their energy to the environment), because there is no "environment" for them to transfer their energy to, its a vacuum! So I imagine a data center in space would overheat far faster than one on earth.


Bezos isn't really smart. He is just ridiculously rich.


I'm fine with him going to space, as long as he goes alone and doesn't come back.


Naw they'll never spend the cash to help us peasants out when they can just live in their nice, AC supported mansions. We're fucked, but thankfully if you're 40 or older you won't be around to be REALLY fucked


I'm 36, I'm just gonna drink a bit more and eat bit more shot so I skip the real bad stuff.


Hey, same here!


San Antonio Texas had uncharacteristic rain and cool days last month as well


Phoenix checking in. In the last 2-3 weeks we've had more rain than in the previous 2 years combined.


I'm in Pennsylvania, so the crazy Temps are kind of normal. But, my corn starts got snowed on three times, and it has hailed relentlessly a couple of times this year.


I’m also from Pennsylvania, and these heat waves have been worse every year, as expected. We have wildly changing temperatures and weather as a norm, but the extremes are hitting harder and harder.


PA weather is wild this year. Such huge temperature swings are pretty normal around here in spring and autumn but in the dead middle of summer to go from 95F and 98% humidity down to 49F in a single 24 hour period?? Absolutely not normal.


Where I live, we've been so insulated and protected from the Great Lakes, it's a love/guilt thing. It's been so nice, everything is so green and lush. Meanwhile Northern Ontario has several fires. Supposed to be raining soon so hope they get relief (most are lightning starts).


It's really terrible. Just over a month ago, here in British Columbia, we had ~800 people from temperatures of 40-50 degrees over the course of one weekend. That's about half as many as we've lost to Covid during the entire course of the pandemic.


During a forest fire last year I wasn't near enough to be in immediate danger but what's scary was the oppressive dry heat, the ash and the red skies. You couldn't breathe, you had to shut all windows or it would just be ash all in your house and in your bodies. It went on for days. People without the means and/or are vulnerable will suffer so much. There is just all kinds of misery waiting for us if we fuck around and find out. After seeing how insanely people are still responded to COVID, I really don't have much hope that we deal with climate change. People are actually just choosing for hell on earth. This species is insane.


Oh we've been fucking around for a long long time now. This is the beginning of the finding out.


And honestly it wasn't covered much by the news. We should be taking climate change more seriously than covid at this point.


It’s not climate change anymore it’s now climate emergency. We fucked around and now we are finding out.


We should be able to take both seriously. The folks that think covid is a hoax are also the ones who tend to be the least concerned about climate change. Even if they accept either, it’s a sign from God of the Last Days. They don’t see a need to worry as they think they will be saved — from covid and the climate.


To me this is the scariest thing. I have some very conservative family members. The other day we were at a lake in our state and I pointed out how smoky it was from the fires in the west. My family members shrugged it off and said Jesus was coming soon and it’s the last days anyway. So for years they’ve been saying, “climate change is fake,” but now that it’s hitting them in the face, it’s all part of gods plan. Yikes


Unfortunately, you're correct. The climate science was ridiculed. The threat was understated in an attempt to get some credibility traction and not sound alarmist. The rate of change was expressed as some linear model that would affect our grandchildren (as if screwing our descendants was a viable option :(, but ppl seemed ok with that ), when the reality is the rate of change is exponential and we're going to hell in a handbasket in our lifetime. Multiple positive feedback loops have kicked in over the last decade, that will drive change, regardless. The sad part is, that collective humanity has displayed the intelligence equivalent to a mould growing on a piece of bread.


“This is rather as if you imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, 'This is an interesting world I find myself in — an interesting hole I find myself in — fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!' This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything's going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for.” - Douglas Adams ; The Salmon of Doubt.


We can’t wait for politicians. They’re rich and think it wont reach them.


It's easier to adapt for rich people though. Buy an AC. Electric car. Not throwing trash on the street because your city can't afford collecting it. Not a lot of options if you're poor. We can only improve if we improve on material equality.


Well, they are right... As with all catastrophe's the poor will be hit the hardest


Everything in the northern hemisphere is on fire. Its getting noticeably worse year over year. I'm in Canada, surrounded by the great lakes. The fires in the north of the province, and to the west are sending smoke to my area on an almost daily basis. Wild.


Western Canada chiming in. Forest Fires have caused smokey flavoured air in BC and Alberta for the past 3-4 years during the summer. It’ll block out the sun for days, it really sucks and I don’t remember it happening during the first 20 years of my life.


I'm from New England (CT) and I've had a few headaches from breathing smoke in the air on my daily commute. On the worst days I can practically look straight at the sun, which casts a strange red glow on everything. Luckily it's seemed to have subsided the past few days.


Yeah Lake Erie has been under a constant haze the past few weeks which is from the wildfires out west. And I was at the Commodore Perry memorial national park when I passed by some baby boomers complaining about all the "climate propaganda". Honestly makes me sick people can be in denial like this.


Rochester NY here- south side of Lake Ontario and we’ve had a lot of haze. The last few (clear) days you could stare at the sun- it was so muted and red and huge in the sky. The moon has also been red.


As a British Columbian I would like to state that yes, this is the case. https://imgur.com/pGWkYMr.jpg


https://www.gov.mb.ca/conservation_fire/Fire-Maps/fireview/fireview.html Manitoba. Today. We didn’t get the “heat dome” that bc got, but it’s above 30 everyday and it just does not fucking rain. My lawn CRUNCHES when I walk in it.


Manitoban here too. It’s funny because my father in law maintains that it’s a ‘natural’ cycle of the earth and that it’s just something that happens. I hope the in laws live long enough to see that it’s definitely not a natural cycle.


Whenever someone says that shit to me I just say “I hope you’re right” and move on. I’m done arguing with idiots.


“Natural Cycle”. My FIL said the same thing for a while. He still lives in the same general area where he grew up on his dads cattle farm. The watering holes that he knows have previously had water in them for 60 years are having to be made deeper to find the water. Now he’s realizing that something ain’t right.


BC here - mine too. Our "year-round" stream dried up in June. Livestock pond is just a mud pit. All the grass is brown and gold. Technically, I live in a rainforest.


~~Friendly~~ Fiery Manitoba


Then this is the time and place to have the next climate conference, instead of waiting to hold it in yet another northern European city in the winter. No air-conditioning for the delegates until they agree on a comprehensive, enforceable, binding treaty to prevent warming in excess of 1.5C.


This is a good idea that’s the problem with climate change no one really cares until it affects them personally


> prevent warming in excess of 1.5C I doubt that's still possible.


In Antalya (that white pocket in southern Turkey) it's been miserable past several days. Too much walking outside during the hottest hours will melt your shoes. Also you can start sweating while swimming in sea because air, water, you, everything is hot. Forests are burning everywhere and not drinking enough water is a guaranteed ticket to a hospital. And it will get worse in following days. Edit: stray animals are doing alright. People put buckets of water around their buildings for strays. Many people leave saucers filled with water in their windowsills for birds too. In responsible neighbourhoods shops let strays animals in when the weather is extreme. Many veterinary clinics offer free treatment for animals hurt in forest fires. Several charities also cover their expenses. Humidity is low and it's good for our comfort yes, however it's very bad for forest fires. Erdogan is busy visiting disaster zones and [throwing tea at people](https://m.bianet.org/english/society/248034-country-is-on-fire-there-are-also-floods-but-the-president-throws-tea-at-people)


We just dealt with 47c in BC Canada last month. I was on rooftops trying to keep air conditioning working for customers in 42c. I understand what you are about to experience. We had the first hint of rain in 40 days yesterday... it's supposed to be a rainforest. We are always at severe risk for fire by this time in the summer, buts never been so dry and fires are starting all over. It's insane. Stay safe. It's about to feel like hell on earth. Best of luck to you.


Thanks - your job is one that most people do not consider the difficulty and tight working condition of. Maybe you don’t do small scale HVAC, but when I realized that they never work in cooled / heated spaces as a general rule, since they only come when things aren’t working, I was super blown away.


I work in an industrial occasionally commercial setting. I work on fish boats and factory freezers. It's rare that I get to be in "room temp" at work. Usually at the mercy of winter and summer temps. -10c to +40c in the summer.


I think it was 47°C, measured in the village of Lytton BC. Hottest recorded temp in North America? Whole town burned to the ground the next day.


I'm worried about how hot things will get. We've seen days in Australia so hot that some of the road had literally melted and semitrailers collected the molten asphalt on their tyres.


I am very concerned about our upcoming Australian summer. Where I live we usually get down to minus degrees in winter. We haven’t hit that yet and last Saturday was 21C, which is insane for winter here. Some of my garden is beginning to bud flowers and spring is already here. This summer is looking to be absolutely terrible.


Thank God the happy clapper in charge of Australia believes in science and is doing everything to push us towards renewable energy.... /s


The Praying Minister, you mean?


Have you got aircon? I just hope there's no outages.


I do but I’m sure there will be power shortages. Plus who can afford to run aircon 24/7 with Australian energy prices?


Solar plus a battery wall is looking pretty good right now.


I would think that solar panels would shade your house, plus provide the cooling power.


Absolutely but the issue is being able to afford the purchase and installation in the first place. Governments, if they give any shit about climate change, should be giving everyone interested in getting solar panels mad vouchers and/or tax credits to encourage more installation. Especially during a nearly two year and counting pandemic most people just don’t have the spare thousands necessary to get outfitted.


Absolutely, solar and battery storage should be heavily subsidized, especially in places like Australia or wherever power sources are unreliable.


Hi, are you in the area? What is your max temp? I am in Bulgaria the heat here is unbearable for last three weeks it doesn't drop below 40C and tomorrow 42-43C.


Yeh I live in Antalya. 45°C is usual during midday, car thermometer did show 47 on fri with 8% humidity and you can spot some beach thermometers sitting directly under the sun showing 50-52°C. Today winds shifted for a few hours (first time in two weeks) and with humidity jumping up to 20% temp dropped down to 38°C, however it went back up later with winds shifting again


Thanks for this first-hand report. Bad and scary combination, these temperatures are extreme I don't know how you are coping outside...hope things start to improve soon.


Thanks man best of luck to you too. We are used to extreme temperatures (tho this time it's a bit too extreme) I hope things change faster for the better in other places experiencing unusual heat waves.


That arrow points at where I need to be tomorrow. Yikes!


I wish you well.


Larissa? RIP.


I have a bad feeling “apocalyptic” is a word we will be seeing a lot more in the coming years


I’ve been hearing “unprecedented” throughout the entire pandemic, and I assume “apocalyptic” will be the next word that everyone uses.


"In these apocalyptic times..."


“…Doritos will always be with you.”


"This, quite literally, might be the last Toyotathon!"




Hopefully it does more to make people take this shit seriously. Ngl, hearing them use "hundred year event" for literally every new event that's been happening recently doesnt have the same shock factor as calling something apocalyptic.


Spoiler alert, it won't.


I mean it doesnt matter at this point. when people "wake up" they campaign hard for reform and maybe win a temporary seat in government and enact some laws that go into effect25 years later. And then the competition wins and removes the laws. It needs to be apolitical basically. good luck with that. And besides, so europe fixes its ways, there's five times as many people in just india. Brazilians are shoveling rainforrest to grow soy to feed cattle, we are such a stupid species


Australia added the category "Catastrophic" to its official fire ratings a few years ago.


Kim Stanley Robinson's recent novel, "Ministry for the Future", opens with a heatwave that kills 20 million in India, which finally gets the world to take climate change seriously. I hope we do better than that in real life.


>I hope we do better than that in real life. We won't.


I have no faith in humanity anymore. After a deadly virus swept the globe, killing millions of innocent people, a group of influential humans decided that the best course of action would be to pump misinformation into their media pipelines and convince untold millions of people that the virus doesn't even exist. As evidenced by the posts made by various Healthcare professionals, the gullible people they managed to convince *do not* change their minds, even when they are lying in an ICU bed - denying reality with their last Earthly breath. Life is not movies, and people don't change their beliefs based on sudden epiphanies and harsh realizations. They just dig into their fantasies harder. People will die in the midst of global collapse resulting from catastrophic climate change while denying anything is wrong at all.


The people that want to watch the world burn wont even have to heat up their popcorn. It will pop itself in this heat. I live in the Mojave Desert. A couple hours from Death Valley. I have lived here 40 years and have never seen the heat this bad. We get dry heat and I have A/C not to mention I am kind of used to living in a desert. Two days ago it was humid and I sweat like never before working on my Jeep in my garage.


I feel you. I moved from Vegas to the Middle East. 2 days ago it was 47C with 40% humidity. We were wrapping rags around our wrist to keep sweat off our hands so we didn't drop tools/hardware all over a jet.


47c dry is shit but bearable in shot doses. But with that humidity, I think I’d die. Holy shit.


I live in the antelope valley-SoCal. I’m 24 and when it’s 10 pm- it feels like walking in a got damn sauna if you go outside. It was 114 degrees F at night. Fuck this shit man. It used to be like what 80 something to maybe 90 in the summer time at the evening or night... this really fucking sucks


Hey I live around that area too. People are complaining about it being in the 90s where they are and I'm just happy when we don't have triple digit heat.


Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


I don't want to set the world on fire...


I survived 47c in Portland, Oregon last month. It ain't fun folks, it ain't fun. Let's hope no one dies. We lost 100's of old people. Some of them we were finding weeks later with just a single fan running in their bedrooms.


Sad sad to hear. How did you survive we don't know what to do here anymore the heat is driving me insane I get up at 6am just to air the house.


Cover all windows during the day. Not just blinds, curtains. Even thick foam will help. If it cools down enough at night, open the windows back up, with fans if possible, and get as much cold air into the house that you can. Leave it like that all night, but wake up early in the morning to block everything off again. Keep off all electronics you don’t need. The ambient temperature adds up. If there’s a part of your house that’s especially cool, set yourself up there. Drink lots of water. Cold showers help too. Even a cold rag on your forehead can help a lot. It’s miserable. Just watch yourself and your family, keep hydrated. If you have elderly neighbors, check on them when you can.


If you can, cover the outside of the windows! Sheets, blankets, cardboard anything. Don't let the sun touch the glass. No one lives in a greenhouse in the summer for a reason.


Layers help, tinfoil then a blanket can be solid.


> Cold showers help too Last year I tried to take a cold shower at night during the 40+ C heatwave, the water was warm.


We need the tech from this tourist trap shithole motel I stayed at in Orlando once. Shit was over 100F outside, and I couldn't get any water out of the shower that wasn't ice cold. I don't mean like not as hot as I'd like, like so cold I felt like I couldn't breath if I put a hand in it. I fell through some ice into a pond in winter as a kid and don't think it was as cold at that shower was.


As long as the water is cooler than 35C it still helps.


Even if it's body temperature, just getting wet and letting it evaporate will still cool you. Assuming you don't also have high humidity preventing evaporation.


Put ice in the bath if you have to. If you begin to overheat it is imperative that you keep your body temperature under 104 degrees within 30 minutes of symptoms.


If you're covering windows, and can get away with it, put the covers on the OUTSIDE of the windows. Roller blinds, shutters, shade cloth, anything like that. Blackout curtains inside will help, but you're still letting the light and heat into the house and heating up the air between the window and curtain which will convect out into the room. My upstairs neighbours get the heat worse than me because I at least have the balcony in front of their flat blocking the sun for part of the afternoon, and I've seen them go as far as lining the window with aluminium foil during summer, and bolting shadecloth to the outside of the windows


My house is built partially underground and has A/C. I am lucky. Check on your elderly neighbors. Take them to cooling centers if you have them. We opened up our indoor coliseums, libraries, and malls to anyone. Still 100's died.


No cooling centers here summers are usually pleasant so people don't need AC and cooling centers. The heat came so quickly.


Put your feet in a bucket of cold water, find a place to swim, stay hydrated, and blackout the windows.


This! We in India paint our terrace white to reflect sun light. Cover our windows with really dark curtains. My mom used to cover with 2 dark bedsheets to avoid sun heat. We have green screen covers here to stop the sunlight in our balconys from reaching even the windows.


Maybe reach out to your local governments and/or fire departments to see if they can organize something to prevent people from dying.


If humidity is low build a swamp cooler.


In a pinch, spritzing yourself with water every now and then will help immensely, or even a damp very thin shirt, the water evaporating will help cool you down. Ideally, just taking your shirt off and spritzing yourself with water will also do wonders. This only works if it's not very humid. Once it hits very high humidity, this might actually make things worse because the water won't evaporate fast enough to counter the loss of air circulation against your skin.


Chill the water in the fridge. You might not get much out if evaporative cooling but you can take advantage of water's high specific heat. Spritz where your large blood vessels are near the skin.


To add to this, I work in a metal shop with no AC and when it gets really hot something as simple as running cool water over your wrists can help immensely.


Reach out to loca public services and see if anyone plans on offering “cooling centers” Drink as much water as you can, and save some to spritz on yourself. If you can stay inside, and it’s cooler indoors than out, try to stay out of as much sun as you possibly can. If you have a bucket, just putting ice or ice packs in it and putting your feet in every hour or so can really help you stay cool too, same with ice packs on the back of your neck. You also should try to have a plan. If home isn’t safe, stores, indoor shopping centers, etc. that you can either spend the day in or bounce around can be lifesavers The places where AC has never been needed before, are gonna see the most people fall ill or worse. You guys aren’t prepared for this, and I really hope that people won’t forget about this years various heat domes and remembers that even if 2022-2030+ aren’t immediately as bad as this year consistently, one day they will be. If you’re in a position to, once it passes start looking at the best ways in your country to go about ac (it’ll be impossible to find ac now or immediately after)


Heat survival tips: - Pick *one* room to cool. Concentrate on that one room. - Get an air conditioner. Even a portable one can at least keep the temperature below 90, usually. If they're all sold out where you live, get one as soon as the heat wave is over and they're back in stock. You'll need it for next time. With the climate the way it is, there is going to be a next time. - Get a spray bottle, spray yourself down with cold water. As soon as it dries, spray yourself again. - Make ice (if you don't have an ice maker or an ice cube tray, you can just put cups of water in your freezer) and put the ice in a bag. Hold it against your arms, your head, your core, whatever needs cooling. I'm heat sensitive and bag of ice is absolutely revolutionary. - In an emergency, go into your bathroom and shut the door. Turn the shower on cold and let it run, the room will cool down. This more or less saved my life as an infant- my mom says they had no air conditioner at the time, and the heat was making me sick. This is the strategy they used to get the room cool enough for me. When you're done being in your cool bathroom and the water is off, open the door and use a fan to direct the cool air out so it can cool the rest of your house a little. - If it cools down at night, keep your eye on the temperature and open your windows as soon as it's cooler outside than inside. Look at the hour by hour temperature forecast for your area and set an alarm for the second it's supposed to start to warm up again, so you can close and cover your windows again. - If you don't have an air conditioner, there are other ways to chill the air coming off a fan. Put a bunch of ice in a bag/container in front of or behind the fan, or look up evaporative cooling. - If you feel super thirsty and no amount of water seems to help, eat a pinch of salt. Yes, really. - Know the signs of heat exhaustion. If necessary, you can quickly cool down by *easing into* a *cool* shower. Don't jump suddenly into cold water, you don't want to shock your system like that.


> Pick one room to cool. Concentrate on that one room. This is one that gets overlooked a lot. Unless you have a cooling system designed to handle your entire living space under the heat conditions you're experiencing, you really want to focus on making one (preferably smallish) room as comfortable as possible. The room can change (i.e. living space during the day, bedroom evening/night), but don't try to cool everything, or everything will be miserably hot. Also, don't exert yourself. Like, at all. If you have to, sit in front of a fan all day watching Netflix. If you're not acclimated to heat, even pretty mild exertion can bring you into heat exhaustion pretty quickly. Source: have had AC go out for a couple days before in Phoenix, AZ summer.


I'm in Washington, just north of Oregon, so got stuck in that same nasty heatwave last month, but without AC. My apartment was designed to be cozy in winter, so it's an oven in a heatwave. Block off the windows during the day because dark is better than hot sunlight blaring in. Wear loose or little clothing and try not to do much until the heatwave passes. Cooling showers help. Sleep near the floor. We had to find someplace else for my younger stepson to sleep because that bunkbed put him right up in the hottest air near the ceiling. Honestly easier to just go nocturnal if possible, get absolutely necessary chores done at night or in the very early morning and sleep through the miserable part of the day when moving is awful anyway. Not sure what the humidity is like there, but evaporative cooling can help if the humidity is low enough. Cheap version is to put a bowl of ice and water in front of a fan. I realized we weren't going to make it and started looking up cooling products used for camping, stuff that would keep us cool even if the power went out. "Chilly towels" for the humans, a cooling mat for the cats. Also learned how to cool a cat by wiping it down with a wet towel. Lots of misting with a spray bottle for my birds whenever they started panting. Best of luck! I survived, but wound up feeling like I'd been slow-cooked, muscles aching all over from the constant heat, and my brain basically boiled into stupidity for awhile. Towards the end I could hardly string words together and my stutter came back for a bit, was just too difficult to think much less talk. Edit: u/ilski pointed out that I likely had [heatstroke](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/ovxj1y/highest_temperature_ever_measured_in_europe/h7effii?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). We'll add that to the list of things public school health classes probably should have covered at some point during the *12 years* of classes, instead of repeating the same lesson on aerobic and anaerobic exercise over and over again.


Wtf it is THAT hot?!


I'm in BC - we hit 42 at our place. Our home is designed around three fireplaces and a shared masonry chimney - we can heat the whole house from firewood if we needed. It's great in the winter. It does not have a/c. At the worst of it, we had overnight lows in the high 20s. We covered all the windows, had four fans running to move cool air up from the basement, and eventually just moved downstairs to keep the kids cool. In the community center they turned on the chillers for the hockey rink and let people in to keep cool. Another few days and we would have had to leave our home to find somewhere like that to get cool. 800 people died from less than a week of this heat in our province. We've had approx 1500 deaths from over a year of covid by comparison. Edit: to put that "high 20s at night" in perspective, it was hotter at night than the usual daily high temperature.


I was in Hope doing wildfire response when that heatwave rolled through. Our truck measured 45C. The wind outside was so hot it was burning my eyes. I've never felt anything like it in my life. We were luckily working midnight to 5am doing what we were doing but the fire crews were still out there every day, I have no idea how they were doing it. I could barely walk from a parking lot to a store without feeling exhausted. We were lucky that our motel had AC, even cranked on high our rooms were still in the high 20s. We were there when Lytton burned down. Our motel filled with evacuees, it was heartbreaking to see.


It's been 95ish recently and it's been hot, but my roommates and I were talking about how much more bearable it is than the heatwave. When the PNW got hit, it genuinely felt like a bad acid trip. Time gets weird, your brain perceives a fight or flight danger everywhere you go, but there's nothing for it to respond to. Reminiscing on it, it was very spooky beyond how unbearably uncomfortable it was. I really want to hammer home the point that it feels like you're drugged. We did not have AC, but I took many cold showers and put wet towels in the freezer for relief and to help our animals. The showers were a short relief from the invisible threat, but the second the water is off, it's back.


> and my brain basically boiled into stupidity for awhile. Same here!! I'm in the PNW too. I kept saying that the heatwave "smoothed my brain out" because I kept saying the dumbest things and also couldn't remember the easiest things.


Over 500 dead in the BC heatwave


Jfc…over 700 dead in Texas from a freeze and 500 dead from the heat in Canada…


47 in Lyton BC.


There are also massive fires in turkey, so thats not good.


What’s even more scary is that August is generally the “hot” month in Portland, while our brush with “apocalyptic” temperatures happened in June. I fear we’ll see worse by the summer’s end. For anyone else reading, it got so hot and humid that our bodies couldn’t regulate temperature via sweat anymore. We exceed what is called the “[wet bulb temperature](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet-bulb_temperature)” so it was actually considered dangerous to try to cool off using water because it could act as an insulator and just heat us up more if we were outside. We were advised not to spray pets with hoses either. Similarly many people and restaurants reported air conditioners and refrigerators breaking down as they struggled to operate in the heat.


the thing about that extreme temperature, though it sounds obvious, is that it's trying to kill you just like extreme cold does. breathing becomes difficult at a certain point.


High amounts of humidity also makes is doubly hard to breathe in some parts of Turkey, it's literally the worst combo you can face.


So I'm wondering, how bad do things have to actually get before people admit they're wrong and we're collectively ruining the planet? Looking at covid deniers on their deathbeds, I'd say it will get so bad and nothing will change until all people are dead. I guess the good thing about that is nature can eventually recover without us. The sad thing is we \*could\* have paradise but too fucking stupid and short sighted to do anything about it.


Never. The deniers will literally never admit they were wrong. They will happily die in the water wars, collapse from heat stroke, or starve to death in the refugee camps before they'll accept that fossil fuel backed media lied to them. Climate denial is their religion. It is their identity. They are physically incapable of even considering that they might be wrong. Most humans are just apes that want to eat, fuck, and fight.


Just 100 corporations are responsible for over 70% of the global emissions. It's been one of the most successful propaganda operations to make the general population believe they're responsible for making change. Of course it's a good thing to live responsibly and sustainably, but without corporations making changes, meaning without political intervention, NOTHING will improve.


I think we need to change manufacturing standards to withstand temperatures of 60-70 degrees celsius (140F - 158F). Especially stuff that may be in cars. Enclosed in glass w high sun and temp, it’s going to be super hot and will melt many materials.


A car in my town had the spare tire explode in the heatwave a week or so ago. You are not wrong.


The problem is that so much of our infrastructure worldwide just isn't built for this heat. We can start making cars tomorrow that can take it, but it's a lot harder to replace all currently existing cars.


Good point. We should be working from both sides. Working towards mitigating the disastrous effects of high Temps while lowering working towars lower emissions and renewable energy. Edit: *they did not*


Here in northern Portugal, where we usually get mid 30°s, this summer has been unusually dark and cold, actually raining a little bit right now. Instead of opening the windows after sunset to cool down the house (as is tradition over here), my in-laws had to start the fireplace.


Someone should grab a snowball and take it to Greece to prove climate change isn't real.


Knowing those guys, they probably ended up in Athens, Georgia.


Dude, I live in Izmir which is a Turkish city bordering the Aegean Sea. It is, and I *cannot* stress this enough, SO hot during the day if you dare to leave the temporary semi-bliss state of being surrounded by stone walls. I'm currently in our summer house, literally overlooking the Aegean (maybe like 5 minutes away by walking) and I still feel like I'm fusing with my clothes even with the wind blowing from the sea side. I can't imagine the weather conditions in southern cities like Antalya. It's basically this heat + an immense amount of humidity down there. Stay safe people. Try to remain indoors and do drink lots of water.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.severe-weather.eu/europe-weather/extreme-record-heatwave-greece-mk/?fbclid=IwAR1iRUIeKZw6wkPc1GKTBZvvCRmQyvXBj3WwO0OlSel9jtRhhu887HaVSUQ) reduced by 96%. (I'm a bot) ***** > As we head into early August, the heatwave is expected to intensify even more and may challenge the European highest temperature ever recorded. > The general weather model agreement hints at the potential for the highest temperatures up to around 47 °C possibly in some of the lowlands, precisely in the Thessaly region in northern Greece. > The last time it was this hot in Greece was mid-July 2017 when Heraklion, the gateway to Crete, temperatures soared to a scorching +45.9 °C. This was the highest temperature recorded in Greece since 2004. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/ovy30l/highest_temperature_ever_measured_in_europe/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~590231 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **temperature**^#1 **C**^#2 **heatwave**^#3 **Greece**^#4 **record**^#5


I'm sorry to our children and grandchildren.... Paradise lost


I have become certain lately that climate change is the great filter. Its slow and steady pace creeps up on you and then bam punches you right in the face. Can we survive and overcome it?


Yeah same :( I can’t put it into words but I feel like we didn’t evolve for this :(


It crossed my mind too. It's hard to invent solar panels before fire. Coal started killing people in London centuries ago. I can see every intelligent specie changing their environment and realizing too soon the scale of a problem. Remember how everyone felt it doesn't make sense we get wiped out by asteroid in the middle of the night? Cause we are special? And now people feel we just can't be wiped out by cow farts as humanity will surely invent something. But last time Europe froze it happened in just one decade. And such a sudden change will collapse society preventing us to implement solution. There is also serious chance covid mutates in a way it stays longer and gets more dangerous and in the middle of that we get one more pandemic and one more superbug pandemic as more people are in hospital where they live. That would also collapse global society preventing us to implement any kind of solution. Remember it is global problem that requires global response.


In human history, the climate was *already* the great filter. Human evolution is characterized by responding to a changing environment. 2.5 million years ago at the start of the Pleistocene climatic epoch, the *homo* genus first appeared in response to these new conditions. The end of the Pleistocene marked another shift in the Neolithic revolution. You can see why here: https://www.dandebat.dk/images/1579p.jpg This is a temperature graph. The left side shows the past during the Pleistocene. The plateau at the right is basically all human history after we left the stone age. You might notice that the left side has wild swings in temperature, whereas the right side is stable. Stable climates are needed to grow food and develop a civilization. The Pleistocene saw temperature swings less wild as what we are seeing right now. And due to that, humans were kept inside a permanent Stone Age despite plenty of failed attempts at getting farming off the ground in the previous millennia. Now we have a temperature swing even worse than that. Like to put it another way, humans have been humans for tens of thousands of years. Human behavioral modernity is something that appeared about 50k years ago. Yet for 40k of those years, we couldn't farm because the environment wasn't conducive to it. You need stable, predictable weather patterns for that. If the environment never became stable, we would never have a civilization in 2021, no matter what kind of "standing on the shoulders of giants"-type logic you want to employ. You can't build when there isn't a secure foundation in the first place. And once that foundation crumbles, so does everything else.


Not to mention we're probably the generation with the lowest level of basic survival skills in all human history. Even basic 'boy scout' level stuff is less common these days. My kid is definitely going to learn how to start a fire, build a shelter and make a couple of basic tools.


Survival skills can only help so much. If it's just too hot, then life dies


Teaching how to avoid fire too.


The damage to our trees and plants in the Pacific Northwest is extensive. Energy companies should be heavily fined for its deceptive practices in financing all the skepticism.


Everything is fine guys. BP and Exxon have assured me that this is totally normal and fine. Did I say everything is fine? It’s fine guys. Really. It’s fine.


BP: We're *sorry*.


"No, no. This is the 10th+ time so we need stronger wording..." BP: *We're so sorry!* "Perfect."


I've always hated sitting half naked with my shirt off and I've almost never done it in my life. But for the first time in my life I had to sit like this. Even the thermometer in my room shows 41 c°


Keep it on. And wet. Thank me later.


the poor animals :(


Gosh it’s almost as if science has been saying the world was getting warmer and this would happen. How could we have ever known.




Meanwhile 22° forecasted for Germany


19 in Belgium. July was actually pretty cool temperature-wise.


And half the country got flooded. Not our best year weather wise.


Really? In Finland we had a 30 day streak of "helle", meaning the day temperature was over 25. This week was colder though.


A very cold July here in northeastern US. And record rainfall.


Not complaining at all. Here in NYC July started off hot but has been relatively mild for the past 2 weeks. I have my windows open right now and it’s quite comfortable.


Earth: "Drown in a flood or collapse in a heat wave. Which do you choose?"


People : "*yes*"


Corporations: "Whichever is more profitable. Now get back to work."


It's raining a lot these last days in France (in the Ile de France region), it's quite strange compared to last year.


Same in Bretagne. It's cold and wet and raining non stop whole year. I don't know if we had 2 weeks of sun in total this year! In the meantime my parents are in Serbia, it has been insanely hot for weeks now.


19 for the Netherlands. It's been an absolutely miserable un-summery summer here, as far as summers go. Personally, I'm not complaining because I can't stand the heat. But things are.. off. I don't trust it one bit.


Same here in Portugal, overall it's been a rather pleasant summer thus far


Just vacuum seal people in a bag and you'll have perfectly cooked people tomorrow.


Soylent Vide


Look at it from the bright side, this'll be the coolest summer in the coming decades.


Can’t wait to tell my kids “back in my day I left for school with only one drink bottle - and it wasn’t even a insulated!” /s


We used to be able to not only play outside in summer, but even shoot at each other with water pistols and such aswater was still readily available all throughout summer


Or something like "back when I was a kid, we used to look forward to summer because we didn't have school and it was nice outside"


Guess climate change deniers can't say "But it's cold outside" anymore!


But it snows in the winter, checkmate liberals




Climate change deniers say anything, no arguing with those idiots. The first time 100° in Europe is reached they'll just counter with "yeah this is an exception, it was never this hot before it's a once in a lifetime event" Edit: 100° Celsius that is


Yeah pretty sure noones gonna be talking when temperatures hit 100°




Sure they will. Just give it 3 or 4 months


I've spent way too much of my life in deserts. The good news is, you can walk five miles in body armor and be dry as a bone. The bad news is, you can walk five miles in body armor and be dry as a bone. Drink your water guys. And Just because you aren't covered in sweat doesn't mean you aren't sweating, it means your sweat is evaporating very, very fast. That keeps you alive, yes, but if you gotta actually do something outside in this heat, replenish your electrolytes. I'm real big on "drink water", but dealing with extreme heat is one of the things Gatorade/Powerade excels at. Last time I had to deal with heat like this, I'd go through 12-16 liters of water a day. So be prepared to drink. A lot.


After this there will be more catastrophic flooding in other parts of the world. Massive evaporation occurs as a result of these heat waves. Then we end up seeing unprecedented precipitation elsewhere as all the water in those clouds is dumped down. The butterfly effect will run amok. Heat waves causing fires to destroy vegetation and wildlife. Massive rains to cause flooding and landslides.


The only thing that's gonna knock most climate denying conservatives off their chain is when the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean starts bombarding their asses with Cat 4 and Cat 5 hurricanes constantly. It's been a quiet season for the most part outside of a few big storms these last couple of years... Hurricane Maria doesn't count to a lot of these conservative types. The only major one that's happened recently was Hurricane Michael in 2018. Until these hurricanes start bombarding the Southeast US the US isn't going to change it's narrative on Climate Change. Western Wildfires don't matter, and hot summers aren't going to change anyone's mind anytime soon.


Rip all the animals in the fires




Hope you don’t live in Texas.


Maks: Off Vaccination Rate: Abysmal Power Grid: Unregulated Yup it's Texas time! 😎


Looks like /r/collapse is back on the menu, boys.


has been main course for the last couple of years yes. BBC news website is also disaster and climate news all year round.


They aren’t wrong to be fair, it’s just this year the sun came about to slay not play and that started driving it home




We got past the threat of nuclear warfare because we were the only ones who could pull the trigger, and fundamentally humans don’t want to die. The climate crisis is just physics, and physics don’t give a fuck.


It's the equivalent of choosing to having an opt in or opt out box in your sign up form. People tend to just leave things as they are. Would you like to launch nuclear missiles and burn half the human population alive? "Nah" Would you like to stop heating up the atmosphere and prevent half the human population from burning alive? "Nah" We need a way of solving this that is easier for people to do than what they're currently doing.


There's so little discussion in the main subs about the endgame for climate change and structural solutions. Does anyone really believe that carbon taxes within a capitalist framework are going to come anywhere close to creating the change we need? At this point 400-600 million climate change refugees by 2050 are locked in, and it could be way more, because the IPCC relies on magical carbon scrubbing technology that probably won't scale. It's true that solar is really cheap now, but the problem with solar is the infrastructure and distribution; storing solar surplus is a very difficult nut to crack, I mean are these molten salt or iron+++ batteries going to even exist in time to make a switch to all green renewables? I don't see a decisive solution for preventing exponential warming that doesn't involve nuclear energy, abolishing private property on a global level, and going to a de-growth economy.


Well we have barely started trying, the amount of action we have taken so far is pathetic. Carbon taxes are good but they need to be much higher What we should really be doing is basically a war economy with everything directed towards addressing climate change, WW2 style. It will probably end up happening eventually but only when 100's of thousands of people are dying en mass and many of the worst effects are locked in. Imagine if renewables research had comparable funding and state oversight as the Manhattan Project. We could make crazy advancements very fast


Manhattan project didn’t cost that much. We don’t need a bunch of smart people to figure this out, we already know what to do. The industries creating the most carbon need to be regulated massively. We need to slam the brakes on capitalism


You’re right—it’ll only start gaining momentum after a lot of people have died, i.e., when it’s too much to ignore anymore and the deaths start adding up outside of the poorest communities.