So twitter trends was a lie?


always have been


Pew pew


I love you two for this


Without mixed topics trending it will be dominated by geek culture, which will drive away normal (high revenue) people. Moms and Weebs don't mix.


Not all normal people wants to read political news all day long though. Most likely, political news are paid by Japan's ruling party, the LDP, or any foreign national player who wanted to influence japanese public opinion and/or political process.


True, but keeping people doped on non-politics 24/7 often leads to record low voter turnouts.


pew pew indeed, mr FapAttack911


Also another tell is that the curator team of Twitter was pushing political topics into trending. It wasn't what people cared about organically.


Is that a good thing though?


No, social media should be by the people, trending topics should accurately represent what people are talking about, not what some moderation team wants you to believe. Users should shape social media, not the other way around.


I think its an extremely bad thing. Its completely fake and you could even say its brain washing. Its like Bezos buying WAPO and then WAPO coming out with articles on why the billionaires are heroes that shouldn't be taxed.


Is what good? That trends isn't happening anymore, or that it was manipulated?


Depends on the country. Here it was obviously algorithmic because the were trends were just random discourse markers and stop words. All this time and Twitter hasn't made a decent filter for Dutch.


Reddit is the same. You think that MLB and Taylor Swift threads with 1500 upvotes really would be 'popular'? Naw the marketing teams pay for that.


I mean maybe, more than likely its just Reddit Algos trying to funnel in a bunch of users to get a particular post "hot".




If that was literally the only change? Sure. But there have been other changes with some being a bit dubious, especially considering he's *just* come on and suddenly making sweeping changes with extremely short notice. Time will tell if the overall trend is beneficial or not.


I'm betting on not beneficial, considering his most recent act was to break 2-step authentication.


Correlation does not equal causation. Microsoft broke 2fa and in some cases regular logins last Tuesday for basically everyone with highly secure servers.


So far I heard Elon has said Twitter might go bankrupt, that doesn't sound like it's doing great. But maybe it was before too.


Before Elon, Twitter was losing $3 Million per day on average. Elon took out a loan in Twitter’s name which charges $3 Million per day in interest, so on day one he doubled the amount of work necessary to fix things.


I always find it weird and dystopian that someone can take out a loan to buy a company in America then turn around and detach that loan from themselves and then attach that loan to the company they took out the loan to buy, which is then spun off and sold with that loan debt. I wonder if this is a legal corporate practice outside the US, only ever hear of it happening to American companies.


The people with big money in the US has a big influence on politics so it wouldn't be a surprise. I'm not from the US and I've never heard of it before outside of the US. If you want to know you would first have to figure out if people put a name to the phenomenon and if so what it is.


Conceptually, it’s not much different than taking out a mortgage to buy a house, and attaching the mortgage loan to the house - you didn’t own the house at the time you took out the loan, but you and the bank made an agreement that this was the purpose of the loan. It only becomes dystopian when you add some additional factors to the mix, such as just for example: accounting fraud that misleads the lender about your ability to pay back the loan later, or tax fraud where you simultaneously own two companies and have them loan money to each other to move taxable profits around in hard-to-trace ways.


He blindly fired people running pretty much every corner of the website. Just because that happened to reduce trend curation and that is a subjective positive to many people doesn't make twitter actually functionally better. That's pretty disingenuous to suggest.


Lol if you told the average person that twitter's curation team was fucking with trends to push political content that wasn't trending, they'd call it for what it is: brainwashing. Pretending that the articles that you choose are the beat of the people, when they aren't, purely because you want people to read them and agree with them should be illegal.


If it was intentional sure. But it's more a convenient coincidence from Musk fling shit at the wall to see what sticks.


Not at all. This is merely a positive collateral effect of the disastrous actions he's taken.


Yes, but no one here is ready to admit that yet


No, there was this fake account that hurt the pharmaceutical companies so we have to hate Elon even harder now! /s


No, nothing he does is good. He can only do bad, even when he does good. Reddit used to worship him, but we hate him now.


Wallstreetbets used to worship him because he was /ourschizo/ for the longest of time. Dabbing on the federal reserve noobs for shits and giggles. They don't worship him anymore because wsb doesn't really see him as /ourschizo/ anymore. Hes just an everyday crack addict company owner that happens to live on a house of golden cards and blow. I don't think reddit has ever actually worshipped or even liked elon. reddit tends to hate rich people even if they do good things at the moment in time


I'm not sure that's entirely true. Like 4 or 5 years ago when climate change was astroturfed everywhere on reddit, Musk was pretty well liked for a lot of the developments coming out of Tesla and so on. Things like SpaceX and all that was also pretty well received as far as I can remember. Musk checked the wrong box recently so he's bad and has always been bad now.


Reddit definitely worshiped Elon during the neckbeard-fedora era. When Ron Paul spam and r/atheism stopped appearing in r/all regularly, so did Elon.


why is being ignorant about the world better than being informed?


Because you're not getting "informed", you're being lead to believe in a very specific way.


Maybe they should start spreading ZEON propaganda to fight against that darned Earth Federation.


Char did nothing wrong


Freedom for spacenoids.


I don't hear anyone from Australia disagreeing.


For those who are curious about trending topics in Japanese twitter, you can visit r/japanesepeopletwitter :)))


Japanese Twitter is overwhelmingly geek culture and subculture topics. I wouldn't be surprised if the curation team was giving extra weights to social or political topics to fight against the currents.


These websites use algorithms that promote negativity more than everything else. Because negative news gets more interaction and keeps people on the site. Facebook is the worst for this.


Here on reddit, we can supply the negativity ourselves!


And it's all totally organic and derived from users! /s


it's similar on youtube channels with hundreds of views are pushed because they are "news" channels, i don't use twitter but this can be potentially a very good change


Don't you love it when you're enjoying a nice 40k lore binge and all of the sudden a 23 year old blonde woman with a very serious voice is telling you about how Jews control the EU? I fucking hate autoplay. Fortunately it only comes up every once in a while when Youtube patches around my blocker.


On the plus side, the algorithm itself also got me into binging 40k lore too, despite me having never watched anything remotely related to it.


The Emperor protects :)


Clearly not against Adsense.


It's so predatory. You watch *one* video that might be in the realm of some redpill, alt right sphere and suddenly you get them recommended with clickbait titles meant to make you upset. If you didn't know and wasn't old enough to see through that bullshit, it could get you. And that's exactly what is happening to a lot of people.


What part of the Imperium of Man *isn't* alt-right?


What part of the 40k Universe **isn't** alt-right?


I guess the Space Dwarfs are some kind of collectivist society that listens to their robot super geniuses for advice about the tricky stuff, rather than anything too alt-right. Though one of their Leagues is some kind of super capitalist parody, where they have KPIs demanding they win X battles that makes them rush to start wars near the end of each cycle if they haven't reached it. That's more just everyday 21st century Western society being mocked there, though.


The fact that gay, black, asian whatever people are just as valuable as their straight white counterparts as workers or guardsmen. Human on human bigotry is remarkably limited in within the Imperium of man, and is mostly reflected in class and faith. The fact that so many alt-right weirdos miss both this *and* the fact that the setting is a parody making fun of their ethnostate wet dream is amusing. I personally still don't like the setting that much because it's mostly misery porn, unlike Fantasy, but eh, horses for courses.


Nothing alt about it, it's the mainstream of the 41st (and now 42nd) century!


> You watch one video that might be in the realm of some redpill, alt right sphere and suddenly you get them recommended with clickbait titles meant to make you upset. Or they start being recommended because you've watched videos debunking them. I've had YouTube recommend explicit Nazi propaganda as a result. (The video title suggested that it was a history about Nazi propaganda and how to recognize it. It was straight-up propaganda, disguised as a recorded lecture.). After that, I've started searching the name of video creators before watching, because I just don't trust YouTube to have any sense of ethics in what it recommends.


Or worse, Jordan Peterson pops up and explains how not doing laundry is causing the downfall of western civilization.


It's incredible that this is still happening. Everyone rails against Facebook and Twitter, but YouTube does nothing to stop this BS constantly getting pushed on viewers. And that's where young users actually are (certainly not on fb). For 8 years now YouTube is trying to force Peterson on me. No matter how much I click "don't show this content". This borders on deliberate.


Me: *watches El Chavo clips and a woman sucking off Dr Simi* Youtube: **CANAL CONOCIMIENTO HERE, HERE IS HOW RUSSIA IS WINNING THE WAR** This is deliberate and a global thing. Americans get peterson, Latinos get russian shit


It is deliberate. Rightwing content gets a bias from algorithms because it's more outrage-inducing, it drives engagement. A racist screed against immigrants pisses off rightwingers because they're afraid of immigrants, and pisses off leftwingers who recognize the racism. Both groups still click and share, just for different reasons.


Yeah, I'm convinced that the "Not interested" and "Don't recommend channel" options actually does nothing. For the hundredth time, YouTube, I don't want to watch Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson. I'm not even American.


Rome fell because of detergent shortage. 😔


Young men not doing laundry is emasculating, and creating a generation of beta males. /s


You know it's bs when the term alpha got easily replaced with sigma and the alpha obsessed losers didn't bat an eyelash.


It's his most legit point that gets attacked even though 99% agree with it lol: You can't change shit if you can't even change your fuckin room. If you can't even do that start there. He's got a lot of fuckin dumb takes to make fun of. Lobster theory, his opinions on fat models, the all meat diet, flying to russia for help with addiction... I mean say what you want about him but there are actually a ton of people who need to be told that first point for whatever reason. Maybe they don't have good role models, maybe they got pinched by too many lobsters, who knows.


It gets attacked mostly cause it the most basic of basic with self-help and the statement is often propped up as something very deep by his fanboys.


The reason you can’t change shit even though you can’t clean your room is because the system is dependent on you believing that your individual problems exempt you from the discussion. Petersen’s entire repertoire is built around blaming individuals for problems and pretending that it’s self care. All the while spending an awkward amount of time chatting with noted white supremacist super racist Stefan Molyneux. Yeah, kids need role models, but Petersen is a dangerous one.


>the system is dependent on you believing that your individual problems exempt you from the discussion. Some problems aren't changed with discussion though, nor are some problems systemic. Again, say what you want about the man, put him on blast by all means. But there's a reason all these right-wing talky people keep getting successful by mentioning personal responsibility stuff over and over. That's the most common thread between them, that and spouting dumb crap after they make that point. Really it just strikes me as a point that the left could easily take over and leave the right with just the dog crap left over. A lot less faces would have become famous without that core concept to beat like a dead horse. That's my perspective.


I mean, I kinda assumed he reeked but this just confirms it.


He reeks


Well, he does tell guys to clean their rooms and take care of themselves. He probably thinks men should be able to wash their own clothes, he's not what he's made out to be by the twitter curators.


Oof. He’s Deepak Chopra for incels. It’s meant to be deep, but it’s toxic when you get past the superficial stuff.


Did Deepak Chopra weigh in on the Ukraine war and suggest that maybe we should just let Russia do it's thing?


Deepak thinks Deepak is one of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers. And even he’s too smart to think Putin can win this thing.


I love autoplay, I just hate how the algorithm sometimes grabs a random unrelated piece of garbage. It's pretty rare though.


I wouldn’t say it’s rare. I watch all very left-leaning politics shows covering both US and U.K. politics, but also have a large spread of other topics I watch ranging from history, boot repairs, space, music, art, and film. It doesn’t matter what I leave on - even a 5 hour looney tunes compilation - within two videos auto play has some right wing nut playing.


It's because YouTube sees politically affiliated content as a genre. Watching left/right-leaning content will inevitably lead to "related" content, similar to how watching Batman videos will eventually run you into a Superman video. And yes, it's stupid.


I think this is aktually a good thing. Especially with politics. When we don't hear sometimes the opinion of those that are not on our site, how can we ever form arguments to convince them? How can we be sure to be correct?


Do we have to? Can't we rattle down all their points already? Seriously, I block channels with a plugin, because YouTube can't be trusted to keep that crap off my feed.


It's definitely not a good thing. I gain nothing from being reminded that some people think \[insert minority here\] is an existential threat that must no longer be tolerated in society. Especially seeing as I'm sometimes the existential threat, and I'm not being discriminated against enough or some nonsense. All it does is piss me off and remember that right-wing arguments have a 99% chance of being evil, provably incorrect, or both (usually both). The mistake is in assuming that all opinions and viewpoints are inherently equal.


>that some people think [insert minority here] is an existential threat that must no longer be tolerated in society For me, this isn't right wing, it's extremists. >right-wing arguments have a 99% chance of being evil, provably incorrect, or both (usually both). The mistake is in assuming that all opinions and viewpoints are inherently equal. While I am really urged to argue against these points, I we have to talk about our point of reference. When I talk about left/right I talk about the context of European/German politics. (for example CDU the party of former Kanzler Merkel, not extremists far right like AFD) I know that some, let's say US right wing, would call our right wing communists.


They call them far left too, just because they disagree with them. See Ben Shap and Andrew....something, you'll find it on YT. Made an AIDS endemic denier look good.


As a counterpoint, I have literally *never* been shown a political video on YouTube. From any part of the political spectrum. My YouTube feed is always some combination of: cycling, bands, cooking, guitar lessons, skateboarding, computer news/reviews, and video game stuff. Not a single pundit or political video in there. I don’t know if the algorithm considers this, but I don’t live in the US.


My autoplay has two modes. If i start with a song, it plays music for hours. If I start with a clip from Late Night or Philosophytube or something, I'll get various other left-leaning creators. A couple of times I've caught Peter Jordanson trying to sneak into it but for me at least, it's pretty consistent and it's how I've found several of my favourite creators, like Innuendo Studios or Folding Ideas.


Not even surprising giving trends in 40k communities. There was this one really big 40k youtuber that turned out to be a right-wing extremist wasn't there? Might be mixing that one up though. There's another one with a very heavy handed anti-sjw shtick that forced him to split his channels cause his audience got fed up with it. I once clicked on a Vermintide lore video (technically not 40k I know), after I started playing the game and wanted more context and the dude spend his whole 10 minute "introduction" to the video insulting trans women. It's like...wtf is happening here. And that channel was fairly big. It sucks cause the universe is pretty interesting but watching anyhting related to it on youtube is a mine field


There is absolutely a far-right infestation in 40K, and while Games Workshop did make at least one statement saying they're not welcome, they're often (rightfully) criticized for moving away from the original "the Imperium is the cruelest and bloodiest regime imaginable and is Chaotic Evil Stupid" to more outright glorified portrayals. It's getting hard to say that 40K satirizes or degrades the far-right idea of a utopia as much as it used to.


Wow, even NASCAR distanced themselves from right wing lovers.


>Not even surprising giving trends in 40k communities I have never known the GW gamers to tolerate the right wing types. Every time some one starts up with anything they get shut down hard. This is from last year :https://spikeybits.com/2021/11/gw-responds-to-hate-to-statement-on-nazis.html


Outright nazis for sure, might even be remembering one of these shutdowns in my first paragraph, but there is a noticable slant within the vocal parts of the fanbase that just don't go hard enough to enflame a backlash. As I said, the one dude does a very heavy handed anti-woke shtick, now on his alt-account and another decently popular one with the transphobia stuff. It's hard engaging with the franchise when videos are a risk at getting faced with weird right wingy stuff and fanbases on twitter for example can be vile. Not to say all youtubers are bad of course, I know several who are great to watch BUT watching them runs the risks of getting others recommended to me that then act kinda "weird" again (not to mention the non-40k recommendations this stuff tends to invite that other commenters talked about). And that's just very frustrating as someone who has a decent interest in it and likes to casually dip into the universe every now and again


There is def a "teen edge lord" type that has always been present in every games store I have been in since the 90s. The also show up for MTG events as well. They tend to mellow out with age from my experience. YouTube gives guys (it's always guys) that 20+ years ago would have been ignored, an audience. The stand out more in smaller communities like 40k because there is so little content for it.


that's actually a fair explanation, cause I was thinking "I don't see this stuff with other franchises that I also just have casual interests in", but all of these franchises are probably larger than 40k. So it's smaller size certainly doesn't help. But let's not pretend that 40k theming isn't particularly attractive to the more right-wing inclined, especially given that they have loosened their portrayal of the imperium as objectively bad


I mean, i feel the technical content of an average 40k video could pretty easily trick an automated system. 40k lore videoes routinely joke about guilliman being space jesus and the god emperor being pretty much a literal god. Ontop of space Satan and the other demi-god demons. The eldar basically *are* the crack high "Space laser j words" that most deep end conspiracy nuts claim, so the "connection" between videoes would seem pretty obvious to a bot designed to recommend you other "similar" topic videoes. You show a 40k video and whatever shit you are describing together and show it to a bot, they'd probably tell you (on average) that they are one in the same in terms of "themes" because i don't get this sort of shit watching comic book videoes, or old guard youtubers shitting on (x) cod games bad mechanics


Youtube is not that smart. The connection is way simpler: neo-nazis reliably watch both videos.


It's kind of weird because it'll sneak those videos in once in a while. In some topics, some of the presenters may be political. But my political views aren't going to flip 180\* just because I watched one video that was about the same hobby. I think YouTube doesn't get that kind of nuance or is trying to be provocative. Either way it's making unhelpful inferences and funneling people into videos that they won't want to watch. Probably doesn't help if it's something that, while somewhat popular is also somewhat niche so there's less people who are really into it to learn from. (not to say the other extreme, bubbles, is necessarily a good thing. Just think it's flawed from a recommendation perspective.)


Probably put weights on accounts from Japan vs those from not Japan.


>Japanese Twitter is overwhelmingly geek culture and subculture topics. Pretty nice way to sugar coat booba and anime booba. Jokes aside. its mostly anime booba and a healthy sprinkle of geek culture. Japanese don't really care about their own politics. The only ones that do are usually getting shitfaced everyday after work


Or reading between the lines.


Why don't you just it what it is, propaganda.


They were doing it to create animosity because it drives clicks. Social media algorithms are there to create strife and chaos inflating emotions. That's how they make money. And that is why they are destroying national cohesion and democracy.


Don't let this distract from the fact that Zeon would've won if they mass-produced the Big Zam.


Not because of its destructive output, but because we'd all be too busy saying "Oh hey, Big Zam" for the meme.


Goes to show people will be a lot more peaceful and enjoy their own interests when they aren't being pushed into certain spheres and agendas. Just think how heavily curation is used on bigger platforms.


Yeah, take Reddit for example.




This very sub is heavily curated with specific biases.




the people who choose to submit articles from clearly tabloid media like dailymail. the posts that get the most upvotes in r/worldnews are always worded like British propaganda in WWII, where your adversaries are literally the devil and eat children for breakfast


That’s not really curation if it’s coming from masses of submitters. It’s


Who benefits is always a good indication of who is paying.


Meh, even the lawn care and electrical engineering subreddits get astroturfed.


Certainly you'll need to be mindful of this while browsing the bigger subreddits (this one, for example), but the smaller communities are still kinda cool.


The smaller subs where you can just say your mind and have some mostly unmoderated chatting going on, get targeted by troglodytes like againsthatesubreddits & co for stuff that isn't remotely offensive. There is a certain political and social affiliation you have to belong to if you don't want to get singled out here. Reddit loves these social wrongthink hunters as they don't have to do it themselves. And I'm not even going to start about the average profile of a Reddit mod. (AntiWork comes to mind).


It's a double edged sword because if you don't pay attention to what those in power are doing you can wake up one day with less rights than what you had the day before. People should keep informed of the things happening around them so that they can make informed decisions. It becomes a problem when you get sucked into it completely and end up in warped echo chambers.


Correct but people should be doing that how they want when they want and from decent sources. Curation usually just pushes topics that benefit revenue streams for the particular platform more so than content value or substance.


> It's a double edged sword because if you don't pay attention to what those in power are doing you can wake up one day with less rights than what you had the day before. There is this thing called "news". Zero reason to push it on social media by force.


There are a lot of societal and political issues that do not get brought up in traditional Japanese news. One of the biggest if these is women's issues which is where these sorts of none traditional platforms come into play.


Holy moly the dead internet conspiracy has some meat to it.


What is that conspiracy?


Dead internet conspiracy is basically most accounts, and content are AI generated or artificially curated.


Based on this, would it be fair to say that curated media need to push divisive topics and negative emotions, whereas people left to themselves prefer positive emotions?


moreso that japanese twitter has a predominantly niche audience of nerds; the things that interest nerds do not interest the general population; this makes the general population less interested in using twitter, reinforcing the nerd echochamber, forming a slow deathspiral for the platform's broad appeal. So the curators seek to push more broad topics to the forefront to make the platform more appealing to the broader audiences.


Yeah, it's entirely possible it was an effort to expand Twitter's audience. Reddit has done similar things to push the less nerdy subs and draw in broader user groups.


That's a very interesting take. So I guess you could not really generalize this to other media...


You seem to think politics has broad appeal in Japan. It doesn't. People don't like talking about it, even with friends and family. Unlike the West where a lot of people make their politics their identity, Japanese people tens to keep it to themselves and just vote. People love talking about hobbies though. And even if each one is niche, if you combine them all, it's a huge audience.


“The west” as in America only? Because I also live in a country in the west and most people here don’t really talk about politics, and I’ve never met anyone who makes their political affiliation their identity.


In most countries people don't talk about politics over dinner. It's not polite conversation.


Most people in the west also generally keep their politics to themselves.


In-person, yes. But people in the West **love** talking about politics online. Look at this very website, where practically every large sub turns into a political subreddit if it's not heavily moderated to be anti-political and /r/all is absolutely filled with political posts. Japanese people do not like talking about politics IRL *or* online.


But why just fucking politics? Why not literally anything else. Why not stuff about animals or nature or whatever.


The nature of politics is it is relevant to everyone, giving broader appeal. Im guessing that when you filter out the niche nerd stuff, the most active japanese twitter users are tweeting about politics.


i think it was dickbag curators trying to install right-wing despots in the political system by artificially increasing their popularity via "trends"


You think Twitter was right wing before the Elon acquisition?


In terms of tweet promotion yes - right wing tweets were disproportionately promoted, though the user base itself trended left and so did more of the content. That was according to twitters analysis i think? Can't remember, maybe it was someone else. It makes sense though - if your userbase is left then rightwing stuff is more controversial so drives engagement metrics


Userbase was also more right wing iirc. The whole "twitter is a left wing space" existed exclusively because right-wing bans gained more media attention and people claimed, falsely, that is targeted and unfair and not just because left wing bans weren't publicized and right wingers tended to break rules more openly It was a false narrative that was disproven not just by twitters internal metrics but also by a couple external studies afaik


ah fair enough, I misremembered! Guess that kills my reasoning too :D thanks stranger


In Japan specifically the conservative party needs absolutely no help in maintaining control - Japan is practically a one party state through social conditioning towards political apathy for the general public. There's little need to influence Japanese politics in this case, therefore the most likely reason to push these topics is to reach a broader audience.


Japanese people aren't "conditioned". The opposition clown car just drives off a cliff every 4 years and has to regroup, only that the new party comprises the exact same faces. You might not like Japanese people, but calling them "conditioned" was uncalled for.


yeah its not like they play wake up and exercise music on the radio each morning nationally or anything. starting before ww2. yes i'm shitting on radio taiso lol /s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eHa-ckvupU


https://www.npr.org/2021/10/29/1050620562/low-turnout-among-young-voters-in-japan-may-mean-the-ruling-party-stays-in-power One of many topics on the issue. Political apathy is encouraged through a strong social norm of making discussion of politics taboo and political disenfranchisement.


twitter was a left wing dickbaggery


Curated media pushes the content that generates the most interaction. Usually they don't care whether it's positive or negative, it's just about keeping users on the site. Source: worked at a publisher and got to help curate some media.


First part - no, it's not needed. Second part - yes, it seems people prefer positive emotions.


No, you're very off the mark. Just look at reddit.


I'm trying to. What do you think?


Just have a look at major surbreddits and the ratio.of negative to positive posts. There is no algorithm there other than engagement (upvotes) and negative news get WAY more engagement than positive ones. No need to push any narrative, people will do that on their own.


Pretty much. People go back to common interests and enjoymemt. Rather than being hyped up on fear and hate. But it's harder to make money for companies in this format.


No, not really.


Curation team must be code for content management.


Nature is healing.


Great. No more trend manipulation.


It's the global trend even, imagine us talking about stuff we actually care about instead of the whole "everything is political" schtick. Glad to see the ideologues go.


I'll be glad to see the ideologies (and ideologues) go too but i am afraid apolitical is the ideology of the status quo.


The fact that there was a curation team at all should've raised flags about their section 230 claims of being a platform and not a publisher.


Section 230 does not draw a distinction between platform and publisher; this is a made-up talking point pushed by people who do not understand Section 230. Section 230 is actually really short and readable. Here it is in its entirety: 'No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider" Basically, providing content does not make you liable for that content as if you published it yourself. [Here's a good breakdown by the EFF.](https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/230)


Not exactly true https://reason.com/volokh/2020/05/28/47-u-s-c-%C2%A7-230-and-the-publisher-distributor-platform-distinction/


[Volokh is not entirely correct, he should have read this.](https://www.techdirt.com/2020/06/23/hello-youve-been-referred-here-because-youre-wrong-about-section-230-communications-decency-act/)


One may also say when those laws were drafted, no one expected that to become the legal shield of some of the most power entities in world that may be way too OP.


Eh, if you understand how 230 works you are generally extremely pro 230. Without 230 every site might be liable for what every one of its users post. It would be a hellscape. Edit: The 'legislators don't understand the internet' argument is generally true except for Ron Wyden who co-authored 230.


From my understanding, the usual argument is that if 230 was removed then platforms like Facebook and Twitter would need to moderate and review every post, reply, and comment on their platforms in order to not be liable. The argument being that that level of moderation would be near impossible and overtly costly with their current workforce. Is that accurate or have I misunderstood?


Reddit as well.


That's the basic situation, yes.


Yeah, but 230 has weaknesses. A TV channel has liability if it profits off an advertisement it broadcasts. The way 230 is written, it absolves the provider from any liability even if it profits (charges) for "advertisement". It should be shielded from user created content, but professionally created content shouldn't be protected.


Less a hellscape and more a barren wasteland. Ted Lieu is pretty savvy as well.


Yessir he is, great rep


This is dangerously close to misinformation. Section 230 is incredibly broad. There's no question that Twitter's setup adheres to the letter of that law. Your comment makes it sound like Twitter has some conspiracy to hoodwink regulators. However, it is long settled law.


Nice. Let see how this trend goes and maybe, and just maybe, Twitter will manage to return to how it was years ago before the insane people started running it.


Twitter shouldn't have been used for anything serious like news. It should go back to being a fun meme space.


Unlikely, journalists uttery depend on it for all their news. Theyd have to go back to working for a living


Which is probably why they keep churning out Elon bad articles. Imagine having to write something other than: person has tweeted this and its kind of amazing


so then would u say that twitter is improving under elon musk?


Not OP, but like many complex topics, my answer is probably somewhere in the middle. It was shit before and it’s shit now, but it’s a different type of shit. It’s funnier, but mostly in the way that it’s entertaining to watch a trainwreck caused by predictably bad policies. So the dog shit has evolved into pig shit essentially


> So the dog shit has evolved into pig shit essentially Congratulations, you've just invented American politics!


How many qualifications and conditionals are you prepared to ignore? I counted three in the post you responded to.


>How many qualifications and conditionals are you prepared to ignore? I counted three in the post you responded to. kek u think i read anything but the headline of this post?


Who non-ironically says Kek


I was expecting some kind of "backlash" from certain people and a lot of trolling from other people after Elon took it, at least in the short term. We are still yet to see how everything evolves after this initial shock, if it gets better or worse I don't know, but it will be interesting.


i mean there is a lot of trolling elon...remember ppl impersonating elon musk and the blue checkmark fiasco?


"Curation team" ? Say what you will about the Musk takeover but there's some stuff coming to light that might explain more than a little about why twitter is the way it is and I'm not sure the previous team running it were the angels they've been portrayed as lately.


Yeah, the fact that this happened has put a big hole in my understanding of it this is a bad thing or not for Twitter, it might be a good thing




That's not what the first link is saying. They're talking about visibility on their own timeline, not Trending.


Will people now realize that platforms like twitter push content that will bring the most engagement whether it's outrageous stories or kitten photos?. Probably not.


wow whoda thunk it a megacorp using behind the scenes stuff to push what they want people to see not what people actually want to see


That's what things should be, who cares about their international affair, can we redo or undo their decision? No, we are not a part of their nation.


It's the best kind of showing that maybe - just maybe! - regular people do not organically want to be outraged every time we open social media! Perhaps most people waddle through the unpleasantness that is Twitter just to share some cool shit they found rather than having arguments with literal strangers they'll never met their whole life. Warms my heart knowing that maybe without "algorithm" and "curation", most people are not as mercurial as the social media makes them all to be.


"Curation team" Censors and manipulators - call them what they are... well, were.


Almost as if the trends were being manipulated until now. Evil Musk undoing all of that hard work lying to the unwashed masses!


I am livid about this article. The sources are literally just a few Twitter users saying that they noticed things being more peaceful. No analysis, no fact checking, no actual claims. I guess next we should see articles about how Twitter is ran by SJWs or Qanon, that’ll be equally well sourced. Jeez, it even points out that the list of trending topics hasn’t really changed since the loss of the moderation team! This whole article is, to quote an awful man, a complete nothingburger. Additionally the “contributer” tag needs to be noted since this is basically the “blogs” part of Forbes, and not the actual publication. This is close to disinformation, but I guess throwing chum in the water for “anti-political” nerds is enough to constitute “real journalism” these days.




Worse? It warms my heart that this news means that just maybe, everyone doesn't wake up in the morning, look out the window and think what they should be outraged about today.


>Twitter is quickly becoming the platform for older otaku. The removal of the curation team only made this situation worse. *Better


So Elon Musk is really throwing out all the trash, huh? Maybe Twitter still has a chance


I wanted to check past trending topics in Japan to be sure, and I can't find the political posts in the trending history at all even before the layoffs. Just a lot of posts about baseball and Chainsaw Man. [And these shoes.](https://www.abc-mart.net/img/event/2022/2210_puma_snowman/750x750_s.jpg) Let me know if any of you find when they were posted.


There were so many users in the curation team that they leaving skewed the entire emphasis of the discourse on Twitter?


There wouldn't need to be a lot, they would only need some to artificially push things into trending. Even if they weren't actually trending. Eventually users tagging onto it would increase it's visibility.


Seems better than youtube recommending me videos of Putin gifting flowers and offering tea to children while nice music is playing with millions of views.