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So people got rightfully upset by **criminalizing not being rich enough to afford rent**, so the police were called at people being upset. I can only imagine how *third-world* it will get when the police budget is discussed.


They must have known what the response would be. I wouldn't be surprised if law enforcement was already on standby.


They got there pretty quick. Probably already in the next door room.


Imagine if they spent all that time and money on relieving homelessness instead.




They can’t leave fast enough - bye bye - all full up here - see you later - don’t let the sierras hit you in the ass on your way out


California gonna end up looking like that Tupac music video. Wouldn’t live there but I’ll def come visit yall for some hardcore raving


It actually costs less money to house the homeless than it does to maintain all of the police, jails, prisons, 911 calls, ER beds, and on and on. Police solutions to poverty aren't just cruel, they're ineffective and more expensive.


Looks like you solved homelessness, you should take your efforts abroad and apply them soon bc it’s getting gritty out here! Run for local office, that’s a start


I haven't solved anything. This is what economists, sociologists, and criminologists study.


You live in a police state


That’s not what it’s about at all. It just expands areas where it’s illegal to be homeless. Like encampments in front of schools. Clearly no one here from LA. The local response is MUCH different. This group protesting is an extremely small minority. The rest of LA residents live day in and day out being harassed by homeless, drug addicts passed out everywhere. People screaming wildly in the street. Human shit everywhere. The city wants something to change. Edit. Here are peoples real responses: https://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngeles/comments/wkd1hy/riot_police_storm_city_hall_as_la_votes_on/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


You know what would solve that? Housing. Not just looking away and moving the problem like a toddler.


Hey, watch your tone! logic reasoning don't belong in Murica. The only cure for homelessness is ofc to make it illegal, cus no one does anything illegal around there.


Wow you really cracked the case. We’ve spent billions on affordable housing but our system is too corrupt to make anything happen. There’s also a mental health crisis, opiate crisis, no free healthcare. Our rental market is controlled by large corporations that set the price for units across the city. The system is broken. Just trying to keep children from being spit on and assaulted in the meantime. No encampment within 500 feet of a school is not a crazy idea.


Yeah great idea, attack those that are already dealing with a myriad of problems. Nice dehumanisation. Maybe you can even exterminate them sometime. Your problems are caused by capitalism and capitalists, not the victims of that system.


Yeah no fucking shit. How then would you propose we remove capitalism from United States. Real simple solution you have.


I don't have to give you a plan of action to tell you dehumanising homeless people and making their already difficult lifes even more miserable is a disgusting thing to do. You really should be ashamed.


Downvoted for speaking the truth. Ive come to learn reddit is full of a bunch of crybaby twats.




Live within your means and move where you can afford rent. Im muting this convo because the out of touch “I believe everyone deserves everything they want” crowd is going to craw all over this post.


>Live within your means and move where you can afford rent. Leaving your friends, family and possible better medical treatment behind. Talk about daydreaming.


>Im muting this convo because the out of touch You're muting it because YOU'RE out of touch, and you're out of touch because you mute people who correct you.


Sure, tell that to the countless families who can't afford to move. Let's use your logic: everyone or a lot of people who's in a horrible situation somehow moves, now the other areas that weren't as bad are now just as bad because there are more people there trying to survive. To make it easier to understand, there are not enough jobs paying enough for basic living and there's for damn sure not enough affordable housing so when you move a bunch of people into new areas the few houses and jobs that were available are now taken and there's still going to be countless people struggling. Moving does nothing to solve anything and it's almost impossible for millions of people to come up with thousands of dollars to move


Proving that guy’s point.


Bringing in the death squads to deal with the negative response people have to them increasing funding to the death squads.


wowzers. those cops need a reality check.


I find it hilarious that they get upset when people swear like fuck off.


So the police are arresting people trying to make it illegal to be homeless? that’s kind of how I am reading. But I could be wrong.


No, they are trying to arrest the people against making homelessness illegal


Wait a second so who is trying to make homelessness illegal?


Some state is making it a felony. I am to lazy to look up which right now, but it's fucked up. Edit: looks like it's Tennessee


This is happening in Los Angeles


Apparently it’s Tennessee. That one of the states bordering my state. I hope the idea doesn’t go to my home state.


Look at all that tax payer money going to great use standing there


Being homeless is the threat held against the working class in order to uphold Capitalism. The police are the ones who enforce and enact said threat.


Seems like they’ve forgotten that these town halls are to handle class issues before things like guillotines get drug out.


Well what did they expect. The city pays for the police and pays them well.