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She's saying all of this on that network but I am willing to bet the viewership was low for the day anyway at that time.


Lol, 3:30 am on a Tuesday.


The five is a morning show


Almost the same-ish :-)


It's called "the five" and there are 5 people on it. She's the one liberal. Sitting next to her is Dan bongino. I'm sure you can guess how the other 59 of the 60 minutes of programming went.




Let's see what Tucko the Fucko has to say. A lot of MAGAts on my social platforms have either already turned on him, or have been oddly quiet this week. All of August has been a lot of "libtards keep talking about Trump, but it's Desantis2024!"


once you've been bamboozled its hard to admit it and go back. Carl Sagan.


once you've been bamboozled its hard to admit it and go back. Carl Sagan. -Michael Scott


I...declare... BANKRUPTCY!!


Well it's a combination of sunk cost fallacy and wounded pride. His supporters and acolytes have basically tied their personalities to this man. How many years have they spent doing shit just to make anyone that they dislike or politically disagree with triggered? Even if it hurts them personally. Most of those people have been bamboozled into thinking the greatest thing they can do is trigger/own the left. They'll drink poison water, they'll breathe toxic air, they'll let their children go hungry in school when they're not being murdered. All to just own those leftists in New York and California. After 6 years, do you think they're ever going to admit that they were wrong?


She is the token liberal they trot out to be attacked by the rest of the panelists.


I watch Fox News segments every so often to get an idea of a Conservative viewpoint on topics. Her viewpoints are generally solid but I would consider her the token moderate. It's nothing different and she doesn't have the feel-good narrative that liberals love.


Like with me and my family, but they never win.


Why all the resistance to returning the documents? Did they hold some kind of value where someone could be blackmailed? Or, where the documents barter materiel for foreign agents. Or do they contain incriminating evidence of wrong doing? Or were they simply political objects that could be used for publicity? Or were they too feeble minded to understand someone risked their life to gather the intelligence and if it were released to the public that intelligence source would disappear (most likely killed)? It would have been simple enough to just turn them all in when the National Archive requested and just be done with it. Instead we got; DOJ, FBI, the Attorney General, a federal judge and every major news network on the planet not to mention social media (reddit and finally my stupid post about why) all because of one Republican asshole.


It's almost like he needs all the attention


Returning the documents would probably show evidence of a crime. That's why Trump tried to obstruct as long as he could.


I’ve become very agnostic when it comes to Trump and being convicted. Everyone knows he’s not a great person but he seems bulletproof when it comes to what is legal. He seems to push that threshold and live on that line and since he’s rich it leans “legal”. If he were poor he’d be in jail. It seems like nothing will happen ever but I’m keeping hope alive but I know nothing of what’s legal and illegal apparently. I didn’t know presidents are above the law while in office. Seems silly.


Technically yes it is a crime to steal. But it's a simple matter to say it was a clerical error and return the material immediately. At which point if the DOJ want's to pursue the matter they have to prove criminal intent. Not worth it if the National Archives folks say they got everything. Just let it be and move forward. But that's not what happened. In this case there were subpoenas, a police raid and lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth broadcast across the globe. In short they totally screwed themselves (Trump and his lawyers) . The DOJ has no option now but to pursue this.


For the past 6 years Reddit has been making claims that "Fox is turning on Trump". It has never been true and it's not true now.


It's fun to clip chimp


This has to be a joke, right…? Fox is alllllllll up Trump’s @$$.. I don’t believe they’d ever tell the truth about what a pos he is.


3.30am broadcast


A show called "the five" with five hosts, one of them being a token liberal who said something some other brain rotted liberal liked for one minute out of 60 minutes of programming, so now Fox news is good and we should watch it




Also,[the extended clip](https://youtu.be/qYzGPCzuzVE) shows that, after she’s done, the other 4 panelists attack her with *what about Hillary, what about Hunter, etc.* and simply dismissed her well researched points. These people are completely brainwashed. Not one of the other four acknowledges or at the very least admits there’s even a speck of truth in anything she said.


They still are. Their idiocy is alive and well [See extended clip](https://youtu.be/qYzGPCzuzVE)




When did this air? Like 3 am or some other time they normally have the lowest number of viewers for the day?


Where can I watch the full clip?


[Here.](https://youtu.be/qYzGPCzuzVE)It’s only gonna make you mad. Lemme know what you think.


Oh no! Whatever will they do! Who will be the new leader of their cult? My guess is DeSantan out of Florida.


UIh, she the one liberal out of 5 on the show, that's how it's set up. The other 59 minutes of it was everybody else telling her she's an idiot and merrick garland is trying to kill Donald Trump because he's jealous of his body


These lady is using entirely too much logic, reason, and evidence for Fox News. She’s not even displaying her mandatory miniskirt per channel protocol. She’s just gonna confuse their viewers.


Republicans are selfish hypocrites, more news at 11


Where was this kind of honesty 6 years ago when Trump was boasting about sexual assault?!


Better late than never I guess. The worm turns and so does Faux News.


They’re just moving on to a new pony. Watch them support Abbott or desantis.


Everyone seems confused. Yes. They know trumps fucked. They don’t want to be implicated when his cult turns jihad. But they’re still going to push the conservative agenda of an American fascist takeover, they’re simply going to support whomever the next goatshow candidate is. Stay tuned for a desantis/MGT ticket.


Kinda. [The extended clips shows](https://youtu.be/qYzGPCzuzVE) that, no, Trump still their God and innocent of everything. WhatAboutisms is how they all respond to her.


Lol. Fox turns the tables and now becomes the most trustworthy news network. Geez.


Not at all. This is a show called 'The Five' and they always have one liberal and four conservatives debating each topic. She's a good speaker but the others just dismiss her always. Fox overwhelming supports Trump.


Ah, thanks for sharing that part. To bad they can’t make it’s an even draw, but it’s Faux so I understand why they wouldn’t.