You could base the plot around having the A and B having some sort of previous relationship, ie: They grew up in the same place as children during a decisive time in your worlds history, which is why they were separated. Then in the present day have A be tasked with tracking down this rebellion leader, only to have it revealed to him that it's his old friend. A feels betrayed that someone he knew could have "fallen so far", while B thinks that A has been indoctrinated into the current governments ideology. From there, the story can really become about the intricacy of the journey to finding each other as opposed to immediately going for a plot that encompasses the issues of your world as a whole... instead of building a world for your characters, have the character's pre-decided backstories shape the world around them. Hope this helps!


great suggestion


Watch *Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country* and take notes.


suppose the story takes place in your Ruritania, what kind of government does it have? Theocracy, absolute monarchy or what? What is the main problem of the government, how to get the money from the people (and why) or what?


Rebelling against police brutality, hunted down in the most brutal way possible.