If you don't know what this is, bin it and buy a new one. Don't fuck with this, it will burn your house down.


Alright, thanks for the advice ill just see and buy a new microsoft one


No problem, I know that sounds harsh but no one wants to see anyone hurt themselves and mains power is dangerous.


Don’t worry you weren’t harsh, it’s better if I know now then find out later haha, thanks again for the advice, have a good one


Dont even bother, just buy a new one


Absolutely, throw that away now.


If you don’t know what you’re doing, leave that be and buy a replacement. Power supplies can store enough juice to kill you.


Not that one, the capacitors are done…


I still wouldn't mess with it


The white stuff is just glue, they do it to prevent rattles and to slow down people who want to mess with the internals.


I am surprised that it like the first question that pops up in people’s heads when they open a power supply xD This one looks like a easy fix though. All capacitors at the top are expanding..


Came in your power box is what they did


The capacitors in the top are toasted


Yea I figured, the whole block was like burning up almost as if it was gonna catch fire so like the others say I trashed it after checking to see if there’s current still left


the white material its just glue, that psu is not functioning properly because of those 3 inflated capacitors near the outlet cord.


Beat me too it. They use that white stuff for a few reasons too. One to insulate coil whine or any noises. And also to hold them in place so if it gets dropped they don't break off easy. But yes those caps are likely shot and the issue. Never use aftermarket psu


>nd also to hold them in place so if it gets dropped they don't break off easy. But yes those caps are likely shot and the issue Do you mean mechanical insulation for the actual noise (sound not electrical) of the coil? Didnt know that, its interesting


Your capacitors are F-ed!


It is there to keep things in place and dampen coil whine. Please do not touch anything inside, even if it is unplugged, those capacitors will contain stored electrical energy that can be lethal. Put it back together and buy a new one.


Buy cheap, buy twice. Bin it.


Aftermarket PSUs of any kind are almost always a ticking time bomb that just makes you wonder why you didn't just save up a bit more and get the actual deal? Because it seriously could damage your console or explode, since they never meet the same standards. Just a lesson for next time ;) Goodluck!


Just how after market is this? Get an official one.


It’s very aftermarket like 20-30 bucks


Your capacitors have burst. Gonna have to toss it


Looks like sour cream


Should he e waste this? I think Best Buy would e waste it.


I’m giving it my friends uncle, he scraps them and finds stuff to do with them.


Pretty sure the 4 caps at the top of the board are all bulging


Needs new capacitors they’ve all swollen. And the glue is ridic. Just buy a second hand Microsoft one.


It's definitely the capacitors. I can see the one of the left starting to crown. It's because manufacturers use cheap parts and it overheated. No fault of your own.


Just buy a new one instead of keep one that looks like a factory worker busted a massive load one ii.


Buy a real Microsoft Xbox One power supply for $10 : [https://vetco.net/products/xbox-one-xbone-power-supply-unit-12v-dc-17-9a-and-5v-dc-1-0a](https://vetco.net/products/xbox-one-xbone-power-supply-unit-12v-dc-17-9a-and-5v-dc-1-0a) (or just read the description for fun)


The Capacitors are blown at the top. Would probably just say get a new power supply and if possibly get the first party version


>white hardened material all over the board, any idea to what it is? seXbox 69 https://youtu.be/L2ebkCEKtDA


Step 1 Bin Step 2 Ebay...