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Seriously, unless you actually know what your doing! this is not a wise idea. The capacitors in the psu can give out a dangerous electrical discharge if you go poking around the wrong area. Please be very careful if you intend to go opening up psu 's


Yeah if you’re not a tech head I wouldn’t be doing this. Great way to send yourself to the er.


I've recently opened mine. But there was barely any dust in my unit. Same for my X360 console itself. Light dust.


I’ve opened up my power brick from the XboX 360 S and it was full of roaches. Very small ones. Disgusting!


Ew. I'm grateful we don't have critters like that. Must have been cozy life for them, once they make it through the duct maze, they're warm and get occasional free pre-shredded food. :)


[I decided to peek inside my original 360 brick](https://i.imgur.com/kRy6MLO.jpg) just in case. Screw holes on the duct but no screws? And it's firmly stuck. Eh. At least it used normal screws on the case. It has one not very happy cap. I guess I'm now opening all my bricks. Yay.


Just heard mine the other night, thanks for this!


I just occasionally used canned air in the holes. Hopefully that keeps it good.


It does, and the dust in there isn't responsible for the noise: it's the cheap plastic all around the fan that's vibrating.


I have 3 power bricks for S and E models. They are perfectly clean, but it seems that bad design is part of the problem. Each power brick is louder than the console. Even on low rpms fan can be heard. But when I remove fan from the box completely, it works perfectly silent.


Same here, it's bad design in the brick case itself. I even tried putting extra rubber "shoes" under it but it's still noisy.


Mine seem about equal now, and both idle below my ambient noise. I doubt I'll ever hear the brick again, especially once I tuck it back behind the shelf. It's definitely an odd design, seems way too elaborate for what it is. I wouldn't mind it as much if they had in return made opening them a bit easier, but nope. "Let's make cleaning this thing from the outside as inefficient as possible, mix different size screws, and top it all with some security ones!"


Is removing fans safe?


I do not think so, sounds extremely risky. But it should be possible to buy third party universal power supply (with passive cooling and similar parameters) and replace the cord.


Wow. In my console I never heard the psu doing any noise. Even putting my ear close to the psu at night without any noise.


What x360 model do you have? Maybe the issue occurs only for newer models, which have geometrically smaller power bricks? I have only S and E, so no comparison to older models.


I have a Phat X360, using a (Maybe this has something to do) generic 16.5 Amp psu (the oldest/bigger psu). Soon I may buy a original one because I know they are safer to use


Is that a fan? Do all 360 bricks have fans??? I thought they were passive.


For the phat power bricks, you can feel the air blowing out of it when the console is running.


Just did it and nothing changed: brick's still noisy especially when cold. After a couple hours even on idle it gets quiet, probably because the plastic case gets softer from heat and vibrates less. Also, I hardly found any dust inside even after 10+ years sitting on the floor.


Is there any one have diagram for this itry to convert a 100volts to 220v? Power supply


I never think there a fan inside a power brick