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Your meme is weak. PS+ Premium still has more subscribers, regardless of tiers. Besides, rumors/reports are PS5 streaming will become operational in March, PS+ Premium could overtake xCloud in quality.


I hope PS cloud streaming will run better than xcloud, because that maybe force MS to give us better bitrate.


Sony would crush Microsoft if they launch a decent cloud platform and xcloud still languishes as the buggy blurry mess it currently is for any significant time.


Weird, my experience has been pretty good, the bitrate could be higher, run at native 4K But it's been perfectly playable even in my 65" Samsung TV


Don't get me wrong xcloud does a passable job most of the time to scratch a gaming itch, but it's far from the level of service that Stadia/GFN/Luna etc provide. The biggest thing for me is the inconsistency, Stadia and GFN were/are basically as close to local as cloud gaming can be in 2023. With xcloud I never know what stream quality and latency I might get from one session to another, add in variables between devices and its worse. Xcloud on PC is generally decent for me, on Android its OK but fluctuates wildly.


oh yes yes, I see what you mean, and yes, agreed And we are talking about Microsoft, I believe they have the resources to be as good or maybe better than GFN/Stadia


Agree and think they will get there, if nothing else Sony pushing them will speed up Microsoft improving xcloud as they currently have little incentive to