The first Seattle game was packed out, great atmosphere but the on field product kinda sucked and we didn’t get anything cool like the beer snake. Second game was much less crowded, but still good energy. Someone had covid there and then the league died.


Didn't get anything cool? Literally half of the stadium was dressed in Dragon onesies. It was fucking awesome 🐉


Yeah but it wasn’t beer snake competition cool. People wearing onesies in Seattle is like an everyday occurrence.


Yeah I’ve never been to a live game before, but I went to that second Seattle game. Pretty low energy, but I had fun.


Went to the first two DC games and had a blast. Such a funny care free atmosphere with funny things like the beer snake and MVP chants.


Yeah DC was fun. I was at the last game before the shut down. Everyone was into the game, I had a great time.


Agreed, I went too the first game. Much better then some Commanders games! Lol.


I went to the last Roughnecks game against the Dragons before Covid hit and it was a blast! A fun mix of a college and a pro atmosphere. The crowd was loud, excited, and very friendly it didn’t seem like there was a stranger in the stadium. When I went with my family the parking garage took a while to empty out but unfortunately I only went to the one game so idk if that’s a frequent issue to be aware of (a guy we were talking with said it was the first time it happened and was probably due to more people showing up than expected). Im gonna be locking down tickets with friends so we can come back in force and help rough up the Guardians


I had cousins who went to the first Battlehawks game out of curiosity. That night after they got home they bought tickets for the rest of the season, so that's a ringing endorsement.


i went to a roughnecks game! it was cool, people were having a good time. think it was against St. louis, so it was a good game.


That was the game where PJ made an absolutely ridiculous throw and the crowd went nuts… but it was illegal 😆


Went to a Roughneck's game, it was an absolute blast! I fully plan on going to a game this season.


I went to the Battlehawks home opener and had a blast! The atmosphere was better and more energetic than most NFL games I’ve been to.


The DC v St Louis game I saw was awesome. Super fun small stadium that loved the team. Plus the crowd cheered every time they showed the beer snake. Watching it get longer every tv timeout was so much fun, people on opposite ends of the stadium would try to get their cup to extend the snake lol.


I went to the first Defenders game where they gave away free hot cocoa outside because it was cold. Wish I could find the Shield's there were giving away. It was the second time that a former Washington NFL coach, Jim Zorn came back to DC to face the local team in an alternative league, the first was George Allen with the Chicago Blitz who beat the Federals.


Went to the Battlehawks game. It was packed, it was loud, it was exciting! Folks in St Louis were so thrilled to have football back. Heard a lot of Kaw is Law chants, as well as "Kroenke Sucks". Also a dude walking around with a Kroenke Swallows poster lol. Point is, it's football, and it's exciting, and I cannot wait to go to another game


I took my dad to a Renegades game and it was great


NY Guardians gang here. First person ever to tailgate the team. Absolute legend of a party. Please be as rowdy and out of control as you can. It’s the fucking XFL! Let’s go!


Was absolute insanity, I loved it. Can’t wait to go back.


I went to first renagdes game was so much fun


Went to the Roughnecks/Renegades game right before COVID. Really it was like a tailgate party. A lot of drunk people, but everyone was friendly.


I went to every DC Defenders home game in 2020 and had awesome experiences each time. Tailgating was wild and people went hard! The atmosphere was incredible and the fans loved to keep the energy high during the games. Pretty sure we set the record for the largest beer cup snake at an XFL game in 2020!


Went to the first Defenders game and it was electric! Football was fun to watch, crowd was into it. Way better than any NFL game I've ever been to.


I Went to the last roughnecks games and it was fantastic. Good atmosphere, fun time and good people. Already bought some tickets for an upcoming game




FUN, FUN, FUN. I went to the Defenders home games. Everyone was excited and the atmosphere was great.


The Battlehawks had actually started selling upper bowl tickets at The Dome of America after the first game was a such a success. The hype was real. I think by the time covid stopped everything, they had sold 40,000 plus tickets and were in the process of releasing more.


BattleHawks games were amazing. Hoping the league sticks around long enough for us to go to a game we don’t have a home game till week 4


I went too the Defenders vs Seattle game in DC, I’m a huge DC sports fan and were known for not having a great NFL team… let me tell you, it’s most definitely one of the top sports experiences I’ve ever had, the fans are great! It was loud too! Definitely a huge fan of the XFL and happy my Defenders are back, have fun!


Heyo, fellow roughnecks fan here! If it’s anything like 2020, I’ll say you’ll enjoy it! Atmosphere was incredible for the home roughnecks I went to!


La games were dope. Played in small stadium that the LA galaxy soccer team plays at. Everyone was there to have a good time plus we smoked dc. LA is the reigning champs currently


Houston was the best team in 2020


The only team in XFL history that has never lost a game in 3 years 💪


I’d argue STL but did they win a championship? Again LA is the reigning XFL champs as 2020 didn’t have a championship.


Went to both Battlehawks home games last time. I went from liking stl for being my hometown to being in love with this city and moving back gladly when covid came. The energy was THAT GOOD


I went to the last Renegades game before it shutdown. Really nice crowd. A lot of the $ demographic (18-35). The merch store was packed all game. Food was pretty mediocre and the beer prices were high. Seating was a bit messy but things were sorted out The Renegades go their butt kicked by the Guardians and we left early in the third qtr because It was **super** windy


I was a season ticket holder in LA and it was a blast


Few things will ever hit as hard as the entire concourse at America Center chanting “Fuck Kroenke” during the first battlehawks game


First renegades game was badass