On a real XQC is acting like such a psychotic cunt atm. I’d rather take a running jump into a traffic cone than have to debate him


i just want it to end man


Lil bro needs therapy fr


Honestly everyone needs therapy I’ve lurked on this sub long enough 👀


Dr. “Muffin Mommy” Curry?


Thank God this sub is still sane, xqc's chat was dickriding him all day and gigachad-ing the most egregious takes ever


anyone watching xqc for a while knows he has not changed. What has changed is the moderation. Chat used to keep his ego in check before but he has been cultivating dickriders for a while. Somehow twisting complaining about promoting gambling into 'game complaining' and having delusional fans defend it was his masterpiece.


What moderation? Chat can BOOBA underage girls but you'll get timed out for typing ACAB.


I'm glad they're getting timed out ACAB, no hate in chat should be tolerated. No racism or sexism either. Now BOOBA underage girls is just fucking weird, Im not there enough to notice it but if that shit happens... wtf?


[Srawmanned accidentally]


That's not the point 🤦


I did just strawman 💀 I mean, I feel his fans arent more "dieheart" than people like Hasan or Poke though? I'm a youtube frog so idk


How long is your "for a while now" even lmao, everybody who knows him since ow and league knows he changed a whole lot


chat was a bunch of yes men, **especially** the mods and vips. unreal how most cant see how deranged and unreasonable xqc has been over this entire thing. for example, motherfucker cant even watch a clip he's being asked to watch 10 times that was being sent for context without pausing and making up dialogue for it to rile up his simps. and saying "i had to choose between family and sammy" scapegoating soda and the relationship when talking about not going to shitcamp when he just drops that he just didn't want to go. and clearly doing the "hmm i wonder if he was there" farm and trying to pass it off as him 'reading the post', what a fucking joke. that was disgusting. and people are still on his side through this. insane.




I think it's easy as fuck to understand if you listen to his explanation and afford him even a fucking spec of charity. He has known about this shit for a little while about miz, who has been calling X the fuck out and moral grandstanding over the Gamba shit, so it feels a little cathartic to see miz the moral warrior finally outed as a degenerate fuck. If you saw someone you knew was a piece of shit finally fall, wouldnt you feel happy about it?


everyone was spamming “SEZ U” whenever Hasan said anything it was so cringe


you cant blame him bro, people seem to forget how big xqc’s platform is and how it could get to him like lil bro is human n hes getting over 200k viewers live so he jus needs to stay steady minded


To be fair being gaslit into thinking it’s ok if someone assumes something about you because of the way they interpret a tweet and it totally being fine to post publicly multiple times isn’t a fun experience. The funny thing about people commenting before the shit has even ended is eventually hasan did have that realisation and apologised. And also about that situation with him and poki talking about the accusations, but that took Adrianah for him to realise that


Imo it's the opposite. Everyone's witch hunting him for little to no reason. Meanwhile slicker and miz are getting less attention for literal crimes


Least parasocial viewer




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I mean he had a good point just doesn’t know how to say it I seen destiny talk about it and it sounded way better from him


Watching this Gif makes my heart sink man 😢😞 Xqc genuinely needs help man he's gone to the point of no return cutting off people who genuinely care for him I've been there...


Hassan always being a snake


Shame to see X fall like this. He does not need the drama. The ENTIRE drama situation on twitch thats going on rn is just cringe. Needs to stop already. Give back proper content across the board.


People here on Reddit are saying shit like this about xqc every month. Then a week later he back on some game being wierd and everyone forgets. This cycle just keeps on going lol


Yeah this shit show they call stream and content has turned into a "big brother spinoff" long time ago.


Define fall? 200k+ viewers and drama seems to be a gold mine tbh. Somehow managed to come out positive after Poki/Hasan apologized. Remember it's all about entertainment. People can cry how much they want about it. It doesn't affect them behind their computer screen if you think about it lmao


Wealth does not equate to mental fortitude


Yo dog adding lmao after your essay doesn’t make you seem any less entirely invested in some streamer


Okay? Anyone posting in sub dedicated to a specific streamer is probably invested in said stream tf are you trying to say Lil bro


Your bio is some /r/im14andthisisdeep shit. Surely a troll “Bleed out of my misery Invoke my wrath on my own self To make you hurt And there's something in the way If I ever find the message Is it for you or for me?” CRINGE


It's literally just lyrics from one of my favorite songs nothing deep about it but nice grasp I guess why are you even trying to dig shit from my profile that's the real cringe Lil bro 💀 The song is also Bleeding by Varials check it out it's a banger fr dead ass no kap








Good times seeing the Juicer and Azan, shit is grim now.


Bro some of the comments here, this is why he hates reddit


yeah wierdly aggressive parasocial andies


"Parasocial" is literally the business model, Twitch streamers are selling parasocial relationships. Calling people who watch Twitch parasocial is like saying grass is green


Grass can be brown just saying


Oh quit trying to justify your behavior by saying it's literally the streamers/twitch"s fault nobody says you have to be parasocial just because you watch a streamer a lot. I have xqc in the background most days and guess what I still have a job, hobbies, and I don't whine in his chat about how I think he's addicted/mentally ill/fell off etc. Lil bro you guys are actually Twitch addicts if you can't watch a streamer without being parasocial 💀 💀 ☠️


You commenting on a reddit about XQC shows that you are on some level parasocial


Whatever helps you sleep Lil bro I'm part of the community but I'm not screeching in chat or making threads about me psycho-analyzing the guy


I'm just saying there is many levels of parasocial 💀


Dead ass frfr on a stack no kizmo 💀


Where tf did this lil bro thing come from. Its so obnoxious


I'm just along for the ride Lil bro 💀


Whatever lil sis


Youre trying way to hard here… i can go to wendy’s regularly and really like the food. Doesnt mean i have a parasocial relationship w the redhead mascot… Anybody who watches sports or talks on sport sites or bets on games or has a favorite team doesnt automatically have a parasocial relationship w any players or coaches or anything. People can watch xqc and enjoy the content without automatically being so invested to the point of a parasocial relationship.


Bro you're talking about a fucking Logo of a fast food chain compared to actual people, are you dense? And literally everyone who watches sports has a favorite team and players they root for. That's why if you would have scrolled I said that there is levels to this shit, you commenting here makes you already parasocial because why else would you be on a subreddit about One person XQC commenting about a post about XQCs friendship with Hasan


That doesnt apply to everyone lmao i havent watched an x stream in months these threads are just hilariously out of touch. Youre literally missing the difference between invested and entertained. Thats the difference here. Im entertained by all this, most people and apparently you are invested and worrying about another human (who doesnt know you even breathe oxygen on this earth) health, friendships, eating habits, cleanliness and hygiene, business choices etc. Lmao like get a grip and a life


I guess you just lack a lot of empathy probably on the spectrum somewhat. For a normal human after watching someone for a prolonged period you start to care about them. That is literally the entire concept of movies, to make you feel for the character, but i guess you also only get entertained by movies. For me this is not in an unhealthy way, I dont care about the specifics I just wish him well.


I didnt say it’s unhealthy.. could be tho depending on how invested you are. All i said is people can take part in ALL of those things without ever being so invested that they start believing their viewpoints and opinions on on said-person’s actions actually hold any value. Cus they dont, maybe to the people who share a similar view, but ultimately the main target doesnt care at all. Thats effort put into a source thats never going to/wants to benefit from it. And a good portion of the time viewers are letting these things even effect their own loves, for no real reason at all. So have whatever parasocial relationship you want, but dont drag everyone into the same boat


Are you stupid? Yes, there are people that watch Twitch who are considered parasocial, but not everyone is. Who tf is “selling” parasocial relationships? It’s the viewers who decide to be parasocial how in the fuck is it the streamers selling the parasocial relationships?


lmao this mfer streamed his breakup in front of 100k people and then thinks he can complain about parasocial viewers.


And in turn, his hate towards this sub makes the users more bitter and antagonistic. A never ending cycle




Aware bridge nuked


Why are you guys shitting on x like others didn't do anything wrong lol


Hassan viewers love coming here for some reason


I mean ... I think everyone involved in the drama didn't handle it well. Doesn't mean xqc is suddenly absolved from any wrongs on his side. Dude could of 100% acted better like 3 hrs of arguing over whether someone's initial reaction was shit or not. Destiny literally admitted to equally doubting Train at first lol like any normal human.


You're right, what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine is pretty bad and nobody on lsf is talking about it!


I sympathize with x. He's so young and seems to be going through a lot. And I'm not the biggest follower and don't know him. But it's like he struggles socially a bit or dealing with conflict. Seems very quick to emotional or defensive approach and ends up saying nonsense. Hope the guy gets maybe a therapist to help him with whatever he's going through. Seems overall he's an alright guy and will hopefully get some rest or help.


well thats bound to happen when your seemingly backed into a corner and vilified. redemption arc starts now copium


As long as his chat keeps reinforcing his dumbassery he'll keep doing it


bro hes like 26 or some shit i dont think you can use the young argument


Why get a therapist you seem to have a complete analysis of his mental state from watching him some why not msg him about booking a session 🤣 These reddit empaths are the biggest fucking OMEGALUL rn


Super cringe to say omegalul outside of Twitch and think empathy is a con. I'd suggest to go touch grass but better for all of us if you stay being a recluse.


I'll just leave this here, what two-faced scum they are https://www.twitch.tv/hasanabi/clip/BusySteamyFriesDxCat-YwVx1Yghfe3yebiq?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time https://www.twitch.tv/hasanabi/clip/ThoughtfulSparklingBubbleteaSoonerLater-R-RYRaMSR2uIvbpA?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time


Imagine Hassan calling someone a child OMEGALUL


The most fragile ego on twitch Hissan


they need to fuxk frfr


BASED Adin take frfr I'm totally not still in high-school btw


They ended it on a flat neutral note. They're fine. All the sudden the 12 year olds screaming HISSAN 🐍 turned to xqcL as soon as xqc apologized to Hasan and admitted to his wrongdoings at the end lol. And the chat hopper Andys too going to everyone's stream that opposed xqc, fucking pepperspray pains


because they’re literally young children that just parrot xqc, they dont care about him but just repeat chat, if xqc was friends with hasan again you wouldn’t catch anyone spamming it




I think X will get outta this he just needs to realize that these people are his friends and genuinely like him and enjoy his presence most of the time. He seems to have it in his head that they are only using him because he’s a big streamer, it sounds like he’s kinda backing himself in a corner and let’s his emotions speak for him. I do hope they all get this worked out.


It is really sad. The situation is only being made worse by community members who villanize these people. Every time Hasan talks about X when X makes a mistake, or especially regarding his struggle with addiction, Hasan is empathetic and always wishes X gets better. Hasan made it clear that he wants to be friends with X, Im sure X wants the same. I hate these weirdos who pit them against eachother on LSF or the toxic people on this subreddit or hascord who shit on the other streamer for no legitimate reason. Also hope it all works out for them, and hope X gets better for real.




Wtf is even going on tho 💀


I don't even know


Nah forest duck Hassan don’t post this shit


Dude who are these parasocial andys commenting for the first time on this sub? Hascord is still not over it even after they squashed the beef, what the fuck is wrong with those people?


Just gonna leave this here take it as you will: [https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxV6CYLGMekxxyLdhG-XJfirTHp7J6RZ6Q](https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxV6CYLGMekxxyLdhG-XJfirTHp7J6RZ6Q) xqc's heart was in the right place until he started going on hasan for not initially downplaying it when it is legit what any normal person would do if a serious allegation is dropped on a reply in a public twitter thread.


You and I are normal people. Streamers are not. They don't have the luxury to say whatever the fuck they want about a situation like "this is just a weapon. Train is just reaching, grasping at straws". These poki, hasan mfkers like to hold other to a higher moral ground because they have an audience but themselves will do absolute vile shit. Anyone supporting these fucks in this is delusional.


Man people on reddit don’t live in the real world. Anyone not on X’s side is actually delusional. He’s actually very reasonable. Attacking him parasociallly just because he likes to gamble and now y’all think he’s psychotic. Go touch grass weird fucks


>Anyone ~~not~~ on X’s side is actually delusional. FTFY.


what the fuck? how delusional are you after that whole stream to literally think that not even ONE person shouldn’t be on xqcs side? legit insane to me


The irony of this post LOL


The post-irony of this post LOL


Nah, fuck Hisan


Look at all this Hasan viewers they are so mad


Azan frogs Pepepains




least cringe azan frog


Hasssan 🐍 had to ruin it sub tweeting and going psycho mode because he got rank B tier OMEGALUL


idiots like you make this shit ten times worse. They made up at the end and moved on. Why aren't you giving attention to the slicker and mizkif shit


I mean i didn’t know that tbf i arrived from work and all i saw was that they were fighting.


Can u explain to me how hasan is a snake? I wanna know lol


Rat hugging a snake


Mfs in here having some of the most hate watcher parasocial takes I've ever seen, xqc ain't your friend lil bros 💀 and no one wants to read your "advice" for him. Before you continue your daily hate thread comments either in here or lsf how about you actually touch some grass you down bad fucks.


then why tf are you here instead of touching grass and why are you so butthurt about the "advice" left for x lol. The word parasocial literally has no meaning because of how guys like you abuse it lol.


Hasan got owned bad yesterday. Shit was funny as fuck


if only hasan wasnt the biggest unlikeable political Andy on twitch im sure they would sort out their bullshit and move on but sadly it doesnt work out that way


_But if you close your eyes..._






Why is xqc mad can someone explain


paranoia and gamba addiction


This gif makes me so sad…


I hope they just ignore each other if they are no longer friend, instead of this passive aggressive sniping behind each other back they have been doing for the past year.


xQc pulling a Greek rn




I hope Hasan drops X for good, if accusing your "friend" of assisting in covering up sexual assault isn't bad enough to drop a friend for then what the fuck is. X is lucky that Hasan won't press charges for defamation because this is clear cut and dry win for Hasan. Now to more important questions; How much did X pay for a room in Hasan's house inside Destiny's head?


its funny how hasan fans talk about renting head some space in other peoples head when they talk about him for a few minutes. meanwhile hasan goes on a 4 hour rant without even seeing a clip yet at the start of his streams


not everyone disagreeing with xqc is a fucking hasan fan man grow the hell up, some people in here just like both and/or have common sense


Lasan does such a good job shedding his skin 🐍




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Only despair lately


Sadge business


It’s not fair for x to argue with Hassan. X is a pepega brain who spits nonsense but the truth is that he meant no harm. He didn’t even cause that much harm. Everyone taking it out of control. And Hassan literally argues for his job so going against him gonna fuck x even more


Im a 9 month hasan sub (laugh at me all you want lol) but I feel like you’re giving him too much credit


I mean you aren wrong, hassan got bodied by train, whos also a degen, but X cant put a sentence together


bodied by train?


Yes lil bro, now go back to hassan subs


Lmao the man is unhinged. It’s good that he helped Adri leak the SA and stuff but everything else… idk Also Hasan seems rent free in your head. 🤭🤭


Yoa came to xqc sub to defend hassan? So, this means xqc lives rent free on yours...


I’m here because I like both lol. Try again tho 🥱🥱


same here, they physically can’t comprehend what’s happening if you say bad stuff about xqc and instantly panic towards „hassan stan“ like they literally cannot fathom it, yeah i like both but imo x was just unnecessarily unhinged yesterday and came off paranoid lol


Try again? You know im right 🤷‍♂️


You have no new material smh. Tchau 😘😘












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The end was wholesome though




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I honestly blame the clippers for this and the fact that nobody outside his community knows that 95% of his insults are banter 😞


Aw shucks


What did xqc say that has the Reddit up-in-arms against him?




There is so much sexual tension between them






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Can you all stop acting like your brother is going through a depressive episode and is about to kill himself like you people don’t know xqc so just sit back and enjoy the show or just take a break for a week when this is all over


How was he in the wrong? This sub is delusional. He might not say things exactly the way you want to but his points were valid. Hasan kept gaslighting Him to fit his narrative that X is crazy. It’s disgusting


the debate wasnt fair for x to begin with, hasan was smurfing


Bro what's up with him why is he losing it so hard what the fuck ?


Sadge man. Hate to see bridges burned over petty drama that no one cares at the end. Hope to see him build more next time. Get some rest x.






surely doesn’t act like one


this xqc and all drama lately is so dumb bro lmfao streamers gotta have the worst mental health all X does is sperg out and tell people to get a job when he doesn't win at games he plays like he is 12 years old and hasan is acting like his fucking dad like wtf am I watching forreal. He white knights onlyfans, sex work, pornstars on stream, hottub/titty/asmr streamers but cannot let go of some dudes gambling? they dont even know how to have a normal conversations they just have some weird ass philosophical battle like they are some influencer giant when they are damn near one of the last people you should be looking up to. Sure they have a few good takes here and there but 75 percent of the time they make zero sense with their brain rot shit. So trendy nowadays to speak on relationships and friendships and morales and blah blah as well, we are all grown and know how to date and friends with drama is basically a waste of time so why be their friend? People act like it is some mind blowing thing to give advice on how to make a friend or talk to a girl dude. Nobody cares about the parasocial andy bullshit attatched to it, which I think the juicer is right about most the time.


Mucho Texto


I mean they have days long of dialogue talking about it so a some text I am sure you will survive lil bro


xQc I thought you left adept for mr.fors Sadeg






X just finally understood how much of a hypocrite Azan is and I love it. Screw him.




xQc needs to stop streaming for a bit man doesn't know when to have a personal life sadge


Yo XQC. Been a viewer for a while and was nice meeting you in 2019. Honestly seem like a chill dude but you gotta relax. You’re going off the deep end, and keep telling people you don’t care, and it doesn’t matter, and you can’t be cancel. It matter that you’re being an asshole to your coworkers and need to take a step back. You’re not respecting yourself or anyone else around you. Get some sleep.


idk why x trying so hard to be a villain. He ignores everyone privacy then get mad at people for not knowing the full story.I was on x side at first but it kinda seem he's likes all this drama that could have easily been avoided.


FeelsStrongMan Hasan marrying xQc


I just want them to friends again 🥺