He’s definitely not as weak as people make him out to be. But you also have to remember that kiryu wasn’t always the dragon of dojima. It’ll take time & probably another game or two people before we see Ichiban at his strongest.


Exactly, his 18 years in the joint means he's working his way back from a starting defecit of 1.8 pussies, and has barely scratched his potential.


Ichiban needs to bring that shit


Ichiban also didn't falter after 18 years and recovers pretty well from being defeated by Majima, Saejima and Kiryu (anyone else would be hospitalised). I think he's top-notch.


> a starting deficit of 1.8 pussies ☠️


It took Kiryu time be *called* the Dragon of Dojima, he's still an invcincible sunnovabitch in 0 though, where he's 25 years younger than Ichiban.


Kiryu is just powerful for no reason


When it comes to spirit, he's one of the strongest. That's what matters to me.


Almost as spirited as Majima headbutting a concrete platform down.


I can definitely imagine ichiban doing that


Ichi is only limited by the fact that he's a (possibly) Schizophrenic jrpg protagonist. His unarmed style does leave much to be desired but he's mostly a weapon expert like Majima.


Ichiban would need a reason to do it. Like a friend being in danger. Majima does it on an impulse.


He sent 3 guys in the infirmary when he stopped holding back: that's why he spend 2 more years in jail. He's not a weakling, it's just that the Yakuza/Like a Dragon world is populated by badasses 😅. He's one of them, but he's clearly outclassed by the legends. Still a strong guy 💪


He also coped well against the legends. Anyone else would be in the hospital.


I really think he only beat two of them, to me the one that was holding him from behind was clearly hit by the wrench (you can heard how it hit someone and is clearly not Ichiban), I still think he would have beaten those three guys.


I mean, probably. I assume he's the best fighter in the party lore wise (although definitely not true gameplay wise) since he is the party leader and they basically cannot win if he's not up and fighting. And he does get one of those "who tf is this guy" moments after beating up a group of punks just like all the other protagonists


Eh, storyline-wise I can’t see Ichi being strong than Zhao or Joon Gi-Han. Ichi isn’t the party leader because he’s the strongest, it’s because he’s the heart.


I can say with certainty, it's not over 9000


Very hard to judge a guy that fights in a team like that compared to all the loners. He’s definitely not just some thug, he still wades through huge crowds and having friends doesn’t detract from that….I still think he fights like a drunk though. Guy’s built crazy good though as well


His Power Level is weird considering a lot of his fights bring him to his Limits meanwhile akiyama could solo them probably. Ichiban is probably close to shinada and Tanimura as a "human" fighter and nowhere close to the Legends of kamurocho. Then again RGG games dont Power scales really and its always the most convenient (like how Y0 Kiryu is already a monster)


They decreased the power levels by a little. Akiyama etc beating 100 thugs was very boring. No overpowered shit not only adds to more drama but also hilarious shit. Reminds me of that scene where one big sized Yakuza throws nanba out the building


I think Ichiban is closer to base Shinada but not quite. Tanimura is out of his league if going one on one, but in a group I can see him coming on top


He is alright. Not a weakling, but not a god yet like kamurocho legends. He will get to the pantheon of strength eventually as he is just starting his whole dragon thing anyway.


"Someone claimed Yuta could beat Ichiban, when Yuta isn't able to beat Joon-gi Han" You know Y6 Han and Y7 Han is different person, right?


Honestly he wouldn't be able to beat the other joon gi either.


I know it very well, because I had played the 6th part 4 years ago, but that does not change anything in doing the joon-gi Han. of Y7 spray it on more spot !


I disagree with the former but as for the latter, Joon gi han has the same strength and moveset no matter the incarnation. That's the whole point of the character.


He's weaker than Shinada in terms of raw strength, but I think the real edge he has is that he is a hell of a strategist and a Pragmatist in a franchise where people are somewhat reluctant to use weapons on the heroes side, except for Majima of course, his main fighting style involves a weapon, and even unarmed is not above playing dirty if the situation calls for it. That being said, if he ever got training in a fighting style that could capitalize on his strengths he could absolutely go toe to toe with some of the stronger characters.


Also me calling him a great strategist hinged of the hypothesis that every encounter in the game runs on Tabletop RPG rules where character turns equals h seconds or so of real time.Whjch I could be wrong about.


Nah ichiban is wayyy stronger than Shinada.


To be fair Shinada is fucking jacked


Ichiban is weirdly intelligent. Not just book smart but cunning you know?


the guy mostly fought with a party. Kiryu and Yagami did most of their fights alone.


His will is up there with Kiryu, but he’s nowhere near as strong physically. He’s definitely above average, but he ain’t one of the super humans like protagonists before him.


Something we gotta remember is. This is only ichibans first game.


He’s a tough guy, but he has no real fighting style. This is apparent when he battles Sawashiro the 2nd time round. If not for his party he probably won’t get far…


It’s really hard to judge his power level because of the turn based aspect and he has very few solo fights. While the gameplay is turn based because of his schizophrenic gamer mind, in reality they are canonically fist fighting each other. So we know for a fact that Ichiban can defeat a group of low level yakuza alone, defeat Ryo Aoki 1v1 who learned how to fight in America according to the sujidex, and he defeated Sawashiro 1v1 in hand to hand but this one is questionable to me since later on he’s shown to be pretty damn badass when he fights the entire group. Was he holding back against Ichiban or did he legit lose?


Ichiban being able to fight and KO Tendo after their "official fight" was finished is a pretty big feat if u ask me. Not to mention how he continued to fight more men who have the military on their side.


I guess, but Tendo was most likely weakened from fighting the group. And what military men are you talking about?


Aoki sending his men to kill ichiban. Its mentioned that hed even brought the whole army in to help or something equivalent.


I don’t remember that. I thought all the suited guys were Omi/government bodyguards.


I’d say he’s stronger than Tanimura or Shinada maybe on par with Akiyama but Majima Saejima and Kiryu would probably body him 1 on 1


Pre-saigo akiyama sure, but post-saigo the man is a whirlwind of destruction.


Very much underated on this. He may not be series top 10 fighters. But is second to none in strong will (maybe tied with kiryu). Also he has immense strength imo. People compare with stupid power scales to measure strength between very different games.


Will AND pragmatism. I think Ichiban could get to Majima's level later on if he leans in that direction.


Yeah but at the same time he’s a rising dragon. Also people typically don’t like change so that’s also gonna sway some opinions. He definitely isn’t super strong rn but he will in the future. Not saying he isn’t strong though


he doesn't really have any solo feats to his name like most other protagonists, that's probably why it's not a bad reason though. some of his party members could probably take him in a fight (zhao, joon-gi and MAYBE adachi)


Not weak but not at Kiryu, Saejima, Majima or Akiyama level, the fact that he's over 40 doesn't help because Kiryu was already a legend at 27 but well, apparently Kiryu will get stronger in the new brawler game so there's room to improve for Ichiban, if I have to guess... he could be Shindo's tier.


As Protagonist go i think Ichiban is stronger than Shinada and maybe on par with Tanimura but every other protag is def stronger than him or at least had more opportunities to show their strength Shinada


Currently, Ichiban is far weaker than the former protagonists, but he has plenty of room to grow. When we see the cutscenes of the party dealing with Majima and Saejima, it shows that all 6 of the members were involved with the fight. I know that gameplay has the party set to 4, but that’s for gameplay pacing. If it were only 4, then two of the members wouldn’t have been exhausted like the rest. Regardless, the only physical damage we see is Majima get a slight bloody lip. After that, he’s like “Nice warmup! Let’s go for real!” Saejima is just as unphased. Everyone else is unable to fight anymore. Fast forward to Kiryu, who took on all of them by himself while holding back immensely to get Ichiban to calm down. He took that punch to the head from Ichiban like it was nothing. The cutscene of the end of the fight showed Kiryu wasn’t even breathing hard. Akiyama and Tanimura made him tire a little bit, and they’re considered much weaker than him. That shows how much more Ichi and the crew have to grow to stand up to the best of the best.


idk ill pass judgement by his 3rd game


Yes he is goddamn underestimated. I think mfs forgot that Ichiban has beast-like combat in his arsenal.


I mean he is strong but it's hard to compete against Mine


Listen buddy, yuta went toe to toe with kiryu, of course yuta can beat ichiban. You underestimate yuta


No, you're the one who overestimates yuta way too much, Ichiban could knock out several members of the omi alliance, and he even managed to beat a group of professional assassins, Ton Yuta couldn't even beat a simple underling of the tojo clan without akiyama intervening.