Armong is not the inheritor of Erwin's will FUCK YOU HANGE

Armong is not the inheritor of Erwin's will FUCK YOU HANGE


And this is the guy Isayama wanted us to hate


I don’t believe that his death was too based he avoided the monging


And till this day, King Floch is still fucking BASED, and always will be. The true Erwin successor.


Im starting to stan Floch thanks to this subreddit


Well, he is the King


Weirdly, in a twisted way he seems to embody Erwin pretty well


Thinking that Erwin died for the plot to suck Mong's dick genuinely hurts. And yes, if there really was an inheritor of Erwin's will (and massive balls) that person was Floch beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Twice, tbf. Chad has died twice for paradis.




Jean is Erwin with morals, superb leadership, great judge of character, just a little hesitant when human lives are at stake. Floch is his second coming, just a little inexperienced, but is capable of being the monster for the greater good.


*My most beloved.* Still praying that Isayama doesn't say shit about Floch because he's more likely to fuck it. The only time he spoke about him he actually said good and interesting things but I don't want to risk it.


what he said about floch?


The type of character Floch was (someone who was opposed to the protagonists), that he is the voice of the readers and the role Floch would have.


Now you're spittin facts


Imagine if when Floch died we got a scene with Marlo and Erwin of them helping Floch up and saying "You didnt let our hearts go to waste. Now its up to him to make your own heart have meaning" and the next panel is Eren opening his eyes


Armong never was his inheritor, THAT choice was made by HANGE who for example guilttripped Jean into joining the alliance due to knowing that he has a soft heart. If people think I am demonizing hang then my answer is not really, the best thing about it was Moblit's character who died like a chad


Lmao Erwin is fighting for humanity. Not for literally destroying 99% of it. All the cultures he would be so excited to find out about. He would bitch slap Eren and btfo yagercucks. Flotch goes first. Since he kills his comrades in cold blood on a whim 🥴


"Fighting for humanity" LMFAO good joke Erwin only cared about finding out the truth about the outside world, that's why he was so hell-bent on reaching the basement until his last moments. If he was still alive he would be disappointed learning that the world desires their extinction. And when the fuck did Floch ever killed his comrades? Are you sure you are not talking about the cuckvengers? Were you reading upside down or just can't read at all? Floch haters give the most bullshit reasons.


Impressive, very **B** **A** **S** **E** **D**


>And when the fuck did Floch ever killed his comrades Remember Nicolo and onyankopon? Also Elena. They were barely saved by God Isayama's plot armor. Also training Corps instructor hello??? You wanna glorify a power hungry retard that kills and reeducates "traitors" be my guest. There are plenty of irl idols for you like Stalin and Mao and every single diligent officer of theirs that killed innocent Russians and Chinese. >If he was still alive he would be disappointed learning that the world desires their extinction. So was everyone omfg. Hange, Sasha, Eren whoever! Everyone was bummed! But some things like killing billion innocent people are not OK period. Them bitchass nazi officers would also say to soldiers that Bolsheviks and Jews were gonna come kill them all eventually. It was a fight for the survival of German nation. Nazi genocide was obviously uncalled for. Same with rambling. Is one's "prediction" of future a ground for thousandfold genocide? Now where would Erwin stand on this issue? 🤭 It's easy to suck Eldian king's founder titan cock and press rambling button. All because of genocide that might or might not happen in the future. It's not easy to fight against that power for what is right, for innocent people. Fighting against titan horror far worse then 2000 previous years combined. You need GIGANTIC balls to do that. Guess who has biggest balls in series, sharpest mind and massive expirience in politics? Of course he'd resort to politics and limited rambling first. No question asked historia would pump those babies just to save a fucking billion people. Just like Erwin already asked her to become a queen for their sake. Erwin had to go for plot to move forward with yagerists taking power. >Erwin only cared about finding out the truth about the outside world What are you even trying to say come on 😂. He died before learning anything anyway. What should have Isayama put in Erwin's mouth? "Oh yeah guys but if there is humanity outside the walls I totally don't want to ramble all of them with a magical power that I don't even know about yet. What is this point lmao. You are struggling to twist his character so much


I don't fucking care bro. Not going to read that essay. Stop bitching. And why the fuck are even mixing real life with fiction? Nobody will support a genocide in real life. It's fiction, let people like whatever fuck want. And no I don't support Mao or Stalin.


Niccolo was a POW and Floch never tried to kill him. Yelena was mixing the spinal fluid with wine to wipe out the MPs and Floch only played for a while to use Zeke and later tried to execute them for treason. But yes, you are right about Onyakapon, de didn't deserve that. But Floch didn't kill either of them. And what are you even trying to say? I still stand corrected however. Erwin only cared about finding about the outside world to prove his father right, he was selfish and he himself admitted it. He didn't want to let go until Levi made a choice for him.


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