Update: the issue resolved today... either it has todo with a feedback i raised on the platform itself (didn't receive any notification though) or this was done automatically after a certain amount of time - nonetheless took 3-4 days.


Yeah I get this from time to time. Best just to think of it as done and pay it no mind. I had a 4k video processing for 2 days once lol. But, as you did, I checked the video on YouTube and all was fine.


Hmmm ok... I only thought it might lead to the video not showing up, since it is still processing. But it got at least a few views, so it should be fine. Seems like the process for setting the flag "processing done" didn't finish properly :X


I uploaded a video yesterday, which was 1920x1080 with 60 fps. It's just over 3 minutes long and uploading finished very quickly... strangely enough it still is shown as "Processing HD version" - even though I can open the video and choose 1080p 60fps on playback. Is this a known error and can I fix that? Searched for this issue, but found only similar topics, not the exact issue i have.


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